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Battlestar Slayer

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Summary: A BtVS spin on BSG, hehehe

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Television > Battlestar Galactica > GeneralBloodCloverFR1817,2271111,73317 Apr 0917 Apr 09No
Battlestar Slayer

The Cylons were created by man
They rebelled
After a long war the humans and cylons reached an armistice
The Cylons took off for parts unknown
A Space station was built for negotiations.
Every year the humans send a representative to the station
The Cylons send no one.
But now the cylons are coming home to reclaim their place as humanities children.
And they have a plan…

Episode One

Year 4527

Admiral Rupert Giles walked down the busy corridor of the soon to be decommissioned Battlestar Slayer, studying cue-cards he had written his speech on. As he walked he was bumped into by one of his hotshot pilots, Buffy ‘Phoenix’ Summers who quickly apologized with a smirk.

“Hear anything out there Major?” the commanding officer asked jovially.

“Nothing but the rain sir.” Buffy replied, the smirk still plastered on her face as he nodded. She dipped her head in respect then turned and continued her jog.

Giles continued walking, soon greeted again by sergeant Larry Jackman, who told him what an honor it had been serving with him for the past three years. Giles nodded and continues down the corridor, only to be stopped by the Specialist Chief Xander Harris, and three of his workers; Vi Mackenzie, Andrew Wells and David Nabbit. Harris told him that he had something he wanted the admiral to see in the main hangar.

The five of them quickly made their way to the main hangar, where there was a large shape covered with a tarp and about a hundred other crewmen standing around. Harris walks up to the tarp and pulls it off to reveal the Admirals old fighter viper.

Giles looks at the ship for a moment, then runs his hand across the side of the cockpit, over the callsign plating that read: Capt. Rupert Giles “Ripper”.

“Where did you find this?” Giles asks Harris after a few moments of silence.

“Actually sir, crewman Wells found it floating in the scrapyards of Bison-5.” Harris answers.

Giles turns to the tallest of the three crewmen, and sees the nervousness in Well’s eyes.

“Thank you son.” Giles nods at the young man.

“Sir, we were hoping that your son Liam could use it for the decommissioning display tomorrow.” Harris says.

“I think that would be most appropriate.” Giles agrees nodding, taking one more long look at his old bird, then turns back to Harris. “Carry on.”

The Minister of Education sat in her seat aboard the government passenger ship enroute to the Battlestar Slayer, in order to attend the decommissioning ceremony. She sighed, rubbing her hand against her forehead, wiping away the few beads of sweat that had formed there.

Her aide, Jesse McNally, looked over at her in concern.

“Are you okay Ma’am?” He asked quietly.

“Yes, Jesse. I’m quite fine.” Jennifer Calendar replied quickly, but Jesse did not look convinced in any way.

“We should be coming up to Slayer in about ten minutes.” One of the Lobbyists that had accompanied her announced, “I’ve just talked to the pilot.”

“Thank you Mr. Park.” Jennifer said, and closed her eyes, missing the look off quiet concern on the faces of both Jesse and Mr. Park.

Liam Giles was not happy to be have to stand with his father at the decommissioning ceremony. Ever since the death of his brother Connor, he and his father had not been speaking. He sighed and looked out the protective glass covering of his viper at the looming Battlestar he was coming up upon.

On the plus side, he would get to see several friends he had been out of contact with for quite sometime; Buffy, her younger sister Dawn, Faith Lehane, and William Bledsoe.

The six of them grew up together, and he, Buffy, Connor, Faith and William had been in the same graduating class of the military academy, Dawn a couple years under them.

The original plan was for the five of them to join up with the Slayer’s ranks, but Connor’s death had caused Liam to pull away from the group and Buffy, William and Faith had gone alone to join the crew of the Slayer, Dawn following her sister two years later. He had not talked to any of them in six years, Although both Dawn and Faith had tried to get him to change his mind about not wanting anything to do with his father, they were unsuccessful.

Well in a few days time, they would all be back in the military headquarters awaiting re-assignment, and in all likelihood, would be separated again. Best to make the most of the time they had together then, he thought to himself.

“Slayer actual to Angel, you have clearance to dock on landing port 3.” The voice of Colonel Samuel Zabuto came through his headset.

“Roger actual, initiating approach now, see you in a few minutes.” Liam responds, then focuses on a safe landing.


Lindsey MacDonald paced in front of the perfectly coifed blonde that was seated in a chair in his bedroom.

“So you just expect me to believe what you’re telling me, that you’re some kind of machine?” Lindsey asked incredulously.

“The word you’re looking for is cylon and yes, I am.” The blonde stated calmly, picking at some lint on the cuff of her suit.

