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New Day Dawning

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Summary: The Young Avengers continue looking for other members of the Avengers Failsafe Program. Now with 300% more superheroines. And a Slayer who looks like Drusilla.

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Marvel Universe > Young Avengers(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR182283,1481617176,66119 Apr 0927 Sep 09No

Daysed and Confused Part 1

Joe's Note: New thanks to Idmonscat for their vote, and a last chance reminder for anyone out there who might want to voice their opinion. Cuz seriously, thousand readers and so far, six people are in control of where it's going to go. You sure you don't wanna toss in your two cents? Anyways, after I get Chapter 21 up, I'm going to begin parallel work on this and the other story, so you'll be out of luck if you haven't cast a vote by then.

     Dawn bit her lower lip, watching her girlfriend frown and turn her silver visor over in her hands. "Think, Cassie. Left side, so you can plug it into the left side of your laptop while wearing it and not have a cable across your hands. Back. Wait, no, too far. Hah! Found it!" Hooking her nail into a tiny niche in the metal, she pulled upward to reveal a rectangular port. After plugging one end of the cable into her visor and the other into the computer, she grinned up at Dawn. "Hah. My memory doesn't suck as bad as I thought."

     "Do you remember what to do next?"


     Laughing, Dawn moved behind Cassie and leaned down to wrap her arms around the blonde's shoulders, one hand straying down to the laptop's touchpad. "Alright, let's open up iMovie since we're worried more about the 'camera' here and not your Final Cut skills." Deftly navigating through the new project prompts, Dawn finally reached the work screen and then moved up to click File. "File, Import from Camera. Or you can hold Command and hit I if you want. It does a little hey there, hi there, sup… and voila." She gestured to the blue box on screen before bringing her hand back up to rest on Cassie's shoulder. "Import away."

     Cassie nodded and hit the Capture button, the red optics on the front of her visor lighting up and beginning a rhythmic pulsing as the computer communicated with it. On the laptop's screen, the blue box was replaced with a shaky view of the apartment's kitchen. It panned back and forth, bobbing a bit with each step Cassie took, and Dawn made a note to talk to Hank about installing some sort of image stabilization software. Christ. This was worse than Cloverfield… and hey, there was Janet.

     Squeaking, Cassie tried to slap at the touchpad but Dawn reached down and grabbed both her wrists, immobilizing the blonde. What was so bad that… the hell? She stared in disbelief as the view zoomed in on her mother's ass, giving a lovely view as Janet pushed herself up onto her toes to reach for something, skirt riding up in the process. Then the already shaky 'camera' work reached a new low as the view abruptly tilted sideways for a few seconds before righting itself. "…you totally just checked out my mom's ass."

     "I'm sorry!" Pulling her hands free, Cassie used them to cover her flaming cheeks as she ducked her head. "It's just… you know, for someone her age, she's really hot. I'm a teenage lesbian with a healthy sex drive. I look."

     Dawn groaned and pulled away. "Great. My own girlfriend thinks my mom is a MILF. I swear to God, you'd better not start collecting pictures of her like Faith and Xander do."

     Lowering one hand, Cassie deftly navigated through the house's network to Dawn's laptop, opening a folder Dawn had thought she'd hidden better and pulling up a picture. "You mean the way you do with poor Billy's mom?"

     "Hey, that's totally different." Cassie shot Dawn an incredulous look. "It is! I'm not dating him. Or Billie. It is completely acceptable to perv on your friends' moms. As long as you look but don't touch. Or at least hide it really well if you do touch. Because, not that I've been there or anything, but I figure knowing your best bud is sticking it to your mom, that would so making hanging out awkward."

     Shaking her head, Cassie turned back to her laptop. "Your mind scares me sometimes."

     "At least I'm not perving on my girlfriend's mom, Starey McStareson."

     "…my mom looks like someone beat her with the ugly stick. I would hope you're not."

     Drat. Outwitted again.

     "I don't like it. That mask looks ridiculous. Everyone will know exactly who you are. Why bother?"

     "When it comes to superheroes, people are deeply stupid. Cassie used a domino mask as Stature and Ant-Girl and nobody ever figured out who she was. Besides, I can't wear any other kind of mask with this costume and I'm not going bare-faced."

