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Destiny is an unchangeable constant

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Summary: When realities merge the journey changes but Destiny is still the destination

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road TripdragonvampFR1526,398063,63620 Apr 0921 Apr 09Yes

Chapter One

As always I own nothing, Crossover worlds (see end of story) merge causing timelines to be different.
What if Glory’s portal caused several realities to merge? They Universe would have to fix its self somehow. One man thrown back in time must sacrifice himself so he can be born to the destiny that awaits him. What can he do to make it better this time around? Find a warrior to raise him so he is prepared. This is the story of the that warrior and a bit of the journey he takes to be the one who corrects the balance in the universe.

One will die to find his purpose

Another will sacrifice all to fulfill his destiny

A miracle born will born the family together

Together they will save the world

Together they will fulfill their destinies

The darkness will tremble under the force of Love

and world will change with them



Well my son got the letter I had been dreading since he first came into my life. “You are invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” it said. I knew it was inevitable that he had to return to that world. I have tried to do anything I can to prepare him and I hope it worked. I may work with someone to write out his story one day. Of course, it will be a work of fiction as no one would ever believe the truth of it. I might keep it near to what his first life was.

If your reading this and confused that means I lost my journal or I have finally died. I’m not sure which would bother me most. Oh well I guess since this is my journal I should write down a bit of my life and how my son came into it.

It all started when I met a girl named Buffy and my world got a bit bigger and darker all at the same time. I learned the monsters you thought were under your bed as a child could very well have been. With knowledge that there are actual monsters in the dark corners came a bigger world. Helping her fight them plunged my life into darkness where I lost friends, family, and loved ones.

Every night we fought the evils in the dark, every week we saved the world from someone trying to end it. After a major battle where we demolished our school while killing the mayor who had become a sixty foot snake demon, I had enough and needed a break. I had been planning my graduation road trip for years. The big difference was Willow and Jesse were not with me. The other difference was instead of seeing the country I was searching for a reason to keep going.

That was when the universe decided to help us out, of course it never seems like help when it happens. I was broke down just outside of Sunnydale in a smaller town called Oxnard. To get money I had to work at the only place around which happen to be a club near the edge of town. I waited tables, washed dishes and such, I wasn’t old enough to tend the bar officially. One night I was tossing the trash when I got attacked. Seems the local Master got tire of me offing his minions when I was taking out the trash that week and came himself with the rest of his nest. I fought hard and killed a lot of them but there were just too many and they killed me.

How am I alive to write this then? I was getting to that. I awoke in a hotel room and was getting just my head clear enough to figure out where I was when the door opened and in walked a man I didn’t know. It also made me feel like I had a bad hangover and someone just slammed set of symbols around my head. I met his eyes and the loud ringing and pain stopped. Solider boy kicked in and I got into a defensive stance while the hyena growled. It startled me but I saved it to figure out after I figured out who this guy was, where I was, how I was alive, and what the hell that ringing buzzing thing was.



“Who are you and what did you do to me?” Xander growled out at the man, who just smiled at him. The man was a little taller than average, with a thin, wiry build, and while his pale skin and short, dark hair made him striking, his nose stuck out like a hawk’s beak. His eyes worried Xander. He may look like he was in his mid to late twenties but his eyes showed his age was much greater. Angel was hundreds of years old and his eyes still didn’t look like that.

“I have had many names. You can call me Adam. As for what I did to you? I killed the vampires that killed you and brought you to my hotel room so you could revive instead of leaving you in that ally or you waking up in a morgue.” Adam told him with a slight laugh in his voice.

Xander thought for a moment and wondered why he wasn’t dead. “What did you do to me a spell? Is that why I’m not dead right now” he was still looking for a way out past this being in front of him, whatever Adam was he was setting off Xander’s hellmouth senses.

Adam chuckled and held out his hands in a non threatening way, “I brought some clothes and breakfast. If you would like to get dressed and sit down with me I will tell you, and I didn’t do anything.” He told the boy. He liked the instincts he saw in them and understood why he was sent here.

Adam set the clothing down on the edge of the bed and turned his back to Xander in a show of trust. Xander had no idea that Adam could still tell every move he made. From the slight move to attack, to him stopping himself, he could guess enough to know that was followed a blush when he realized he was naked then once dressed a reluctant trust that lead him to the chair opposite Adam.