“This is craziness, why would the cylons be back after all this time, and why would you want with-”

The blonde cut him off. “You knew I wanted access to the defense mainframe. You had the access codes and information I needed for my mission.”

“Your mission?” Lindsey repeated dumbly, and then it clicked. “You’re planning an attack on the colonies. Do you know what this is, this is treason. I’ll be executed for this. I need to call my lawyer.”

“No you don’t. In a few minutes it won’t matter anymore.” The blonde calmly said, standing up.

“What are you talking about? Of course it-“ Lindsey’s words were drowned out by a huge explosion in the distance, and a mushroom cloud could be seen on the horizon gathering mass and height.

“Get down.” The blonde said, pushing Lindsey to his knees and shielding him from the blast with her body.

Slayer Command Center

The Decommissioning Ceremony had just ended and Lieutenant Kendra Burke was standing by the tele-scriber that was directly connected to the other battlestars and the headquarters on Caprica. A fax came through and she picked it up. She quickly glanced over it and let out a choked sob. Her fellow lieutenant Parker Abrams came over and she handed him the message that had just arrived. He looked over it, and then at Kendra.

“This has got to be a joke. They’re just playing with the admiral as a retirement prank.” Abrams says, but neither look convinced.

Abrams picks up the phone and dials the admiral’s quarters. He tells Giles that he is needed on the bridge immediately.

“This is bad.” Kendra says, “Alpha squadron is enroute to Caprica right now, escorting The minister of Education, with Angel, Darkside, and Spike flying with them.”

“We’ll wait for the Admiral’s orders, and then he’ll have us or someone else contact them.” Abrams reasoned, but already he hoped it wasn’t too late for them.

The Admiral was on the bridge a mere five minutes later, looking windswept and tired.

“What is the emergency?” He asked, looking around the room at the mixture of sadness, worried, and angry faces. Colonel Zabuto approached him.

“Lt. Burke received a message from Battlestar Revello several minutes ago.” Zabuto informed him, handing over the printed message.

Giles read the paper, and looked up at his longtime friend. “Tell me this is a joke Sam.”

Zabuto sighed. “I wish I could Rupert, but I just don’t know. We haven’t been able to make contact with the Revello, or headquarters, so I am leaning towards this not being forged.”

Giles took one last short look at the message then, tossed it on the display table in the center of the room, and grabbed ahold of the phone that connected to all the comm units throughout the battlestar.

“This is Admiral Giles. Several minutes ago, we received word from the Battlestar Revello that a massive nuclear attack had been undertaken on the twelve colonies. We have been unable to make contact to confirm or deny the message, which seems to indicate that this is not a drill. We are sending out a blanket call to any nearby ships to meet us at the rendezvous point that was appointed should an attack like this ever occur. I need you all to stay strong and we’ll get through this.” Giles hung up the phone and turned to Parker. “Contact Angel and Alpha Squadron. Tell Angel to escort the minister of education’s ship back to Slayer, and Alpha Squadron to continue on to Caprica and confirm the validity of this message.”

Parker nods and turns back to his console and picks up his phone, quickly keying in the frequency to Alpha Squadron.

Raptor 5

Faith Lehane and William Bledsoe sat at the controls with twin looks of horror etched on their faces. The two pilots watched as The Minister of Education’s ship the Harmonizer, and Angel’s viper activated their FTL drives and made the jump away from Alpha Squadron.

The head of Alpha Squadron Forest Whitman’s voice came over the comms.

“Okay, our orders are to continue on to Caprica and find out if the alleged attack on the colonies did in fact take place, and if it has we are to escort any survivors back to Slayer. Let’s get it done. Whitman out.”

Faith and William looked at each other for a moment longer, then initiated their own FTL jump, following the rest of Alpha Squadron into what might be the end of the world as they know it.

Buffy and Dawn walked side by side into Slayer’s bridge, both dressed in the standard uniforms of Colonial Officers. They were met with a room full of sullen and worried people.

“Is it true?” Dawn asks bluntly, her eyes burning with hatred for the cylons.

“We do not know yet, but we will soon.” Giles replies, “Alpha Squadron is making the final approach to Caprica.”

“Spike and Darkside..” Buffy trailed off.

“Are with them, yes.” Giles confirmed the elder Summers’ fear.

“Lords of Kobol protect them.” Buffy and Dawn whispered simultaneously.

“Slayer Actual, this is Jaguar. Come in.” Forrest’s voice comes over the transceiver.

Giles picks up the transmitter. “Jaguar, this is Slayer Actual, go ahead.”

