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Where is our Chappa’ai?

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Summary: The new council is reconstructing its records and realizes that some hidden artifacts are missing. They investigate and find a whole new mess created by the US government

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1BurningLightFR1558,363810733,43620 Apr 0915 May 09No

Prologue: Project Log? Huh?

BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. Stargate belongs to MGM This fan work is not for profit.

Prologue: Pro Log? Huh?
Walter was a very confused man. The first chevron to encode was the point of origin. That just did not happen. Now the seventh chevron had locked, the gate did not engage. “Chevron seven encoded” It kept spinning “Chevron eight encoded” It kept spinning now everyone was watching the gate. “Chevron nine encoded” It kept spinning.

After the ninth symbol was entered the gate was still accepting more symbols Anise was shocked. Less than an hour ago she had bet the interlopers a cubic meter of refined naquadah against them both becoming hosts for the Tok’Ra that they could not enter more than nine symbols into the gate on a single dialing within the next month. It was a safe bet against these primitives. Or so she thought. “Um chevron ten encoded.” It kept spinning.

General Hammond was livid, he had received a phone call from the president seconds before they arrived ordering him to cooperate fully with the visitors oh and keep them safe at all cost. They arrived in his office without coming through the base just appearing out of thin air. The representatives of this council had come here demanding to know why he had their gate. Within the hour they proceeded to make a bet with the visiting Tok’Ra after her blunt statement about earth being primitive, how was he meant to keep them safe if they became hosts? Now they were experimenting with his gate. Some days he wished he never got out of bed. “Chevron fourteen encoded” It kept spinning.

Walter had no idea what to say as the tenth symbol encoded into the first chevron it acquired a golden hue. Was it chevron ten encoded or was it chevron one re-encoded? Now it was on the fifteenth. “Chevron fifteen Locked!” It stopped spinning.

Anise was expecting a wormhole, it never came. She was about to claim it was a failed dial until she noticed the computer.

Samantha was in heaven. The gate was uploading addresses into the computer seven symbol addresses, then eight symbol addresses, finally five nine symbol address were uploaded. The project log was recording all of this.

The man with an eye patch turned to face the alien “So Anise, I believe that was a successful entering of more than nine symbols into the gate in... oh forty two minutes. I believe you owe me and Willow some naquadah.”

Jack just burst into a fit of giggles.



A/N reviews inspire me tell me what you like OR don’t like, let me know if you spot errors, constructive criticisms are welcome.

A/N beta is needed my spelling sucks and my grammar is worse
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