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Federal Way

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Toy Soldiers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Our Federal Agents have been joined by Scoobies and Hunters… They’ve experienced the supernatural, but are they really ready for more?

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsSariLaneFR18815,7871012648,70823 Apr 092 May 10No

The Sea Provides

Title: Federal Way
Series: Toy Soldiers
Author: SariLane
Fandom: Multi-Fandoms (Buffy, NCIS, CSI:Miami, NY, and LV, and Criminal Minds)
Summary: Our Federal Agents have been joined by Scoobies and Hunters… They’ve experienced the supernatural, but are they really ready for more?
Type: Slash, Het
Author's Notes: Remember this is AU. There will be changes from canon. And there
are things happening on some of the shows that will never show up here.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the

property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the

property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners,

creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is



The BAU and NCIS agents stared, speechless, at the woman who had just appeared in front of the IDC witch. She was like nothing they’d ever seen before. Taller than the average-height Quin by at least five inches, her body was perfectly formed and could have graced the cover of any magazine. However, there were many things that were… off about the woman. Her skin was a mixture of light green, light blue and gray tones that swirled together, almost as if someone had painted waves upon her person. Her hair was a mixture of dark green and white, and her eyes were a pure black, with no white showing. There were several slits on either side of the woman’s neck, which fluttered slightly as she breathed, and the only thing hiding her nudity was strategically placed seaweed.

Her strange eyes flickered over the federal agents, before focusing on Quin. “Greetings, Fey Witch… why hast thou summoned me?” When she spoke, her voice was melodic and sweet. Her head continued to tilt from side to side in what appeared to be confusion.

The IDC agents were frowning, but left it to Quin to respond. “The incantation used was not to call yerself, Grettis. It was supposed to call the witch, Stessina to us.”

Grettis inclined her head in a small nod. “Tis true, yet Stessina is no more. Grettis now answers these summons.”

“What happened to Stessina?” Sam asked.

The black eyes turned towards the tall man. “Bested was she by my Lord,” the words were heavy with sadness and perhaps a little fear. “She is no more, and Grettis and her sister witches are held to follow the laws of the new lord.” Her eyes fell back onto Quin. “Why didst thou summon a Sea Witch? What doest thou seek?”

Derek turned to Sam and Dean. “Why do I feel this crushing sadness?” he almost gasped the words.

“Grettis is empathic. Not only can she feel emotions, but she can also make others feel her own pain. I doubt she’s doing it consciously though. She’s a weaker Witch, and if she’s being ruled by someone else… well, she probably can’t control those emotions right now. Most of the demons that dwell in the oceans don’t have a lot of emotions, so it isn’t like she has to control herself all that often,” Dean explained. Looking around he saw that everyone seemed to be feeling the grief ebbing off Grettis.

“A few years ago there was a murder,” Quin paused as she saw the Sea Witch‘s confusion. “A man died from unnatural causes. It appears that the victims were killed by a Gorgontholda… We need to know if this demon is still a threat. There have been no recent murders, but…” Quin let the rest of her sentence hang.

Grettis nodded slowly. “You speak of the mortal savior; Savior Way-nah. My Lord demanded the death of Savior Way-nah.”

“Why?” Gibbs asked abruptly.

Her strange eyes turned towards him. “The Savior stopped the Lord from destroying Tesaw. The Lord was very angry. The Lord sent out the missive to all demons; destroy Savior Way-nah,” Grettis explained. “The Gorgontholda you seek was destroyed in the battle between My Lord and Stessina. He is no more.”

“But the person who ordered the Colonel killed, he’s still around?” Tony questioned the witch.

The woman’s fear spiked, and it was tangible to everyone. “Yes, shortly after the Savior was destroyed, the battle between My Lord and Stessina began. It lasted many tides… there were many deaths, much pain. After the battle… My Lord ordered Tesaw killed.”

“Wasn’t Tesaw Stessina’s son?” Sam murmured.

Grettis nodded vigorously. “Yes, yes, Tesaw was first born. He was to be mated to Grettis. When Tesaw was no more, the Lord spoke a new ruling. All Sea Witches are his to do with as he sees fit.”

“The man made himself a harem,” Hotch muttered. It was hard to stay focused and objective when the emotions were pouring off the woman speaking.