     The black haired, black eyed Astrid staring back at her in the mirror huffed before crossing her arms under her breasts and glaring down at the costume in question: the fur trimmed black PVC outfit with white spider markings that she'd conceived of before her lessons with Janet had begun but had never gotten around to sewing for herself. With her new friend, however, what did and didn't exist in her closet no longer limited her. "Well then maybe we should abandon this idea and go back to a real costume? You know, one that covers all of you?"

     Astrid rolled her eyes as she turned back and forth, letting out a disgruntled huff of her own when her reflection refused to play along and let her see herself. "I'm not wearing Spider-Man's black suit, first of all. My own black costume is just fine. And I'm not letting you near that, either; every time I do, you keep turning my mask into those scary ass jaws. The last thing I need is to spook a house full of superhumans by letting them know I'm harboring the enemy."

     "Well if you don't want me, I can always take my help elsewhere…" Her reflection pondered that for a moment before slumping. "Kinda like you, though, even if you are an uncompromising pain in the ass. The powers are mostly familiar, there's not much of a learning curve, and you get bonus points for daddy issues the size of a helicarrier."

     Blinking, Astrid exerted her control over the symbiote bonded to her and banished the domino mask she was wearing. "Last time I checked, Felicia was exceedingly female. Wouldn't that make my problems with her mommy issues?"

     Venom waved her hand. "Bahh. Out of your two primary genetic donors, Jessica just pretends you don't exist while Felicia actively avoids you. As far as fucked up family dynamics go, she's clearly a father. Speaking of fucked up dynamics, why are you rubbing off on me but I'm not changing you at all? So far, I've already been infected with your horrible English and you've sent my chocolate cravings through the roof. By the way, make a note: start eating more chocolate or I'm going to either take you over and do it anyways. Or wander off to eat some brains when you're asleep. I thought I was bad before… and then your period happened. Speaking of which, can we talk about that for a second too? Are you sure I can't stop your menstrual cycle for you? At least until we get tired of each other and go our separate ways?"

     That just made Astrid laugh. "I may take you up on that. I'll try to sneak more brownies from Dawn's public snack box in the meantime, okay?" Her outfit suddenly lost definition, the formerly clean lines blurring a bit as it vibrated against her skin. The whole thing made Astrid's eyes roll back in her head and she stumbled as her knees nearly gave out. What the… was her symbiote purring? She shook her head. From reading Dawn's files, Venom had seemed so simplistically villainous, but the more time she spent with the symbiote, the more layers she found to it. Like the layer that purred in anticipation of Dawn's triple dark chocolate brownies.

     The doorbell's ring made Venom shake herself all over, appearance returning to normal as the symbiote stopped manipulating Astrid's optical nerves to distort her perception of reality. What had seemed like a verbal conversation moved mental. 'Gonna get that?'

     'Nah. Dawn or Cassie will. I live here, but this is still the Pym household. I feel weird answering the land line, too.' When she failed to hear the pattering of feet, though, Astrid frowned and the second ring of the doorbell had her heading out into the hall. 'Guess they left without telling me. Or something.'

     By the time she made it out to the door, whoever was waiting had rung a third time. "Coming! Keep your pants on!" Speaking of pants… Astrid looked down at herself and grimaced. She was still in the costume that didn't technically exist. Fuck. Hmm. Focusing, she shifted it into a black cotton tank top and a matching pair of shorts. There. It was general bumming around the house wear; acceptable enough for unexpected visitors. Opening the door, she blinked. "Vi?"

     The redhead pulled her hand back guiltily, caught red handed with one finger still on the doorbell. "You're not supposed to sound surprise when someone shows up on time." Astrid just stared at her and Vi sighed. "Let me guess, you forgot we scheduled our little playdate for this afternoon?" She nodded and Vi groaned. "Fantastic. Did you plan over me, or are we good as soon as you go put some clothes on?"

     "What's wrong with I'm wearing?" Astrid looked down at herself, running her hands down her sides and over her hips. "I mean, this is what I always wear around the house." Relax, she reminded herself. Vi couldn't sense Venom or else she would have been outted a long time ago. Right?

