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Connor Cullen - Twilight FFA 2009

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Summary: Angel made a deal for Connor, but so did Darla. See how Connor survives as a Cullen in this ficlet FFA request for my beta...

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Twilight > Connor - Centered(Current Donor)kayarileyFR1544,0610103,92817 Apr 094 May 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Emotional Touchstone (Jasper/Connor)

Twilight FFA Offerings 2009

Title: Emotional Touchstone

FFA response to Connor/Jasper (Twilight) (non-pairing)

Summary: Angel made a deal for Connor, but so did Darla. See how Connor survives as a Cullen in this ficlet FFA request for my beta...

Disclaimer: This may get a little confusing if I forget to change the fandom information, so please be patient. BtVS/AtS is Joss Whedon’s of course. Twilight – Stephenie Meyers.

Note: By request, I am continuing this storyline thread.

As always, thank you to MaraLiz and Rorylondra for your lovely beta assistance!

Timeframe: Season 5 AtS; Pre-Twilight


Jasper’s POV

Alice had been bouncing excitedly for two days, but she wouldn’t tell anyone why. She just kept telling us that ‘we would see’ in a strangely giddy voice. She was even keeping Edward, the brother she was closest to, out of her mind so he would be surprised as well. Judging by her strangely joyful behavior, whatever was going to happen was a good thing, so we let her have her fun. We would know soon enough.

Then, boxes began arriving in Alice’s name and she wouldn’t let anyone near them. She hid them away and made even me promise not to touch them.

It was midnight of the third day of her erratic behavior when the world shifted. Being a vampire, I was able to see the exact moment when my study vanished around me, instead replaced with a bedroom that looked actually…slept in. I stood still, taking stock of the room: the desk with a brand new laptop sitting on top of it, the pile of dirty laundry in the corner right next to the pile of clean laundry neatly stacked on the desk chair, a basketball hoop hanging over the door, and a heartbeat coming from the direction of the bed. I looked over and the knowledge kicked instantly into place. Connor…this had never been my study. This is Connor’s room, I reminded myself. Then, I shook my head, No, that can’t be right. He’s human. I started to panic, Oh, God! He’s human and the bloodlust…hey, why do I not have the incredible desire to tear the boy’s throat out? Not that I was complaining, but it felt strange to be this close to a human and not feel the bloodlust scorching my throat.

I heard Alice come up behind me and felt her wrap her delicate arms around my waist. She pressed a kiss to my neck and whispered, “Isn’t he wonderful?”

I waited for the venom to flood my mouth, but it never came. Suddenly, I remembered many nights standing just as I was, watching the boy sleep and breathing in his human scent. It helped me to get through each day surrounded by humans and heartbeats that I didn’t consider a part of my family. At first, I would watch him through the bars of his crib. Not every night, but frequently enough that I was usually the first one there to soothe him when he had a nightmare. Most of the time, he didn’t even wake up as I would rest my palm on his small back and send out calming waves, chasing his nightmares away.

Later, when he was old enough for a regular bed, I would often still stand guard, his silent gargoyle. Emotionally, he was my touchstone, a happy, joyful spirit who was showered with more affection than he knew what to do with. He was happy and that happiness was something that I would protect for as long as he would let me.

Although I could see the fictitious memories of the past in my mind, I knew that none of those memories were real. This knowledge made part of me nervous about how I should supposed to act around him. A sudden rustling from the bed caught my attention.

“Come on, guys,” Connor murmured. “I have a test in the morning. You can stare at me sleeping tomorrow night, okay? I promise, I’ll give you all calming vibes then, Jazz.”

Through the hazy sleepiness that surrounded him, I could feel acceptance and amusement tingeing his words. Apparently, my ‘new’ and yet ‘not new’ brother was more than okay with acting as my emotional touchstone.

Beside me, Alice giggled her tinkling laugh, “Connor, I already told you that you were going to get an A+.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Connor Cullen - Twilight FFA 2009" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 May 09.

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