Grettis stepped forward, her eyes pleading with Quin’s. “The Gorgontholda is no more, but My Lord, he who commanded the death of the Savior, he still lives.”

“Does he ever involve himself in mortal issues?” Buffy asked, moving closer.

Grettis blinked at the blonde slayer. “My Lord came from this place. He was oce human. He used his magicks and cunning to join our realm.”

“Human? Her leader is, or I guess, was a human? Is that even possible?” Emily Prentiss asked the Winchesters.

Dean shrugged, but Sam answered, “He’d have to be pretty strong, and know what he was doing.”

“Now My Lord looks for a way to gather his armies to wage war. There are two names My Lord often mentions…”

“Who?” Quin asked.

Grettis took a step back. “This I cannot impart to thee, Fey Witch. It would mean the death of Grettis.”

“We could protect you,” Faith offered. “We would make sure you weren’t hurt.”

“Dark Slayer,” Grettis looked intrigued. “A child grows in your womb… Never has Grettis seen one such as thee carrying offspring…” The smile on her face was bright and genuine. It fled quickly and she turned back to the subject at hand. “There is only one way for Grettis to be safe if she were to share this information. It is too much to ask, and Grettis will not.”

“Amazing,” Dean murmured. “She’s the only sea demon I’ve ever seen who isn’t evil.”

“What would it take?” Hotch asked, and it seemed everyone wanted the answer.

“It would take a kiss. One kiss from mortal to witch,” she told him, “but there is more than that.”

“Grettis would have to be willingly kissed by a man who calls to her, as she calls to him. After the kiss she is tied to him. There are certain things that must happen. They are connected for six moons, or six months, and in that time she must spend part of each day with the man. She would not be able to go into the oceans for that entire time. At the end of that time, Grettis would be able to choose whether she wishes to stay human, or return to the sea.”

“What about her powers?” Ziva was intrigued.

Quin shrugged. “She’d still be a witch, just… not a sea witch.”

“And now you comprehend why Grettis cannot do this,” the Sea Witch told them. “Grettis would not ask for a mortal to suffer so. Grettis is not beautiful as her cousin Stessina was.”

Dean snorted lightly, and turned to murmur to the FBI agents, “Stessina could have played the whale in Free Willy.”

“But there’s a human here already that calls to you, isn’t there, Grettis?” Xander kept his tone light, and gentle.

“Nay, Alexander Harris, do not speak of this any longer. The One Who Sees must keep his visions silent.”

“It’s me, isn’t it?” Derek Morgan stepped forward. “I think it is, because everything inside is telling me to make it all better for her.” He moved forward several more steps until he was only five feet from the sea witch. “I’m willing.”

Grettis quickly began shaking her head. “Beautiful mortal, no, I would not ask this of thee.”

“You don’t have to ask. I’m offering.”

Grettis took a step closer to him before looking back at Quin.

“He offers freely, Grettis. None here have requested this. It’s his own mind.”

Derek moved until there was no space between them. He slowly reached out and pulled her into his arms. Immediately his clothing was soaked with sea water, but he didn’t pay any attention to that. Giving her plenty of time to back away from him, he lowered his mouth until their lips were together. She tasted incredible; a bit salty, but also sweet and delicious. Derek deepened the kiss, and then she was kissing him back, her arms wrapped around his neck.

Thunder sounded, and lightning struck, and Grettis was wrenched away from Derek’s grasp. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as light encased her body, and she dropped to the ground. When the light dimmed, the woman on the ground looked slightly different from before. Her skin was a pale ivory; her hair a deep, midnight black with one streak of soft green near the temple. She looked almost completely human. Derek knelt down to make sure she was okay, when thunder struck yet again.

The ocean seemed to roil for a moment, and then fell silent just before a creature flew out of the sea to land where once Grettis stood.

This woman was short, voluptuous, and a darker green than Grettis. Her hair was long and matted, hanging to her feet. Her lips were curled up in a heavy sneer, and rows of sharp, jagged teeth, stained with brown and red, could be seen through her parted lips. “Fey Witch,” the woman-creature snarled. “You bring us gifts…” Her eyes were on the humans.

“We did not summon you; leave us!” Quin snapped.

“You think to give Valanka orders? Valanka, the First Chosen of the Lord? Foolish Fey Witch. You shall learn the folly of your words when Valanka rips the flesh from your bones.”

“I would be very careful who you threaten, Valanka,” Quin tried to keep her tone even.

