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Federal Way

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Toy Soldiers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Our Federal Agents have been joined by Scoobies and Hunters… They’ve experienced the supernatural, but are they really ready for more?

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsSariLaneFR18815,7871012648,71123 Apr 092 May 10No

A New Day

Title: Federal Way Chptr 1: A New Day
Series: Toy Soldiers
Author: SariLane
Fandom: Multi-Fandoms (Buffy, NCIS, CSI:Miami, NY, and LV, and Criminal Minds)
Summary: Our Federal Agents have been joined by Scoobies and Hunters… They’ve experienced the supernatural, but are they really ready for more?
Type: Slash, Het
Author's Notes: Remember this is AU. There will be changes from canon. And there
are things happening on some of the shows that will never show up here.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the
property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the
property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners,
creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is

**Thanks to my Beta, Sere ______________________________________________________________________

Everyone on the floor could hear the argument as soon as the elevator doors opened.

“You are never going near the driver’s side of my girl again!” the angry male voice snapped.

The feminine response was heavy with sarcasm, “Oh please! It isn’t like I even came close to hitting that concrete thingy! You’re overreacting.”

“Dude! You are the worst driver EVER! You took out two curbs leaving the apartment complex, almost hit a parked car, nearly ran over that soldier guy, and then almost hit the concrete divider.”

Hotch came out of his office, having received a call from the lobby that their new ‘team-members’ had arrived, and leaned in the doorway. His team had stood and watched in silent fascination as they bickered.

The man, Dean Winchester, wore black military boots, black jeans, and a dark green collarless, three buttoned thick cotton shirt under an old worn brown leather jacket. Buffy, was dressed in low riding black slacks that flared around her ankles. She had on ivory boots with a spiky heel and wore a sheer ivory top with capped sleeves over a black camisole. Her hair was pulled into a bun at the back of her neck. She also wore a leather jacket, this one black and reaching mid thigh. Both had ID clipped to their pants.

Buffy was busy rolling her eyes at Dean’s back as the man stormed ahead, several inches in front of her.

Dean, who’d had a chance to start the whole male bonding process with Derek Morgan during their ‘Introduction’ weekend, approached the other man, “Derek, man, never let that woman drive your car… in fact, never let her drive ANY car! I can’t believe she still has a driver’s license!”

Buffy’s eyes narrowed. “If you don’t shut up, you’re going to have a neon pink car,” she told him in a sugary sweet tone, her arms crossed over her chest.

He whipped around to look at her, horror written across his good looking face. “You wouldn’t!”

She simply raised her eyebrows at him for a moment before turning to Aaron. “Special Agent Hotchner? It’s a pleasure to see you and your team again.”

“Ms. Summers… or should I call you Agent Summers?” he asked with one raised brow.

Dean snickered. Buffy threw a nasty glance at the man, and turned her attention back to Hotch. “Please, call me Buffy… I answer to that, or Buff, B, Buffster, Slayer… a whole range of things, but when someone calls me Ms. Summers, or Summers, it makes me feel like I’m back in High School and Principal Snyder is calling me into his office because I’ve upset him yet again. Then I remember Snyder getting eaten by Mayor Wilkins… not the best memories.” She didn’t notice the looks of horror on the FBI agents faces. “I guess you could call me Agent Summers, but I’m really not used to that.”

“You can call me Agent Winchester,” Dean told them smugly.

“Or just Hound, that’s what we call him…” Buffy muttered.

“Funny, Summers, real funny.”

Buffy smirked. “So, care to show us where we’ll be sitting?”

“Sure. And I’ll give you a tour of the facilities.” Hotch showed the two to their cubicles and then, along with Reid, began to show them through the complex. For the most part the two were quiet and paid attention, listening to him speak until they got down to the holding cells in the basement of the building. Once there, Winchester practically vibrated with excitement.

“Hey, Buff, take my phone!” he told her, shoving it at her. One of the cells was open and he walked in and moved over to the barred area. He leaned on the bars, letting his hands rest on the slats. “Take my picture, I wanna send it to Sammy!”

Buffy shook her head, but made sure the picture was a good one. Hotch and Reid just looked at each other as she handed the phone back and Dean sent the photo with a text.

Reid cleared his throat, “Why did you do that?”

“There was always the chance one of us would end up in one of those cells back when we were wanted by the feebs… er, I meant you guys… back when Henricksen was all jonesing for our asses.”

“Victor Henricksen?” Hotch asked as they moved back towards the elevators. “He died in an explosion in Colorado. He had notified his home office he’d apprehended you.”

