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Beyond the Veil

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Summary: The further adventures of Sirius Black; wizard, convicted murderer, Marauder, flirt.

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Harry Potter > GeneralScorpioFR15107,83001510,63313 Apr 0914 Apr 09No

Never 'Diffindo' Vampires

SUMMARY: Sirius Black goes out on his first patrol. Vampire flambé ensues.

Beyond the Veil 9 – Never ‘Diffindo’ Vampires

Sirius’ first patrol was more in the nature of a test run to see if he could handle a vampire attack without panicking. To ensure his safety, even if panic occurred, he was sent out with Buffy and Willow as his patrol partners. He was sure that they made an appetizing and appealing picture for any vampires that crossed their paths; two giggling college age girls walking along with their big black dog for protection against muggers. While a big dog might frighten off your average human mugger, Xander was right when he said that no vampire worth his weight in Twinkies would be afraid of an animal.

They got off the Underground in an area that had once been industrialized but was now enjoying a bit of urban renewal with old warehouses being turned into low rent flats, lofts, shops and offices. In theory it was a grand idea of repurposing old abandoned buildings and reviving the crumbling neighborhood. Money and people were pouring into the area and the place looked much better than it had even six months ago.

Unfortunately, this meant that the multiple local vampire nests were being disturbed. The vamps no longer had to travel around to different areas to feed; the food was coming directly to them. Construction workers, utility workers, and people moving into the area with their families and businesses; the death toll was rising and the politicians in charge were beginning to take notice. Slayer teams had just started to seriously patrol the area in an effort to wipe out the local vampires and make it a safe haven for the influx of new people.

The vampires must not have picked up on the fact that their new prime feeding grounds had gotten on the Council’s radar because they hadn’t even walked three blocks from the entrance to the Underground when they were attacked. The vamps came from behind out of an alley, so Sirius was able to dodge a kick to his ribs and transform back into a human. The shock of his transfiguration made the vampire stop and gape at him. Grinning, Sirius rolled back out of reach and pulled his wand.


A tiny fist sized ball of flame sizzled across the alley and slammed into the vampire’s chest. He stopped gaping in order to scream as he swiftly went up in flames. In less than a minute the vampire dissolved into ash and the flames snuffed themselves out.

“Sirius! Get ready!”

He whipped his head around just in time to see Buffy toss a vampire nearly twice her size across the alley. Grinning widely, Sirius pointed his wand and yelled out, “INCENDIO!”

Another ball of flame soared through the air. This one hit the vampire in the back. It screamed as the flames swiftly spread across its body reducing it to ash. Buffy grinned at him and nodded her approval. “Not bad.”

“Not bad?” Willow was bouncing on her toes, a huge smile on her face and excitement shining in her eyes. “Buffy that’s a great spell. Easy to say, easy to aim and the fire goes away when the vamp dusts.”

Buffy paused, thought about it and then shrugged her agreement. “Yeah, okay. It was pretty cool and it did dust those vamps nicely.” She turned that thoughtful look on Sirius. “What other spells can you do? That would help with the dusting of vamps, I mean. ‘Cause as great as that spell is, you can’t exactly toss it at a vamp that’s got a hold of some human. They’d get burned too. Plus, there are some demons that are immune to fire.”

He knew that Buffy had a point, but he was more in line with Willow’s thoughts. That was very cool. Setting fire to vampires was kind of therapeutic. He definitely wanted to do it again. Still…

“Um, there’s ‘Diffindo’, but that spell makes things explode. It would most likely dust any vamp or kill a bunch of types of demons; however, I wouldn’t suggest trying it if they are too close to a human. There’s ‘Lumos Solarus’ which is supposed to mimic sunlight, but I don’t know if it would actually effect vampires or not. ‘Stupify’ will knock a human unconscious, but I don’t know if it would effect the undead. I mean, they are in human bodies, but…” he trailed off with a shrug.

Just then, another vampire appeared at the far end of the alley and growled at them. “You killed Kenny! You bastard!” Then it charged at them.

Sirius held up his wand, aimed carefully and yelled, “DIFFINDO!” The spell screamed down the alley and slammed into the vampire’s face. The head, neck and most of its chest exploded in a spray of blood, gore and flesh before the rest of it dissolved into dust.

Buffy and Willow blinked in mild surprise before turning to face a shocked Sirius staring in amazement down the now empty alley.

“Um…” Buffy made a vague gesture at the gore splattered brick walls. “You should probably stick to the fire spell. That one was just…” She and Willow wrinkled their noses up. “…messy.”

[End: Never ‘Diffindo’ Vampires]

The End?

You have reached the end of "Beyond the Veil" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Apr 09.

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