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Alexander Winchester

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Summary: Xander had it rough the night he helped Buffy and had to stake Jesse. Luckily his brothers are coming to town to help him out.

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Supernatural > Xander-CenterednightshadowlifeFR1558,08122915,22223 Apr 0914 Aug 09No

Longest of conversations

************A/N Hey everyone!! I'm really sorry about the extremly long wait that you had to endure. I ended up keeping the youngest set of my sisters over the summer and well they are a hand full. Thankfully they went home last weekend which is the reason that this weekend you have a new chapter!!!!
I would really like to thank and dedicate this entire chapter to Kirallie, I had sent her what I had written at the beginning of the summer and thankfully she told me it was crap so in a way she brought back my muse! Plus she managed to beta this story and send it back to me in less than 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So enough of my ramblings on to the story!

Xander glanced around the house once more before making his way to the front door to see who was there. He was really hoping that it was the guys and not Willow or Buffy. He knew that they should still be in class but knowing Willow she would have rushed over as soon as she could. While normally Willow wasn’t one to skip class or do any of the things he was known for, with the whole new nightmare that had been dumped on their laps after Buffy moved to town it wouldn’t surprise him if this once she did just that and skipped school.

So taking a deep breath, he opened the door…….

Xander could have done the snoopy dance if it wouldn’t have been too awkward, hell he might even go ahead and do it. On the other side of the door were Dean and Sam!

All three guys just stood there for a minute looking at each other. This was the first time they had ever come face to face and well, they were checking for the family resemblance. Sam looked back and forth between Dean and Xander, even if he hadn’t known that Xander was his brother he could see the resemblance between himself, Dean and Xander. Hell at the moment Xander could almost have passed for Dean, well mostly with the black eye. He chuckled for a moment before realizing that Dean and Xander had stopped sizing each other up to look at him.
He shrugged his shoulders once and then pointed at Xander while telling Dean what his last thoughts had been.

“Seriously dude if I hadn’t known already that Xander was our brother I would definitely have considered it after looking at him.” At Dean’s blank look he clarified with a shake of his head, “He looks too much like us and Dad to just be someone on the side of the street, besides with the black eye he fits in perfect with the rest of the family.”

Dean gave a shrug then, “What did you expect? He is our brother, what did you expect him to look like, the Easter bunny?

Sam just snorted before turning back to Xander, “We just got into town and haven’t gotten a chance to check into a motel. You wanna ride with us or should we come back and get you?”

Xander glanced around once, “You think I could bunk with you guys tonight? Tony’s out drinking and I have no idea where Jessica ran off to. Tony will be pissed that I’m home and I’d rather not deal with that.”

Dean nodded once, “Yeah go ahead and grab a change of clothes or something, and we’ll wait in the living room.”

Xander turned and pointed at the living room, “Well here it is, not much, I would offer you something to drink but there’s not really anything to eat or drink here so well….. I guess I’ll go ahead and grab a bag. Be back in a sec.”

Xander turned around and headed off down a hall to get his stuff together.

Meanwhile both Dean and Sam took a seat on the couch to wait for him.

“I know why Dad put him here, with him being so young and everything but shit couldn’t he have found anyone else to take care of him? This place is a dump and you heard Xander, both Tony and Jessica are lousy parents and shouldn’t have a child in the first place! Between Tony’s drinking and Jessica not being able to stand up to him, it’s a wonder that Xander hasn’t been put into more danger than if he had just stayed with us.”

“I know Sammy, I think we should bring him with us, ya know? He could always finish out school somewhere else like we did when Dad was on a job. Hell he could even take one of those internet classes or something and just go ahead and get his GED. Plus it’s safer for him to be with us, than with these people.”

Sam leaned back and briefly shut his eyes, “I know from the few times I’ve talked to him that he has already decided that he is going to go into the family business. I just don’t know why once he was old enough that Dad just didn’t come back and get him and ya know take him with us.”

“I don’t know Sammy, I know when he was younger that Dad thought he was too young but ever since he got back into contact with him and all I don’t know why things turned out the way they did.”

“Dean! Quit calling me Sammy, I’m not a little kid anymore! It’s just Sam. Hell if we could actually get into contact with Dad we could actually ask him this stuff, why isn’t he answering his phone? Its bullshit, he should be the one here to take care of this mess that he created!”

