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The Way of Light

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book I". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Decisions made long ago threaten the galaxy.

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Chapter 14

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

"You've heard of animals chewing off a leg to escape a trap? There's an animal kind of trick. A human would remain in the trap, endure the pain, feigning death that he might kill the trapper and remove a threat to his kind."

* Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam, testing Paul Atreides with the Gom Jabbar.

Motorria lit a green flair with her magic which gave them just enough room to see the swarm of shapes that rushed at them out of the darkness. Lisa got the first one with a slash of her knife. Surayya broke a creature’s leg with a blow to its femur and then struck its face with the palm of her hand driving bone fragments into its brain killing it instantly. Two more monsters appeared. Surayya pinned one to the cave wall with her left foot then snapped the other creature’s neck. They were on their seventh kill when they realized the monsters were coming too fast.

“Moto, do something!” Surayya shouted above the bird like screams of the on rushing monsters.

The blood red darkness of the cave was lit with waning yellow light. Surayya could see Motorria face. It was a sad and terrible sight. Blood was pouring from her eyes, nose and mouth. An invisible weight pressed against her and held her against the cave wall. She looked as if she was dying.

“You use that much magic, somebody somewhere is going to notice.” Surayya could hear Spikes words in her head.

Surayya swiped her knife across the throat of the creature that rushed her. Green blood splashed on her. Around the black red shape that dimly lit the crater in the center of the cave a yellow white swirl of light appeared. The monsters froze and retreated to cover.

“Whatever you’re going to do. Do I now.” Surayya could hear Spike say as the two cones of light battled. Sounds, like the tearing metal, filled the huge cavern. Surayya activated the Dragon Scepter and threw it into the light storm. Its effect was immediate.

A volcano of light exploded from the crater. Surayya shielded her eyes. Lisa turned her body to protect Motorria. Wave after wave of light, passing from red to orange to green to deep blue, flowed out of the crater. The bowels of Arrakis emptied itself. Towards the end Surayya couldn’t tell exactly what she was seeing but she remembered, years later, a demonic form with black burning wings and horns crumbling like old paper and blowing away into dust.

“Moto, are you ok?” Surayya asked as she turned to her old friend.

Color had returned to Motorria’s face. Blood had stopped flowing. Motorria managed a weak smile.

“What’s that?” Motorria asked pointing towards the crater.

A small point of golden light slowly floated upwards and stopped half way to the top of the cave.

“His soul.” Surayya said in awe.

Above the small point of golden light a portal opened. Surayya caught a glimpse of what was on the other side of the portal. It was heavenly.

“Rest in peace William” Surayya said. “After all this time you can finally rest in peace.”

The golden point of light entered the portal and disappeared from the universe.

They gathered Motorria between them and headed back towards the surface.

The Fish Speakers would not leave them alone. After returning to the “Leit-Kynes” Surayya took Motorria to the nearest medical center. Fish Speakers had swarmed all over them the instant they got off of the shuttle from Arrakis.

“What happened down there?” They demanded to know.

A huge fountain of light had sprung from Arrakis and then scattered throughout the galaxy at billions of times the speed of light. Surayya told them to check the vacuum energy readings that threatened them all. The Fish Speakers were shocked. The production of vacuum energy had returned to normal levels. The galaxy was saved. Slayers from various ships turned the space station upside down to find their commander. When a group of slayers found Surayya and company in one of the medical centers they offered to take turns watching over Motorria and standing security. Quite a few of them were looking for something to smash.

“We did it.” Surayya said over the station intercom. “The galaxy is safe. The slayer of slayers is no more.”

Only Surayya knew what that really meant. The slayers dispersed back to their ships. A few hours later, after a shower and a hot meal, Surayya went to check on Motorria. She pulled her chair next to Motorria’s bedside. Motorria’s vitals were strong. She would be up and about in no time. Motorria was Bene Gesserit. She access to the same genetic memories as Surayya and even more. They both reminisced over Spike.

“He loved her, you know.” Motorria said speaking of Spike’s love for Buffy. “That was the reason he went and got his soul back.

“You mean that was the reason the daemon inside went and got his soul back.” Surayya replied.

This was one of the great debates in the Slayer universe. What was the real meaning of Spike having a soul? After all, it was the daemon that returned his soul.

“He was in love.” Motorria said.

Surayya rolled her eyes.

“He just did it to get into Buffy’s pants.” She said. “If Spike felt gold would win over Buffy, he would have robbed Fort Knox instead.”

“I wonder if the scoobies understood what it means to have two sprits inside of you at the same time.” Motorria asked. “His soul was trapped in a dead body for over ten thousand years. It must have been Hell."

Motorria continued her lecture talking more to herself that Surayya. “When a disembodied sprit possesses a dead body it is called a vampire. When the essence of a demon is poured into the body of a living person she becomes a slayer. That’s why slayers have to be female. That’s why slayers can only be female. We are build to house multiple souls at the same time.”

Surayya nodded. “It’s because we can get pregnant, right?” She asked.

“Exactly.” Motorria said. “The unborn fetus has a soul and the mother has a soul. Women are naturally build to house multiple souls at one time. That’s why slayers can only be female. We carry both the essence of a demon and our own soul.”

Surayya looked at Motorria quizzically. “So you saying that Spike became Female because of love?”

Motorria shrugged. “Well, at least he didn’t end up like Angel.” She said referring to the other vampire with a soul. They both laughed at a secret joke and hugged each other. Surayya held her best friend until she fell fast asleep.


Next up: Part Three (There might be sandworms!)

The End

You have reached the end of "The Way of Light". This story is complete.

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