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Spiritual Twins

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Summary: What should have been the night of episode 1.15 'Christopher Returns'. JavaJunkie all the way. Hate Christopher! AU of course.

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Television > Gilmore Girls(Current Donor)mmoochFR13810,4231233,75413 Apr 0915 Apr 09Yes

Chapter 2: Forgive Me?

Chapter 2: Forgive Me?
Recap: Last chapter was Chris’ & Lorelai’s POV of what happened on her parents’ balcony and the drive back to Stars Hollow. In my opinion, his appearance in Stars Hollow was with the intention of getting back with Lorelai…or at least into her pants.

A/N: Edited due to a reviewer.

Disclaimer: The Gilmore Girls characters belong to WB. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Luke’s Diner

Lorelai stood there, out of breath, and looking at him hopefully. “I'm a rat! I forgot our date. I'm sorry, but can we still do it?” Pleading with her eyes and hoping that he could see just how sorry she was.

He was irritated but backed up to let her in. “It wasn't a date, it was just painting. Did something come up…someone?” Thinking to himself that he wouldn’t be lucky enough for this to have been a date. He steeled himself for the revelation that she forgot because of that guy. The jerk who got her pregnant then left her and Rory alone.

Lorelai started pacing the room, building into a Luke-sized rant – and then some. “My certifiably crazy mother decided it would be a great idea to have Christopher's parents over for a big happy family dinner!”

Luke began to feel very jealous of the idea of the ‘happy family’ comment. ‘Oh crap, she’s going to be with him. I can’t believe it! Why--’ his thoughts were interrupted by her next words.

“…But she seemed to forget one giant flaw in her plan -- his parents are monsters who want nothing to do with Rory! Before I could send her out of the room, they proceeded to tell her that to her face! Then Straub turns on me and blames me for the mess Christopher has made of his life! Like I had anything to do with it! He was able to graduate! He was able to go to college!! He was able to make any number of decisions based on him and his needs only!! Then my dad grabs Straub and practically throws him out of the house!”

Now he went beyond enraged, wishing for the man to be in front of him so he could take his anger out on him. ‘What kind of sadistic tyrant would treat his own granddaughter that way? Good for Mr. Gilmore for tossing him out!’ he congratulated the man.

She took a deep breath and calmed down...slightly. “…Naturally, I go to thank him for defending me. And he snaps that it wasn't for me, but for the precious ‘Gilmore Name’!”

Luke winced at her pain. ‘So much for being impressed with him, that lasted a whole 10 seconds. Can’t he see that she is someone to be proud to have in his family?’ he railed privately.

“…So I went to the only place in the house I ever felt good in that house, my balcony. After I cried a little, Christopher steps out to join me. We tried to joke what happened and cheer each other up with stories from when we were kids. But I don’t know…there was some weird vibe I was getting from him, especially when he pulled out the tequila. It almost seemed like he wanted to repeat Rory’s conception.”

Luke got that jealous feeling again. He pleaded silently, ‘Please don’t tell me this; I don’t want to hear about you and him having sex again. Besides, how could he think of that after the night you and Rory had to endure? He should have been comforting the two of you instead of trying to seduce you,’ he thought with disgust.

She echoed his sentiments, “…But that can’t be it, could it? Because what kind of lowlife would use the events of tonight to try to have sex? Then he said that I wasn't to blame for his not meeting his father's expectations. Well, no duh!!"

Her rant began again, "You know, I've tried to be nice, but Christopher is a perpetual child! Hell, Rory's more mature than him!" She sighed slowly, "But, he is Rory's father and I have to make sure that he isn't diminished in her eyes – at least until she’s old enough to come to that conclusion strictly on her own, even if that means occasionally playing cheerleader for him. In my opinion though, I think he's a hopeless cause. I mean, if he hasn’t grown up before his own kid has, what are his chances really?”

Luke let the breath out that he was holding. ‘Oh thank god. You don’t want him. It would be bad enough if he was worthy of you, but he is so clearly not worth a moment of your or Rory’s time or affection. Heck, he doesn’t sound worthy to breathe the same air as you two,’ he declared in his heart.

Lorelai didn’t see the whirlwind of emotions because of her pacing and ranting. She turned and looked pleadingly at him. “I am so sorry; please let me make this up to you. I never meant to hurt you.” Her voice edged into the hysterical, "Your friendship means too much to me to have done anything to ruin it. Please say you'll forgive me!”

The thought rocked her, she hadn’t realized before how much he meant to her. The thought of hurting him or losing him felt like a blow to the stomach. It was then that she saw that he was her best friend, except for her daughter and Sookie. And that made her imagine something more…something romantic. She trailed off at the new – and not so new – way of looking at him.

Luke gently grabbed her arms to calm her down. “Lorelai, stop...listen, it's alright. After what you went through this evening, I'm kind of surprised that you even still feel up to doing this tonight. Thank you for coming, but I get it if you need to re-schedule this for another night. You should to go home and get some rest. Or talk to Rory about this.” He pulled her into a hug, and she placed her hands on his chest, resting them there.

Lorelai lingered for a bit before leaning back. “No, this would actually help me with all my pent up frustrations. She’s okay, we talked on the way home and she knows that Christopher’s parents are just losers who don’t deserve to know her. But I understand if you're too tired to stay up, but could I at least stay here and work?” she asked while catching herself thinking that she liked being in his arms and she wanted to stay there.

Luke seemed doubtful. “If you're sure...And Rory’s okay?” But inside he was shocked that she was here and not at home with her daughter, eating massive amount of junk food and cheering themselves with outrageous movies.

She smiled at him. “Yes. More than anything. And she wanted me to come.” And added silently, that it was safer for her to stay away from Christopher right now. Otherwise she might put him in the hospital.

Luke glanced at the clock. “Okay, we've only lost about an hour or so. Did you want some coffee or something before we start?” ‘First things first…your liquid death.’ He chuckled to himself at their routine.

Lorelai let loose a half-hearted laugh. “You know, I just realized that we never got around to eating dinner. We didn't even make it through drinks.” Then she continued her comparison of the two men, seeing how caring Luke was and how selfish Christopher had been.

“Burger & fries?” he questioned, knowing the answer.

“Sounds great.” She gave him a bright smile this time. He knew her better than almost anyone.

“Coffee?” Sure he knew the answer already.

“Actually, got anything stronger?” she countered, stunning him. She hoped he had something other than tequila so she wouldn’t have flashbacks of earlier and the attempted seduction on the balcony.

He stared at her for a moment before answering, “There's some beer upstairs in the fridge. Grab a few for each of us.”

When she came back down, she set the beers on the counter and waited for Luke to bring out her food. As she ate, he told her stories about some of the crazy things people had done that day in town to cheer her up. And of course, it worked. After the fourth story – and second Kirk story – she genuinely laughed, all her previous tension gone.

She flashed him a grateful look as she finished up. “Thanks, Luke. I feel much better: stomach, heart, and head.” He always took care of her, she noticed and her mouth spread in a happy grin.

‘Anything to get one of those beautiful smiles, they’re worth anything.’ He took a deep breath to calm his nerves. “No problem. Okay, where should we start?”

She wondered why he kept trying to minimize his thoughtfulness. She decided to let it go…for now, since it seemed to bother him a little. “Well, all good painting adventures start with some music! Grab your radio and let's get some tunes going!" She jumped up, bouncing around wildly.

He bit back a laugh at her nuttiness. “Crazy lady,” he tried to say reproachfully, but knowing that it was part of what made him like her so much.

A/N: Next…fun with paint.
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