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Born To Bleed

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Summary: The war is on . . . BTVS/Underworld

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Movies > UnderworldEenaAngelFR18715,1441149,74727 Sep 0328 Oct 03No

Out Of The Darkness

Notes: For the purposes of this story, the vampires of the Underworld
movie will be portrayed as the same species as the vampires of BTVS.
Notes2: Okay, I think I've confused people. While the vampires from Underworld and BTVS are going to be portrayed as coming from the same species, there is obviously some differences between them. I will go into the explanation for that later, but for now it's important to know that both sets of vampires have come from the same ancestor.

Part Six-Out Of The Darkness

I felt them coming around midnight.

Sleep had come finally, after days of not having the pleasure of any rest. I had spent most of my nights up and about, wandering the halls or locked in my room, trying to figure out the mess that had become my life. Michael had stayed away, though I knew that it hurt him, and so did Selene. Actually, Selene seemed content to leave me alone unless I ventured near the idea of leaving. I had only attempted it that one time, and after the shocking news I had gotten then, I hadn't attempted it since.

It was a lot to wrap my brain around. And to be honest, it made me a little more afraid. If Selene loved Michael as much as I thought she did, Michael being in love with me probably wasn't the best thing for my safety. Of course, there was the other side to it. Selene's love had a kind of selfless quality to it. She might be jealous, but she was content as long as Michael was happy. As for Michael . . .

He didn't seem to care how content I was, as long as I stuck around.

That assessment makes him seem more callous than he is. Michael isn't heartless, but his love was a scary thing. An all consuming, scary thing. And I knew, I just knew, that it was going to end badly for one, if not all of us.

And with that in mind, I let Michael back into my bed tonight.

So I have no willpower, no real backbone to resist him. He is my sire, and underneath all this fear and uncertainy, I did love him. Michael was so much more to me than a lover or a mentor or whatever other words you could come up with to describe our relationship. Michael was like the missing link, he filled up the hole that was left behind when my magic fled from me. He gave me something that I needed, be it the power of the Lycan or just the love of a Sire, but he gave it to me. And I didn't want to part with it.

So I let him back into my bed.

He had been delighted, ecstatic almost. He knew as well as I that things were far from being settled, but this proved something to him. It proved that I wanted, no needed him as much as he needed me. It was a scary admission on my part, something I hadn't felt like giving. That kind of bond, of need I hadn't given to anyone but Tara. Not even with Oz did my feelings run so deep, but now with Michael . . .

It's scary to think what would come out of this.

But for the time being, I've decided not to care. I decided to hell with all of it, I'm going to do what makes me happy. Even if it only makes me happy for a short while, I'm going to do it.

That short while was shorter than I had thought.

At midnight, I felt the first bit of it. Roused immediately from a deep sleep, I had shot up in bed, covers wrapped tightly around my naked body. My breathing came in ragged gasps and my eyes scanned the room erratically. My actions had caused Michael to stir and soon my Sire was awake was well, a soothing hand rubbing circles on my back as he tried to calm me down.

"What is it?" he asked softly, nose nuzzling my neck ever so slightly. I bit my lip, shaking my head in confusion as I tried to narrow down what I was feeling. It was dread, that was for damn sure, and an almost suffocating degree of danger. I clasped Michael's hand, looking him right in the eye before I answered.

"They're outside."


Things went by in a blur after that.

Michael had leapt from the bed, immediately going to the window for check for any signs of intruders. I joined him there, just barely checking a glimpse of some figures in the distance. They were approaching silently, with a high degree of stealth. Had I not know what to look for, I would not have seen them.

"Shit," Michael swore under his breath. I made no comment, but shook my head in agreement. The next second had Michael throwing some clothes at me while tugging on his own. I dressed hurriedly, not even having my shirt on properly before Michael was dragging me from the room.

He burst out into the hallway, knocking hard on doors as we went by. Lycans of all kinds filled the hallways, all in various states of dress and undress, confused out of their minds.

"Death Dealers!" was all I had to shout at them before they got their butts into action. Panic spread through the hallway at rapid speed, giving my empathic abilities a good dose of anxiety. Pretty soon, everyone was running about, shouting in alarm as they raced about.

Michael ignored them, heading straight for Selene's room. We burst into her bedroom, the vampire's back to us. Michael opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when she turned around. Selene was dressed and ready to go, her whole gun collection spread out on the bed before her. She tossed a few armed weapons Michael's way, causing him to loosen his death grip on my hand in order to catch them.