     Vi snorted, pushing past and entering the apartment. "No offense, but Cassie and Dawn are the only ones who enjoy you wandering around with half your butt hanging out or enough cleavage to hide a broadsword in. So if you could please go find a real shirt and some pants, I'd appreciate it muchly. Oh, and I already did some prework so I can be out of your hair as quickly as possible. Even sketched a few - badly, I admit - so you can see what's going on in my brain. My favorite so far is this sorta scythe-ish weapon I nicknamed 'The Stinger'…"

     "…get down! Everybody get down on the floor! This is a robbery!"

     "If any of you fucking pigs move, I'll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!"

     "Excavator! There are ladies present. Watch your mouth or so help me God, I will take the belt to you when we get back to our hideout."

     "Daaaad! We're villains! Who cares if we swear?"


     Looking back over her shoulder, Reese's jaw dropped in disbelief as she found herself staring at… the Wrecking Crew? Wait, not quite. Thunderball, Bulldozer, and Piledriver were present but Wrecker was missing, replaced with a blonde boy her own age. Excavator, she was assuming, based on their interaction. Sigh. Why her? Here she was, minding her own business at the bank, waiting for a teller so she could make sure her mother's latest support payment had come through since the bank's website was down and… "Why are four supervillains robbing a bank in Oklahoma?"

     Noticing her lack of compliance for the first time, Thunderball looked her way, eyes bugging out for a moment before thrusting his wrecking ball at her. "Hey, Red! On the floor or I'll cave that pretty little skull of yours in!"

     Aww, he thought she was… wait, focus. Reese narrowed her eyes as she pondered her options. She could wuss out and hit the floor with everyone else, she could let the superpeople beat on her as-is and turn her into a squishy redheaded pulp, or… she triggered her transmorph powers, feeling the characteristic numbness spread over her body as she changed from warm flesh to cool pink diamond. "Oh yeah? You and what army?"

     "Oh come on!" Throwing his shovel down, Excavator turned to glare at his father. "Dad! You swore there'd be no superheroes here! Remember what happened when we faced off against those kids in Los Angeles? This is going to be even more fucking embarrassing than getting our ass whooped by a group of teenage girls was. There's only one of her."

     Piledriver rolled his eyes as he interlaced his oversized fingers and cracked his knuckles. "Exactly, son. There's one of her and four of us. So if she really wants to turn this into a fight, I'm pretty sure we can…" He trailed off as his body abruptly went rigid and then he began to shake, blue tendrils of electricity crawling over his flesh. Eventually his legs gave out and he collapsed to the floor, flopping like a fish out of water.

     The remaining members of the Wrecking Crew looked down at Piledriver before turning to stare at a new arrival in disbelief. Whistling innocently, Elle waggled her fingers as tiny sparks of electricity arced between them. "What? You all act like you've never seen a taser before."

     "Get…" Excavator charged, only to be blasted backwards as Elle raised her hands and sent thousands of volts of electricity racing through the air and into his body. "…her." Thunderball exchanged a look with Bulldozer, taking a step back to put some more space between him and Elle. "Maybe the kid had a point. Cut and run while we still can?"

     Bulldozer nodded rapidly. "Sounds like a plan to me. We can figure out another way to get Wrecker out of the big house, then come back for these two. Form up; I'll clear us a path." Reese's eyes widened as he turned and charged her, evidently figuring she was the lesser of two evils. Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap! At the last second, instinct took over and Reese pulled her leg back before lashing out, catching the villain right in the crotch with one diamond, pointy-toed high heel. "…oh crap."

     Before Bulldozer even hit the ground, Thunderball's hands were in the air. "I give up."

     "Wow. We kicked ass. Or they're really pathetic. Or both." Scooping up a tall plastic Starbucks cup from where she'd set it down on an employee's desk before attacking, Elle crossed the lobby to and raised her free hand so she could high five Reese. "Seriously, though, they went down like you on the first date, Reese."

     Sighing, Reese raised her hand and wiggled her still-diamond fingers threateningly at her friend. "Don't make me hurt you, Elle."

     Sadly, the threat just made Elle snuggle up against her side, clinging to Reese's arm as she stared up at the redhead hopefully. "Mmm, promise?"