Adam had set out several breakfast sandwiches, some omelets, some pastries, bacon, sausage, ham, juice, milk, coffee, fruit. It was quiet the spread. Almost too much for the small table to hold. He fixed himself a plate and sat in one of the chairs by another piece of furniture so he could set his coffee down. Xander reluctantly started to put a few things on his plate but the moment the food actually touched his mouth he began to inhale it and before he knew it he had eaten half of what was on the table and drank all of the milk and juice. He set back with a coffee and a sandwich before turning sheepishly to Adam, “Sorry, Wasn’t aware I was that hungry. I will pay for my breakfast as soon as I get back my belongings.” Xander said knowing he did have any money on him.

Adam smirked, “That’s okay I knew you would be hungry so I bought most of this for you. Don’t worry about the money, there is plenty. For now let me tell you what you are and how I know.” With that he told Xander about Immortals, the game, the rules, everything. He then did something he had not done in a very long time. He offered to teach him.

Xander thought for a moment as he took it all in, “Why you? How did you know I would be here? You seemed to be waiting for it?” he demanded.

Adam smiled a sad smile, “Once upon a time I was not a nice man at all. Once upon a time I was worse than the demons you fight. During that time I met a woman who I did very wrong. She was a seer. Maybe it was the time and place, maybe it was just her, but something changed in me. I had three partners you see. We terrorized the known world not for lust, or greed, or power, or any goal in particular but because we were good at it and we liked it. When I met her I had started questioning my life and the choices I had made. I was no longer enjoying the killing and had become depressed. She became my obsession. She was my slave, a thing I had won. Yet she had captured me as well. I would not share her with the others and most of the time they respected that. One of the three began to lust after what he was told he could not have. I helped her escape giving her freedom. I fought with my friends and we parted company on very bad terms.” As he told his tale he never looked up but Xander could read the deep pain and shame he felt at the tale. Xander also understood that few were granted this view, this glimpse at who Adam really was.

“Over the years I grew up. Made actual friends with others. I had many wives over the years and a few husbands as well. One friend came to me with a vision from Her. If I was to be in this town at this time I could redeem myself by taking a student I would find here. So I looked around the town every night for the last week and last night I saw you die. I had seen you around and knew you were fighting the demons. Last night was the first time I knew it was you, She sent me to find. I don’t know why she sent me to you in particular and you may get to ask Her one day. Right now you need to decide if you want me to teach you or if you trust me enough to suggest another?” he said finally looking into Xander’s eyes.

Xander thought over all he knew and made a decision, “If I agree to be your student you must know a few things about me. One is that I will return to my friends on the Hellmouth and help them. Two is that I have been possessed before and they seem to be back. Is that normal or can we fix that as it is disturbing to have them awake.” He said causing Adam a bit of shock but it didn’t show visibly.

After a bit of explanation Adam understood the problem and used a trick, he had learned over his long life. He used his own quickening magic to help heal Xander. The hard part was having to kill him again for it to work. When it was over and Xander calmed down he realized that Adam had used the quickening to merge everything together.

While the quickening had worked on him it made a few changes as well. Xander was hungry again do to the fact that his body had gain another inch or two in height, his muscles had used his fat stores to gain in mass, and even his bones had become denser. His hair had grown out to waist length and his once chocolate brown eyes now were a goldish green color. This surprised Adam a bit but so far nothing about this boy was what he expected.

They went out to the local dinner to get lunch and again Xander ate enough for three or more people. Tanya to waitress smiled, “Xan, I know ya have a healthy appetite but you’re eating like you have skipped meals since you were here last week.” She said with a laugh as she set down his dessert.

Xander gave he a lopsided grin, “I’m a growing young man Tanya and nobody round here cooks like your Dad.” She blushed at the thought the grin made her think. She shook her head as she left thinking *that boy doesn’t know how powerful that smile is when he flirts. Working at the club has been good for him*

Adam came with Xander that night to work. They had been figuring out a training schedule for the summer that would still allow him to travel before returning to Sunnydale. Strangely the thought of not dying was giving him something to live for.