“We have reached Caprica sir… There is no sign of any outgoing ships from planetside. There seems to be a lot of debris along the surface of the orbital pull. I can’t really make out-“ Forrest’s voice pauses for a moment. “Hold on, we have multiple bogies approaching our position, moving to engage.”

There is a short silence then Forrest’s voice comes back. “Sir we seem to have lost all power in the navigation and weapons console. We’re flying blind and dead. Oh god there’s hundreds of them. I have no aim… AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!”

A loud explosion is heard over the transceiver, and then utter silence.

“Alpha leader come in… Jaguar reply damn it!” Giles’ voice thunders throughout the bridge as he screams into the transmitter. There is no reply, only the static of dead radio waves.

“Frak!” Giles swears angrily, and then turns to Lt. Abrams. “As soon as Angel returns with Minister Calendar, set a course for the weapons stronghold on Robson-12. Parker nods and begins making preparations for the jump.

Buffy and Dawn glance at eachother, tears pooling in both of the sister’s eyes at the loss of their friends.

The Harmonizer

Jennifer Calendar is standing in the back of the cockpit of the ship, staring forlornly out the windows.

“Has there been any word on the status of the Geomancer and President Flutie?” She asks, fearing the answer.

“Yes ma’am. Battlestar Geomancer and President Flutie’s ship were both destroyed in the attack on Gemenon as they attempted to escort several civilian transports offworld.

“The vice-president?”

“Vice President Guerin was apparently with them.”

“So who is the president now then?”

The two pilots share a glance, then look at Jennifer.


Safely hidden in one of the forests on Caprica was on of the Battlestar Watchman. Five people were onboard, including the raptor’s two pilots, Scott ‘Bullseye’ Hope and Willow ‘Red Fury’ Rosenburg, a viper pilot named Daniel ‘Wolf’ Osbourne, and two senators they had managed to rescue, Cordelia Chase and Robin Wood.

Daniel was standing in the back of the cockpit, while Willow and Scott worked the controls and the two senators were in the back, sitting on boxes of supplies they had managed to rescue during the attack on the colonies.

“Our esteemed senators wish to know when we might be taking off to find any surviving Battlestars.” He said dryly.

“Tell them as soon as we pick up a signal from re-enforcements, we’ll meet up with them and get off planet. For right now, we have no where to go, Silencer was destroyed at the shipyards along with a half dozen other Battlestars.” Willow says, her head spinning around to glare at the two senators seated in the cargo hold behind Osbourne.

A beep rang through the cockpit, and Hope took a look at the viewscreen.

“We got a friendly about to land three miles southwest.” Scott informed the other two pilots.

“Get this bird in the air then, we got friends to meet.” Willow says and Hope nods, starting up the raptor and thrusting skyward. The raptor heads towards the location of the other raptor.

Faith and William are standing outside their crashed raptor, Faith has her service pistol drawn and is keeping a lookout, while William works on repairing the damaged forward thrusters in the belly of the ship. Hearing the familiar hum of a ship’s engines, Faith aims her pistol towards the noise, but lowers it upon seeing that it is another raptor. The Raptor flies over their position and hovers for a moment twenty feet away, then lowers to the ground as William gets out from under the ship, grease and oil now staining the front of his gray muscle shirt.

The door on the other raptor is lowered to the ground and two colonial pilots disembark. Upon seeing the red haired woman, both Faith and William salute.

“At Ease.” Willow tells them.

“Major Rosenberg, it is good to see you alive.” Faith says, recognizing the woman from the joint mission that Slayer and Silencer had undertaken earlier that year. “Where is your battlestar?”

“Destroyed at the shipyards. Same for the Grandaunt, the Interloper, the Nighthawk, the Falcon, and the Starjammer.” Willow replies sullenly. “Is you’re ship ready for flight?”

“Yeah, I just finished the repairs.” William answers. “We can go as soon as you’re ready.”

“I have a feeling we may have a few more passengers along for the ride.” Daniel Osbourne says, looking past Faith and William’s Raptor to the woods as a large group of people come barreling out of the woods.

Willow looks at what Daniel is referring to, as Faith and William do the same.

“Well this is just peachy.” Willow says.

The people reach them quickly, and the four pilots have to hold out their pistols, to keep the crowd in order, all of whom are demanding passage on the raptors.

“Okay! Everyone calm the frak down!” Willow yelled after a few moments of screaming, profanity and angry demands. The crowd went silent. “Good, now we only have enough room for ten people on each raptor, and with the current capacity already on board each we can take eight people on one and five more on the other.”

“Who gets to choose who goes? You?” An angry man shouts from the front of the crowd.

