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Salix Industries

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Summary: Britain has been the world's leader in technology for the past 16 years. The British government has a group of 32 individuals to thank for it. Now the muggle & wizarding worlds are going to learn that they've been playing with more than just techology.

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Chapter Four

Jack and Jill
Carys Williams was nervous. She had a gun (utterly useless really but God only knew what would, could attack her). She had a wand (useless because she had never been the strongest of witches and was better at the theoretical than the actual). She laughed hysterically as she gazed at her reflection. Her skills in the other kind of magic (that no one knew about really) weren’t that strong either. God, this wasn’t what she was suppose to do, she was technology, research. Research not spying or field work.

Carys exited and began pacing her living room Johnny was making a fuss with her robes, making sure they were clean and fussing with the food that was prepared. He gazed nervously at the gun at her hip. “Love, calm down.” He told her gently. American voices drifted from the television and Carys trembled with emotion.

Johnny shook his head and sat down. There wasn’t anything left to do but wait. The accomplice had another half-hour to show up and another three-hour window frame before they could leave.

Carys sat down next to him and grab his hand. Her boyfriend was a muggle, she was a muggle born and they were going to get married. That was the bigger picture. She thought as she tried to remember everything and what would go where. Carys felt that she should carry bombs or at least a bomb-pen or something that exploded. Except that she’d never get permission to carry one, not even a bomb-pen and with her luck she’d off herself with it by accident like forgetting it wasn’t a real pen.

“Stop it,” Johnny ordered.

“Stop what?”

“You have that look on your face.”

“What look?” She demanded.

“The one that says you’re either going to do something brilliant or thinking about something incredibly stupid and ludicrous.” Carys sulked in reply. Johnny smiled.

“I wanted something cool like a bomb pen.”

“Who makes bombs in the shape of pens?”

“James Bond? I think. I never actually saw any of the movies. Daddy thought they were utter rubbish.” Johnny looked offended and horrified.

“You’re not a spy.”

“I know but it feels spy-ish.” She replied.
“Well, maybe you can make one and kill us both.”

“That’d be lovely.”

Johnny shook his head and decided to fix the arrangement of the snacks once last time. When the doorbell to the flat rang he couldn’t have melted with relief. He practically dashed to the door. He didn’t need to turn around to know Carys was almost sickly looking. Opening the door he smiled, fake and like plastic.

“Thank, God you’re here man. She’s talking about making bombs in the shape of pens!” Their guest smiled and entered with a swish of his threadbare robe. Johnny looked as Mr. M walked toward. He was a rather impressionable man and it wasn’t the first time that Johnny wondered how they hid him in plain sight. That red hair certainly caught one’s attention!

Seeing them Carys blush at his roughish smile, Johnny wished he hadn’t arranged the damn food and instead had kissed Carys. He quickly stepped in between them.

“Right, are we going to eat?” He asked glaring and challenging Mr. M to contest his claim over Carys. Alright, she could kick his ass with magic and probably kill him in some horrific way but she was his and he was hers. Mr. M smiled again and backed away slightly. Johnny puffed his chest and nodded. Really who did he think he was smiling like that a good as married woman? Well, she would be as good as married when she accepted his proposal but Johnny was man who was sure of his place in the world. That place had Carys next to him and he had a feeling the answer would be yes when he asked.

“Now, Johnny, leave B-Mr. M alone.” Carys said. “We’re going to eat. Then we’re going to discuss what we are going to do and then we’re leaving. In that order and only that order.” Johnny eyed Mr. M and Mr. M eyed him back in an amused sort of way. Now Johnny felt offended. Was Carys not good enough for this amateur?

“Nothing’s wrong.” Mr. M said smiling. “Just a little bit of fun Carys.” Carys nodded and motioned for them to sit down. Johnny sat next to Carys and nearly growled when Mr. M dared sit on her other side on the three-seat couch. “So, I’m thinking the most difficult area here.” Mr. M said.

“That’s why I only think we’ll be able to get one sensor there.”

“I think we can manage two maybe even three if we do it before we drop go here.” Carys frowned.


“I have it on good authority that the goblins will be minimizing security during this time for a very important delivery that is sensitive to the wards. If we’re here,” he said pointing to the area he had mentioned before, “it’ll give use enough time to slip into the area before the wards are fully operational again. We need the sensors on before the wards go up or they’ll be…what’s the expression? It starts with an F.”

