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Carry On My Wayward Son

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Summary: After Dean's death, Sam wants to learn a little more about his brother..

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenterednightshadowlifeFR1568,4732249,89521 Apr 0920 May 09No

Where is my.....

A/N: I’m really sorry about the late chapter. I am currently getting ready to move at the beginning of next month so things are pretty hectic around here. I am going out of town Thursday and then moving on the first, so it may be a couple of weeks before this story gets updated. Sorry for the delay and please leave reviews! Nice ones!!! They help move me along when I get stuck. So now on to the largest chapter I have written for this story!

Giles had walked back into the living room and sat down in his chair absentmindedly reaching for his teacup. Everyone was looking at him but before anyone could ask who had been at the door Dean and Buffy walking into the room. Everyone sat where they were, various faces of shock could be seen though Willow’s looked more thoughtful, and after a couple of minutes the silence became oppressive so Buffy decided it was on them to break the ice.

“Hey guys. How’s it going?”

Everyone turned to face her while she shifted uncomfortably. Dean just looked towards her, everyone around the room, and then back to Buffy before smirking.

“Nice Hun.”

Buffy smiled at him softly, “Well if you had a better idea I’m all ears.”

“Nah, I thought I would let you handle this one.”

“Sure. You just couldn’t think of anything and let me be the guinea pig, or ya know the pink elephant in the room.”

Dean just smirked at her again before turning to the rest of the occupants of the room.

“So… Hey everyone how’s it hanging?”

Everyone continued to look dumbfounded for a minute before Willow jumped to her feet.

“It worked!!! I can’t believe it! I thought it wouldn’t work because of the demons and the whole smashing and well the lack of completion. Yay!! It worked!! Your back!!!!” She then turned towards Dean, “Who are you? What are you doing with your hand wrapped around her? Why are you both standing there wet? Who are you?”

Dean and Buffy looked towards each other. Neither truly wanted to have to explain to them what was going on, Hell they had managed to keep it a secret for almost two years now. But the cat was out of the bag and things weren’t going to be resolved until they started so taking a deep breathe and squeezing Dean’s hand for support Buffy turned towards the scoobies, her friends and told them as quickly and quietly as possible.

“Guys, this is Dean Winchester and he’s my husband.”

‘You could have actually heard a pin drop, if there had actually been a pin to drop or you know another sharp pointy small object to drop hanging around’, Buffy quickly stopped her wayward thoughts turning towards the group. The shock among everyone present would have been funny if they hadn’t just pulled themselves out of her grave and were now covered in holy water.

Dean wasn’t fairing any better, he knew he was fidgeting and all but he had never been a public speaker and this was starting to get on his nerves. Half of the group kept looking at him like he was an animal on exhibit and the other half were looking between Xander and Willow to Buffy and Dean. He didn’t think he could have taken much more of the silent treatment before the oh so wonderful brunette broke the silence.

Anya hadn’t known about the marriage but Buffy was a friend well at least a friend of her boyfriend and the way things were going it didn’t look like anyone was going to say anything so she may as well break the silence.

“He looks like a good orgasms buddy. He should make you very happy.”

And with that one liner things were starting to unwind from the tense atmosphere, Xander looked at Anya while Willow seemed to break out of her stupor.

Willow quickly walked over to Buffy and Dean and starting hugging both of them. Dean and Buffy looked over Willow to each other before shrugging and wrapping their arms around Willow to hug her back. At this point everyone else had also stood up and Xander had come up wrapping his arm around all three of them.

The group hug continued for several minutes before some people became uncomfortable and started to back off and go back to where they were sitting. Xander had gone back to sit next to Anya while Willow stayed where she was next to Buffy and Dean. Eventually Giles cleared his throat and waved at them to take a seat as well. Willow gave one last hug to Buffy before going and sitting next to her girlfriend Tara. While Buffy and Dean moved over to the love seat to sit, it took several more minutes before anyone was willing to break the uncomfortable silence that had descended on the group.

“While ya know I appreciate the whole group hug and everything and all, but ummm… what exactly is going on? The last thing I remember was ya know jumping.”

Giles took his glasses off and started to clean them with the handkerchief while everyone else pointedly looked away from the girl in question.


Sam closed up his laptop and put down enough money to pay for the meal and a small tip. He then walked over to the couple sitting in front of him and produced his badge.

“Hello there, my name is Special Agent Rollins and I overheard your conversation about some friends going into that abandoned hospital, now are these the missing teens that the local police are searching for and what information do you have on them?”