“Of course not, we will take the kids first and then have a lottery for the rest.” Faith says, trying to keep an air of peace with the crowd.

As it was there were ten kids in the crowd so there was room for three more people. Scott and Daniel tore up an old flight manual and wrote numbers on it, two sets of each. One set was distributed to the crowd and the other was put into William’s helmet.

“Okay does every one have a number now?” Willow asked and the crowd all murmurs affirmatively. She nods and reaches into the helmet, pulling out a piece of paper.

“Number 41!” She calls out and a short brunette woman gasps in relief and surges forward, handing Daniel her number for confirmation. He looks at it and nods, moving so she can get on board. Willow reaches into the helmet again and pulls out a second piece of paper.

“Number 107!”

A dark skinned man pushes forward through the crowd and hands Daniel his number. As with the first, he nods and allows him to board.

“Number 88!” Willow calls out, and there is silence for a moment, then a man calls out from the middle of the crowd.

“Over here, she has number 88!” Lindsey MacDonald calls, escorting an elderly lady forward. Daniel looks at the number and takes over for Lindsey in helping the older woman onto the raptor. William takes a long look at Lindsey.

“Hey you’re that scientist, Dr. MacDonald!” He says.

”I didn’t do it.” Lindsey looks panicked for a moment.

William looks at Faith for a moment. “I’m giving up my seat.”

Lindsey looks shocked, but overjoyed, while Faith’s face darkens.

“What?! No fraking way!” She says.

“Faith, if I can give up my seat to ensure the safety of one of humanities greatest minds, I’m gonna do it.” He says, and cuts her off as she looks like she is about to argue. “I’ve made up my mind.” William says, and turns to Lindsey. “Get on board sir.”

Lindsey doesn’t need to be told twice, rushing past a fuming Faith and getting on her Raptor. Faith and William share a long look, while Willow gets back on her own raptor. Daniel walks over to them.

“If you’re not coming, I’ll stay behind too, Lords know you’ll need the backup.” Daniel says, but William shakes his head.

“No. With our Alpha Squadron destroyed, and no other known surviving Battlestars, we need all the viper pilots we can get. You’re going with Faith. And you’re leaving now.” William’s voice is firm.

Five minutes later, the raptors are fully loaded with passengers, Faith and Daniel at the controls of one of them, and Willow and Scott at the other. As the two raptors lift off the ground, the man who had asked who would decide who got to get off planet makes a running leap onto the wing of Faith’s raptor, only to be shot down by William. Faith stares at William for a long moment before she turns and leads the way off Caprica, Willow’s Raptor following close behind. After a few moments, Faith turns in her seat to glare at Lindsey.

“You better be fraking worth it.” She snarls viciously, eyes flashing in anger at having to leave one of her oldest friends behind. She feels a small, guilty thrill as Lindsey recoils from her anger.

Battlestar Slayer

Admiral Giles made his way over to the Harmonizer, which had just returned to the docking bay. He was flanked by both the Summers’ sisters, both of whom looked like they were ready to kill any cylon that crossed their path with their bare hands, and he couldn’t say he blamed them, knowing how close knit they were with captains Lehane and Bledsoe. They reached the Harmonizer as the ramp was lowered. Chief Harris was already there with a team anchoring the ship. They watch as President Calendar, her aide Jesse McNally, Mr. Gavin Park, and several other staff disembark.

“Welcome back, Minister, or should I call you Madam President now?” Giles asks, trying to lighten the tense mood.

“Call me Jennifer, Admiral. I am president only by the tragic loss of the fourteen members of the cabinet above me in line for the presidency. Have you been able to make contact with any other Battlestars?”

“Unfortunately we have been unable to get in contact with any other members of the fleet. It would appear that we are the last vestiges of the Colonial Military.” Giles says regretfully.

“What is your current course of action?” Mr. Park inquires curiously.

“We are setting a course to the weapons stronghold at Robson-12.” Giles answers. “We need to stock up on arms and munitions.”

“Very good.” President Calendar says crisply. “I would like to accompany to you to the bridge to be present there for the jump.”

“Very well.” Giles leads the President and her entourage away, leaving Buffy and Dawn with Liam, standing quietly, just staring at eachother.

“Alpha Squadron was destroyed.” Buffy finally breaks the silence after several minutes. “Faith and William….” She trails off.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help them Buffy.” Liam says, looking at his feet.

“You’d have been killed too.” Dawn reasons, “The only thing we can do now is remember them fondly and take out as many of those fraking toasters as we can.”

Buffy and Liam look at Dawn and nod after a moment.

“And we will.” Liam says, vehemently.

