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Enter Darkness

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Summary: The Vampire Council and the Watchers Council unite to rid the world of a common enemy - an enemy of all of mankind.

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Chapter 11 (of 11)

~*~Enter Darkness: Part Eleven~*~

“Tell me you knew nothing about it.”

Willow heard the words leave her mouth, cold and unwavering though her heart felt as if it would break at any moment. She had to be strong right now. Morals weren’t something you could waver on and ever hope to be the same again. She knew that. Giles knew that.

So why couldn’t he just tell her what she needed to hear?

“Willow –“

“Listen to me,” she whispered, deadly quiet. She looked away from his eyes, unable to meet them right now. “Just tell me that you didn’t know about what really happened to Michael. Tell me that you only knew what was in the same report I saw – which was a bunch of biased crap –“

Giles sighed, and she could picture his eyes shutting tiredly, even though she wasn’t looking right at him.

“He’s an innocent, Giles,” her voice was stronger now. “He didn’t do anything other than be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And fall in love, of course. Isn’t that what we all do wrong in the end?”

“Willow, he’s dangerous –“

“He is not!” she exclaimed, jumping up to get away from him as the poisonous words left his mouth. “He is just infected by two different.. ..diseases! And we don’t discriminate, Giles. Not based on sickness or non-sickness. He hasn’t done anything wrong!”

“And when he infects someone else?” her mentor argued quietly. “What if the next host to this so-called ‘disease’ isn’t as noble as Michael? What if that victim in turn spreads it to someone else? Would you wish upon this world another race, more deadly than those that we already fight against?”

Willow flinched, turning away from him. She could not bear to look on his face, there was nothing there that she recognized. His words held meaning, true; and his reasoning was on track, though far from sound.

But he’d done the unthinkable – he’d lied to her. Betrayed her in far more ruthless ways than that which Kraven had done. Sure, the sleazy vampire used his body and the tastiness of his kisses, but Giles had been just as devious with his words, playing on the kinship they’d come to share.

“Can’t you just say it?” she whispered brokenly, turning back to him. “Please tell me you didn’t know, Giles. Tell me you had no clue what was going on. That the Council either didn’t know or didn’t tell you. I’d believe it –“

“I can’t.”

She took a step back, shaking her head, the harsh cold of betrayal so deep spreading through her. A part of her had already known that would be his answer, just as a part of her had been begging him to say anything other than that which he’d just said.

“Then to hell with you,” she whispered, her voice sounding dead even to her own ears.

“Willow –“

“No!” she had turned towards the door before he spoke, and didn’t bother turning back now. “I don’t have anything to say to you, Giles.”

“And what about what I have to say to you? There was a good reason –“

“There isn’t a good enough reason in all the world for this!” she screamed, turning back to him. “You broke the one bond of trust I thought could never be broken! And for what? Because you –think- Michael is a threat? Well – so what? We’ve faced worse than what he is. We could have kept going. But the Council had to play God, right? And you went along with it? I thought you were smarter than that.”

She took a deep breath, daring him to speak in the silence.

But he didn’t.

And that was all that she needed to snap her out of her hurt, back to walking through the door. She’d send letters to Dawn and her friends. Without details about what happened with Kraven or what happened with Giles. Those were her own, private embarrassments. Her own screw ups for daring to trust where obviously no trust was deserved. Maybe Giles had really thought he was doing the right thing.

Then again, maybe not.

She didn’t care. It wasn’t her place to tell the others that Giles could play both sides of the fence. He wasn’t a bad man. He didn’t deserve, despite everything, to have everyone abandon him. And she didn’t want to be the one to sway them. Perhaps he’d learn from this, and the others would never have reason to even suspect the duplicity within him.

But she already knew, and forgiveness would be a long time coming – if ever.


Willow looked out over Sunnydale from the cliff, watching as the moon came out from behind the clouds. Not full, but soon enough it would be. Round and large in the sky it would call out the worst in some creatures, the best in others.

She turned away at the sound of footsteps behind her, smiling at the two that approached. It was Michael she had heard. Only he would make the effort to walk with noise so that she wouldn’t be startled senseless when they reached her. When it came to stealthiness the pair had it in spades.


The red head glanced over her shoulder one more time at the city that she had called home for her entire life. This was it. Striking out on her own to do something far more noble than playing hired assassin to the damned Watchers’ Council. The Vampire Council would be months in trying to put themselves back together and some, as in Kraven’s case, never would. He had been in far too many pieces to ever be put back together again when she left his bloodied office.

She could remember him even now, though; the way he’d been when he was trying to woo her in the only way he knew how – with pure, basic sexuality. His lips had been like a gift from the gods, doing thing to her skin and body that she knew she’d be lucky to ever experience again.

It was a bitch to kill the one you had come to crave.

But he had deserved it, she reminded herself; as if there was any reminder needed. That kind of betrayal could never be forgotten.

“Yeah,” she nodded firmly. It was time to get out of here. To make a new life for herself, and them, somewhere else. Far from Watchers and Vampires and Lycans.

If that were even possible.

She smiled, tilting her head towards the path back down to the parking lot.

“I’m ready.”

~*~End Fic~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Enter Darkness". This story is complete.

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