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Summary: Seconds are rare than firsts. Sometimes that makes them better.

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Second Life

Second life
Disclaimer: I don't own One Tree Hill or Buffy. That’s Mark Schwann and Joss Whedon.
Author’s Note: Formerly of Bits and Pieces.
“I love you, Haley James Scott,” Nathan Scott said, smiling down at his wife.

“Oh, gross,” came a familiar muffled voice from the next room.

Nathan sighed and pressed his forehead to his snickering wife’s. He loved his little sister, Dawn, really, he did. She could be a pain in the ass but she loved him best of anyone else in the world, despite the fact that their father doted on her. He might be his father’s shining glory but Dawn was truly her father’s joy.

She never let all of Dan’s attention go to her head, though. And when their parents filed for divorce and Nathan got emancipated minor status, she moved in with their mother, saying she needed something to hang onto. Of course, Dawn hadn’t been enough to keep Deb from getting addicted to pain killers but she had been enough to get Deb to ask for help sooner. That’s why Nathan and Haley had gotten so used to Dawn letting herself be known.

“Seriously, guys,” Dawn said from the now-open doorway. “Please be mushy where I don’t have to hear it. Please.”

As she walked away, Nathan had to wonder how his little sister was so mature. He’d heard horror stories from other guys on the team about younger siblings and he knew that he wasn’t exactly a peach when it came to Lucas but Dawn was a dream.


Dawn closed her bedroom door and leaned back against it sighing. Who’d have guessed that when she designed the spell to make her a normal life to fulfill Buffy’s last request, it’d have led to so much drama?
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