Admiral Giles strode into the bridge of the Slayer, President Calendar, Jesse and Mr. Park following behind him. Colonel Zabuto looked up, and nodded a greeting at the Admiral.

“Mr. Abrams, set the course for Robson-12.” Giles commanded stepping up to grip the edge of the strategizing table, to brace for the jump.

“Right away sir.” Abrams says and turns to grab the comm. to announce the jump countdown. As he turns his console bleeps, and he takes a look at it. “Sir, two contacts just appeared on DRADIS. It’s Darkside and Spike’s raptor and another raptor from, uhm, the Silencer.”

“Get them on comm..” Giles orders, “I don’t want any surprises.”

“Slayer to Raptor 5, come in.” Abrams says over the transceiver.

“Raptor 5 to Slayer, This is Darkside, I’ve got refugees on board, and a few friends from the Silencer flying wingman for me, requesting permission to land.” Faith’s voice came over the speaker.

“Just in time Darkside, we were about to jump.” Zabuto says dryly.

“Oh you were gonna leave with out me Colonel? Gotta say I’m really not feeling the love.” Faith quipped.

“Just get your raptor to the landing bay, so we can get out of here Lieutenant.” Zabuto snaps, clearly not in the mood for Faith’s antics.

“Roger that. Darkside out.” Faith’s comm cut off.

“Mr. Abrams, set the countdown for five minutes.” Giles orders and Parker nods.

Parker types a few lines of command into the console, then turned back to the Admiral. “Countdown initiated.”

Faith pulled her raptor to a stop in the main hangar, Willow and Scott’s raptor pulling in behind her. She pressed the button that opens the door to the ship and ushers the passengers out. After the passengers and Daniel have disembarked, she follows, and finds Liam, Buffy and Dawn standing a few feet away, looking expectantly at her.

“Where’s William?” Dawn asks after a moment.

“He stayed behind on Caprica so that the jackass over there could get out of danger.” Faith replies moodily, motioning toward Lindsey, who is looking around the hangar, clearly never having been on a Battlestar before. “For all I know, he’s dead by now.”

“It’s good to see you alive Faith, we thought you had died when Alpha Squadron was destroyed.” Buffy says. “And if anyone can survive an invasion, it’ll be him.”

“Thanks for the effort, but that’s not even a small comfort.” Faith says.

“I know, but maybe we’ll be able to go find him when this all blows over.” Dawn said hopefully.

“Are you kidding?” Faith asked incredulously. “We’re not going to get through this.”

The other three have nothing to say to the dark haired pilot’s words.

Twenty minutes later, the Slayer comes out of the Jump and finds themselves in the middle of a large grouping of ships. Admiral Giles looks at the viewscreen in shocked surprise.

“Lt. Abrams, report.” He demands.

“All ships present are emitting Colonial access codes. They’re ours.” Parker announces.

“Any military vessels?” Colonel Zabuto inquires.

“None coming up as such sir, they’re all civilian or worker class vessel.” Parker answers.

“Send out a message for them to follow us through the cloud cover of the weapons depot.” Giles tells the young lieutenant, who quickly nods and relays the order to the ragtag fleet of ships.

The Slayer leads the way into the storm, with Giles, Zabuto, President Calendar, Jesse, Mr. Park, Lindsey, and the crew of the C.O.C. monitoring their passage.

In the main hangar, Faith, Buffy, Liam, Dawn, Chief Harris, Willow, Daniel, Scott, and a tall black pilot named Charles ‘Magnum’ Gunn are preparing to fly into the weapons depot. They are soon joined by Admiral Giles and Sergeant Jackman.

“Is everything prepared?” the Admiral asks, and Harris nods.

“My team has double checked everything, and it’s all optimal.” Xander tells him. “We can leave whenever you’re ready.”

“Let’s get this over with. I want Darkside, Red, and Magnum with me in Raptor 1; Phoenix, Angel, and Cosma with Jackman and the Chief in Raptor 2; Wolf and Bullseye in their vipers flying point. Move out.” Giles issued the commands and the pilots scrambled to their assigned ships.

They were soon all in the transports and fighters, and quickly cleared for take off. They flew out of the airlock strip.

Faith’s raptor led the way, flanked by Daniel’s Viper, then Buffy piloting the second raptor, and Scott flying point. They soon reached the docking bay of the out of use spaceport.

As soon as all eleven members of the weapon gathering mission were back on their feet, Admiral Giles led the team to the vault with had been built into the caverns of the moon called Robson-12. They didn’t have to walk very far before coming up to the monsterous doors that sealed the armory from any unwanted enemies or gun smugglers. Chief Harris stepped up to the old console which held the system mainframe on it and booted it up. When the console was operational, he quickly plugged in the access codes that would open the doors. With a loud creak, and a sharp hiss, the doors began to part.

