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Where is our Chappa’ai?

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Summary: The new council is reconstructing its records and realizes that some hidden artifacts are missing. They investigate and find a whole new mess created by the US government

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Matchmaking secretaries are very bad.

Disclaimer in Prologue

Chapter 1: Matchmaking secretaries are very bad.

Twenty watchers worldwide had survived the minions of The First, not counting those on deep cover missions. The council had not taken this kind of losses since the world wars and had not managed to rebuild from that before the London headquarters were blown up last year.

The battle of the Somme in 1916, the third battle of Gaza in 1917. The first war cost hundreds of watchers and dozens of slayers mainly in the killing fields of the trenches perfect hunting grounds for vampires. The battle against the Letztes Bataillon in 1944 had cost the council over three quarters of its strength at the time. The damn Nazi’s and their demon soldier program. Then there was the cold war and the expense of hunting in hostile territory. Then finally The First blowing up the headquarters and hunting potentials and their watchers down. The last century had not been kind to the once powerful institution.

Giles remembered his grandfathers stories of the old council how there was a team of watchers always with the slayer, experts in all types of weapons, translators and demonologists. Before the damned world wars.

Now it was up to the survivors to pick up the pieces. Many files had been recovered from the secret archives. Many artifacts were safe in the vaults, it would take a lot more than a bomb to take out the vault. It just took so much time sorting through everything. Like this file on his desk right now. It was a historic file about the liberation of the Nile kingdom from the tyranny of the some serpent demons. He did not have time for ancient history now. He had a council to rebuild.

Giles passed the files to Andrew. The boy was thorough. Give him his own room and the files were done in half the time and with perfection. His own room was necessary as he would talk endlessly otherwise.


A few days later Andrew called Willow and Xander in to help him with the bureaucratic nightmare Giles had given him.


“ we tracked down the location of the weapons cache and found the zat’tels and the fire staffs they were all accounted for.” Willow said as she paced back and forth in Giles’ office.

“But the Cappa’ai thingy is gone and we need to track it down. Willow did a locator spell and found it was somewhere in central USA but we are too far away to get a more exact location. We also got an odd echo from Antarctica, and so we came to you.” Andrew concluded for her. He was seated in front of Giles’ desk next to Xander.

“And you have spent what eleven days on this investigation so far?” Nods from the three youngsters before him. “Well then I think Willow and Xander are going to be on the next possible flight out there while Andrew is continuing to cross reference this file in the archives. Andrew you are going to be in charge of the team going through the archives as you are most familiar with it.” Andrews pout at being left out turned into a look of astonishment. “You two start packing Andrew I want you to get William and Jenny up to speed on this, they are your team.”

After they left his office Giles got a bottle of whisky out. “Damn I was hoping the next apocalypse would not be involving hell gods. Glory was enough on her own.”

He buzzed Linda, his secretary, and asked her to book a flight for Willow and Xander and book a room for them as well. Linda was the only surviving Travers, not very competent with the secretarial duties but they needed all the help they could get. She was very good with a sword though and had stopped one assassination attempt on Giles already. That was the main reason they kept her around.


After landing at Kansas City International the tired pair made their way to the hotel that Linda had booked for them yesterday. Willow couldn’t teleport them over that distance not unless they didn’t mind the risk of ending up a few hundred feet above or below ground.

London to Rome to Cairo. No problem, as there were beacon stones in place. London to the states. That was way too far, even if there had been a beacon stone.

Willow looked at the room then turned to her best friend “Xander why is there only one bed?”

“Huh? Oh no, I’m so going to strangle Linda.”


The next morning Willow found her self in a position she would have killed to be in back in high school... Waking up in Xander’s arms.

She poked him but he did not wake. She poked him harder, he still did not wake. She smiled and whispered into his ear “Xander you are going to miss Buffy and Faith nude mud wrestling.” That worked. “Huh? Wha? Oh morning Will.”

After breakfast Willow cast the locator spell. Did you think a hungry Wicca would cast on an empty stomach? Cranky, hungry, or sleepy Wicca do not mix with magic.

Xander groaned when he saw the location. Cheyenne Mountain Colorado. Why did it have to be the military? Why?

They phoned London so an official appointment could be made with the President. They did not need another Initiative.

As soon as the President heard who was coming to see him he said “Fuck why is Darth Willow coming here? What did I do to deserve her?”


Linda had placed them in a hotel in Washington. They had a whole day spare before they would meet with the President himself. They decided to see the sites after dropping off their bags

Washington had a beacon stone. Beacon stones were one of the best things left over from the old council. Long distance teleports were hazardous. The stones were a bright unmisable points on the magical landscape. If you knew how to connect to them that is. They let you focus on where you were going to. Willow going to those stones could travel about a thousand miles, without them about she could manage about ninety miles.

So the trip to Washington was no problem. Until they got to their hotel that is. Linda had placed them in the honeymoon suite.

A/N reviews inspire me tell me what you like OR don’t like, let me know if you spot errors, constructive criticisms are welcome.
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