“Well, Sir, I mean Special Agent it’s my cousin, his name is Jackson and umm a couple of his friends umm I think there names were Garret and Will that had gone into the place. And yeah there missing, but I’m betting it’s a total prank. Those guys are always pulling stuff like that to get attention. Plus they were trying to get this big hype up so that they could have like one of those ghost shows you always see on TV. I have a video that they shot of the place about a week and a half ago; it’s just a bunch of them like trying to draw out the ghosts or whatever.”

“I see and what are your names?”

“Well Sir, I mean Special Agent….”

“You can just call me Rollins, no need for the special agent.”

“Right well I’m Lane, Lane Williams and this is my girlfriend Jen Parks, well her full name is Jenny Parks.”

Sam pulled out a small notebook and wrote down the names of the people that were missing and the couple in front of him before turning back to look at the boy.

“Do you still have this tape or this book that your cousin had?”

“Yes sir. The book and the video are still at my cousin’s house. He showed them to be a couple of days ago before him and his friends decided to go back out there.”

“Okay Mr. Williams I’ll need your cousin’s address and if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to go over there and get the items for the investigation.”

“Do you really think something happened to them Agent Rollins?” Jen spoke up for the first time.

Sam looked up at her quickly before saying, “At this point we can’t rule anything out. It could be a simple prank by a bunch of boys looking to stir up trouble or it could have been something else.”

Lane nodded before looking back up at Sam, “I don’t know if it was real or not but I mean the tape they showed me was wicked exactly like you would see on one of those TV shows!”

Sam just nodded again, “What was your cousin’s last name and do you happen to remember the names of the other boys that were with him?”

“My cousin’s name is Williams like mine and I think the other two were brothers. I just can’t remember their last names.”

“It was Landon. My sister went to school with Garret, I remember because she was pretty shook up about the whole thing.”

Sam nodded to let them know that he had heard the info while he wrote it down in his notebook. Once he finished he looked back up at the couple, “I think now would be a good time for you to take me to your cousin’s house and show me this tape and book.”

Lane went to stand while Jen looked up at them both before grabbing her purse and walking out the door to follow.


Sam had followed behind the couple while they drove over to the boy’s cousin’s house. He knew that if he could get his hands on that book and tape he had a lot better chance of hopefully getting this case solved and worked out tonight instead of having to wait until tomorrow or the next.


Sam pulled in behind the kid and his girlfriend outside a small two story house. The building looked like it needed some exterior work but was in good shape. Lane and Jen got out of their vehicle and walked towards Sam.

“My cousin lived here with is brother, John. He isn’t home right now but I have a key so I can go ahead and get the tape and book for ya if you want.”

Sam looked at him for a moment before nodding, “Sure but I’ll need to see his room. Make sure there isn’t something there that could help us find him in case they decided to play a prank or something.”

Land nodded and turned to walk up to the front door of the house. Jen just looked at him for a moment before going back to the car. Seemed she would wait outside until everything in the house had been taken care of.

Sam followed Lane through the front door and down a hallway to the left towards a bedroom of the right hand side of the hall. Inside the room was a twin size bed, dresser, tv and a couple of posters on the wall. The room had one bookshelf that contained several books on ghosts. Seemed that Lane had been telling the truth when he talked about his cousin.

While Sam had been looking around the room Lane had gone to the end of the bed and pulled out a box from underneath. He went to open the box but Sam stopped him.

“Okay kid is this where the tape and book are at?”

“Yeah after Jackson had shown me the tape he had put it back in here and shoved it under the bed.”

Sam moved to where the box was and lifted up the corner with the edge of his pen. Sure enough inside the box were a tape and a book on the occult. Same pushed the top of the box back down and took the whole thing under his arm.

“Okay Lane thanks for the help, if I have any more questions where can I reach you at?”

Lane looked up at him moment before asking, “Do you really think that Jackson and his friends are just trying to pull everyone’s leg to get some kind of propaganda or something?”

“Right now anything is a possibility. We have to go over all of the facts and see where they lead us.”

Lane just nodded before looking back at Sam, “I’m living with my girlfriend Jen, her number is 681-7829. If I’m not at home she knows where to reach me at.”

Sam wrote down the info and then turned to Lane to have him show Sam the way back out of the house.


Giles slowly put his glasses back on before looking towards his slayer. He knew that she had seemed pretty shook up when he had opened the door. The near cationic state she had been in was a good indication that the rest of this conversation wasn’t going to go over very well with either her or Dean. He didn’t know anything about why Dean would be here with Buffy and that disturbed him more, he knew that the reason Buffy was here right now was due to Willow and her dabbling in some very dark magic. But Dean that was something else entirely.

“Dean if I may ask why did you pick tonight to come into town? And where did you find Buffy?”

