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Corpse Lights, Big City

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Summary: Post Chosen, During Half-Life 2. It's the end of the worlds as we know them...

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Games > Sci-Fi > Half-Life UniversebatzulgerFR183333,17114729,06316 Apr 0920 Nov 14No

Chapter Thirty One

The portal system at Kleiner's lab whirred and howled and then stopped its racket. The platform lowered depositing Dr.' Vance and Mossman, and Andrew Wells on the floor.

"So Dr. Mossman, you sold out to Breen?"

"You just don't understand it Calhoun! He's the only one who can protect Eli."

"Uh no," Wells said. "You being an irrational bitch almost got us both killed."

"That's because Breen doesn't realize how much we need Eli's input."

"And you don't realize how dead Breen is going to be in a remarkable short period of time...along with what ever Combine are in the Citadel."

"Mister Wells, I'm Dr. Kleiner. Can I get some assistance in packing up the most critical data?"

"I'll help you Isaac and Judith, Breen is not out to help anybody but Breen. He was like that at the Mesa and he's still like that," Vance moved into the main lab while Calhoun handcuffed Mossman to a radiator.


The portal chamber at Novy Prospeckt was a massive gunfight. Fred and Alyx had stabilized the pulse code and had jury-rigged a force-field over the critical component, while the rest, along with a few reset sentry guns was holding off waves of attackers

"Okay everybody! Time t'go!"

"Faith, Xan, Oz! You load up first! Shepherd, Alyx,'re next. Me and Fred will take the last boat."

"Got it Buff!"

"Okay powerin' it up! Hang on...and sent! Next group on the platform! Buffy could you keep those goons from shootin' the high tension lines?"

"On it!"


"Bit, why the bloody hell is there still a Strider running around loose up here?"

"I don't know. On the bright side we just received a care package with a Slayer, a Xander, and a were-wolf around that corner!"

"Jesus fuck! Strider!"

"And Faith's seen it."

"Guess we'd bloody well better help."


"Administrator! We've received reports of heavily armed troops storming the ground level entrances!"

"The Resistance?"

"We're not sure. It seems there are unclassified extra-dimensionals in the lead element."

"Demons...It's the Council...Get extra security to the Dark Energy Power Generation...NOW! Colonel Rugorsh, take charge of those troops!"

"Of course sir...Who are the Council?"


"Faith is in the building along with Xan and Oz. They've joined up with Dawn and Spike and are heading towards the power source. And another portal has dropped off the three people they've been working with. Andrew has the three doctors and is working on getting them out of the city....and guys, there's some really unhappy alien intelligences up there."

"Thank you Willow my dear. Shelly and Ongrey...make a hole."


~~~"Sir this is Elite One-Seven! They just ripped through the side of the elevator! There's a a woman with a pair of battle axes, and something that looks like it has swords coming out of its arms! All the sentry turrets and filter fields are failing to recognize us! We need help!"~~~

~~~"One-Seven, you are being interdicted by two individuals? One-Seven? One-Seven?"~~~


"Shep get that gun of yours lined up! We got a full company coming this way!"

"Got it Faith..Holy shit! What the hell is that?"

"A Strider...they don't like sustained rocket fire."

"Thanks Oz...I think I can see that. Are there more?"



"Okay Buffy, you ready to go?"


"Stay behind me 'kay? I'm pretty bullet resistant."


"Administrator, we have reports of teams portaling in!"

"What levels?"

"Power Generation."

"Protect the Dark Energy reactor. Get every man we can up there!"


"Rona-slayer, we have tap into elevators."

"Alright Zurrep, get your guys to work their magic. Sammie! We've got a route up. Havachik, protect the gremlins."


"And welcome to the shining Citadel...oh crap!"

"Hey B, glad you could join the party!"

"Bloody hell it's Fred!"

"Heya Spike! Long time no see."

"Reunions later. Us not getting with the destroyed sooner...'kay?"

"Got it sister dear."

"What's the sitch Dawnie?"

"The trojan has taken out all the automated defenses. They're down to personal radios and line of sight laser comms, however they've parked most of an army between us and where we want to be."

"They figured out the game-plan huh?"

"Yeah, we've bagged two Striders that were under direct control, so we probably won't be running into any autonomous systems."

"Cool that means they can't use spy-eyes to target for them. How far are Will and Giles?"

"About 500 meters that way and one floor down. Our target is around that corner there. Private security transport straight to the power core."

"Cool...Lyria? Make them pay."

"It will be a pleasure to destroy the ooze and listen to its musical screams."

"Yeah...Shepherd! Cover the psychotic blue godling, she's tough but not unstoppable! Xan, you're with me! We're going to collect Will and the G-Man."
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