“Fried?” Johnny supplemented.

“That’s it!” Said Mr. M. “Fried like an egg.” He looked pleased. Cary was looking closely at the map. “Carys?

Carys pointed to one of the place markers he had placed that marked where he wanted the sensors to go in that area. “In the bank?” She asked scandalized.

“No, privacy issues and what not. The entrance and either here,” He said pointing to the crude map of Diagon Alley on the coffee table. “or here.” Carys nodded.

Johnny pretended to know what they were talking about and decided to make tea. Sometimes he wished Carys wasn’t a which doing spy like things and stuck to technology or just magic. As he puttered around the kitchen he wondered why they were doing it. Johnny was Carys’ confidant but she never gave a reason why and Johnny had sworn himself to silence. All he knew was that this was important and that he should support her…and Mr. M.

Johnny looked out the door into the living room and saw Mr. M smiling at Carys roguishly again. He scowled. Red-haired bastard.

Sarah smiled charmingly at the press conference. The suit made her feel about ten years older than she was and her coiffed her made her feel like a Republican. Press conferences were hardly unusual but she’d managed to weasel her way out of them for a very long time. Now she didn’t have an excuse. Stupid leg.

It was over and they were just taking pictures. No one had gotten a new picture of her in years and everyone seemed earnest to get the best shot for their magazines and newspapers. She was almost glad when Eli ushered them out.

“Ms. Miller,” Eli called.

“Yes Mr. Roberts?”

“I think it’s best we get back to the project.” He said and Sarah smiled when she noted a few stragglers straining to here what they were saying.

“Of course. Do you mind helping me down these steps? I twisted my ankle running.” She said for show. Eli knew why her leg was injured.

“Of course, Ms. Miller.” She said and helped her down. Her heels didn’t wobble dangerous and Eli let her go once she established her balance on the ground. They left, walking right next to each other down the hall, past the security guards and up the private elevator. They were inside the building and they kept walking until they got to another elevator. They rode it to the highest floor in silence. They walked out, down a beautifully decorated hallway and past a pair of neatly polished doors into a large office.

The desk was large and near one of the windows overlooking the city. A tastefully crafted nameplate declared that this office belonged to Sarah Miller. Mr. Roberts sat in the large plush chair behind the desk. Sarah sat in one of the less extravagant chairs in front of it and waited.

She watched as he pulled an apple from God knows where and a nice. Then he began peeling the apple. “So Sarah, can I call you Sarah or do you want Sally? I hear you’ve been using Sally recently.”

Sarah leaned back, not intimidated. “Sarah, only the kids call me Sally.” She gave him a smile. “I haven’t known you since you’ve been a fetus, Eli. Call me Sarah, just Sarah.” Eli made no note that he heard her as he peeled the skin away from one more revolution around the apple.

“Can I ask, why you’ve requisitioned a rather large amount of money? I only ask because I received a very interesting call yesterday that said that personnel were being called out by you personally without any clear indication as to why. Of course we can’t ask them because we all know what happened to the last person who spoke to someone they weren’t suppose to.” The apple was nearly peeled halfway through. “Except no one really does, do they? You issue threats and people believe you because you scare them.” He stopped. Set the apple on the mahogany desk and looked straight into her eyes. “So tell me, Sarah, what the fuck is going on?”

Sarah smiled and chuckled despite herself. “Eli, Eli, Eli, do you think I’m frightened by this.” She waved around the room. “You’ve either been watching too many movies or you think you’re more important than you really are.” She leaned toward him. “You aren’t scared of me are you?” Eli shook his head. “You really should be.” She said as she stood up.

“I,” Sarah began. “was given a good deal of power when this whole company started. Now over the years you’ve been trying to reign me in, prove I’m a danger to the country.” She walked over to him. “This is our territory, we handle these affaires. I have at my own discretion started something that I believe could help us should something that I won’t tell you about occur. It could be dangerous or it could be nothing.” She was right next to him.

“If your government didn’t want us to handle this then they shouldn’t have given us the power to do so. It’s been nearly twenty years and you think you can handle it because of 98 percent of the personnel is new, personally trained by us. You have our records, our knowledge.” She was no longer smiling. “You still need us though even if you think we’re obsolete.” She leaned down to him and Eli stared back with an unflinching gaze.