Suzy the owner of the Fabulous Ladies Nightclub came running up to Xander in a panic, “Xander darling I really need your help. Damien is out sick and Zack still has a sprained ankle. I know your have been working out with them and know a routine and I know you said never but I’m desperate here. I’m two acts down and I really need you to fill in a set for me. PLEASEEEEE. It’s double your wages at the bar and you won’t even have to share your tips.” She said turning on the pout and batting her big blue eyes at him.

Xander sighed, “Fine but only one set and only this time and only as this is my last weekend. I’m headed out first thing Monday.” Suzy squealed and hugged him ‘accidently’ squashing his face in her very large and very real cleavage, “Mike has a costume for you in the back. It even has a mask so you won’t be recognized.” She whispered.

Adam watched the whole thing trying not to laugh. Xander went to the back and mike handed him the outfit, “Oh you have got to be kidding me.” The tear away costume was that of the legendary Zorro. The difference was it was all white. To make matters worse she had pick a nickname he had told her in confidence on night as they talked after work. Sammy, the DJ, announced, “Ladies we have a special treat for you tonight. In his depute, and one time only performance, the defender of justice, the man stealing the hearts of every damsel in distress, The White Knight.”

As the music started and the lights came up. The ladies all screamed Xander wanted to walk off stage when Billy Idol’s Don't Need a Gun began to play from the speakers. Instead something took over and his fun workout practicing with the guys kicked in.

Suzy had not expected him to actually agree to get on the stage. She had watch him work out with the guys and knew he could do it but lacked the confidence. What she saw on stage was something that even shocked her. She had noticed he seemed to have changed overnight with the hair and all but she had no idea what he had been hiding away under his lack of confidence and his baggy off colored clothing.

The women in the audience were drooling and practically purring as Xander moved on stage whit a graceful flow that most professionals wish they could match. He was sex on legs as he slowly teased and tantalized the audience. The outfit was made out of soft white leather and silk but with the way he moved he could have been dressed in burlap and dung and still looked sexy.

Adam even felt himself reacting to the way his new student moved. Part of him remembered that Xander said he was straight and another part didn’t care, while the immortal part was calculating how to use this gracefulness in Xander’s training. He also hoped that somewhere down the road Xander may, like most immortals, realize he could be Bi.

Xander how ever was living in the moment. He hardly noticed the hands touching him, the money being placed in the tiny scrap of cloth he was now wearing. Not even the inappropriate hand that touch a bit too much as she stuck the bill into his crotch and slightly fondled his balls. He felt the music as something primal came out as he moved around to it on stage. When the music came to an end he smiled out at the crowd and crawled off the stage. They ladies all sighed and the place was quiet for a moment before Sammy snapped out of it and started getting ready for the next act. While two of the waitresses gathered the rest of the money and clothing off the stage and took it back to Xander.

They left it with Mike at the door. Inside the changing room Xander carefully changed back and was shacking the whole time as he realized what had just happened and wondered where the courage to do that came from. After he pulled the last of the money from some interesting places and blushed finally remembering the group of ladies who had actually reach into his g-string. He also found they each had place hundred dollar bills there. He blinked when he counted at least nine hundred dollars he had gotten out of the small scrap of cloth. He put it in his wallet and still slightly shaking he pulled his hair into a braid down his back.

When he left the room Mike was smiling, “Knight left this on stage, Missy and Candy collected it for him.” He said as he handed Xander at least two grand. Xander blinked and Mike smiled, “It was a full house to night. Where did you learn to move like that? I ain’t seen nothing like it nor a haul like this off one dance and I been in the business for twenty years.” Xander shrugged, “Guess those workouts paid off. Could have done with a different song though. Zorro and Billy Idol, old school much.” He said as he made his way back out to the bar.

Several ladies seemed to be looking at him like they might have figured it out so Xander loudly told Suzy, “Suzy, Knight left after that set. Said he had a gig to make in LA or something and he’d see ya when he sees ya.” Suzy smiled, “Thanks for seeing him out Xander.” She said he eyes dancing with mirth and desire.

Kissing her cheek he asked, “Did you have to use that name?” he asked in her ear. She smirked and rebutted with, “Did you have to deprive us all of that while you where here this last two months.” He pulled away blushing and Suzy smiled again, “Get to work Xander, drinks won’t make themselves around here. I’ll be hard up finding another bartender when you leave.” He grinned and got back to work at the bar.