The team entered the cavern and were immediately met with the familiar sound of a gun cocking. On instinct, Faith, Dawn, Scott and Daniel drew their service pistols and aimed them in the direction of the sound.

“Whoever is in here must know it is an offence punishable by execution for trespassing with obvious intent of theft of Colonial arms and supply.” Giles says. “However due to the recent events that have befallen us, if you drop your weapon and kick it away from you, we will be lenient with you.”

“Do you swear by the lords of Kobol?” a male voice drifted out of the darkness.

“I give you my word as the highest known surviving official of the Colonial Fleet.” Giles replies.

“Fine.” The voice said and a few seconds later a black revolver came skidding out from the darkness, sliding across the floor to stop at the Chief’s feet. He quickly picked it up as a tall man in his early twenties came out of the shadows.

“Now would you like to tell us who you are and how the frak you got in here?” Giles asks sternly.

“Name’s Warren Meers. I’m an arms dealer.” The man replies easily, giving Faith and Dawn an appreciative once over, taking note of Harris’ reaction which was to step closer to Faith and glare at him, which only fuelled Warren’s mirth and he smirked wider.

“Do you have a death wish or something?” Harris demanded. “There are easier ways to get arms illegally.”

“Have a large order that needed filling, and heard some of what was needed could be found here. Man’s got to make a living.” Warren said, then coughed violently.

Giles noted that the man didn’t look too well. In addition to the hacking cough, he looked unusually pale and sickly.

“You seem like you may need medical attention.” The Admiral said.

“I’ll be fine. Just caught that influenza that has been going through Sagittaron. Should be right as rain in a few days.” The smuggler said.

“Well, once we’re done here, we’ll get you checked out with Dr. Burkle.”

“Then send me on my merry way to Gemenon I hope.” Meers said glibly.

“Gemenon is gone.” Buffy said abruptly.

“What are you talking about?” Meers asked, seemingly ignorant of the news of the attack.

There was a massive cylon attack on the twelve colonies yesterday” Giles says, eyeing the young smuggler in obvious distaste. He turned to the group that he had brought with him. “Bullseye, Cosma, Darkside, and Wolf, start getting the boxes of ammunition to the front. Phoenix, Angel, and Chief, prepare the nuclear warheads for transport. Magnum, take Jackman and return to the Slayer, get a dozen of the deck crew and several tractor-lifts, and fly back here on the Eagle Eye. We want to get this done as fast as possible. I want to be out of here in the next couple hours.”

The team took the orders and began their separate tasks that had been assigned, leaving the Admiral to stand with the unarmed smuggler.

“How bad was the attack?” Warren asked, carefully.

“All out nuclear assault.” Giles replied and Warren winced. “You actually sound like you care about it.” The admiral said, looking at the man in disbelief.

“Hey, I’m as human as you.” Warren said.

“You deal illegal arms to criminals and extremists.” The admiral said, walking over to inspect an old service corridor. Warren followed him, at a distance.

“Like I said before, I have to make a living somehow.” Meers shrugged.

“Who placed the order?” The admiral asked, glancing sharply at Warren.

“What does it matter? He’d be dead now.”

“Give me the name of your-“ Giles words were cut off at a loud “OH FRAK!” and the two men standing in the beginning of the service corridor looked to see a airtank dislodge from a cart, the straps securing it having come undone and it hit the ground. The safety nozzle popped off with a loud crack and it flew towards the two of them. Both Giles and Meers dived away from the errant projectile and it impacted the ceiling at the mouth of the corridor, exploding and raining down metal and stone debris, fully collapsing the opening of the corridor, cutting the admiral and Meers off from the rest of the team.

Faith, Liam and Buffy were by the large pile of rubble immediately, yelling Giles’ name.

“We’re okay!” Giles called back, and heard Faith’s reply that they were going to dig them out. Giles turns to Warren.

“Do you know if there’s another way back to the main vault?” He asked, and Warren nods.

“Yeah. There’s a stairway to the basement, which leads around to the corridor on the opposite end of the armory.” Meers answers and starts to walk don the darkened hallway. Giles tells his team to continue gathering the supplies and tat he’s got another way ou7t and will meet with them shortly. He turns and follows the smuggler before he disappears.

Lindsey is standing on the edge of the C.O.C., watching the furious bustle and flurry of activity going on in the main nerve of the battlestar.

