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Corpse Lights, Big City

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Summary: Post Chosen, During Half-Life 2. It's the end of the worlds as we know them...

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Games > Sci-Fi > Half-Life UniversebatzulgerFR183333,17114729,06216 Apr 0920 Nov 14No

Chapter Twenty Two

Oz and Xander's position was getting more tenuous. They had already counter-ambushed two ambushes and evaded at least one other counter-counter-ambush. Fortunately the Elites they had been taking down had had plenty of ammunition to resupply from and that included missiles.

Currently the pair were hiding amid the wreckage of a few helicopters and one still smoldering gunship as a full company of Elites with Hunter support were scouring the area. Elite armor was very flameproof though, so the two were using a few bodies as thermal insulation so they wouldn't get roasted by the burning wreckage above them. Oz had stayed in wolf form and currently had a pair of pulse rifles as well as a missile launcher. Xander had one pulse rifle and as many grenades as he could find.

"Getting warm in here," Xander whispered.

Oz growled in agreement.

"Do you smell them?"

Oz sniffed and shook his head slightly and pointed at the bodies surrounding them.

"Got it, too much background stink."

Hey Wills you listening?

Of course I am silly.

Get a hold of Dawn and ask her what's going on with the guys looking for us...Oh and let the Buffster know that we have a lot of unhappy company in our area.

Got it Xander. Hang on while I talk to Dawn.

Hanging on.

Okay, Buffy and company are almost there. Dawn says that there are reports of riots starting to come into the Citadel.

Riots? I didn't order any riots.

Added bonus. Apparently whoever this Freeman guy that Buffy, Faith, and Andrew found is some pretty big deal Mister. The Administrator is having a freak-out trying to find him.

Good to know. Let Buffy know we're under the wreckage to the west when she gets here.

Okay. Try to be careful.

Always Wills.

"Okay Oz, reinforcements are almost here. Ready? OK, when we get outside and we get to the horses, whatever happens, just remember one thing... hey, wait a minute."

Oz looked confused.

"You didn't see Lefors out there, did you?"

Oz looked more confused.

"Oh, good. For a moment there I thought we were in trouble."

Oz rolled his eyes and growled.

"Butch Cassidy? Nobody remembers the classics..."


The intrepid band of reinforcements dismounted from their vehicles in the shelter of a half-decayed overpass.

"Faith. You and the Marine go north, Alex, you and Gordon swing south. I'll get their attention."

Faith moaned, "Oh god something's going t'explode isn't it."

"Hey! You won't be in the blast area this time!" Buffy replied.

"This time?" Shepherd muttered as he and Faith moved off as quietly as possible.

"Trust me, that woman lives t'demolish things. Hearts, buildings, gods...None of them stand a chance."

"You've been friends for a long time then?"

Faith snorted, "Took awhile t'warm up t'each other, but yeah. She's probably the best friend I've ever had. Of course that didn't happen till after we had almost killed each other...and not in a figurative sense..."


Back at the Citadel, Dawn and Spike were making their way up a power conduit.

"What we looking for again 'Bit?"

"Junction AC dash 42 dash 7. Should be on the left hand side," Dawn took a quick peek at her laptop screen. "It should have two massive cables coming out of it. One on the top and one on the right."

"Who woulda thought that we'd be th'bloody rats in the walls...Ah here we are!" Spike tapped a large gray box.

"Could you move up a little?" Dawn asked as she wiggled her way up next to him. "Your elbows in my kidney."

"Sure bit," Spike kissed her on the top of her head and went further up the ladder. Dawn smiled up at him and went to work popping open the electrical control panel. Inside she started running splices while referring to the schematic on her laptop.

"Should be done in ten or so."

"'Bout time. I'm getting ready for a little bit of violence."



"Sir, Alphonse here again. We lost all contact with any forces on Highway 17!"


"Comms to Novy Prospeckt have also gone completely dead. Now it looks like Spy-eyes are failing to respond! Our communications system is crashing!"

~~~"Switch to backups!"~~~

"Those are down too. All we have left is the laser-line backup between fixed stations."

~~~"What the hell is going on?"~~~


In City 17 Rona and her crew had finished digging in. Now all she could do was wait.
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