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An Exercise in Futility

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Summary: Gibbs learns something new. Take that, old dog.

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Learning Exercise

Learning Exercise

Being ‘read in’ involved a trip to the cemetery with a little red-haired girl (Hi! Call me Vi!) and watching as she stabbed a man in the heart with a stick and he crumbled to dust. Gibbs’s jaw had clenched as Finn had explained while the girl had moved off suddenly and fought four other combatants, putting on a show that would put acrobats and ninjas to shame. She came back to them, smiling as she shook dust out of her hair.

“Vamps. Itchy bastards,” she said cheerfully.

“How does this prove that Alexander Harris didn’t kill those women?” Gibbs demanded. Little girls fighting monsters. He ought to lock up Harris and Finn on principle.

The cheer faded from her face and this look that said she could and would rip your throat out crossed her face, settled in her eyes. “Because he didn’t kill anybody. They were Slayers, like I am. They were destined to die young from the minute they were called. Xander is a Watcher; he came to help us find out what needed to be killed.”

Gibbs’s jaw ticked. “That doesn’t offer me proof.”

Vi shrugged. “Won’t matter. By the time you get back to NCIS, all of your evidence will be gone. This little experience tonight was to give you peace of mind. So that you could know that the demon responsible had already paid.”

She and Finn stepped away from them and they disappeared a flash of light.

Gibbs yanked out his phone and started to curse as Abby babbled down the line.
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