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Enter Darkness

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Summary: The Vampire Council and the Watchers Council unite to rid the world of a common enemy - an enemy of all of mankind.

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Enter Darkness

Title: Enter Darkness

Author: Jinni (

Rated: R

Pairing: W/Kraven

Disclaimer: All things remain firmly in the hands of their copyright holders. Period. This is not me. The plot is mine. . .but that’s not saying much.

Distribution: The normal places.

Author’s Note: One of about 7 new fics/series I’m starting. Be afraid. . Includes spoilers for S6 BtVS.

Summary: Crossover with ‘Underworld’. The Council of the Vampires meets with the Council of the Watchers to speak of hunting a mutual enemy. . .and enemy of all of mankind.


Giles sighed, head dropping into his hands. It was a far cry from the composure that he usually maintained, even at times like these. He looked. . .genuinely regretful.

“I should have told all of you. . . there just was never a good time. We always had something to think about. Something to worry about. Far be it for me to weigh each of you down with yet another useless fact. . .trivial bit of knowledge. Because that’s what it is. . .trivial. It isn’t as if they ever mingle. . .they don’t do anything reprehensible. Nothing that would ever have brought them into our field of work or study. In fact, they always helped keep the population of –“

He paused, looking up. Grey eyes were laced with that same regret. “I’ll save that part for later, I suppose. . . .”

“I was remiss, you see, in letting you think that the vampires we fought on the Hellmouth are what is considered normal for their kind. I wanted it to be black and white. . .clear cut. If you knew that there were others out there you may have hesitated. And hesitation could have cost your lives.”

He reached for a glass on the table next to him, grimacing as the acrid taste of the alcohol burned its way down his throat.

“They’re not. . .normal, that is,” he began again after a moment. “In fact. . .they are called Abominations by the Community. Real vampires, the ones you have never met, are honor bound to maintain their code of non-interference in the human world. They are. . .civilized. . . complete with codes and laws. Things to keep themselves in check. They have souls and their personalities run the gamut, just as with humans.”

“Until recently they have been locked in an ancient blood feud with the Lycans, the werewolves. . .each race trying to exterminate the other for reasons that the Watchers Council is unaware of. But that has changed. They are united now. United in an effort to maintain their races’ purity. Everything changed basically overnight, from the reports we received.”

The frown on Giles’ face deepened, and he again took a swallow from his glass. It was near empty, and the liquid poured down his throat in two large gulps before he set it aside again.

“A new breed of monster is out there, wandering the streets. A hybrid. Half-vampire. Half-Lycan. One hundred percent deadly. Nearly indestructible. This . . .hybrid. . .along with his current lover, destroyed one of three Vampire Elders. Another was lost along the way, leaving only one left to hold the peace and keep the laws. Everything, as you may well imagine, is falling to pieces; the ramifications of which will soon be felt within our own world. . .and that of the humans that know nothing of what lurks in the darkness.”

“I don’t suppose I need to tell you how bad this is. Twice the strength. Twice the speed. . . .the healing. . .everything. As we speak he could be making others, spreading his disease. One could turn to twenty. . .could turn to thousands.”

Giles stopped, eyes hardening. “He must be stopped.”

“A representative of the current reigning Elder has contacted the Watchers Council for assistance. They wish for the Slayer to take an active part in the hunt. Normally I would say that we remain impartial to wars of the supernatural. But not in this case. Not when we could all face extermination if this hybrid variation spreads.”

Glasses came off, were wiped, and replaced, before Giles found the words to speak again. The room was silent except for the soft sounds of his motions. He sighed.

“Buffy cannot assist, though. She has duties here that cannot be fobbed off on another. That’s where you come in.”

Grey eyes met green, and the young woman nodded in understanding.

“You want me to go.”

It wasn’t a question; merely a statement of fact. If Buffy couldn’t go that left no one else other than herself. And she understood the situation all too well. This couldn’t be allowed to spread. Vampires were bad enough on their own. Werewolves, the same. But the two mixed?

It was catastrophic.

“I want you to go,” Giles nodded. “I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t necessary. . .”

“I know.” And he saw in her eyes that she did.

He smiled gently. “Thank you. You will be meeting with the representative of the current Elder, Markus. His name is Kraven. Everything you need is in here.”

He slid the envelope across from her, received only that morning from the Council. Whether it originated with the Watchers or the Vampires, he didn’t know. Regret and fear for her safety were at the forefront of his emotions as he watched her open it and glance over what was inside. A plane ticket, some spending money. An address to go to when she arrived. From there she would start the hunt.

If anything happened to her. . .

But that wasn’t to be thought of. She had survived far worse than this, he reminded himself. This was a simple enough mission, especially for one of her . . .talents.

“That it? I should go pack. . the flight’s leaving tonight.”

He nodded, watching as she stood up. Her every movement was a far cry from the girl he had first met years before. She was harder now, firmer in mind and spirit. That would only help her in this.


She turned back to him, a question in her eyes.

“Be safe.”

“Of course, Giles. No worries.”

But he did. . .worry.

More than she could know. If this were any other time. . .any other situation. . .

“It isn’t,” he whispered to himself, hearing the front door shut as Willow left.

If she didn’t do it, he didn’t know who would.

But that didn’t stop the guilt. He was sending her out there to be an assassin. This hybrid, this Michael. . .he had little choice over his present condition. Willow didn’t know that. She couldn’t know that.

And he wouldn’t tell her.

No one would.

Choices aside, he needed to be stopped before it could spread.

“God speed,” Giles muttered, lifting his near-empty glass to the door and the witch that had gone through it. The last of the scotch burned its way down his throat as he filled it again.

If ever there was a time to drink, this was it.

~*~End Prologue~*~
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