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Alexander Winchester

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Summary: Xander had it rough the night he helped Buffy and had to stake Jesse. Luckily his brothers are coming to town to help him out.

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The Next Day

The next morning Xander’s stomach was in knots. He had never told anyone about his family, and he knew that he wasn’t a good poker player. He didn’t know how he was going to try and keep this a secret. He had originally thought about staying home sick but when his pseudo father had thrown the glass bottle at his head, when he had mentioned it he knew he was better off at school. Even if he had to lie or hide from Willow and now Buffy.

So Xander started his walk to the school, for some things he was grateful they lived in a small town. He could sleep in late and still walk to school on time. But today didn’t seem like it was going to be a good one for him. He ended up running into Willow on the way to school.

“Hey Xander, what’s going on?”

“Oh, not much. I just don’t feel so good today.”

“Well that’s not good, and we have that test in chemistry. Did you study for it, or did you ignore it as usual?”

“Oh you know me Wills I totally slacked off, why study when I’ve got so many other interesting things to do.” Xander mentally hit himself for that one, he knew that Willow wouldn’t drop the subject now and would want to know what was going on.

“What’s going on Xan, you seem a little off this morning?”

“Oh nothing..” Xander was trying desperately to think of something to get her off his back for the moment and the only thing that came to mind was of course the new girl Buffy, plus with the amazing secret identity she was suppose to have it would be the perfect thing!

“Nothing well… not really… I mean, I just keep thinking about Buffy and you know her being the vampire slayer, and I mean you know she’s kinda short to you know..” He made wide gesturing motions with his hands while saying the short bit. “Plus you know now all the new knowledge about the stuff that goes bump in the night, actually goes bump in the night.”

“Yeah I know, I mean who would have thought that all those stories they tell you about monsters under your bed and you might actually have one!” And from that point on until they reached the school Willow babbled on about Buffy, her destiny, and the new meaning of night life.

Luckily once they reached the front doors there wasn’t much time to get to class so Willow rushed off while Xander took a more leisurely stroll to his class, congratulating himself for his great diversionary tactic. Now all he had to do was keep everyone distracted and make it through his classes. Hopefully Dean and Sam would be able to make it before the end of the day.

Dean and Sam

Sam was asleep in the passenger seat, while Dean took a turn behind the wheel. Normally Dean wouldn’t let Sam drive his baby, but they needed to get to Sunnydale. Family was family and you got there when you were needed, and it sounded like Xander needed them yesterday.

Dean pulled out his phone, him and Sammy had been trying to get in contact with dad for a couple of weeks now, but Dean knew that while they always managed to get his answering service dad always checked his voice mail. So once he heard the beep to leave a message he left a short but to the point one for dad.

“Dad, this is Dean, Xander called sounded like he could be in some trouble. Sammy and I are heading out to Sunnydale to meet him. We’ll call when we have more info.”


Xander had managed to make it till lunch without having to really lie or hide from them, mostly because they had different classes in the morning but once lunch hit they would have that together and then the last two classes of the day he had with Willow and then both of them. He had no idea how he was going to get away with this. He had managed to distract Willow this morning but unless the girls got off on some inane topic he didn’t think the ‘I’m fine, nothings wrong even though I look nervous routine’ was going to work.

So Xander started to make his way to the lunchroom all the while trying to come up with some ideas on how to get out of it, when none other than the biggest bully in school came up the hall towards him, and Xander knew that the only way to get out of classes and possibly go home was to get sent home. So with a plan, though roughly formed plan, he proceeded to trip the bully, John Nash, as they were passing in the hallway.

And as luck would have it the last thing that crossed Xander’s mind before everything went dark was this was probably the worst plan he could have come up with.

Okay not totally happy with this story. The first chapter was originally only going to be a one shot deal, but with all the reviews I decided to try for a second chapter. It didn’t work out quite as well. I might try my hand at a third chapter but we’ll see.
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