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Tatsuki the Vampire Slayer: 01 The Return

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Tatsuki the Vampire Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Tatsuki and Chizuru return home.

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Anime > BleachBonezerohzrdFR1374,3040154,24711 Apr 0925 Oct 09No

Bar fight?

DISCLAIMER: See series introduction for the long version. The short version? Not mine and I’m making no money. Buffy is Joss Whedon's and Bleach is Tite Kubo's.

As she hefted her weapon prepared to fight, her black robed, ex-best friend moved so fast she could barely see it. He now stood between her and the demon, blocking her path. The demon merely ran straight through the teenager, who stood there confused for a few minutes. The sounds of fighting finally registered with the boy, snapping him out of shock. Moving again, he pulled Tatsuki away from the demon just as she was about to stab it.

Cradling her body in his arms he jumped and deposited her on a roof top. “Stay put, I’m going to deal with this situation,” he barked at her before moving towards the demon again.

Tatsuki almost screamed in frustration. This was her fight damn it! What could Ichigo actually do other than get in her way? The demon could claw through him to get to her, but she probably couldn’t stab through him to get to the demon. Ichigo being able to carry her told her that much. Hadn’t he noticed that while his attacks merely passed through the monster, hers had actually hit it? Of course not!

Tatsuki made a jump back to street level that would have left most humans seriously hurting and ran towards the demon and the shinigami who was still attempting to cut it. Once more Tatsuki jumped, swinging her pole high in the air, planted a foot in Ichigo’s shoulder, pushed off and stabbed her weapon down through her enemy’s head and out the other side. Ichigo just stared at her, as she dragged the body back into the bar and dumped it with its friends.

“Er, what’ll it be Slayer?” Asked the weasel-like man at the bar who was nervously cleaning a glass with a dirty rag, “on the house, of course.” It always paid to suck up to the local slayers, it could mean less bar damages or even less trips to the hospital in the future.

Tatsuki sighed, sat on a barstool and ordered a cola. She was bleeding from a gash in her head and could feel bruises forming all over her body, but they would all be mostly healed by tomorrow morning.

The barman then addressed someone behind her. “Sorry buddy we don’t serve ghosts.”

Tatsuki turned in her seat, unsurprised to see Ichigo behind her still staring. “What,” he began but didn’t finish, seemingly at a loss for words. Noticing her injuries he tried again, “we need to get you to a hospital.”

“I’m fine, go away Kurosaki,” she muttered into her drink. She should have asked for something with alcohol in it.

“But...You can hear me? You can see me?”

“No I’m talking to my imaginary friend, Kurosaki the mentally deficient ghost. Of course I can see and hear you, didn’t you listen to anything I said before you ran off, or did my putting your head through a window damage your hearing?”

She got up to leave, unable to deal with him. She desperately wanted to put her fist through his face, but that would ruin the whole ‘I don’t care anymore’ act she was trying to pull off.

As he had earlier, he grabbed her arm as she walked past. “Why couldn’t I kill that hollow? How come you could?”

She glared at him and snatched her arm away, “It wasn’t a hollow dumbass and as for why you couldn’t hurt it ask your friend, the dodgy shopkeeper. He seems to know almost everything. On the other hand he probably won’t tell you all of it. Just enough to make you angry and rush headlong into a situation you couldn’t comprehend. Oh wait you’ve done that already.”

As she opened the door he called out to her, “And you haven’t? Tatsuki you’ll get yourself killed. I don’t know what hat and clogs told you, or why he told you anything at all, but leave this world to those who know what they’re doing!”

She turned back to him briefly and grimaced. “What, like you and Inoue? Kurosaki you couldn’t do anything to that demon tonight. You don’t know what you’re doing and you can’t keep me safe, so don’t bother trying.” And with that she left.

Ichigo sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He needed to visit the Urahara Shoten and possibly ring the neck of the blonde owner.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Tatsuki the Vampire Slayer: 01 The Return" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Oct 09.

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