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Summary: When two of the Scoobies get caught up in Ethan Rayne's shenanigans, the Hellmouth receives two surprises in return, welcome and unwelcome depending on who you ask.

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Anime > HellsingBarefootXOFR1868,076811149,70826 Apr 0931 Oct 10No

Little Trees and Gypsies

I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Hellsing. They belong to Joss Whedon and Kouta Hirano respectively.


November 25th 1997
Sunnydale High School

Elizabeth Summers, formerly the slayer, smiled faintly as she watched Willow work. Her recovery process of the past few days had given Elizabeth the time to reforge the bonds of friendship with Willow that she had allowed to atrophy since her possession.

The side of her that was still Buffy was appalled at how she had allowed her friendship with her female best friend to fall by the wayside without any real cause. The side of her that was Integra was equally appalled that she had neglected to keep such a useful individual close to her. Granted Rupert and Alexander were also useful, but Willow also had some wonderful uses that neither man nor vampire could fill in for.

Willow smirked slightly as she held out her hand. “I’ll just need the identifications and I can set you right up, Bu… Elizabeth… Can I call you something shorter, Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth considered the request as being not too unreasonable. Many people used nicknames. Even Alexander allowed Willow to call him Xander still, though he would not hear of it from anyone else. Elizabeth suspected he got a secret thrill from essentially desecrating the name of Alexander by making it his. Anderson would likely have had a coronary at the thought. Still, Buffy was much too… cheerleader for her these days. “Beth, Willow. You may call me Beth. It is close enough to my former nickname that you will have an easier time growing used to it and yet it does not automatically lower my IQ by thirty points whenever I meet someone new.” Elizabeth drew out the identifications that Alexander had retrieved over the past few days of her recuperation.

Willow picked up the proffered identifications and slowly went about the business of hacking their files, finding all sorts of intriguing things. The bank information is what she had been going for. She pursed her lips. “Your best bet is Norman Pfister. He’s a longtime assassin with a rather hefty bank account. I can manufacture something to make him into a great uncle of yours and then make you his primary beneficiary. His money all looks very legit on paper, so as long as my work is good you shouldn’t be subject to much scrutiny…”

Elizabeth nodded sagely. “Excellent work, Willow. Any thoughts on the other two?”

Willow nodded. “Patrice Smithers has her accounts well in order, but is not as impressive as Norman. It would be suspicious if you were to inherit from two people who died at the same relative time. I could just rewrite her will to have her donate all her money to a worthy charity…”

Elizabeth considered and accepted that. “You’re right. We shouldn’t get greedy with our windfall, that would come back to bite us somewhere quite uncomfortable. And the last?”

“Octarus, no last name provided. This guy is a dumb bruiser and it shows in his accounting. Very messy, very sloppy and very suspicious. I’d recommend leaving it be… Unless of course you want to subject someone to scrutiny…”

Elizabeth grinned in a predatory manner. Willow was a great find indeed. She was a whole different person behind the computer. “Set things up so that the Watchers’ Council is Octarus’ primary beneficiary. I think they deserve a reward for all of their fine… help.”

Willow’s smirk was devilish. How she loved a challenge.


November 25th 1997
Sunnydale High School

“Hello little gypsy girl…”

Jenny Calendar spun about to find Xander standing behind her. She hadn’t seen him in a while. Since Halloween he’d been missing from classes more then not and so she was rather shocked at his change in attire and posture. Still, all of that was eclipsed by what he had called her. “Are you addressing me, Xander? Because I believe that I should be addressed as Miss Calendar. I am your teacher, after all.”

The smirk that appeared on Xander’s face was absolutely lecherous. “Are you going to play the disappointed school marm and naughty school boy with me, Little Gypsy? I can play if you want, but I think that Snyder would have a coronary if he caught us at it, not to mention dear Ripper…”

Trying desperately to ignore the blatant innuendo and the reference to Rupert’s darker side, Jenny tried to reclaim the conversation. “Why are you calling me that, Xander? I am neither little, nor a gypsy.” She wouldn’t challenge the ‘girl’ part since he had dropped that on his own and girl could be taken multiple ways.

Xander’s smirk was broad and mildly frightening. “You are little enough in size, my Little Gypsy. As for you being a gypsy, there is no denying it. I can smell the vengeance pouring off of you from a mile away. It’s delicious.”

Jenny shuddered. He knew. Some how he knew. “What do you know?” Her voice was soft, carrying only the faintest hint of nervousness.

Xander’s death’s head grin was enough to make her shudder again. “It occurs to me to find it strange that a gypsy would bother with the hellmouth. Especially one that is so far from home. It occurs to me that only vengeance would draw one here. And so I ask myself, what possible vengeance might our Little Gypsy be wreaking here on the hellmouth. And then I answer myself that there happens to be a vampire in residence who was once subjected to a gypsy curse, so very long ago. Wouldn’t you agree, Miss Kalderash?”

There it was. Out in the open. He knew everything. “What do you want, Xander? Money?”

Alexander scoffed at the idea that he had brought this up to blackmail her. What did she think he was, some simpering teenager? Oh yeah… She probably did. “I have no need nor desire to blackmail you, Miss Kalderash. I wish to know what your specific mission is so that I might find out if I need to destroy you…” Alexander trailed off softly, reveling in the barely perceptible look of terror on Jenny’s face. She might believe him to be a school boy, but her instincts were apparently sharp enough to make her worried.

Janna sighed and decided that he had enough already that secrecy was shot to hell. Uncle Enyos would just have to suck it up. “I am to make sure that the curse on Angelus remains strong.”

Alexander nodded sagely. This he had expected, even hoped for. He despised the trash known as Angelus with a particularly venal passion. Mostly because Angelus dared to presume he might love Alexander’s master. That was unforgivable. If his master was ever to choose a vampire to mate with, an absurd notion at best, it would be Alexander himself and not some nothing. “And what is the escape clause of this curse…?”

“I don’t know.”

Alexander’s jaw dropped as he sensed the truth in that statement. “You don’t know? Those halfwits wanted you to monitor that trash in case his curse failed and didn’t even bother to tell you what to prevent? What do those idiots expect you to do if the curse begins to fail? You don’t even know what would be going wrong.”

Janna shrugged slightly. She had thought it was absurd too, but Uncle Enyos had insisted that it wasn’t important. “I don’t really understand the logic behind it either…”

Alexander snorted. “That’s because there is no logic to it, my Little Gypsy. But never fear. I shall destroy the trash for you if his curse ever looks like fluctuating.”

Janna raided an eyebrow curiously. “And how would you do that, Xander? I wasn’t aware you had the means to take on a master vampire alone…”

Alexander scoffed loudly. “Master, pah! Angelus wouldn’t know a master if it bit him on the ass! I am the No-Life-King!”

Janna’s eyes widened as she suddenly understood the undertones she was sensing. She read enough manga to know what Xander claimed to be and recalled Xander’s costume to understand the reason. “You dressed as Alucard… That’s why you’re so different.”

Alexander clapped playfully. “Bravo, Little Gypsy. I’m glad to hear that brain of yours hasn’t festered like those of your kin apparently have. Yes, I was Alucard. And now I am Alexander.”


Happy Halloween


The End?

You have reached the end of "Hellsong" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Oct 10.

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