"Get everyone to the tunnels," she ordered shortly. "They've come to clean the place out."

"Why?" I sputtered, taking a gun from Michael and shoving it into the waistband of my pants. "What the hell are they thinking?"

"That they're angry," Selene ordered. "Or at the very least, Marcus is angry. No doubt our hunting groups have had the desired effect on the Hunter population. He's probably pissed."

"'Our hunting groups'?" I repeated, anger lacing my words as I looked up at Michael. "'Desired effect'? How long have you two been planning this?"

"Not now Willow," Michael interjected softly. I yanked my arm away from his hold, turning an icy glare on my Sire.

"Then when Michael?" I spat out. "When I'm being shot at? When all of us are pumped full of so much silver that we die a slow and painful death?"

"That is not going to happen!" Michael shouted, his eyes turning black in an instant. I swallowed deeply, looking into those black depths and began to wonder. Is this what my friends would see before I went all magic-crazy on them? Is this the horrible picture I made during those days?

"No one is going to die tonight Willow," Michael continued. "We all knew that they might come for us one day. It's just sooner than we would have hoped. But getting angry is not going to solve anything. We have to stay calm. You can yell at me later."

"I'm going to hold you to that," I muttered unhappily, turning on my heel and heading for the door. Michael stopped me quickly, spinning me back around and looking at me in confusion.

"Where are you going?" he demanded. "You stay with me."

"No," I growled, surprised at the defiance in my voice. "I'm going to go help get everyone to the tunnels and out to safety. In case you've forgotten Michael, the three of us are the only ones who know how to get out of that maze down there. If they all run into it, they're as good as sitting ducks because they will never find their way out on their own."

"She's right," Selene interrupted, restraining hand on Michael's shoulders. "We need to lead whatever warriors we have to mount enough of a defence for the rest to get out. We'll be up front and she'll be with them. It's safer that way."

"But . . ." Michael trailed off, looking at me in a lost sort of way. I felt some of my anger ebb and gently pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"I'm taking them to Buffy," I told him reassuringly. "She won't let anything happen to any of us."

"They could have already attacked the Slayer refuge," Michael protested. Selene and I both snorted at that, the ex-Death Dealer shaking her head.

"Even Marcus isn't that stupid," was all she said.

"Michael, we have to move," I whispered to him urgently. "They're getting closer. This is just wasting time!"

He looked so indecisive for a second and my snapping at him did not help matters. I couldn't help but be amazed that this lost boy was the one that everyone was after. This was the supposed leader that was paving the way for Lycan victory. He just wasn't ready.

"I'll see you at the house," I promised him, giving his hand a minor squeeze. "I have to go Michael."

He let go with such reluctance that did made my heart hurt. I exchanged a worried look with Selene before turning around and heading back into the mass of confusion that was the hallway. Immediately I began barking orders, relieved when the majority of Lycans listened instantly. It took me a few minutes to organize everyone before I was able to lead them to the tunnels. Only the warriors were left behind. I passed many of them, watching in trepidation as they loaded up their guns with grim faces.

Down into the bowels of the mansion I led the others, stopping before the steel entrance to the tunnels. It took four Lycans to push the heavy door aside, and then I was ushering them into the tunnels like mad. The first sounds of gunshots went off just as the last Lycan made it through the door. It took another few minutes to shove the door back into place and by that time, the fight was on. The sound of gunfire echoed above our heads and many of the younger Lycans began to whimper.

I bit my tongue to keep from yelling at them, brushing past them in the dark. There was no light to be had, but as Lycans, we didn't need any. I felt my beast flood my senses, hearing and scent magnifying immediately. It took a second longer for my eyes to adjust and when they did I knew they were glowing an eery blue colour.

Turning my head to face those in my care, I noticed all had followed suit, their wolves just barely underneath the surface of their skin. I let out a growl, hearing several of the wolves respond in kind.

"Follow closely," I snarled before turning around and taking off down the passageway. I didn't have to look behind to know that they all followed closely. Slowly, I picked up speed, racing through the tunnels at superhuman speed, turning corners here and there, navigating the route through memory alone.

The sounds of gunfire faded behind us quickly and my mind wandered back to those we left behind. And I prayed that they would be all right. But I had no time fret over them, too many of my fellow Lycans in my care. I just ran for all I was worth, hopefully leading them to safety. I ran towards Buffy, but my mind remained with Michael.

What kind of war had he started now?


The End?

You have reached the end of "Born To Bleed" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Oct 03.

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