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Alexander Winchester

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Summary: Xander had it rough the night he helped Buffy and had to stake Jesse. Luckily his brothers are coming to town to help him out.

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Real Family

I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural, they belong respectfully to their rightful owners.

Xander sat down on the edge of his bed. Thinking about everything that had happened the day before. Jesse had been turned into a vampire, and it was him that had ended up staking his best friend.

The first person who had befriended Xander when he was dropped off in this town after his father and left him with his mother’s cousin and husband. The abusive man who beat and belittled him every time he did something he didn’t approve of and the woman who avoided anything to do with him. Xander often thought of what his father, his real father, was really like. He thought of how he would be treated, as if he was a good son to have.
Someone that would be proud of him, someone that would love him.

He only knew what his father sounded like, not what he looked like or really much else, because he had only talked to John a couple of times throughout his life. A handful at most, all after he had reached the age of 10.

He had learned that he had two older brothers. Dean who was about five years older than him and Sam who was three years older. They had both stayed with their father while Xander had not. At first, when he’d just found out about them he had been upset and jealous. But after his father had explained the circumstances surrounding why he had been placed here instead of staying with them it had made a little more sense.

His mother dying in his nursery and the fire consuming almost everything. How he had been carried out by Dean while his dad had gotten Sam. Xander laughed at that thought for a moment before sobering. That had been the glossed over version of what happened. In one of his last phone calls with his dad, he had told him the whole truth about what had really happened. Down to the last details including the smell and look of the demon. John had also given him both Dean and Sam’s cell phone numbers. At first Xander hadn’t known what to do. The information about his mother’s death had been both shocking and disturbing, and he hadn’t a clue on what to talk to his brothers about. Apparently they were hunters just like dad.

Yeah he knew that once the sun had gone down that you didn’t venture out after dark in this town. There were too many deaths and unexplained disappearances to be just a normal small town. But he hadn’t known the full truth until after meeting the new girl, Buffy Summers, The Slayer, a couple of days ago.

Then he had learned all about what really went on after dark, and that scared him more than when he hadn’t known. At lest then he could still pretend. He had thought about telling Buffy and her watcher, the new librarian Mr. Giles, about his real past, but he had stopped. Once thing his father had pressed into him since the beginning of the phone calls was that you didn’t tell anyone about it.
So he picked up the phone and dialed Dean’s number. For some reason he had gotten along better with Dean, than he did with Sam.


“Hey Dean, its Xander, ummm do you have a few?”

“Yeah bro, what’s up?”

“Well it turns out that The Vampire Slayer has moved into town, one of my best friends had turned into a creature of the night, and I had to take him down.”


“We’ll be there in a day or so.”

“Thanks Dean, see you later.”

And now all he had to do was sit back and wait for his family to get here.

Any and all review are appreciated!!!
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