Dean and Buffy looked at each other for a moment before Dean turned back towards Giles. Giles could see the small frown on Buffy’s face indicating she didn’t understand the question. At that one moment in time he wondered if by pulling Buffy back from the dead if they had somehow brought her back incomplete. He started to open his mouth to question Buffy about what she remembered but the look on Dean’s face was the almost exact one on Buffy’s.

Dean shook his head slowly. Why were they asking him if he had driven into town? Shouldn’t they have known that, that wasn’t what had happened at all? Willow had practically admitted to whatever was going on was her doing. Why ask those questions.

Xander seemed to have shaken of his confusion at this point and pointed towards Giles, “You knew about them?”

“Yes I dear say I did, Buffy and Dean have been married for over a year and half now. I was the man to give Buffy away at the ceremony.”

This seemed to cause the whole group to freeze up. None of them seemed to even know where to begin to explain anything. Dean shook it off first, turning towards Giles he looked him in the eyes to try and gauge his reaction.

“Why would you think drove into town?”

Giles looked at Dean closely, “I was assuming you had found her, is that not the case?”

“No it’s not; I woke up in that stupid box with her! It wasn’t until we had climbed out that we realized that we had just literally climbed out of Buffy’s grave!!!”

Buffy grasped his hand tighter and he made himself calm down. Getting angry wouldn’t get him the answers they needed or have this go any faster. Giles meanwhile had started to cleaning his glasses again, instead of perching them back on his nose the held them in one hand while look at the couple on the love seat and asking,

“Dean what exactly was the last thing you remember?”

Dean drew himself up short at that answer, he hadn’t been expecting it. He knew where he had been and what the last thing he remembered was the only problem was that he had never gotten around to telling Buffy. At least not about the deal, he had told her all about the whole Sam disappearing and finding him, hell he even told her that Sam had died and that they had found a way to bring him back but not about the deal.

Taking a deep breath and instead of looking at Giles or anyone else gathered around the room he looked towards Buffy.

“Do you remember when I called to tell you we had found Sam but he had died and then we had found a way to bring him back?”

Buffy nodded hesitantly

“Well I did bring him back but in the process I made a deal with the crossroads demon. My life for Sam's and part of that deal was that if I tried to go back on it not only would I die but so would Sam.”

He could tell from looking at her that she was getting upset, luckily for him she wasn’t getting mad. So he decided to plunge ahead and finish the story.

“Afterwards I hadn’t planned on telling Sammie but things happened. The deal was that I was only given one year. We managed to track down and kill the yellow eyed demon, but Sam had ended up finding out what I had done. I fought against him for a long time but he was determined to find a way to save me. I didn’t tell you because at first I didn’t think you would understand, and then once that excuse ran dry I knew it was because you would be disappointed in me and I couldn’t bear to see that look from you.”

Buffy grabbed a hold of Dean, her hands on either side of his face and kissed him. It was both to make sure he was still there and to reassure him that she wasn’t mad. She knew that she should be mad hell she knew right now she was damn irritated with him but at this exact moment nothing else mattered except that he was there right in front of her.

They slowly broke apart and Dean smiled softly before continuing,

“It wasn’t until the last month that I realized what exactly I had thrown away by taking the deal, and of course I then fought with everything I had. Sam, and Bobby right there beside me, but it was too little too late. The last thing I remember was being torn to shreds by the hell hounds.”

He gave Buffy one more sad little smile before turning towards Giles.

“With the deal I was suppose to have gone to hell, though I don’t actually remember if I did or didn’t.”

Giles cleared his throat, “When did that happen Dean, I guess you would say the day with the hell hounds?”

“I don’t remember the exact date but after Buffy had gotten us out of her grave I know that she passed away almost two weeks before hand.” Turning towards Giles again he asked, “Speaking of which why didn’t you ever call me to let me know that my wife had died?”

Giles shook his head before explaining.

“I called on two separate occasions, neither time was the phone picked up. I left a voice mail but never received a call back.”

Dean looked sheepish for a moment before nodding, “That must have been around the time we were tracking Lilith and I didn’t have my phone on me.”

Giles smiled benignly before turning towards Buffy.

“Buffy dear what exactly was the last thing you remember?”

“Well it was the whole battle with Glory and things had gotten out of hand. I had ended up beating her up with the hammer but the portal had been opened. So I went to the top of the tower and there was little Dawnie, she had several cuts on her….”

Buffy stopped sharply looking around the room. Dean had also quickly glanced around the room at the mention of Dawn’s nickname. Looking back at Giles he practically growled out the words.

“Giles where the hell is our daughter?”

I know I am horrible one cuz it’s been done before and two cuz it’s a cliffhanger. I have to keep you guys interested somehow!!!

The End?

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