“They work so hard to survive, regardless of how obvious it is that they have already failed.” A female voice whispers in his ear. He turns startled, to find Anne Steele, his former lover and apparent cylon standing next to him. He lets out a hiss of disbelief, and looks around to see that no one else seems to have noticed her.

“I’m not really here, except for in your head. They can’t see me.” Anne says in way of explanation.

“What did you do to me?” Lindsey demands.

Anne lets out a small chuckle and shakes her head. “I have simply given you an insight into my people.”

“I don’t understand..” Lindsey trails off.

“Come on Lindsey, look at me, and think about what you and the rest of humanity know about the cylons.” Anne prods.

“They’re- You’re machines.” He says slowly and it clicks. “There are cylons on Slayer.”

“Yes. There are.” Anne says, with barely contained glee. She directs her gaze to a strange device attached to the underbelly of the drop of ceiling that holds the power modules that connected the comms to the vipers and raptors.

“Who are they?” Lindsey asks hurriedly, hoping to have a bargaining chip in case his involvement in the cylon attack is discovered.

“That’s something that you’ll have to find out for yourself, but I can give you a little push in the right direction. Watch that device and the people around it.” Anne said, disappearing into thin air as Lindsey turned to look at the device she had pointed out. After a long critical look at it, and unable to place it’s origins as he had never seen the particular design before, he took a look around the room, and caught the eyes of Mr. Park staring unwaveringly at the device.

“He’s one of them…” Lindsey thought to himself, and began devising a plan to bring the lobbyist’s true nature to the attention of the Admiral.

The admiral and Warren were now in the bowels of the basement corridor. The admiral stops and turns back to the smuggler who has stopped again, hunched over in another violent coughing fit.

“You don’t have the flu.” Giles says, noting the greenish tinge that has appeared on the young smuggler’s face. “You’re not an arms dealer either, are you?”

Warren coughed once more and attempted to stand straight, but was still slightly bowed.

“What gave me away?” Warren attempted a mocking tone.

“No arms dealer or smuggler would know of this particular vault, it is one of the most well-kept secrets of the Colonial Army. The chances of finding you here incidentally, after the massacre of the colonies is too unlikely. You’re a cylon collaborator.”

“Well, you’re half right admiral. I’m not a collaborator, but I am a cylon.” Meers admitted, “We have evolved, to a much more advanced species that none of you lowly humans could ever hope to achieve. Humanities children have returned to take what is ours.”

“You will never win.” Giles ground out, subtly removing his pistol from his back holster. Warren regarded him for a few short moments before launching his body, still trembling from the sickness ripping through his body. Giles swiftly raised his pistol and shot the man in the chest. Warren crashed to the ground after being thrown back with the force of the bullet impacted his ribcage. Giles moved over to the fallen cylon and looked down at him as the man coughs up blood.

“We don’t have to win, we just need to make sure that you can’t. Even though this body will die soon, I will be reborn. I will come back, and the other cylons will be with me. Take heed of those surrounding you, Rupert Giles, not everyone is who they appear to be.” Warren made one last attempt to turn the tables, reaching for his gun. Giles aimed his and shot Warren in between the eyes, and the dead cylon slumped bonelessly to the ground.

“Is there a problem doctor?” Lindsey looked up at the man addressing him, and found Parker Abrams looking at him in confusion.

“Actually there might be. Could you by any chance tell me what that device attached to the bottom of the communications console?” Lindsey asked, pointing out the offending piece of machinery.

Abrams took a long look at the device, tilting his head in concentration. “I cannot say that I remember that being there before.” He admitted after a few moments.

“Well Mr. Park seems to have taken an unusual interest in it.” Lindsey informs him and Abrams looks at the Asian man on the opposite end of the bridge, who he quickly noted, kept stealing short glances at the unknown device.

Any further pondering on the subject was cut short as the Admiral strode into the C.O.C., followed by Buffy, Liam, Dawn, Faith and Daniel.

“Colonel Zabuto, Madam President, Dr. MacDonald, Lt. Burke and Lt. Abrams, please accompany me to my quarters, we’ve uncovered a startling piece of information regarding the attack on the colonies.” The Admiral said, and quickly strode out of the command center, the five pilots following him. Zabuto placed Willow in temporary command of the battlestar, and then he led the people that Giles had summoned to his quarters out of the nerve center.

“So what you’re saying is that the cylons have somehow adapted, and are now humanoid in appearance?” The president inquired, trying to wrap her head around this shocking piece of information.

“Not humanoid, they look just as human as the rest of us.” Giles answers. “This Warren Meers, while not trustworthy in the slightest, hinted at there being cylon infiltrators in the fleet.”

“So basically, anyone of us could be a cylon and we wouldn’t be able to tell?” Liam said, putting a voice on the thoughts that were on everyone’s mind.