     Reese groaned, prying her arm out of Elle's grip. Outside, police cars were pulling up and… she looked down, for the first time remembering the other people in the bank. They were all staring at her in awe, several with cell phones pointed in her direction. Well shit. So much for being able to mindwipe everyone to keep her secret intact. Emma was going to be so pissed.


     Staring at the credit card statement in front of her in disbelief, Courtney reached over and grabbed her reading glasses. Sliding them on, she blinked a few times before looking back down at the paper. Nope, the numbers hadn't changed. How on earth had… "Crockett!"

     She waited, her enhanced hearing easily picking out the click of approaching high heels against the hardwood floor of the hallway from amongst the school's constant low buzz of noise. Finally, the door swung open and a blonde poked her head in. "You bellowed?"

     Courtney nodded, kicking off her desk and rolling her chair over to the door before thrusting the statement in her hand out at Liz. "Considering I haven't bought anything there since my anniversary with Xander two months ago and I paid that off last month, I'm trying to think of a reason why my card might have a balance that's most of the way to four digits. And you know what? Every possibility I come up with includes the word 'Elizabeth'…"

     "Ugh, you know I hate it when you use my real name. And I didn't spend a grand. I spent eight hundred dollars. Not even. Seven hundred and ninety-one dollars and eighty cents." Courtney kept silent, eyes narrowed at her friend as she waited for an explanation. Eventually Liz folded, sighing and crossing her arms under her breasts, the move pressing them up and together so the upper slopes bulged up out of the neckline of her tank top. "What? My breasts grew almost a full size. I was dying trying to squeeze into my old bras, and so I did a full underwear drawer dump and replacement. Two weeks worth of pretty underthings: forty-two a piece for the bras and the matching panties were three for thirty and sixteen for the two stragglers. Seven ninety-two in total. Don't worry, I have the money to pay it off."

     Huffing, Courtney pushed against the floor and rolled back over to her desk, tossing the Victoria's Secret card bill onto a stack of other things that would require her attention - and money - over the next few days. "You'd better. I'm not going to have my credit rating get all fucked up because you got a late visit from the Boob Fairy." Shaking her head in disbelief, she let out a low whistle. "Forty-two dollar bras. Are you nuts?"

     Liz just shrugged. "The Angel line is forty-eight. I just like Body by Victoria better. Are we done here?" She gestured to her hair, which Courtney then noticed was split in half to be turned into two braided pigtails and only half done at present. "I was doing something when you decided to freak out over nothing. Joe's going to be here in twenty minutes, and I haven't even touched my makeup."

     "You know, I really wish I had the money to say an eight hundred dollar charge was 'nothing'."

     "Start charging. You'll be rich in no time."

     "Oh, you're so funny. And I don't just mean your face." Turning away, Courtney waved a dismissive hand at Liz. Why did she put up with the obnoxious bitch again? Oh. Right. Little Miss Underage was funneling her disposable income through the credit cards Courtney had applied for and was paying off the balance each month, which was doing wonders for the older Slayer's previously non-existent credit rating. As soon as Liz was eighteen and they were no longer of use to each other, though… the girl was a goner. Preferably transferred to Siberia, if she could manipulate her boyfriend into signing off on it. "And yes, we're done. Go back to your primping. By the way, you might want to pick up your Blonde in a Box of choice while you're out with him. Your roots are showing."

     Scoffing, Liz ran a hand through the still free half of her hair as she turned away. "Someone's feeling bitchy this afternoon. What's the matter? Going into withdrawal after suffering through two whole hours with no sex?" Grabbing a tennis ball from the can she kept on her desk specifically for when people annoyed her, Courtney let it fly, the green ball bouncing off the back of her door as Liz slammed the door behind her. Bitch. Although she was feeling kinda twitchy. Maybe Liz was on to something…

     Courtney brushed a few papers off her laptop, clearing the keyboard so she could type. Pulling up AIM, she scrolled down to the section of her buddy list that held her housemates' screennames. Double-clicking on one, she fired off a brief message before minimizing the program again. The message had been quick and to the point; there was no way she'd be turned down and nothing that required further discussion. Sure enough, four or five minutes later the door creaked open and a head topped with dark brown hair peeked inside. "Hey there, lover. Get your ass in here."