Dean met the Supervisor’s eyes. “He got a tip off from a… well, a pain in the ass really. He did apprehend us. While we were being held in the local lock up the sheriff’s office was surrounded by a demon hoard. Problem was, Henricksen got possessed a few weeks before hand, part of why he wanted us so damned bad. Sammy and I managed to exorcise him, and he started to believe us… he helped us fight off the hoard. He let us go. Finally believed me when I explained that I wasn’t the one who killed the people in St. Louis… damned shape shifters… Problem was, he stuck around to wait for his transport out of Colorado, and this big bad Demon bitch, Lilith, killed everyone in that sheriff’s office. Everyone we managed to save,” Dean’s words trembled and it was easy to see the emotion in the younger man, “all of ‘em, dead.”

“Where is Lilith now?” Spencer murmured. Buffy was silent through the entire tale. She’d heard it before.

Dean’s eyes hardened. “Back in Hell where her ass belongs.”

“So, with Henricksen dead, how did you get your names cleared?” Hotch asked after a moment of quiet.

This time it was Buffy who answered, “The same way Faith did; hard work, saving lives, and saving the President’s son sure didn’t hurt.”

Leon Vance, Director of NCIS, stared down at the newly organized bullpen with satisfaction. He knew the past two weeks had pissed some people off, but when they’d returned from Cleveland he’d known they’d need to do some reorganization if they had new agents coming in. Now there were three additional desks in Gibbs’ area, and even Ms. Sciuto had made room in her sacred lab for Ms. O’Connor.

Vance’s smile was smug as he thought of the battle he’d won against Fornell. The FBI Director for BAU wanted the witch to be headquartered at Quantico, but Vance had pointed out with as much as BAU traveled, it would make more sense for her to be at NCIS seeing as IDC wouldn’t be traveling with BAU for every case. They’d bickered back and forth for awhile, but in the end O’Connor was coming to the NCIS lab.

The elevator doors slid open and emitted the three IDC agents along with Harry Carlborn, one of the Junior Agents. Vance watched as the man showed the agents to their seats. He couldn’t hear them from where he was, but he could tell they were speaking to the agent. The man was blushing at whatever Faith Lehane was saying to him, and Winchester was just shaking his head with a grin. When Sam spoke to the Junior agent, it looked like Harris was chiding the brunette, but she just gave the man a devilish smile.

Vance moved down the stairs, approaching them as Carlborn moved away. “Glad to see you made it in all right.”

Harris stepped forward. “Director Vance, a pleasure to see you again.”

“Gibbs and his team are out on a case currently. Did Ms. O’Connor get down to the labs?”

“Oh yes. We went down there first,” Xander told the man with a smile. “I don’t think Abby would have forgiven us for not saying hello right away.”

“Does it matter which seat we take?” Sam asked.

“You can probably tell who sits where,” Vance told the tall man as he pointed to the NCIS agents’ desks. “These three were put here for you all specifically.”

“Yo, thanks Herr Director!” Faith had already taken a seat, kicking back and throwing her feet up on the desk she’d claimed.

Vance just looked at Xander with his eyebrows raised.

“All I can say is at least you don’t have to pay her?” Xander offered.

Vance couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped. “We had some Junior Agents pull a list of cold cases that met the requirements your Mr. Giles requested.” Vance handed Xander a memory stick. “If you need the paper files, there’s a card on your desk with extensions. Just call Records with the case number.”

“Sounds great!” Xander told the Director and heading over to take the desk between Faith and Sam.

It was perhaps an hour later and all three had files up on their computers when Gibbs and his team got back to their desks. Xander currently had his cell up to one ear and his desk phone to the other and was frowning at the monitor. Sam was just in the process of rolling his chair over to look at the one eyed man’s findings, and Faith was still lounging, feet up, keyboard in her lap.

“Well that doesn’t look ergonomically correct,” Tony teased as they entered the area.

Faith grinned. “Hey T. What up?”

“False alarm.” He shrugged.

She quirked an eyebrow at him. “How can a dead dude be a false alarm?”

“Wasn’t military. Not Navy or Marine, not ours. Some kid dropped some play dogtags near the body. The kind you get with toys at Wal-mart.”


“What you all been up to?” Tony asked. Gibbs had moved behind Xander to take a look at the computer screen. Xander was busy still, on both phones. “And what’s Xander doing with the phones?”

“Well, we got our desks, and moved in… Dean sent Sammy a picture of him behind bars at Quantico, somethin’ about what might’ve beens… then we started working on cold case files that met G-man’s list for spooky.”

Ziva looked interested now, and leaned forward over her desk. “Did Agent Harris find something?”