Valanka raised her hands in front of her and chuckled. “No threats meant, Fey Witch, no threats meant. Why do you and yours disturb us? Where is Grettis? Suffer shall she for speaking with you.”

“Grettis is no longer your concern,” Xander said as he stepped forward into the Sea Witch’s sight. “She’s ours.”

Valanka’s eyes had narrowed and she had fixated on Xander. “The One Who Sees… Truly it is an occasion when one is not only visited by The Longest Living Slayer, the Dark Slayer, and the Fey Witch, but also the One Who Sees…” Valanka stepped forward, moving sensuously towards Xander. “Lay with me, Alexander Harris, lay with Valanka and all shall be yours.”

“Gee, um, thanks for the offer, but I’m gonna have to pass.” Xander didn’t move a muscle, even as she drew closer.

“Why don’t you back off?” Gibbs ground out, seeing the creature moving ever closer to Xander.

“Pretty silver human,” Valanka cooed, before looking back at Quin. “You bring all these mortals with you, Fey Witch… are none to be bequeathed to Valanka?”

“Nay. They are here to learn more of the world we dwell in.”

Valanka looked at each for a moment. “Perhaps they should have a taste of Sea-Witch magic… perhaps then they could more fully grasp the power the seas hold.” Her gaze landed on Sam. “This is the mortal that fool Stessina was so fond of? Pretty child…” Again her gaze flit over all of the NCIS and BAU agents. “Pretty children all.”

“Watch yourself, Valanka… you grow bold,” Quin’s eyes narrowed, her attention never wavering from the woman in front of her.

“Nay, Fey Witch, Valanka only wishes to help. Much I could teach them… these… humans. Much they would gain from but a simple kiss of mine lips.”

“They’ll not be touching any part of ya,” Quin snapped. “Ye’re not like Grettis. A kiss of yer lips wouldna be pleasant.”

“Do we need anything else from this woman?” Gibbs asked., tiring of the woman’s power play.

Valanka hissed. “I am no mere woman, silver human. I am a Goddess! A queen. Shall I prove it?” She lifted her hand, and muttered a word. Suddenly, two streams of water rose from the ocean, and encircled Gibbs. The water formed a funnel around him.

“Take it down now!” Xander ground out, trying to keep his fury at bay.

All of the agents had drawn their weapons, and they aimed at a smirking Valanka. She laughed loudly, splaying her fingers, and more water splashed up to surround Morgan, who still knelt near the human form of Grettis, Hotch, Ziva, and Tony. A strange, screeching noise burst from her throat, and three strange creatures jettisoned from the sea, landing just in front of McGee, Prentiss, Rossi, and Reid. They looked eerily like the monsters from some old Black Lagoon movie, with fish-like heads, fins, and clawed hands.

“Wrong move, Bitch!” Dean growled out as he pulled his double barrel shotgun, and swung it towards the creatures.

Quin lifted both hands, palms facing the Sea-Witch. “We came with peaceful intentions, and ye’ve taken violent action against us. Yer arrogance is going to cost you, Valanka!” She spoke several foreign words, and the Sea-Witch began shrieking, before dropping to the ground, her body shaking.

Buffy moved forward, her scythe appearing out of nowhere, and slammed into one of the creatures blocking the federal agents. Dean shot the beast in the middle with the shotgun, blowing its head apart. The agents not surrounded by the water funnel all began firing on the three sea creatures, even as the creatures moved towards them. The creature on the left managed to lash out at McGee before Buffy reached him. Tim managed to fire into the monster, and duck out of the way only receiving a glancing blow from the sharp claws.

The battle took only moments before it ended the sea creatures dead, Valanka still twitching while unconscious, and the federal agents trying to catch their breath. As soon as the sea witch had passed out, the water funnels had dispersed, splashing to the ground harmlessly.

Grettis and Valanka still lay unconscious. Derek held Grettis close to his chest, and picked her up to move her to a more comfortable position, while Quin moved over to look at the wounds on a bleeding Tim McGee. Quin frowned and looked up into McGee's blue eyes. "I'm afraid I'm gonna have to suck the poison out."

Tony snickered and McGee blushed a bright red. "I'd say that's the best offer you've had in a while, Probie." Tony didn't even wait for it to happen, just braced himself for the smack seconds before it came. "Sorry, Boss."

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