She blinked and her eyes were pitch black. Eli recoiled, the chair nearly tipping over in the process. “You will leave us alone. This is our jurisdiction MY jurisdiction. Despite how I look I’ve been doing this for a very long time, nearly thirty years.” She said softly.

She stared at him. “Do you think we’ll just let you do whatever you want?” Eli said, voice wavering.

“No but I answer to several people higher up than you. Of course I don’t have to. Hell none of us really do. We can just poof vanish into thin air and leave this all alone. Live our lives and forget about it.” She smiled at him, eyes still black and Eli resisted the urge flinch. It was unnatural.

“Now, you tell whoever sent you to leave this alone. If anything drastic happens the qualified people will be notified about it. They will be made aware of it.” She said softly. “Now leave because despite what you think I actually do have work to do.” She waved her arm around office. “You don’t know me, Eli. This isn’t my real office. This is just for show.” She said as she stepped away from him.

“I…” Eli tried to start.

“Clean up your, apple Eli. The desk’s getting sticky.” Sarah said as she walked out of the room. Her hands trembled slightly when she reached the elevator and her eyes were the same color they had always been again, not pitch black. She pressed the button to the appropriate floor and gawked when instead of a clear path she was met with the back of two filing cabinets.


“Sarah?” Morris called sounding confused.

“Back here, Morris!” She screeched trying to heave her way through the side of the filing cabinets. The gap between them was just big enough to squeeze through. Morris must have seen her hand because she saw two hands struggling to move the filing cabinets. He managed to move it almost a full half-inch before she slipped through. Her suit was ruined, wrinkled and dusty. Her hair was now in disarray and the elevator’s alarm was sounding indicating it didn’t like to be open for that long.

“What the hell were you doing back there, Sarah?” Morris shouted as he saw the elevator’s door close.

“Who’s brilliant idea was it to block the doors?” She shouted back trying to fix her skirt.

“I believe that was you. You said you never use that elevator.”

“Oh.” Sarah said blushing. “My bad!” She said laughing lightly.

“What happened?”

“Oh, you know same o’l same ol’. Someone thinks they can just barge in and take over.” Morris nodded in understanding.

“Do you need anything?” He asked as she tried to get the majority of the dust off her suit.


“I’ll go get your extra pair, why don’t you go to the office,” he said motioning to her closed door. “while I get them.”

Sarah gave him a charming smile. “Thanks, Morris.” She said honestly and gratefully. She walked to the door and realized she didn’t have her keys. She’d left them in her ‘real’ office after storming out. Brilliant. She looked around then muttered under breath. The door opened and she felt triumphant. She looked at the small desk, the filing cabinet in the corner, the dying plant in the sunlight (it had been dying for the last six years), and looked satisfied. “Much better.” She’d get her keys later, it was the only thing she’d left up there anyways.

Buffy Miller grinned at her reflection. Dressed up in all black she looked like a commando she’d seen on the telly. She picked up her firearm and stealthily snuck out into the back yard. It wad night and she stuck to the shadows. Her enemy was out there somewhere and it would taste her wrath.

She crawled her way into the thicket of trees that somehow had always been there and frowned when she saw nothing and heard nothing. Pouting she was about to turn away when a noise from a branch overhead made her look up. She had a second to realize what was going on when her enemy fired.

Shrieking she started firing blindly.

“Dad, that’s cheating!” She screamed and ran out of the thicket into the open yard. Graham walked out of the thicket, noticeably wetter and smiled.

“Don’t you know, Bethy, all’s fair in love and war?” She grinned and started firing at him. Shrieking in delight as the water hit him squarely in the face. Graham retaliated and they battled commenced once more…


“So I showed my boss the footage.”

“What’d he say?”

“That he’ll take it under review. You know he just wants the credit for himself.”


“So, anything new so far?”


“What’re you eating tonight?”

“Chicken sautéed in this kind of sauce-“


“That’s what Vivian called it. Anyways it’s in this kind of saw with these fancy vegetables and stuff. Vivian wants for us to be classier. She’s practicing her fine dining on me first before inflicting it on our guests.”

“How is it?”

“Not bad. What about you?”



“Another sandwich…she packed something to drink this time at least!”

“You poor sod.”

“Oi, at least my stuff isn’t ‘sautéed’!”

“Don’t insult my wife’s cooking!”

“Don’t insult mine!”



The End?

You have reached the end of "Salix Industries" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Oct 09.

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