“Just call him Xander, yo. We ain’t much on formality,“ Faith instructed the Mossad Agent. “He thinks so, maybe. I was waitin’ for him to get off the phones before scootin’ over there. Red’s on the cell, and some voodoo, bone shaker from Haiti’s on the landline… I think. I’m sorta fuzzy on that part. Q’s down with Abby in the lab, makin’ with the mojo.”

“Well, Abby hasn’t called so they must be getting along,” McGee told Faith with a smile. “Trust me if she wasn’t happy, she’d have called one of us to complain by now.”

Xander finished his phone calls and hung up both phones. He shook his head. “I swear Zufrundi can babble almost as fast as Wills can.”

“What are we looking at, Harris?” Gibbs asked, as he leaned over the one eyed man to look at the computer screen. The younger man’s body exuded a pleasant heat that warmed Jethro instantly.

“We are looking at a case from early 2003,” Xander told the older man. “Looks like you, Tony, and a Special Agent Todd worked it, but were unable to solve it. Which, I must say is turning out to be quite uncommon. I think this is the only unsolved case I‘ve seen touched by you, or your team; I’m impressed.” He met those icy blue eyes for only a moment before going back to the file. “Neither Abby nor Ducky could tell the weapon that killed Colonel Wayne Miller, only that something nearly decapitated him and death was instantaneous.”

“I remember that case,” Tony murmured. “Wasn’t there something really freaky about the wounds on his neck?”

Gibbs was nodding. “Almost like something had burned the flesh as it cut, but then it stopped cutting two thirds of the way through. But the cuts came from both sides and had serrated edges. The portion that wasn’t cut was in the middle… and there were pieces of shellfish embedded in the wounds.”

“Almost like a giant lobster claw?” Sam asked.

“Exactly! Like a giant lobster picked the guy up by his throat and tried to snap it off!” Tony exclaimed.

“Yep, that would be a Gorgonzola Demon,” Xander told them.

They were quiet.

McGee cleared his throat. “Um, isn’t Gorgonzola a type of cheese?”

“You’re right. My bad. It’s a Gorgontholda Demon… sorry, I get the two confused,” the brunette told the other man with a blush.

Sam tried to hide his snickering behind a cough.

“Laugh all you want, Stretch. Just remember who we’re gonna have to talk to.”

Sam winced. “Do we have to?”

“Gotta find out if it’s still around, Sammy,” Faith told the younger man with a wide smile. “T, check this out,” she whispered.

Two Junior Agents, both pretty young women, were walking past their area, doing a poor job of pretending to ‘not’ stare at Sam and Xander.

“That is Agent Parsons and Agent Hall,” Ziva told Faith.

Faith was nodding. “I know. They introduced themselves to us within ten minutes of us unpacking. They’ve gone to the john five times since we been here. Me thinks they’re liking Stretch and my Boy Toy.”

Tony smirked as he could now hear the two women giggling just a little ways down the row. “Looks like you all are livening things up around here,” he shut up abruptly as Gibbs smacked the back of his head. “Sorry, Boss.”

The three IDC agents were all standing, and gearing up. The NCIS agents watched in fascination as they armed themselves with daggers, holy water, crucifixes, and a sidearm each.

“No stakes?” Gibbs asked.

“The sun’s shinin,” Faith stated. “Vamps don’t come out ‘til after dark. ‘Sides, if we’re out that late, there’re some in the car along with the big weapons.”

Xander looked at the agents. “You all wanna come with? We’re gonna go see a Sea-Witch about a stinky cheese demon. First we have to stop down and see Quin.”

The music was pulsing through the room, and Quin found herself nodding along to the beat as she stirred the small copper cauldron counter clockwise twenty five times. Sometimes, some portions of mixing potions became very… tedious, however, she didn’t skip steps. Not since the time she’d turned her skin orange for a week. That had been a nasty mishap. She’d been fourteen, learning on her own, and it had been bathing suit season. Tragic.

Abby was over doing something on one of her many machines, and Quin decided that if it continued like this, it wouldn’t be so bad working here. The other woman had given her plenty of space to call her own, and she’d been nothing but friendly ever since Xander, Faith, and Sam had escorted her down. Occasionally, she would come over to see what Quin was doing, and she’d ask questions, but Quin didn’t mind answering those. She remembered watching her Gran, and asking question after question of the woman. If only the other woman had lived long enough to answer the more difficult of those.

So, now the two women worked in companionable silence… well, not really silence with the music, but not much conversation, and it was quite comfortable. The doors to the lab slid open and Quin looked up to see her friends and the NCIS agents she’d met previously entering the lab.

“Hey Q!” Faith threw out.

“Five more turns and I can stop,” she informed them. Taking the time to finish. Once she was done, she carefully removed the stirrer and muttered a word to clean it.

