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Summary: When two of the Scoobies get caught up in Ethan Rayne's shenanigans, the Hellmouth receives two surprises in return, welcome and unwelcome depending on who you ask.

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A Hellish Song to Sing

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Hellsing. They are owned by Joss Whedon and Kouta Hirano, respectively. I also don't own the song Even in Death. That belongs to Evanescence.


Hellsong Theme Song: Even at Night
~ revamp of Even in Death

Give me a reason to believe that they’re wrong
I see your darkness and I hear your Hellsong
Blood red moonlight spilled tonight
Defiling this land of ours
The song stole you away from me and now you’ll never come home

You will live here for eternity
Night childe
The softly whispered words you sing now
Even at night I hear Hellsong

Some say you’re crazy now my friend, Oh my friend
And no bonds can hold you to me, in the end
All I know is that you’re not well
‘Cause I can hear you singing of Hell

You will live here for eternity
Night childe
The softly whispered words you sing now
Even at night I hear Hellsong
And you can't live now, not the way that I do

You will live here for eternity
Night childe
The softly whispered words you sing now
Even at night I hear Hellsong
And you can't live now, not the way that I do

People die, but you will die forever.


Chapter I: Yesterday was Halloween

Rupert Giles was rather taken aback by the appearance of his slayer that morning. It was the morning after Halloween and the last night had been incredibly chaotic. Willow had come in babbling about everyone turning into their costumes. Willow had turned into a ghost, Larry a pirate and so on… The only thing Giles wasn’t sure of was what his slayer had gone as… or Xander, for that matter. According to Willow, whoever Buffy had dressed as had been coldly dismissive of her and walked calmly through the chaos of the previous night without any of it seeming to touch her. As for Xander, Willow hadn’t even been able to nail down where he was that night. It was like he had dropped off the face of the earth.

And so Giles had done the telephone rounds and ordered the slayer and her merry little band into the library for an evening debrief…

Willow appeared, at first glance anyway, to be unchanged by the events of the previous night’s activities. She was still wearing clothing that Miss Chase would consider to be from the ‘softer side of Sears’ and purchased by Willow’s mother rather then Willow herself. She appeared unsure how to take Buffy’s shift in attitude, that was sure.

Buffy, in stark contrast, appeared to be changed in some monumental fashion by the events of the previous. Frankly, Giles couldn’t help but be pleased and impressed by the improvements Buffy had made overnight in her posture and bearing. And that didn’t even begin to address the suit and glasses she was wearing in stark contrast to her usual mode of dress. She was currently peering calmly over her glasses at him, obviously waiting for Giles to start the debrief.

Finally Giles allowed a disapproving glance to fall on the empty seat that Xander should have been waiting. While the boy was not known for his promptness, he was usually much better at being on time for ‘Scooby meetings’. Therefore, he couldn’t help being disappointed by Xander’s casual disregard for the importance of this sort of thing.

“I suppose we’ll have to start without Xander. I was hoping to get a report from all of you on any after-effects you’ve experienced from last night’s activities. Willow?”

Willow shrugged expressively. “Nothing really. Can’t pass through anything or whatever. No effects…”

Giles nodded, unsurprised. “Very well. Buffy?”

If anything, Buffy stiffened even more in her chair. “Elizabeth, if you please, Rupert. I must admit to acquiring a certain distaste for that nickname last night.”

Giles felt his jaw drop slightly at the distinctly English lilt that coloured Buffy… Elizabeth’s speech now.

“I find myself retaining all of the memories, skills and magical ties of my body’s temporary tenant of the previous night. I should also note that I’ve picked up certain tastes and habits of hers, as evidenced by my choice of clothing today. I am currently attempting to restrain that rather nasty smoking habit she has, which I must admit to having some difficulty with…”

Giles had difficulty restraining himself from sputtering incoherently. “And just who were you dressed as last night.”

At this Elizabeth simply recited with utter calm. “I was Sir Integral Fairbrook Windgates Hellsing, member of the Protestant Knights and Director of the Hellsing Organisation.”

Now wasn’t that a mouthful? “And you said retain everything…”


“Including certain mystical ties. What might those be?”