Adam watched him make drinks and put on another show better than the bar tenders that inspired that Tom Cruise movie. “Xander how did you learn to work a bar when you are not even old enough to be in one?” he asked quietly during a slow point and Xander shrugged, “Mom and Dad drink, a lot. I learned how to mix drinks when I was old enough to hold the bottles. After seeing the movie cocktails, Jesse and I practice as we dreamed of opening our own place. That was before the darkness came out of the shadows.” Xander said simply.

Adam filed that away for later, “and that on stage?” he asked quietly. Xander shrugged, “Hyena” was all he said and all he needed to say. He looked around to see if Adam had blown his cover when he realized they had spoken in Sumerian he then glared at Adam who smiled unrepentantly.

The next day Xander and Adam worked out a routine to get started training with. They did physical training to get Xander use to the way his body moved and could move. Adam taught him a beginning sword Kata after testing his current skills. With the Hyena instincts and the Soldier boy’s knowledge on top of what he taught himself on the hellmouth, Xander was already good with a sword. Adam just needed to clean up his style and teach him some advanced techniques.

Xander’s last night at the club saw normal and they had a party afterwards wishing him good luck. After promising to check in and keep in touch he and Adam left. Over the next few months he not only taught Xander how to fight but how to survive, how to change identities, where to set up bank accounts, safe houses, who might be trustworthy and who to stay away from. He taught him languages, computer skills, made him start dressing better, taught him about fine art, history, social etiquettes that he himself avoided or ignored. By the end of August, he had taught Xander enough to help him survive just about anywhere.

It was finally time to return to Sunnydale. Adam said he would stay with Xander till the end of the year. At Christmas they had a few places to visit on another trip then come the New Year Xander would be on his own for a while. Xander wasn’t sure how he felt about that as he had begun to look on Adam as an older brother while on their road trip.



The months flew by once I got home. Adam and I got small place, I got started in college much to the surprise of the rest of the Scoobies and I somehow managed to hide Adam’s presence from the rest of the group.

Several things happened to the group during that time as Buffy’s roommate tried to suck out her soul, a gothic vamp called Sunday stole all Buffy’s things and tried to kill her, Parker tried to play Buffy but after I had a few words in private with Parker, he ended up saying he just wanted to be friends. Spike came back and found a gem that made him immortal like, I chopped off his finger and took the ring. Halloween we were locked in a frat house with a fear demon. Funny Anya left town after that night something about me Living with Death.

I started working at the pub on campus and found the beer had a spell on it but not before Buffy and her drinking buddies went all cave people and tried to burn the place down while still in it. Oz was run out of the group after sleeping with a she wolf named Veruca. I had to kill her to save Willow while Buffy tranquilized Oz. We spent a while comforting her.

Buffy stated dating this guy who set off my soldier memories, then Spike shows up talking about these military guys. I was worried about my friends and my own secrets as well as what these guys might really be up to. After the beer incident with cave Buffy, I started working construction around my classes and training. One of my coworkers fell into an old Mission at a worksite. I climbed in and got him out just before a wave of magic hit me.

I had woken up with Adam trying to figure out what was going on. It seemed I had gotten several diseases that were cured long ago. Adam said it had to be mystical as the quickening prevents anything else. We agreed to try and kill me again to get rid of it. Thankfully it worked. Thanksgiving at Giles’ house with Spike tied to a chair was interesting enough but a Chumash Indian warrior’s spirit was released at the Mission and he was trying to avenge his people by killing the white men who took their lives and their land. Sadly all we could do is kill the spirits with their own weapons. Later Adam and me said a traditional prayer for the tribe and release them from their vow. Lucky no one noticed the arrow I had hurriedly pulled from my heart just before it killed me. Instead they found me “Passed out” where I hit my head. I decided not to tell them I had seen Angel in town.

Then Willow got all crazy with the magic and cause some uncomfortable situations. I had Giles contact some teachers for her immediately. I was visiting the guys back in Oxnard when a strange Laryngitis takes over the town. They still haven’t told me what happened and somehow Spike got moved into Joyce’s basement. Oh and It turned out I was right, Buffy’s new fella is with the Military group that has been experimenting on demons. Kill them yes, experiment on them hell no. I just knew it was going to end bad. Worse the lady in charge is a civilian on a power trip.