“What are you making?” McGee had moved closer in fascination.

“She’s making a healing potion!” Abby answered him as she bounced over to join everyone. “I asked earlier.”

“Not a true healin’ potion,” she told them in her Irish lilt, “but it does help speed up a person’s recovery.”

“What’re you all doing here? Do you have something for me? Palmer hasn’t brought me anything.”

“Nothing, Abs. It was a false alarm,” Gibbs told her and handed her the Caf-Pow he’d grabbed on the way in. She rewarded him with a huge smile.

“We brought you somethin’ too, Q!” Faith handed out a bag of M&M’s. “Chocolate yummies for our favorite lassie!”

Quin smiled brightly. “I do love meh chocolate.”

“We’re on our way out to go see the Sea-Witch,” Xander told her grimly.

Quin’s eyes widened. “Which one?”

“Sammy’s favorite.”

“Ah, Stessina then. Poor Sam,” Quin consoled. “Think on the bright side… at least yer brother’s not here to witness it.”

Now Sam’s eyes widened. “No camera phones!”

Everything was extremely quiet in the BAU bullpen. Both Buffy and Dean were going over cold case files, of which there were quite a few, but they were getting edgy from the lack of movement. The quiet was suddenly broken by the peal of Dean’s phone as the sounds of Metallica’s Am I Evil.

“Yo,” he answered. Buffy had turned away from her computer monitor and was watching the hunter. “Dude! Seriously?”

“What’s the what?” Buffy asked.

Dean waved her off as he started laughing. “So where all you all goin’ to do this thing?.. How far away is that?.. Okay, but how far away from where I am is that?.. Dude, nothin’s goin’ on here… like it’s dead, without the interesting part to it…” Dean was already standing. “We are so there!”

Buffy, although she had no idea what was happening, had stood and she began equipping her weapons. As soon as Dean slid the phone closed, she was on him. “So?”

Dean was snickering as he talked, “So, they found a case where they think one of those demons that sounds like the G-cheese, you know the one with pincher claws, was involved… anywho, they’re gonna go see Stessina.”

“Isn’t she the one who really liked Sam?” Buffy blinked as she asked.

“What’s wrong with liking Sam?” Morgan had approached, and leaned on the edge of the desk.

“When Buffy says the Sea-Witch really liked Sammy, she means, the Sea-Witch REALLY LIKED Sammy,” Dean smirked as he explained. “For payment for her services she wanted a little alone time with my baby brother.”

Reid had a look of horrified fascination. “Did he do it?”

“Oh of course not!” Buffy waved the idea off. “Although, Dean tried to talk him into it.”

Dean just grinned. “Hey! If we can’t have fun with our siblings, who can we have fun with? So, are you all coming with us?”

Hotch, who’d caught the conversation over the cubicle wall, just shook his head at the younger man, before turning his attention to his team. “Let‘s go.”

When the two vehicles pulled into the nearly empty parking area of the deserted docks, Sam moaned and his head slumped back to hit the head rest. He looked at Faith accusingly. “You called Dean?”

Faith snickered and slid out of the car, heading towards the parked Impala, where Dean sat on the hood, smirking. Buffy was talking quietly with the dark haired woman. Faith thought her last name started with a P, but couldn’t be sure.

“Faith, lookin’ good!” Dean called out with a grin.

“I always look good, Winchester,” she threw back, earning a laugh from the man. Faith and Sam had ridden to the docks with Tony and Ziva, leaving Xander to ride with Gibbs, Quin, and McGee. “Looks like you brought your whole party with ya, B.”

Buffy shrugged. “They wanted to come get some more experience.”

“Should be interesting.” Sam had joined them, ignoring his brother for the moment.

The two groups joined together, and Quin looked at Buffy and Xander. “I’ll just go call the Sea-Witch, shall I?”

“Sounds good, Quin,” Xander murmured, looking around the area where the victim from the cold case had been found. There was an unusual smell in the air, and he couldn’t quite put a name to it.

Everyone watched as the pretty brunette walked towards the ocean. She was taking a few things out of the leather messenger bag she wore as she walked, and she stopped approximately twenty feet from where the dock ended and dropped into water. They watched as she began murmuring in a different language, and drawing symbols in the air. Finally, she threw some type of powder, or grainy substance into the air, and spoke loudly, “I offer these gifts; Pearl from the deep, salt from the sea, and kelp from the root. I summon thee, Sea-Witch. Questions there are; questions ye must answer.”

Thunder rumbled, deep and ominous and a shimmering aqua light began to form ten feet in front of Quin. The light dimmed, and in its place stood a strange and stunning woman.
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