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Everytime I Walk Into a Saloon

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Summary: Lorne treats a member of the Justice League to a reading when he sings for a friend. For the Andy Hallett Memorial Challenge.

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueCharraLoonFR131801052,10912 Apr 0912 Apr 09Yes
In memory of Andy Hallett, better known as Lorne.

Disclaimer: Blah blah blah, I own nothing--Angel belongs to Joss Whendon, Justice League belongs to DC comics, the DC universe belongs to DC comics and the song "Dangerous Man" belongs to Trace Adkins.

"So...this is Caritas." Justin mused as he and Greg entered the flamboyant bar. For the fifth time this night, Justin asked himself just how the hell he let Greg talk him into coming with him to this tavern full of demons, natual charisma aside.

"Yup." Greg answered. "I reckon this is a fine enough place to hang out of, unlike some other places."

"Explain to me the concept of...what was it? Karaoke?"

"People volunteer to get up and sing whatever song it is they want in public."

"I are aware that this is a demon bar, are you not friend?"

"Oh, I know. I also know there's some fancy schmancy magic here to prevent all violence. Least, that's what I heard." Justin simply nodded and they both had drinks, watching random demons and humans and whatevers come up singing various songs. Some of them were excellent singers, others were worse than nails on a chalkboard. But the best one of all had to be the Host, the green-skinned, red-eyed demon singing to some sort of modern tune, who later came over to their table.

"Hyah folks." The Host said. "Enjoying yourselves?"

Both men nodded, but Greg noticed Justin was looking a little shy at the moment. It didn't take long to see why--quite a few of the patrons were taking an interest in Justin. Too much of an interest, as a matter of fact. Greg cursed under his breath and thanked every deity in existence that Jason wasn't with them--the man possessed a temper that wouldn't be contained even by anti-violence wards. Upon closer inspection, Greg noticed that some of the demons were looking at them both...a little unsettling for the cowboy, but if what he planned worked, then he could draw some of that attention off for a while.

"Justin? I'm gonna try and get some of them eyes off ya." Greg told him before telling the Host he'd sing. He even picked a song to try and so the Host got him all set up there and Greg let loose.

Lorne watched the cowboy blare out "Dangerous Man" by Trace Adkins, clearly drawing the attention of the patrons as one by one, they all turned towards him and ignored the little blonde. Well, well--Shining Knight and Vigilante, two members of the Justice League. The latter was especially one hell of a crooner, and clearly everyone was enjoying the show--the ladies especially. That was no surprise--anyone with any ounce of intution could sense a straight man a mile away, and ol' Vig was most definitely straight. He knew it the moment those two walked in--that and he recognized Sir Justin there as the mate of Etrigan, one of THE most powerful demons on the planet.

Not to mention someone who doesn't like sharing.

When the performance finally ended, Lorne took Greg to the side. "Nice ropin' there, Cowboy."

"Why thank ya, pardner." Greg answered. "But I get the feelin' you wanna talk 'bout more than just complimentin' my performance."

"Actually, yeah, Stud Muffin. See, I can read people when they sing and I figure I may as well give yours."

"You mean like a musical fortune teller?"

"Pretty much. First off, you're a good friend to Sir Justin there, but you tend to slip on the teasing. Watch that."

"Peh, didn't need a fortune teller to tell me that."

"Yeah, well, call it an emphasis on it. Also, you may wanna re-evaluate your little "don't do virgins" policy later on in the future. I know, I know--force of habit, most virgins tend to be mate chasers that wanna trick ya into marriage, especially the ones with heavily armed male relations. But seriously, that's gonna cause problems if you don't address it soon. Third, when you two go back up to your little space tower for a movie night, your buddy there's gonna find a love note left by a secret admirer along with a bunch of metal beads--they're not beads, they're bullets and the admirer in question is pursuing you, not him."

"Uh, when's the catfight?"

"Five minutes after those hens in the back leave the club. Big brawl right outside the door."

"Figures. Everytime I walk into a saloon..." Greg then went back to Justin and lo and behold, they had to get back to the Space Tower for an emergency. Later on, they decided to catch a movie and that was when Justin found the bag and note--just as the Host said. Vig for now, knew two things about this secret admirer of his; it's a female and she's apparently a virgin.

Now he's gotta figure out just who the hell it is.


The End

You have reached the end of "Everytime I Walk Into a Saloon". This story is complete.

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