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Wayward Angel

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Summary: It all started with a simple writing assignment and a helpful classmate..........

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Television > Kindred: the EmbracedJaderoseFR181830,77287712,52821 Apr 0920 Oct 10No

Author's Notes and Chapter One

Disclaimer: If you recongize it then I don't own it. Angela and her crew, Henry the bartender and Linda are mine however so please ask before borrowing. Thank you.

Author's Notes: For my loyal readers: yes I know this isn't the next part of one of the others. *sheepish shrug* Sorry. This is what was talking. On the upside this one's done sooooo..... though I probably will be handing it out in bits and pieces...*grin* There will hopefully be a sequel to this and I will look at the others. Promise.

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! This is *not* my usual writing style. I am literally just writing what the voices in my head tell me to. For those that actually know the show: I know everyone's OOC. Not my fault. This is also a Mary-Sue so if that's not your thing *waves cheerfully* Bu-bye.

For everyone else: The story decided it wanted to be written as if you know what's going on Kindred wise already so if you don't know who and what they are.....: go look them up or you'll be completely lost.

*headdesk* Forgot to mention that this is set after the last episode not sure how long but at least several months.

“’Go to the Haven’ she said. ‘It’s all gothy and dark. Perfect for putting you in the mood to work on your Creative Writings assignment.’ she promised,” Angela Collins grumbled under her breath as she stepped out of her newly restored 1960 Corvette and surveyed the crowd in front of the, apparently, popular club. “Note to self: if you survive tonight, remember to axe murder your classmate the next time you see her.” She continued to mumble as she spied several rough looking biker kids lounging around the entrance. Angela debated the wisdom of actually going into the club for a few more minutes before sighing and making sure she had her pens and notebook and shutting her car door. “Well, once more into the breach dear friends.” She melodramatically quoted under her breath as she walked around the car and headed for the front door.

Angela paused for half a beat as she neared the door, sizing up the groups of bikers on either side and allowed herself to be sized up in return, before drawing a deep breath, straightening her spine and walking confidently forward, a pleasant smile gracing her face. The two men closest to the door smirked at her as she approached but just as she reached to open the door one of them did it for her.

“Thank you, sir,” She chirped sincerely with a nod as she hesitated to meet his eyes.

The young man nodded in return. “Not a problem. Sweet ride by the way.” He complimented as his smirk turned into an admiring grin.

“Thanks. It took me forever to rebuild her but now she’s back to being the beauty she should have always been,” Angela replied with a satisfied smile and a glance back at the black and gold Vette.

“We’ll keep an eye on her for ya,” the other man offered with a grin of his own, holding up a hand when Angela started to protest. “Nope. She’s too pretty to be left out her on her own. Now shoo.” He continued as he gently pushed her into the club and closed the door behind her.

Angela stared over her shoulder for a moment before huffing a sigh of exasperation and starting down the sweeping staircase, shaking her head all the while. The two doormen watched her retreating back through the decorative glass in the door before holding a quick game of rock/paper/scissors to find out who was going to call their leader to warn him.

As Angela rounded the curve of the stairs she was forced to stop for a moment as she got her first look at Haven proper. The lighting was muted and spaced so that one could see but there were still plenty of shadowy recesses. The walls were painted a musty warm gold, adding to the smoky feel of the place. All in all Angela was forced to admit that her classmate was right; this would be a really good place to write.

“Now let’s see if I can find a corner to tuck myself into,” she muttered as she scanned the places she could see that would allow her to watch the room and have her back against a wall at the same time. Finally she spied a barstool at the end of the wraparound bar that would be perfect, far enough out of the way that once she settled she’d probably be forgotten, under a wall sconce so she’d have light and a wall to lean back against when her back bitched at her being hunched over for too long.

The college student carefully threaded her way through the clusters of tables until she reached her goal and she collapsed in a gracelessly onto the stool. She shifted a few times to get comfortable and then, fishing out one of her many pens, she opened her notebook and stared off into space as she tried to come up with a vampire story idea that hadn’t been done twenty thousand times already.

“Thank Gods, the teacher didn’t specify more that had to be a vampire story and not an obvious rip off of a famous one,” she murmured as she absently chewed on the end of her pen. “Okay. So we have your standard evil vampire returns from the grave to wreak mayhem and havoc on the unsuspecting town folk….. Then there’s the Romeo and Juliet with fangs tragic doomed romance……,” she continued to mutter under her breath as she started jotting down general ideas, much to the amusement of the bartender who had wandered over. “Really should have brought my dice for this……” Angela jumped when a throat cleared itself loudly right beside her, causing her head snapped up, eyes wide, before she spotted the grinning bartender. “Oh. Hi. What’s up?” She chirped brightly as she tried to cover up her embarrassment over being caught talking to herself.

“Would you like something to drink while you decide the fate of the undead?” The man teased gently, his grin never wavering and his topaz eyes twinkled.

“Um, if I tell you how to make something can you do it?” She asked shyly.

“Sure. What is it?”

“My friends called it a Candied Apple. The way they made it was pour a shot of Sour Apple Pucker and a shot of Buttershots into a tumbler with ice and fill the rest of the glass with Sprite or 7-Up, which ever one’s on tap,” Angela described happily.

“Huh. That’s an interesting one. Mind if I keep the recipe?” He called over his shoulder as he gathered everything and started mixing.

“Nope. Just tell me how others like it.” She agreed with a sunny smile as he brought over her drink. “Thanks.”

“Not a problem. So, out of curiosity, why are you plotting about vampires?” He asked as he leaned on his arms against the bar.

Angela took a quick sip, nodding her approval, before answering, “Well, I’m taking Creative Writing this semester to fill out my hours and my teacher wants us to come up with a, hopefully, fresh idea for an overworked theme. In this cases, vampires.” She took another quick sip. “Fortunately vampires are my favorite type of supernatural entity so I have a lot of folklore I can pull from beside dear ol’ Mr. Drac.”

The bartender snickered and was about to continue the conversation when someone called his name from the other end of the bar. “Sorry, doll, duty calls.”

“All good. Go be helpful to the poor deprived ones, I’m good for awhile,” she encouraged with a shooing motion, causing the man to laugh loudly. Angela grinned happily as she bent back over her notebook and spent the next few hours trying to come up with a story idea that spoke to her.
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