“Cool it Sam, Dad must have a good reason for staying out of contact. We know he’s still alive from the clues and messages he’s left us. You know Dad wouldn’t just do this with no reason, something’s going on and it’s probably not safe for him to get into contact.”

“Yeah, yeah the same old song and dance or whatever. I think its bullshit that he won’t even answer the phone for us to even tell us that it’s not a good time to call or hell that he is even okay. Whatever man, this entire thing is crap; he just took off and expects us to fall into line like good little soldiers.”

“Exactly Sam, Dad taught us better. Something has to have come up and it’s not safe for him to talk to us, you know as well as I do that once the threat passes or he thinks its safe enough he’ll get into contact with us, it’s always been like that. Why has the whole thing got your panties in a twist now?”

“It’s just… ya know whatever forget it. You wouldn’t understand anyway.”

“Sam come on don’t pull that crap! You know Dad does things the way he does them for a reason. Hell he’s been alive this long because of it, just chill out man, Dad raised us to follow the rules and that’s what were gonna do.”

“Hey guys what’s going on?”

Both Dean and Sam look at each other before turning back to look at Xander, “Hey bro, it’s nothing we were just discussing what to do about...”

Before Dean could finish his sentence, Sam cut him off, “Bullshit we weren’t discussing that we were, well… It’s just that we’ve tried to get into contact with Dad and we’ve not been able to.”

Dean shot Sam a sharp look; he opened his mouth most likely to respond to what Sam had told Xander when Xander spoke up, “What do you mean? When was the last time you talked to him? Weren’t you guys supposed to meet up?”

Sam looked at Dean for a moment before looking at Xander. “I haven’t talked to Dad since before I left to go to Stanford.”
At Xander’s confused look Sam elaborated, “Dad, well you’ve probably heard Dad didn’t like it so much that I wanted to quit the family business and go to college. He was pissed off and I was pissed off and a lot of shit was said.”
He looked both sheepish and upset at the same time, with a deep breath he continued, “After that argument I left, Dad and I haven’t spoken to each other since.”

Xander looked back and forth between both brothers nodding, but before he could question Sam further Sam shrugged and looked over at Dean, Xander shifted his attention to Dean waiting for an answer. You could see Dean open and close his mouth a couple of times before finally closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. After a moment of wrestling with his thoughts, Dean sighed deeply before looking up at Xander.

“Dad and I were held up in this motel outside this small town in Missouri. We got some info about a case; Dad looked it over and handed it off to me. Said it would be good for me, it was a case down in New Orleans. Anyways this voodoo thing took forever to wrap up I was down there for a little over three weeks, although the chicks down there.”

Before Dean could elaborate any further on the girls Sam elbowed him in the side. Dean looked over at Sam sharply before smacking him on the back of the head.



They both looked ready to start at each other again, but before they could Xander asked, “Okay so you were on this hunting trip down in New Orleans, where was Dad?”

Dean looked down once more before continuing, “Dad was waiting on some info from Bobby. Do you know who Bobby is?”
At Xander’s nod Dean continued, “Well anyways while waiting on the info from Bobby Dad got wind of a case out in Jericho, California. Umm well... okay so I had just about finished the case I was working on down south when I got this voicemail, it was from Dad and was basically that he needed help. I knew that if Dad was asking for help that it was either a really bad case or that he was hurt or worse. So I swung by Stanford and asked Sam to come with.”

“Dude that’s bullshit! You didn’t stop by and ‘ask’ for help. You broke into the apartment, attacked me, asked for a beer, and then demanded I come with you, after hitting on my girlfriend.”

“Well… attacked me first!”

“Dude, you broke into my apartment!”

“Well it was night and I needed help.”

“You could have called.”

“Would you have picked up?”

“Well…..okay but Dude you still broke into my apartment.”

“Yeah, whatever.”


“Bitch. Anyways… I got Sam to come with me and we went out to Jericho to find Dad. We ended up stumbling upon his room, when trying to check into the motel ourselves. He had booked it through the month. After walking into the room, you could tell he hadn’t been there in a couple of days at least. He had food left out on the side table and a couple of drinks sitting around the room. There was a ton of stuff taped all over the walls, turns out, he had already figured the case out, and he just hadn’t burned and salted the bones. It wasn’t until I had gotten picked up by the local cops.”

“This was probably because you belittled and mocked them and their abilities.”