Elizabeth allowed herself a slight smile at that. “I am currently magically bound to my bodyguard and servant.”

Giles could not help but become curious at that. “And who are they?”

“They are he… and he is me…”

If Giles had thought Buffy… Elizabeth had changed drastically, it was nothing compared to the changes in his male charge. Xander wore a suit. On Buffy it was strange but on Xander it was downright strange. All that he lacked was the suit jacket, which he had replaced with a flowing black cape which was clasped at his throat by a simple silvery chain. A longsword was prominently on display upon Xander’s left hip and an insolent smirk graced the lad’s face. Perhaps most prominent of all were his now blood red eyes, which seemed to drip with a certain subdued dismissiveness, as if it was Xander’s natural instinct to snub everyone in the room and he was restraining.

After a long moment, Xander turned his sole attention to Elizabeth and dropped submissively to one knee, his head bowed. “Night has fallen… What is thy bidding, my Master?”

Elizabeth’s lips quirked slightly, apparently finding something infinitely amusing about Xander’s little play here. Giles didn’t see it himself, but he was cut off from saying anything by Elizabeth’s voice ringing out in response to Xander’s question. “Your orders have not changed, Alexander. Search and destroy…”

Xander’s grin widened to the point where he looked vaguely psychotic, raising his head to lock eyes with Elizabeth. “As you wish, my Master…” With that, Xander burst into a flock of bats which raced wildly out the door.

Elizabeth turned her face, still wearing that barely perceptible half-smile, back to Giles and asked him quite calmly, “Any further questions, Rupert?”

Giles nodded. “Do you have any thoughts on why you and Xander were the only one significantly altered by Ethan’s spell?”

Elizabeth nodded solemnly. “I believe it resulted due to the nature of Alexander’s transformation. The spell simply wasn’t built to deal with someone of that power level and so it was unable to strip away the results quite so easily. It’s an interesting grey area, too powerful to be properly revoked from Alexander and yet not so powerful as to be impossible for a God of Janus’ power to call forth.”

Giles was shocked. The analysis was valid and well thought out. He was hard pressed to not ask her if she was what Xander had once called… a pod person… yes, that was it… Buffy Summers was many things, but one of the great thinkers of all times was not among them, at least in Giles’ very private thoughts. “And what of yourself. Not to be offensive, but this Sir Integra does not seem nearly so… potent.”

Elizabeth allowed a benign expression to cross her face. “You will find that the nature of the bond between myself and Alexander was the catalyst for why I too retained everything of what my… former tenant… was.”

Giles just groaned and wondered what he was going to tell the Council. They’d probably be ecstatic to find the current slayer was more… English… then she’d been before. Still, he couldn’t begin to guess what they’d make of Xander. To be honest, Giles wasn’t all that certain of what to make of Xander’s new personality and abilities either. The boy seemed more irreverent then ever, but his abilities ought to at least be rather useful.

Giles looked at Willow, believing that she’d have the most insight into Xander’s psyche. However, one glance at her gob-smacked expression and half-frightened demeanor told him that she wouldn’t have any answers for him this time.

And so Giles turned to Xander’s… Master. “I’m sorry Buffy, whom did you say Xander had dressed as, last night.”

Her expression darkened, telling Giles he’d said something wrong. “I asked you to call me Elizabeth, Rupert. Do try and keep that straight, wouldn’t you?”

Giles felt an internal cringe occur at her rather cool tone.

“And, I didn’t tell you. However, I would be willing to do so. Alexander dressed as Sir Integra’s prime bodyguard and servant… his name is Alucard…”

Giles could not help but recognise something significant about the name, almost immediately… ‘Alucard… Alucard…
A L U C A R D… D R A C U L A… Dracula!!!’ Giles cringed slightly, but forced himself to ask. “Alucard… as in Dracula reversed?”

Elizabeth graced him with the almost smile again. “Very good, Rupert. Precisely that.”

Giles nodded and walked into his office before closing the door and sitting down heavily. “Oh bugger…”


Bugger indeed. Alas, poor G-man. :p

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