“Unfortunately, that is exactly what I fear to be true.” Giles answers his son’s question. “There may be a way to weed out the cylon infiltrators however. The clouds surrounding the weapons vault seemed to have a negative effect on Meers. Dr. MacDonald, is there anyway to recreate the effect on a mass scale?”

“I am not sure if anything like that is possible, but there is no precedent to it, so I assume it may be able to be done.” Lindsey answers after a moment. “There is one thing, that may just be nothing, but I noticed a strange device on the underbelly of your communications console in the C.O.C., and Lt. Abrams has informed me he has no memory of the particular piece of equipment having been there before.”

“I’ll have Jackman bring it here.” Zabuto said, getting up and going over to the phone.

A few minutes later, Sergeant Jackman entered the Admiral’s quarters with the device in his hands. The admiral looked it over.

“I have never seen this before.” He stated, staring at the device.

“Sir, I believe it may be a cylon tracking device.” Lindsey told the group. “I also noticed that asian lobbyist, Mr. Park I believe, taking an unusual interest in it. With your revelation on the new appearance of the cylons, I believe he may be working in collaboration or maybe even on of them himself.”

Giles nodded and the room lapsed into silence for several moments. “Lt. Lehane, Capt. Osbourne, and Sergeant Jackman, please find Mr. Park and place him under arrest. We cannot afford to take any unnecessary risks.”

Faith, Daniel and Larry nodded and left the room, heading to go find the suspected cylon agent.

“What if you’re wrong?” Dawn asks, glaring at Lindsey, “What’s to say that Park isn’t a cylon and you may accuse some other poor soul to be a cylon and condemn them to death?”

“If I’m wrong, then Lords of Kobol have mercy on all of us.” The admiral said, saddened that he had been forced to do this.

“I’m telling you people, this is a big mistake. I am not a cylon!” Gavin Park yelled at Faith and Daniel as they pushed him into the vault.

“Be that as it may, the colonial army is not willing to risks the lives of the survivors on the fate of one man.” Daniel tells him. “I’m truly sorry for this.”

Faith presses a couple of buttons on the console in front of the vault doors and the pair watch as they close, enveloping Mr. Park in darkness. When the doors are closed, the two pilots face eachother.

“Do you think this was the right thing to do?” Daniel asks Faith.

“The time to consider right and wrong is over, all that’s left is survival. Anything else is now irrelevant.” Faith replies.

Daniel has no reply to Faith’s outtake on their situation, brought on by the cylon menace. He is silent as he follows the dark haired pilot back to their raptor.

“On my mark, jump the fleet to our next coordinates.” Giles commanded, standing once again in the C.O.C. “Five, Four, Three, Two, Jump now.”

The order was issued and one by one, the thirty-four strong fleet of ships jumped to their next destination, the Slayer being the last of the group to jump away. Finally the Slayer blinked out of space to reappear at the set location as planned by the admiral.

Moments after the Slayer jumped away, a large ship jumped into view of the vault. It quickly made its way to the docking pad.

Gavin Park blinked as light once again filled the spacious vault he had been locked into by Lehane and Osbourne. He looked up at the group of people now walking down the ramp.

“It’s about time.” He muttered loudly, as two copies of himself, two copies of the Anne model, and two copies of the Warren model walked towards him.

“Relax Gavin we got here in time, and everything is going according to plan.” One of the Anne models said.

“She’s right, we have the humans on the run, and we still have our ace in the hole.” One of the Warren models said, an evil smirk on his face. As one, the seven assembled cylons turned towards the entrance of the vault to see Faith standing there, dressed in civilian clothes.

“Yes we do…” Gavin trailed off.

Admiral Giles sat at the desk in his office, looking over the picture of himself with Liam and Connor from when his two sons were in their early teens. Sighing heavily, he placed the framed photograph back onto the desk, and then noticed the folded slip of paper lying on the edge of the desk. He picked it up and unfolded it to find a message written in an unfamiliar scrawl. Five words that would put a capper on the tribulations and confusion of the past couple of days: THERE ARE TWELVE CYLON MODELS


A/N: Whoa, that was so much fun to write. And to think that this whole thing started out of boredom, when I was putting together a list of which twelve Buffy/Angel characters would make the best cylons, and quickly turned into a 7,100 word first chapter. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this, and if I get enough feedback, this will hopefully be my triumphant return to the world of fanfiction after having writer’s block for a year and a half. I already know where I want this story to go, and I already have picked out the identities of all twelve cylons, so if you want to find out who they are, send me your reviews and I’ll keep writing this.

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