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Corpse Lights, Big City

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Summary: Post Chosen, During Half-Life 2. It's the end of the worlds as we know them...

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Games > Sci-Fi > Half-Life UniversebatzulgerFR183333,17114729,06816 Apr 0920 Nov 14No

Chapter One


I own none of the good parts of this i.e. The Characters and Setting of BtVS and Half-Life. Those would be property of Mssr. Whedon and Valve Games. No profit or infringement is intended.

The world had gone to shit. That was the only thought that ran through Alexander Lavelle Harris’s mind, as he picked his way through the rubble of yet another crumbling eastern european city. He had come a long, long way from the mouth of hell. He had stopped, or been involved with the stopping, of at least fifteen apocalypses in the past twenty three years only to get blindsided by a non-supernatural one. Goddamned Mother Fucking Alien Bastards!!!

In 2003 the world was his oyster. Well, their oyster really. The activated Slayers were spreading across the world fighting evil and taking back the night from any and all complacent Big Bads. He had lost Anya and his eye, but that was the cost of fighting the good fight. The Sunnydale Hellmouth was closed, and soon thereafter so was Cleveland’s. Then the Portal Storms began.

Creatures from some or many non-mystical dimensions starting appearing from balls of green-orange light. For the first time there seemed to be no prophecy that applied, and these creatures seemed to be completely non-supernatural. It appeared that the only explanation that worked was that this was some sort of alien invasion and so the new Council did what it always did, researched and sent out Slayers to stop the invasion. This fight went on for ten years with huge losses on both sides. The general population retreated to the cities which became more and more fortified to keep out the invaders, and then there was the 7 Hour War.

Hordes of armored troops, gunships, and giant walking machines burst through rapidly spawning and enlarged inter-dimensional gates. The fighting was brief, brutal, and intense and ended when the new Planetary Administrator, Wallace Breen, surrendered Earth to its new masters, the Combine. Humanity, when it could, fled the now dangerous cities. Preferring to try their luck against the various dangerous creatures that roamed the countryside, rather than living in the few non-demolished metroplexes and dealing with the new totalitarian Vichy-like government.

For the ten years since the invasion, the Council did its best to fight off the invading forces as rebels and saboteurs, but the damage inflicted was a mere annoyance compared to the vast empire and resources of the Combine, and as the battles were fought, the years passed, the seas were drained and the population harvested; Breen still insisted that the invaders wee in truth the benefactors of mankind. Here to do nothing but, “Bring peace, tranquility, and harmony to the planet!” Quite literally that statement was indeed true; the peace, tranquility, and harmony of the dead.

Now Xander Harris, ex-High School hero, ex-carpenter, current rebel and revolutionary, clambered over the ruined terrain towards the Combine’s HQ on Earth...City 17.


Faith Lehane, Buffy Summers, and Andrew Wells, two of the only twenty Slayers left alive and unarguably the most experienced and toughest, and a man who had started out as comic relief, but had matured over sixteen years of near-constant warfare, were in the City watching through a tenement’s glassless window, as the regular convoys of Combine armored personnel carriers and trucks rolled by. All three were wearing liberated Civil Protection Unit armor and carried an assortment of weapons, including an antitank missile launcher carried by Buffy, and the light machine gun currently slung on Faith’s back.

“Ah Buffy, those street patrols are getting pretty close to us. Should we shift positions?”

“To where Andy?” Faith snorted.

“Uhm, somewhere else maybe…”

“Andrew’s right, we have to move to just about anywhere else. The foot patrols and sweeper teams are gonna be coming soonish. Maybe the sewers and canals?”

“It would be tougher t’get vehicle teams down there…‘course ya got th’headcrabs and zombies t’keep them busy...keep us busy too though,” the Dark Slayer looked thoughtful, “Hey! What about th’Underground Railroad? We could stash ourselves at a fortified station while Andy makes with th’mojo!”

“Sounds like a plan, Fay you got sweep, I’ll take point. Andrew, keep an eye out for gunships and choppers.”

The other two nodded, gathered their gear and then followed Buffy down the stairs to street level.


Willow was in agony. The Earth, the source of her magic, was being tortured. Nothing humanity ever did or really could do, could compare with the insane level of ecological destruction caused by the Combine. Willow spent most of her time in excruciating pain, while being constantly monitored by a Vortigaunt healer as she writhed on her bed. During her few moments of lucidity she was still able to broadcast visions of Combine movements, but as the destruction continued, those moments grew fewer and fewer.

Rupert Giles stood guard over Willow’s sanctuary as he had for the past five years. Along with Giles, three of the remaining Slayers, and the remnants of the US HST Control Force kept guard over this rebel strongpoint. It was located on Isle Royale, formerly an island in the largest fresh water lake in the world. Now with the Combine’s water thievery, it was just a mountain jutting out of a dust bowl.

Giles and Samantha Finn stood at one of the surface observation posts watching their world die. Sam had brought the last of the HST Team to Giles after her husband had been killed fighting a Gargantua in the New Mexico Wastes in 2014. The two, despite the large difference in their ages, had become fast friends, lovers, and co-leaders of the defensive forces here at the headquarters. Due to the Lake Superior dustbowl, it was basically impossible for the Combine to sneak any troops across to attack the island, and as soon as they were spotted Willow would destroy them with storms powered by the Earth’s own pain. Because of this defense it really wasn’t necessary for them to stand out here and watch, however it gave them something to do while waiting for word from the operations in City 17.
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