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Thrown in Together

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Summary: Duncan revives in a strange place with an equally strange woman.

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Highlander > Cordelia-Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,5141133,82126 Sep 0326 Sep 03Yes
Title: Thrown in Together

Author: Jinni (

Rated: PG13

Pairing: Cordelia/Duncan

Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things Highlander belong to Davis/Panzer, et al.

Distribution: The normal places.

Author's Note: For Lucinda.

Summary: Duncan comes back to life only to find out that he's got more troubles than ever. . .starting with the fact that he doesn't remember how he got where he is in the first place.


"Ai!! Dead man - not so dead anymore!"

Duncan winced, rolling onto his side as if to escape the shriek that had just pierced the air. He took another shuddering breath, slowly easing his eyes open. The first thing he saw was that he was laying on the floor. The carpet beneath him was thin, practically non-existent, and a shade of grey that was reminicent of back hallways in older buildings. Directly across from him was a wall, painted the same nondescript shade of grey as the carpet. A shadow was moving along the wall, someone pacing back and forth in what he could only describe as a frantic motion.

"You were -dead-."

He turned, dark eyes watching as she slowed to a stop to stare back at him. She was wearing red leather pants and a white tank top. The shirt was cut low in the front and even lower in the back, showing off a wide expanse of tanned skin. Her hair was cut short, brown with honey-blonde streaks through it.

But he couldn't remember ever seeing her before for the life of him.

For that matter, he couldn't remember anything past having a drink in a bar with a pretty brunette that had been flirting with him. He had come to LA to purchase a piece of Tessa's art that had gone up for auction after the owner died. It had been one of her favorites, and she had hated to part with it. It was being shipped back to Seacouver at the moment.

"Hello? Dead guy? You still with me?"

He bit his lip to keep from smiling. She was sort of charming in a bossy toned sort of way.

"Where are we?"

She rolled her eyes. "You get yourself kidnapped and killed and don't even know why? This is the not-so-venerable offices of Wolfram and Hart, otherwise known as scummy lawyers from the bowels of Hell itself."

He blinked. "I've been kidnapped by a law firm?"

"Don't sound so surprised. This is my -third- time being kidnapped by this particular law firm." She focused her gaze on a spot above his head, raising her voice. "And I'm getting tired of it! Do you hear me Lilah? Angel is going to kick your sorry ass when he gets here!"

Duncan glanced up, noticing the surveilance camera for the first time. So it wasn't just this woman that had seen him revive, it was everyone on the other end of that camera, too. He sighed. This was getting messy. Mortals were never supposed to witness this kind of thing - and here they were, probably taping it.

"I'm Cordelia, by the way." She frowned, keeping her eyes on him and not venturing any closer. "Are you a demon?"

The Immortal blanched. "A demon?"

"Well, you know, most human beings don't come back from the dead. Buffy's the only one I've ever heard of - and that was one hundred percent due to Willow working some serious mojo. So - what gives?"

What could he say? No, you didn't see me come back from the dead? It was just a. . .trick? He hardly thought, from the determined look on her face, that she was going to believe that story.

"I'm Immortal." He shrugged at last, the direct approach seeming best. He'd deal with the ramifications of the truth once they got out of here.

-If- they got out of here.

"As in can't die?" Cordelia questioned, eyebrows raising. "Well that's a neat trick. I can totally see why'd they'd want to kidnap you."

"Why's that?"

"Well - Wolfram and Hart, aside from being lawyers, also operate on the not so bright and sun shiny side of things. They collect things for their clients, they experiment -- and all on the purely supernatural side of things."

The Highlander felt. . .shocked. Of course the supernatural existed, you didn't live for as long as he had without realizing that. But a law firm that was dedicated to it? That was just --

"Sick, I know," she sighed, interpreting what he could only guess was a disgusted look on his face. "Don't worry. Someone will be along to bust us out of here soon."

"You sound like this happens all the time."

