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When i woke the SGC

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Summary: Will finds herself in unfamiliar territory, a cycle of misunderstanding lead SGC taking action, fixing the mess she got herself into seems to be the only course of action... (Temporary Hiatus)

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredpezgirlFR1823,2021486,85814 Apr 0915 Apr 09No

It's Flying Men!

Willow’s head pounded as she regained consciousness, she clenched her eyes tight and then opened them a little, the light made her eyes water and they shut again reflexively. Where was she now? She felt a pillow under her head, a wafer-thin sheet tickling her right palm, the repetitive bleeping sound told her that maybe she was in hospital…she’d fainted again.


“…don’t get how someone could do that and be human at the same time,” said a gruff voice.

The voice sounded familiar, maybe she’d be able to string two thoughts together after the marching band stopped playing in her head for five minutes. She tried to open her eyes again but then clamped them shut after catching sight of two people standing beside her bed.

“She is human, colonel,” said a female voice full of certainty. “All the tests, the MRI scans, indicate that.”

Tests? Dammit, she had ended up in a military base! There was a colonel…and tests…and…

Willow discreetly moved her right hand and then gritted her teeth at what she found…yup, and apparently she was restrained to a bed! This was so bad.

“Human? The kid’s not all human,” retorted the colonel indignantly. “I have the bruise on my nose to prove it!”

Willow just about stopped herself from raising her eyebrows in amusement, then she squashed the emotion. She had to think of a way to get herself out of the mess she’d created. She tried to relax and then checked her power reserves... she smiled at what she found.

Her magic wasn’t as depleted as she thought it would be. Her slight smile faded as another thought occurred to her, her power shouldn’t have come back so soon at least not completely. Unless she’d been out longer than she’d first thought.

That was worrying, if nothing else. How long had she been here? How long could she fake being asleep?

“Uh…Janet?” came another different male voice. “I think she’s awake.”

Willow sighed in exasperation and opened her eyes, well, there was the answer to her question, “Okay, before you get to asking all the difficult questions that I, by the way, won't answer, how long have I been out?”

She smirked to herself at the surprised looks they were giving her, then she frowned at the physical restrictions they were inflicting on her, “Would you, kindly, unbind me?”

The man that had pointed the hand-gun at her stepped forward almost lazily and said, “Um…no, we won’t be doing that.”

Another man, younger than Mr. Military, cleared his throat and said, in a chastising voice “Jack-

“Daniel,” the man, Jack, cut off bitingly. Then he looked at her and said, “We’re going to be asking the questions here.”

Willow bristled at his arrogance and rudeness, “Hey, if you think I’m going to let you interrogate me a-and keep me all tied-up, you’ve got another thing coming, mister!” she thought about adding ‘experimenting on her’ but she didn’t want to give them any ideas… ‘cause they might not be thinking about using her as a lab-rat, oh who was she kidding!? Of course they were gonna experiment on her, it’s what they did!

Jack looked at the woman standing by her bed and said, “Doc, I think we’ll start the questioning when she’s a little more compliant-

“Colonel, I don’t think I can-


Jack turned his annoyed gaze on the younger man, “Daniel!”

Willow’s eyes fastened on the doctor’s doubtful expression as she turned away and started looking at a metal tray, anger rose inside her. She knew what kinds of things military doctors kept in metal trays. She was not going to become a military’s test subject.

Daniel ignored Jack’s warning, looked at her and asked, “Why are you here?”

Well, she wasn’t there to be tested on! Willow’s gaze snapped from Daniel back to the Doc as she turned around with a syringe, though her limp hold on the syringe suggested to the redhead that she wasn’t pleased about the prospect of giving her the drug.

She turned her attention to Daniel and answered his query, “I don’t know, but I think I’m gonna take off.”

“You won’t get out that door,” stated Jack, tauntingly. “Gun-totting soldiers everywhere, you’d get shot before you can do that little Telekinesis thing you got going on there.”

Willow felt her face burn with anger, she hated guns, “I wouldn’t put a gun near me if I were you, I don’t get on well with ‘em.” Not after what happened to Tara.

“You’re in no position to be making threats,” said a new voice, a balding man with an air of authority had walked into the room; being in the position she was in she could only see his face. That didn’t sit too well with her, neither did being restrained; she should’ve left ten minutes ago.

“I think I am,” she snarled between gritted teeth as she caught sight of an SF’s gun, first she’d have to dispose of that.

The soldier’s gun was ripped from his hands before he was thrown back out of the room, Willow turned her attention to the other occupants and Jack barked an order at the Doc, she turned to the shorter woman and sent her flying back, her gaze snapped back to Jack, Daniel and the bald guy before she sent them flying sideways on her left and then pinned them up against the wall.

Her restraints ripped open and she sat up, happy with her regained freedom, then she slid off the bed and made a beeline for the door. As she got out of the room she looked down the hall to her right, saw two men who were carrying guns and running her way; she relieved them of their weapons and slammed them up against the walls on either side in the same fashion as she had the others. She broke into a sprint along the now-empty corridor.

Suddenly the base was filled with klaxons going off like last time, she sighed and came to a sudden stop on the edge of the corner. She wasn’t stupid enough run blind in a building full of armed soldiers, especially when she could hear all of them from where she was standing. She peered around the corner and groaned impatiently as she saw a battalion of stampeding commandos flying down the hall towards her position.

This was not a good day, she stepped out calmly and flattened soldier after soldier against the walls again, guns clattered to the floor noisily as she sprinted by them. She really wanted to get out of this place.

The Klaxons were doing a number on her headache, she stopped momentarily, found the power source for the whole base and shut it down; her surroundings went dark for a few moments. She took off again, sprinting down the halls as her eyes adjusted easily to the lack of light, not that it was much point as a red light filled the halls around her.

Back-up power, huh…

Willow’s heart almost jumped out of her throat as something hit the wall centimeters away from where she would’ve been had she not chosen to slow down, tiny chunks of the wall hit her; one grazed her cheek.

She spun around as she made to stop running and saw Jack pointing the gun in her direction, the sound of the gunshot echoed in her ears reminding her of the sound of another bullet that had tore through someone that had been more important to her than the world. Furious, she gritted her teeth and sent him flying backwards.

Another gunshot exploded from behind her, followed by an explosion of hot pain in her back; she felt herself fall forwards for the third or forth time since she’d been with these people. She hit the ground hard and struggled to for breath, a couple of her ribs were probably broken and she was pretty sure that the bullet had penetrated a lung.

This really wasn’t her day.


The End?

You have reached the end of "When i woke the SGC" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Apr 09.

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