“Well they didn’t know what they were dealing with did they? Anyways let me finish, bitch. So the local cops had picked me up and when the sheriff was in there he threw down Dad’s journal. You probably don’t know a whole lot about that but Dad wouldn’t have gone anywhere without that journal. It held the info about anything and everything that he had ever faced. And that’s when we had found out that Dad was ok. See whenever he would have to skip out of town or anything and it wasn’t safe to communicate he would use this old school marine thing where he would just leave us the coordinates on where to meet him. We ended up finishing the case that Dad and been working on and we went back to Stanford to drop off Sam.”

Dean stopped at that point and looked over at Sam. Xander didn’t have a clue about what was going on, but he knew that whatever was coming next was going to be Sam’s tale to tell. Oh, he had known about both of his brothers going out on that case up at Blackwater Ridge, Colorado. The one where they were suppose to meet up with Dad. Plus he had heard from Dad about the whole argument between him and Sam, but he also knew that Dad was really proud of Sam. What he didn’t know though was why all of a sudden both Dean and Sam were working on cases together again; the last he had heard was that they were both out doing their own things, Sam at college and Dean working cases sometimes with Dad sometimes not. Xander pulled himself from his thoughts and looked over at Sam. His hands were clinched tightly together, his back rigid and hunched over, and his head bowed. His entire body language screamed back off, but before Xander could put words to his thoughts, Sam spoke up. His voice was slow and barely loud enough to hear, but the grief came across loud and clear.

“After Dean dropped me off in front of my apartment I went ahead and headed up. I knew that I had to smooth things over with Jess and I had the interview the next morning for a full ride for the next year.” Sam paused for a moment, with a self- loathing smirk on his face.

“I went ahead and let myself in, I called out for Jess but she didn’t answer, I figured she had gone out with some friends and would be home soon. I threw my bag by the door and lay back on the bed, the next thing I know something was dripping onto my face. It startled me, took me a moment or so but then I managed to look up. And God I wish to this day that I hadn’t. Jess was pinned to the ceiling, her stomach lacerated ,and her face frozen in horror…..Before I had time to do anything other than call out her name, the entire ceiling burst into flames. At first it spread out from her body almost as if she wasn’t going to be touched by the flames, but the moment ended just as fast and the flames consumed her body. That’s when Dean popped up and pulled me out of the apartment. We made it out of the building and I knew I needed to find Dad, so I decided to go with Dean to the coordinates to find him.”

Xander didn’t know what to say, while he had been curious about why all of a sudden Sam was with Dean he hadn’t expected this.

Dean leaned forward on his seat, looking sideways at Sam. After a moment’s hesitation he placed his hand on Sam’s shoulder and squeezed. Sam looked over at Dean and gave him a smirk before looking back at Xander. Dean removed his hand, looked forward at Xander, and took a deep breath before speaking.

“After we left Sam’s apartment we headed out to Blackwater, we didn’t find Dad, in fact I would bet he’d never even been up there. We went ahead and finished the job we had stumbled upon, it was a wendigo up in the mountains, anyways after we had found the girl’s brother and we’d taken care of the wendigo, Sam here had decided that he was going to stick around and we’d take care of as many of those motherfuckers as we could. That’s when you called, so we came as fast as we could.”

Xander nodded his head absently.

“Well enough with the chick flick moment. You got your stuff, ready to go?” Dean stood and started stretching his muscles while talking to Xander.

Xander started for a moment before chuckling. “Yeah I’m ready to go, and it would be a good idea to head out soon. If I know Willow she’ll be here the moment school gets out.”

“Alright sounds good to me let’s go.”

All three grabbed what they brought or in Xander’s case were taking and headed out the door. Sam and Dean both paused and looked backwards toward Xander and the door. Xander stopped mid-step looking back and forth between both men, “What?!?”

Sam gave him a confused look, “Aren’t you going to lock the door?”

Xander cocked his head to the side for a second before shaking his head negatively, “Nah, on the nights that Tony decided to leave the house to drink it’s better to leave it unlocked. It’ll just piss him off otherwise.”

Dean shook his head turned back around and mumbled under his breath the entire way towards the car. After a couple of seconds, just standing and looking at each other and Dean both Xander and Sam followed Dean to the car and got in. Minutes later, they drove off heading towards one of the many motels in town…..about ten minutes later Willow and Buffy came around the corner heading towards Xander’s house.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Alexander Winchester" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Aug 09.

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