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Mother of All

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Summary: A mother made only of darkness is forced into the shadows and while there learns to love her children. But some children do deserve to be punished. Especially when they have hurt their mother.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-CentereddeathgeonousFR1833,71605711,50125 Apr 0918 Mar 10No


AN1: Ok as to why I haven't posted anything lately. My life has been kinda crappy lately. Ok, that’s an understatement there.
AN2: I tried to get in touch with those of you who offered to beta for me, but I got no responses.

AN3: I took some time to think upon how AU I’m going to go in this. The answer I came to is greatly. For example, in the canon Anitaverse, at the end of Circus of the Damned, when Anita woke from her coma she was told the police had found no bodies in the circus. In this fic however, well, as you read in the last chapter, they came earlier.

AN4: Buffy is no longer a self sacrificing hero. She’s much more pragmatic now, due to both merging with The Mother of all Darkness, and more so because of being utterly screwed over by the Powers That Be. They totally disillusioned her from the self sacrificing hero gig. So, while she’ll still be, good per say, she will not act as she used to towards it. So, if it means making a deal with the devil to do a good thing, or to continue her ongoing existence, she’ll really think about it and probably even do it now.

AN5: I was asked if I’m going to make Buffy into an omnipresent being. I think they meant omnipotent though. Well anyways, The Mother of all Darkness, or Marmee Noir as they call her, is both revered and feared as the first vampire and the first lycanthrope, and is pretty much thought to be a living goddess, at least that’s what I got from the books. Anyways, canon don’t matter much here, cause this here’s my fic damn it. So I’m saying that Miss Marmee Noir was a damn old one, the one that created most of the common breed of monsters found in the Anitaverse, for that’s where she originally hung out, not the Buffyverse. So, yes, Buffy’s going to be pretty uber in this fic, eventually that is, for, well, she has to find out what she can do now, and exactly how to do it. In computer terms, she crashed, and is now in the process of recovering all of her lost data.

AN6: I’ll be honest with you here, I have had this chapter semi-done for months, I just haven’t been too happy with it, so I delayed its release. Well, I obviously won’t ever be that happy with it, so I’m releasing it now, and YOU tell me if YOU’RE happy with it. Thanks.




I sighed yet again and then told the very large police officer “I just came at a bad time. And that’s ALL I’ll say until you let me call in a lawyer.” I was sitting in a god damn fucking cage in a room full of separate identical cages, in which many of the other vampires and were-something or others were also held. I was sharing my cage with a Vampire dressed up as a pirate, and a human that had been dressed up as death apparently, but his outfit seemed to have gotten a little burned as it were.

The door to the room of Cages ‘R US suddenly swung open, and a women stormed in with a shout out of “Yes, she will NOT be answering any of your questions without me present. In fact, I find it HIGHLY offensive that you have had them in here for over four hours and have not allowed her to call me.” The professionally dressed blond woman said in a haughty tone.

“And you are?” the very large police officer growled out in a somewhat threatening tone.

The blond whom had been speaking, and the one who somewhat gave me a slight tingling sensation that let me know that she was something more than human, smirked an amused smirk and replied “I am Lilah Morgan with Wolfram and Hart, and I am here to represent Marmee Noir and all others that she wishes to have represented.”

As I stared at Lilah with interest, for I remember Angel telling me about these Wolfram and Hart guys, evil demonic lawyers, and way to give a group with a bad name an even worse one, and how they were a multi-dimensional law firm, I noticed the pirate and a few other vamps stiffen at the name of Marmee Noir, and I wondered for a moment about that, and then I remembered just who else I was. “I can’t even keep a secret identity for a day can I?” I mused aloud in exasperation. “I think Angel mentioned you to me Lilah, and how are the others?” I asked of her, trying not to give too much away.

“Well, not good Marmee Noir, in fact, really not good. We’ll talk about it after you get out of here.”

“And just what makes you think that she’s going to be leaving?” The large cop growled out. “She was discovered in the midst of a field of carnage, along with all the others here, so…” he was then interrupted with

“It’s a little thing called ‘Diplomatic Immunity’. Look it up.” Lilah stated with a shark like grin as she walked over to the mountain of policeman that looked as if he was about to become more of a volcano than a mountain, and handed him a slip of paper.

He looked at the slip of paper, he blinked, his rage visibly grew, and then he growled out “Ok, your majesty, you are free to go if you wish.”

I blinked, and I looked at Lilah who looked like the cat who ate the canary, and then followed it by finishing off all the cream. “Ok.” I slowly replied.

“Not so fast Sergeant Storr, I still need to ask my client who else she wishes me to help represent.” Lilah said with the shark tooth smile still in place.

I looked around at the group, and then replied with a shrug “How’s about everyone? I still need some answers and I don’t think I’ll get any until they’re all out of here.”

“I thought that’d be your response. Well, here’s a document from the governor, stating that anyone associated with Marmee Noir is to be set free. Have a good day Sergeant Storr.” Lilah said with the shark tooth smile deepening immensely.

Storr looked about ready to go totally postal and then he growled out “Get them out of here.” And then he stormed out of the room in a rather large rage.

Lilah looked over at one of the guards and said “Well, you heard the man, chop, chop.”

I looked over at Lilah and said “You know Lilah, I think I could really get to like you.”

“Thank you Marmee Noir.” She replied.

“Ugh, please, call me Buffy. So not into that title at the moment.” I told her.

“Of course, Buffy.” Lilah replied with a smirk as the door to my cage opened up. As I walked out of the cage, I noticed pirate boy still looking at me in shock, so I shouted at him “Are you coming or what? I need some answers, and you’re giving them to me, capish?”

Pirate boy shook himself and replied with “As you wish Marmee Noir.”

I looked him over and said “Look…”

“Jean-Claude.” He replied.

“Look Jean-Claude, call me Buffy or I won’t be held responsible for the damage, ok?” I told him with a sweet smile.

He paled and replied with “Of course, Buffy.” I sighed and through up my hands as I stormed over to Lilah who told me “We have a limo waiting for you downstairs.”

After we were snug in the limo and on our way back to The Circus of The Damned, which was Pirate Boy’s lair or something, I sighed I turned to Lilah and said/asked “Ok Lilah, really appreciate the save there, but what’s the deal here?”

Lilah smirked an amused smirk and told me “Well, when you merged with Marmee Noir as they call her here now, you became one of our oldest and most valuable clients Buffy. So, how does it feel to have joined the ‘Dark Side’ as it were?”

“I didn’t really.” I told her with a huff.

“So, you still consider yourself one of the white hats? After all they’ve done to you?” Lilah asked me with obvious fake shock.

I look over at her and dryly said “Well, no.” She actually looked shocked at that statement. I continued on with a small smirk by saying “But I refuse to just don a black hat because my former bosses were assholes, so I’m seeing myself as wearing a grey one now. I serve no one but myself now, so, if The Wolf, The Ram and The Hart are going to be serving my needs, I don’t see any reason to antagonize them.” Then I look crossly at her and say “However, should they cross me or those I care about, and I’ll show them just why all the Big Bads fear me.”

“I see.” Lilah said with a semi-blank expression gracing her face. “Then I think that we will work just fabulously together Buffy.”

EAN1: As I had said, I really was not happy with this chapter, but it is WAY past time to release it. Sorry to all of you that were awaiting it, and look forward to some more soon. I hope.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Mother of All" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Mar 10.

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