"Well - it does." Another glare at the camera overhead. "And Angel always come in to save the day. With Wes, Gunn and Fred, of course. Angel'll put the fear of God into them and then we'll leave. . . only to have it happen again."

"Why is it that they want you so much?" He asked quietly, almost afraid at what he would find out. She looked so beautiful on the outside, but he wasn't about to let that fool him into thinking that she couldn't be something horrible in truth.

Cordelia smiled. "I'm a Seer."

Images of Cassandra flashed through the Highlander's head - scenes from when he knew her as a boy and then again more recently when she came for Methos.

"A Seer?" He managed after a minute of sorting through his memories. "You get visions?"

"Oh yeah," she nodded her head emphatically. "I'm a one of a kind direct access pass to the Powers that Be - and these creeps seem to think that means I'd just love to sit down and tell them things."

It took more than just a minute for him to swallow all of that. She was a Seer. She got visions. She got visions directly from something called the 'Powers that Be', which sounded suspiciously like the higher powers that ruled the universe. It was almost comical. She looked and sounded like someone that would be more at home in a nightclub or mall than a prophetess - but here she was just the same.

"You said your friend 'Angel' would get you out of here?" He spoke again after a moment, more to have something to talk about than anything else. He stood slowly, walking out the cramps in his legs that had come from sitting too long.

"Sooner or later," she nodded. "Probably more with the sooner, though. He's sorta protective like that."

"Forgive me for sounding doubtful - but wouldn't this place be guarded if they expect to keep us here? Especially if your friend is always saving you. How is one person going to get in to get us out?"

She laughed. "Well, first of all, I also said he'd probably bring Wes, Gunn and Fred with him. Secondly. . .Angel's a vampire. You know, with the superhuman strength and rage and stuff. No worries, he'll get us out."

"A. . .vampire?"

"Uh huh."

"You're joking, right?"

Her dark eyes met his, and he could see that there was definitely no humor in them. "Look, Mister Comes Back From the Dead, if I say he's a vampire, then he is. Not like I make stuff like that up to amuse strangers. . .what's your name anyway?"

"Duncan," he offered with a small smile.

"Nice name. Don't think I've ever met a Duncan. Though, Doyle is close enough. He was all sorts of Irish, too."

"I'm Scottish."

She shrugged. "It's all Europe to me."

Duncan bit the inside of his cheek both to keep from laughing and to keep from lecturing her in the many ways that Ireland differed from Scotland. For some reason he got the feeling that she really wouldn't care - and this hardly seemed like the time or place.

"Go to dinner with me when we get out of here?" He wasn't really sure what made him make the offer, but once it left his mouth he didn't find himself regretting it for a single second.

Cordelia raised an eyebrow, looking him from head to toe. "Assuming its still dinner time when we get out of here - okay."

He smiled as something outside of the door caught his attention. The sound of glass shattering.

"Someone's coming," Cordelia grinned. "Might wanna get back from the door. Angel's one of those guys that really knows how to make an entrance."

Duncan did as she directed and found himself immediately glad a moment later when the door groaned once before falling inwards.

"Angel!" Cordelia smiled. "Took you long enough."

The man. . .vampire. . .rolled his eyes. "C'mon. Wes and Gunn are holding down the front . . .but we need to hurry."

She nodded, turning back to Duncan. "Time to make with the escaping. You coming? - Oh, Angel this is Duncan. Duncan - Angel. He's Immortal. Lord knows what that evil bitch wanted him for."

Angel raised his eyebrows at Duncan but didn't say anything, something the Immortal was glad of because he was at a momentary loss for words. This was a vampire. An actual vampire.

"C'mon already!" Cordelia growled, grabbing onto Duncan's hand.

Duncan found himself smiling as he ran alongside the Seer, behind a vampire.

This was like some weird dream.

"So - dinner?" Cordelia grinned, pulling him into the lobby of the law firm after a five minute sprint through halls and stairwells. Outside the sky was dark.

"Dinner," he nodded.

Just as soon as he figured out where he'd left his car. . .

~*~The End~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Thrown in Together". This story is complete.

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