Meanwhile Spike saved Joyce from some vamps and found out he could hurt demons. He earned a bit of trust from Joyce who now had he own personal watch dog. It was time now for Adam and I to head out on our trip. I tested out of the rest of my classes and told the gang I had some personal stuff to do. They were so wrapped up in their own stuff they had been ignoring me as of late anyway.

We headed up to meet some friends of Adams, who by the way just told me his real name is Methos and he is like over five thousand years old. We stopped at a bar in Seacover where…..


“Um, Adam. I kind feel a big buzz right now. How many of us are in there?” Xander asked. Adam chuckled, “Maybe one could be four. I don’t hear any fighting so they most likely are my friends.” He said as he walked in the place. Several very nervous people in the bar all relaxed when they saw who was coming inside. Xander looked at the two men and one woman at the bar and the buzz faded gratefully. “Hey Adam, You here to pay your tab? Your cut off until you do! Who’s your friend?” Joe said his smile taking some of the bite out of his words.

Adam smiled, “Joe, Amanda, Duncan, Connor, I would like you to meet my latest student, Alexander. Alexander this beautiful lady is Amanda and the two ugly Scots next to her are Duncan and Connor MacLeod.” Xander gave a sheepish “Hi” and smiled taking Amanda hand and kissing it as he whispered, “Enchanted my lady” to her in French causing Amanda to snap out of her shock and smile while Duncan growled slightly and Connor chuckled.

Joe looked at Adam pointedly and said, “So where is my report?” Adam gave him a look that clearly said later as he and Xander took a seat and everyone started asking questions. Amanda was first, “Methos darling, you and I don’t take students. Have you been hanging around the MacLeods that long?” she practically purred. Adam shrugged, “Cassandra asked through a third party. I was there moments after it happened and have spent the past six months or so working on cleaning up the rough edges. He grew up in Sunnydale so he had some rough skills and good survival instincts already.”

At this point they all looked at Xander. They only one who looked confused was Duncan. Amanda gasp and pulled Xander to her like he was a child, not that he was complaining as she had put his head on her chest, “You pour thing. Living with those beast.” Xander could not help but quip, “My parent may be drunken assholes but they weren’t beast.” She pulled back and saw he was joking in part and then put him back where she had him, “I don’t know how you survived all this time on the mouth of hell with Vampires and Demons.” Even though she was treating him like he was five she was very aware of just how grown he was and was taking advantage of being able to feel up his muscles without worrying Duncan.

Duncan still looked confused, “Vampires, Demons, Mouths of Hell, Amanda what are you talking about?” They all looked at him in shock, “All these years and you haven’t met a demon before?” Joe asked. Duncan shook his head, “Fairytale monsters nay, Evil Immortals yeah.” They talked for the next few hours explaining things to him. Joe had subtly turned on a tape recorder while Xander was speaking to record everything for the records, a point which Xander had noticed. Before the immortals left the bar he told Joe, “By the way Joe, Next time you want to record my conversation, at least ask first.” The rest were in shock looking at Joe who shrugged and wondering how Xander knew when they didn’t.

The next week was spent getting to know each other, training with the others and making friendships. Christmas eve Xander said he had to be home the next morning. When they got back to the hellmouth…



That damn mage had been back and turned Giles into Demon. Adam figured it out after seeing Ethan the day before and saves Giles before Buffy can kill him. After revealing himself to Giles he left town like he told me he was going to. Things got crazier with the Military people while I was gone Buffy joined up with them and when she asked to many questions, Walsh tried to kill Buffy. We then find out one of their projects has gotten lose so I called some of my friends to see if they would help.

I was visiting Faith when she woke up the Watchers had someone waiting to report it and the Mayor left her some stuff and a video tape that we watched. We took it all to Giles. Then the was the frat house party where we all got possessed and Faith, Buffy and I ended up in one of the bedrooms Fucking till I think they actually killed me once or twice. Giles and my friends, who had finally arrived, broke the spell and saved the girls from killing themselves.

Adam had brought Cassandra with him. With her help we defeated Walsh’s pet project ADAM. We also hacked some information when we removed anything on Immortals. She had been testing on her Agents. Riley had to head out to Washington and settle things, which was good since things between him and Buffy had been strained after the possessed three some that had been in his bed no less.