     The door opened further to admit her visitor and then closed with a click, her paramour turning to lock the door for good measure. They stared at each other for a long moment before Courtney rose from her chair, closing the distance between them in three strides and invading the smaller brunette's space. "Stand next to the bed, facing the wall. Pull that skirt up around your waist and then bend over and plant both hands in the middle of the bed."

     "Yes, Mistress." Colleen Roberts turned away, ducking her head submissively as she followed the older Slayer's orders, hips shifting from side to side as she worked her jean skirt up to her waist. Once her ass was bared to Courtney's eager gaze, she leaned forward and placed her hands in the middle of the mattress, waiting silently for her next instruction.

     Stepping up behind waiting girl, Courtney reached down between them and slowly ran a hand over one tanned globe of Colleen's naked ass. There was a certain thrill about playing with Colleen… dominating her… that Courtney had yet to experience with anyone else, male or female. Most of the time, even, she found herself on the opposite end of things and the one being dominated. But when it came to Colleen, she couldn't stand not being the one on top. Her current favorite theory was that it was like her incessant need to try and best Ophelia; she wanted to prove her superiority over her sister Slayers, especially one of the original Sunnydale Potentials who'd fought the Turok Han beside Buffy Summers. And really, psychosexual domination was a lot more fun than getting her ass handed to her on the training mat. Looking down, Courtney trailed one finger along a faded, barely visible line that ran sideways across the brunette's ass. "Someone's been tanning the right way."

     Colleen remained silent until Courtney's fingers dug into the plump flesh and delivered a sharp pinch. "Yes, Mistress. Every… err… afternoon, right after I wake up. Twenty minutes a side unless it's cloudy, and then I get up to go shower. And I think everyone believes me when I say it reminds me of home."

     "Good, good. And your hair is finally getting to a nice length." Scooting a bit closer, Courtney leaned down to press her body against Colleen's, her breasts rubbing against the brunette's back. She reached up, using one hand to gather Colleen's hair and sweep it off to one side, baring her neck. "It'll make it easier to hide the marks from this…"

     Lunging forward with superhuman speed, Courtney fastened her lips around her pet's pulse point and began to suckle on the throbbing artery. Beneath her, Colleen showed her first sign of resistance, struggling to break free as her subconscious blared warnings confusing Courtney with the creature of the night she was imitating. At least that was what Courtney assumed was going through the girl's head; it was what went through hers whenever someone kissed or bit at her neck. Still, this was old news to her and she knew exactly how to handle it, her hand fisting harder in Colleen's hair to immobilize the girl's head as the other arm wrapped around her torso, Courtney's free hand becoming less so as it closed over Colleen's breast.

     After slowly increasing the suction to darken the mark she was leaving, Courtney switched tactics and sank her teeth into Colleen's neck, bringing a second round of struggles from the shorter Slayer. Stuffing one hand down the neckline of the girl's tank top, Courtney squeezed her breast harshly as she came up for air, nuzzling against Coleen's already bruising neck. "God. You smell so fucking good. Keep buying this body wash, I like it better than the old stuff." That earned her a nod and Courtney smiled, nipping lightly at Colleen's jaw. Such an obedient pet she had. "Who do you belong to?"

     "You, Mistress."

     "Say it."

     "I belong to you, Mistress."

     Giving Colleen's breast one last squeeze, Courtney nodded. "Damn straight you do." She straightened up, admiring the still and submissive girl for a moment before pulling her hand back and delivering a blistering slap to Colleen's ass. Before she could even make a noise, Courtney was delivering a second slap to the opposite cheek, two more following in quick succession as she switched back and forth. After that, she decided to show her pet some mercy… after all, she had plans for them that involved Colleen being able to lie, sit, and kneel. "Flat on your back on the bed." Watching as her pet jumped to comply with the new order, Courtney reached down and unzipped her jeans, forcing them and her panties down her legs in one go. Her shirt hit the floor a few seconds later, her bra not too long after.

     As she climbed onto the bed, looming over the obedient and eager Slayer waiting for her, Courtney had to admit Liz was definitely on to something.

     She was feeling better already.
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