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Spider of Stone

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Summary: A rewrite of Stone Spider. SLASH (X-over of sorts with marvel comics spiderman possible other crossovers later). Xander/Oz/Willow. Xander will find a destiny he wasn't looking for while he saves Buffy from drowning. All thanks to one little spider

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-CenteredBHJediQueenFR1811,346161,53415 Apr 0915 Apr 09No
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Not one blessed thing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Not Buffy, Not Spiderman, Nothing. It's, like, so totally unfair. It all belongs to much richer people than me. Well, Apart from the bits I make up of course, but nobody really cares about those.
Author’s notes: This story will contain elements of slash, and elements of het. It is currently heading towards a Willow/Xander/Oz ‘ship, as mentioned in the last ‘chapter’ of the previous version, review with alternative pairings if you don’t like this one. If the pairing is one I’m willing to contemplate then I’ll be happy to consider it. (This doesn’t include pairings like Xander/Jenny or Xander/Giles. Keep the pairings at least looking like they’re Xander’s age and vaguely in the realm of possibility – Xander/Tara ... just... no.) I will do my best with Het pairings, but I myself am not attracted to girls, so the male cast will always get more description (explicit screen time).

Xander WILL NOT be paired with Angel. Angelus gets the idea into his (and Soul-boy’s) head, but it’s not happening.

If the issue becomes too bad I’ll probably give in and write a Het version and a Slash version. Both will have the same plot, but the pairings will be different.

Now then, the basic premise remains the same: Xander gets bitten by a ‘spider’ whilst reviving Buffy at the end of season 1. (For the purposes of convenience, Buffy leaves town the next day to visit her father in LA. She won’t be back in Sunnydale for a while people so don’t get your hopes up too much. The first hints of pairings and Buffy will arrive at the same time, more or less. ) This bite imbues him with 60+ years of hellmouth energy, filtered through stone and poison. Along with Spiderman’s basic abilities, Xander gets stone and poison based powers, along with a good old demonic element to the whole deal. Other than that... well, brave reader, read on and find out for yourself.

*means Angelus or other internal demon is talking to its host/cursed parasitic soul*

#means pseudo empathic and physical impression/description of someone or something#

Chapter 1: Biting off more than you can chew.

Disclaimer: See disclaimer chapter.

Decades had passed since It had tasted freedom. This place was dangerous for all things, and the #cold/dead/blood/fear/anger/hate# ones had infested it, surrounding the #ancient/twisted/pain# one. The same barrier that had trapped that one had trapped it, the earth pulling It into itself to save its child from the #wrong/twisted/tainted# place that had filled this cave for an instant. It had endured pushing the energy of that place into its poison while the earth had kept it alive. Now that taint was gone from the cave, leaving along with the one that had been trapped.

It watched as the #warm/living/brave/love/dark# one breathed for the #bright/strength/warrior/ancient/young# one while the #cold/bright/guilt# one watched uselessly. Now as the female living one breathed for herself again It felt the urge to act. It would perish, but the Earth would reclaim It, while the #brave/love/Dark# one would become more than he was. It pushed Itself out of the embrace of stone and sank Its fangs into that one’s leg.

Xander was too concerned with Buffy – who was too concerned with coughing water out of lungs that hadn’t been breathing moments earlier – to notice It, but Angel watched as a spider pulled itself out of the bare stone and bit into the irritating boy’s calf. Even as the boy jerked away, the spider crumbled into a little pile of sharp stones.

*You can taste it, Can’t you. So much power in such a small bite. Pity the boy will probably die before we can taste it.* a sickly voice whispered in his head *Told you we should have tapped that quickly, now we’ll never get a chance. All that luscious blood in a lovely little vulnerable package is going to go to waste because you’re too squeamish, as pathetic as ever Soul-boy*

Angel shook his head in a vain attempt to rid him of the ever-present taunting voice. At times Angelus seemed almost sane – like just then –while others he railed against everything and anything and sought to tempt Angel into destroying as much as he could.


“Welcome Back.”

Angel went to step forward, but the boy effortlessly helped Buffy to her feet.

“The Master?” She asked

“He’s Gone” Angel said, The boy didn’t seem to be suffering any ill effects just yet, so he’d pay attention to Buffy and keep an eye on the boy in case he got worse. Buffy pulled herself away from Xander, Ignoring his protest, and never noticing the wince as the bitten leg was jostled by the motion.

“No. No, I feel Strong. I feel different. Let’s Go.”

Xander fought against showing any sign of the pain that was burning through him. With the Master loose, he knew that they didn’t have time to fuss about some stupid bite. A stumbling step forced him to lean a hand against the wall, and suddenly he felt much better. Toeing off his sneakers and socks he felt the pain fading a bit, like the bare stone was calming it.

Outside, the pain came back, but didn’t reach quite the point it had been before he’d started touching the ground with his bare feet. Following Buffy, Xander noticed how slowly things seemed to be moving and on punching a vampire, Xander stared as his fist went through its ribcage, punching a hole straight through where its heart had been. The fire as it burned to ash felt hot, but not too terribly uncomfortable.

Xander found himself sharing a Look with Angel – of all people – at that display of strength. Buffy didn’t appear to notice, too caught up in whatever was going on with her and the master. After they reached the roof access door, Xander was just barely stopping himself from panting at the pain. Even still, he was faster – fast enough that the first vampire barely got in range of his arms before Xander back handed him – hard enough that the undead creatures head was severed by the blow.

What seemed like hours later, Xander reached his parent house and almost felt like crying at the shouting going on inside. All he wanted right then was sleep – the pain had more or less faded now, leaving in its place a bone deep exhaustion that even contact with raw soil only just barely held off.

Knowing that he wouldn’t even reach his bed, Xander slipped to the basement door and pushed lightly just about where the lock would be. A crunching noise signified the lock tearing through the comparatively flimsy wood of the doorframe, and Xander staggered downstairs to collapse on the floor.

Sleep claimed him in instants.

Angel watched from the shadows as the boy slumped in depression at his parents fight. Intrigued as the boy went around the house, Angel slipped in pursuit to see as the boy effortlessly ruined a fairly solid looking door – while exhausted.

*Whatever that boy is becoming is so very strong, but all too vulnerable. All stone and poison and the sweet stench of power tied up into an oh so beautiful little victim waiting to happen. Either the boy will come out of it stronger than we can imagine or he’ll collapse under the strain. What then, Hero-boy? Will you ride in out of the shadows to put the boy back together – scoring points with the slayer whilst also possibly getting some ...heh... gratitude from the boy, by way of those sweet lips? Or will you watch and wait and claim him after he’s too far gone to save. Well, Soul-boy?*

Angel forced the voice of his burden away, the images it provided tempting even as they made him burn with guilt. Flashes of the boy on his knees looking up with grateful awe in those dark eyes or Buffy thanking him mixed with images of him forcing the barely sensate boy to do sickening and degrading things for his pleasure while he assured Buffy he had no idea what had become of her friend.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Spider of Stone" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Apr 09.

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