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La vie Parmi la Mort (Life Among Death)

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Summary: Calmly, she wondered if death was finally offering itself.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Buffy-CenteredLisaFR711,129012,09425 Apr 0925 Apr 09Yes
Author: Lisa
Status: Completed One-Shot
Series: Entombed
Rating: PG
Fandom: BtVS/PotC
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Buffy Summers, Captain Will Turner (Eventually Buffy/Will)
Genre: Drama, Angst
Summary: Calmly, she wondered if death was finally offering itself.
Challenge: Twisting the Hellmouth - Challenge 2617: Buffy aboard The Flying Dutchman by Discord
Spoilers/Warnings: BtVS S1-6 PotC Trilogy
Beta: Demona was kind enough to beta this for me. I’m sure it provided a few amusing moments. Any mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon & ME. No infringement intended. Pirates of the Caribbean and all related characters are copyright of Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer and their related associates. No infringement intended.
Distribution: Not without permission from myself.
AN: Translations were snagged using Free Translations & from Marie, thank you!

Par delà les mers, je trouverai le chemin qui mène vers celui qui m'a faussement enseveli! - Across all the waters, find the path to he who wrongfully entombed me"

A strong breeze picked up, stirring the calm and filling the air with scents of salt and rotting flesh. The endless night sky loomed overhead, casting the dark death filled waters with a pale eerie glow. The faint glow cast the skin of the souls waiting for passage to the Netherland to glisten in sickly silver.

Single-man wooden boats with a lonely lantern in the middle drifted serenely through the swaying waters. Its passengers stoic as they sat rod-straight, their eyes void of human emotion and faces white and cold to the touch, if you dared. The clothing adorned was unique to each; a woman of no wealth wore a tattered un-shapely dress. Her once strawberry red hair was now slick and greasy, clinging together limply against her scalp and the side of her pale sunken face.

Between the boats were the living corpses, layered on top of each, a high rise of death. They rocked with the waves and currents. Long white gowns billowed around them while their hair framed their lifeless faces. Muskets were clutched in a few of the sailors’ hands; their eyes were wide with terror as they watched their own death.

The smell pierced Buffy’s nostrils, as she lay floating in the water and caused her the urge to cringe, but her body simply remained frozen. Her stomach rolled as the smell became more potent. Nothing seemed to obey in this place of cold wetness. She knew she should be feeling things; that she should be trying to swim for shore or screaming for help or trying to board one of the wooden boats that drifted past.

A large swell rocked her body before a burst of water shot out fifty yards from her. A gush of water landed on her, pushing her body deeper into the freezing water. Before she could close her mouth salty seawater began to fill her lungs. Calmly, she wondered if death was finally offering itself. She began to count as more water pushed out the last of her oxygen and yet she remained, hidden in the darkness. The struggle for air never came. A phantom hand nudged her spine and slowly her body resurfaced.

Logic argued that she shouldn’t be conscious, that her time below surface was far too long. Nothing in this place made sense.

The salt water stung her cracked and bleeding lips. Buffy tried to press them together but her body was too frozen and exhausted.

The final trickles of water fell from her lashes allowing her vision to clear. At fifty yards ahead a massive ship rocked in the water and seemed to encompass her sight. The wood appeared worn and barnacles clung to the hull as water from the deck cascaded down. The bow of the ship stopped her gaze from further exploration and it sent an icy chill down her spine. What looked like large jagged teeth curled up towards the moon, as if it was howling. Seawater dripped between the canines and again she thought of a wolf, this time salivating for its next meal.


The sole voice pierced the silence that Buffy had become accustomed to. It was the first voice that she’d heard since arriving. The voice had a soothing tone that was distinctly male and sent the first burst of warmth that she’d felt in far too long. The man’s accent tugged at her memories with its slight familiarity; why did its foreign lilt sound like someone dear to her?

Cotton balls seemed to fill her mind and before frustration planted itself in her she’d lost her train of thought with another. Buffy wondered how he’d managed to speak in a world that she’d known only held silence. Why had he chosen to come?

With the man’s voice no longer filling the silence Buffy tried to listen more keenly. The sound of wet feet running across the wooden deck was heard next. The image of a large crew scrambling across the deck to look over the rails for this mysterious Governor almost caused a smile to curl her lips. They would find this soul, wouldn’t they?

A painful longing pulled at her battered and bruised heart. Would they take her instead?

Again, the voice pierced the night air, this time it was laced with such strong despair and hopelessness tears pooled in her eyes. “There’s so many. How will we find him?”

Her vision was dragged away from the mysterious voice as another boat quietly floated by, almost as though it was being pushed towards the voice.

A man bred of royalty was perched in the middle. Silk, in the most beautiful color of blue covered his upper body; flowers were embroidered in a pattern across the jacket. Golden frog hooks clasped the jacket together while white ruffles escaped the lapels creating a ‘v’ towards the hooks. His wig, regal and silver was spun in tight ringlets and framed his weathered face. Lips that were cracked and parched from the salt air moved in jerky movements. His unused and coarse voice pierced the silence just once, “Elizabeth.”

Her heart sank deeper into despair and she almost welcomed the numbness that this placed caused. He was able to talk.

“Captain! To the starboard!”

A gentle tug on her dress was felt as the ship began to turn and an unseen force dragged her back under. Water blurred her vision as she went deeper and deeper, still she was able to see when the rope landed in the water creating a disturbance and then figures moved above, rescuing the Governor.

Buffy felt the water suddenly churn her body; the movements caused a searing pain to scorch her insides and she convulsed. As the water stilled once more and the pain dulled, she slowly rose from the depths. The ship was gone and had taken the soothing voice with it.

Her mind wondered what tricks the men had used to talk and what was so important about this Governor that he was saved and the rest left.

She’d been important at one time, a sign of hope… hadn’t she?

Completed: April 23, 2009

The End

You have reached the end of "La vie Parmi la Mort (Life Among Death)". This story is complete.

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