I managed to get out before the gang asked too much about my friends. The Immortal group stopped in Oxnard where Suzy somehow got me to dance again, in the same costume and to the same music no less. Adam had shared a conspiratorial look with Duncan and Connor while Amanda and Cassandra behaved like the other women. They then flirted with me relentless asking for a private show.

Before long we arrived back at Seacover where Cassandra and I stayed a week before heading to Europe.


“Cass, where are we going again?” Xander asked again, “To my place where I have much to teach you. You have learned many things from Methos, Amanda, Duncan, and Connor. Now it is my turn to teach you what you need to know. Within the next year a false prophesy will be made. You will help break it as you did the one for Buffy. I must be sure you know how.” Was all she told him as they drove along the country roads.



I learned much from Cassandra while I was with her. I also spent several of the best weeks of my life in her bed. Not long after she sent me out into the world, I met my first challenger. He seemed a bit mad and he was determined to fight me not matter how many times I tried to talk him out of it. In the end I took his head only because he left me no choice. I now know what it is like to gain a quickening and I don’t like it. I also know why he did it and it makes me not trust my closest friends as they set me up to take the head of this particular Immortal. The name he had been using Was Henry James and he left everything to me before I killed him.

It seems that Henry lived in another world and another time. He was sent back in time when the realities merged due to a portal in my own hometown. Like Buffy he had a destiny and mush be born here. In order to do that he must first die. One thing about time travel, there are some things that will happen no matter what you do. Henry knew I would be a force for good and he knew his parents would die on his first Halloween. Prophesy is a dangerous thing and destiny even more so. Prophesies can change, Henry wanted to change his prophesy. Destinies don’t change so he wanted to make sure he was prepared this time. With his memories I know who to trust in his world and how to walk in it as well.

That is why unless they really need me back in Sunnydale, I’m was staying in Scotland. I didn’t have to wait long. Halloween night a green flash and there in my arms was the baby I had been waiting on. The rebirth of the man I had killed months before. I took him back to America so we could hide from those who were looking for him.

Cassandra had gotten Willow a teacher in the form of the charmed ones. They took us in and allowed our children to grow up together. Wyatt was half Wicca Witch and Half White lighter with a destiny his own. The boys got along wonderfully. When my son was about ten, the summer before he turned eleven Cassandra called me back to her.

When we arrived she was crying and said she wanted to tell me but she could not until now and how sorry she was to have robbed me of the joys I should have had. I finally got her to calm down and try to explain when my son pulled on me and pointed to a small girl about his age. She ran and jumped into Cassandra’s arms hiding her head and trying to get her to stop crying


“Cass darling what’s wrong?” Xander asked Cassandra who looked into his eyes, “You gave me a miracle and I wasn’t able to tell you until now. Please don’t hate me. I couldn’t tell you or we would all be in danger. She’s yours Xander. We did the impossible. We created a miracle.” Xander looked at the little girl in Cassandra’s arms, his little girl. She looked up at her Mother with a look he had seen on Willow may times, “Mother is he?” she asked hopefully and Cassandra nodded. The Girl got out of her mother’s lap and stood before the man she had just confirmed was her father.

Holding out a tiny hand she announced, “Hello Father, I’m Hermione Jane Granger.” She said shaking his hand before turning to the boy, “And you are?” The boy didn’t like the idea of sharing his father but he did like the idea of another person to do magic with. The Boy took her hand and kissed the back of it saying, “Harry James Lavelle Potter” he said still holding her hand. Hermione stuttered, “PPPPPawPawPaw..” before she fainted. That of course was when the owls came a delivered the letters.


Cassandra and Xander preformed a hand fasting to complete their little family. Hermione got over the boy who lived thing and they decided to use Lavelle - Granger for a last name. Xander had dropped the Harris long before. The Charmed ones had removed the dark magic from Harry as a baby and his scar along with it.

The books Hermione had read said that the night his birth parents died Harry disappeared and had not been heard from again. She promised not to tell anyone who her brother really was. Cassandra had been training her to defend herself much as Xander had been training Harry. Without the fame following him and without other meddling in his life Harry’s schooling would go very different this time around and when the time came to face the Dark Lord. Harry would be ready and the Wizarding world would be shocked to find their savior had been among them and they had not known.

As stated above I own nothing: If you have yet to figure it out we have the Buffy,Highlander, Harry Potter, and some charmed mentioned in the story.
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