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Triple The Pleasure, Triple The Fun!

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Summary: Buffy and the Scoobies go in identical costumes.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Star Wars and related characters and material belong to George Lucas and his bunch. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and all related characters and material belong to Joss Whedon and his gang. Washington Irving wrote and created the Legend Of Sleepy Hollows and all the characters and material within.


I own nothing.

I'm baaaack!

Sure, this is a different story from Not Just Another Pretty Blond, and if you suspect I'm using this story to stall posting another chapter of that story-Then, you're right!

But seriously, consider this story as a way of filling up the time until I do post another chapter in the running saga of Buffy's strange life.

So, enjoy!



Summary: Buffy and the Scoopies go in identical costumes.





Triple The Pleasure, Triple The Fun!


Once again, in the unhallowed halls of Sundale High, the forces of Good and Evil clashed. Our heroes were forced to withdraw from the battle-Bloodied, but not defeated. Determined to reverse their fortunes, they gathered to plan the next phase of their campaign.

"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Buffy?" Questioned Xander.

"Meh," Buffy shrugged one shoulder. "What can I tell ya? It was a shot in the dark."

"And it missed," Willow said sadly. "Now, we're stuck escorting little kids on Halloween. Worse yet, he's having us go in costumes!"

"That little troll!" Buffy scowled. Then she brightened. "But he didn't say what kind of costumes we had to wear!"

"Uh, I don't follow you, Buff," said Xander, confused. Willow nodded.

Buffy grinned and said, "You know that new costume shop? Ethan's? Let's get down there after school and I'll explain-And don't make plans for any costume just yet!"

"Okay," came Xander's reluctant, and confused, agreement. Willow followed with a reluctant, "Sure."

Hours after Ethan Ryan initiated his spell; a trio in dark robes and red and gold armor stood in the school library. A library different from it's usual well ordered and tidy appearance. The books had been torn off their shelves and dropped or thrown in every direction. Torn individual pages a leaf fall on the floor or other surfaces. Bookshelves lay on the floor or leaned on walls or each other, chairs or tables propping up others. Scorch marks and holes pocketing the walls, floor, even ceiling. Florescent lights dimmed or hung from frayed wiring.

From outside the double doors, a steady stream of pained moans, occasional hysterical screams and voices flowed.

In front of the trio stood the librarian, Rupert Giles. His usual immaculate, tweed covered self, suffering from scorched, torn, bloody clothing. A bulky, white bandage covered his right arm and hand. His face was bruised and covered with scabbing cuts. The frames of his glasses were twisted and bent, sitting askew on his face. His left lens was gone-Not that it was much of a concern, since his left eye was swollen shut. The right one was on fire, directing it's hot, intimidating glare at the trio in front of him.


Buffy, Willow and Xander shifted uneasily, and finally Buffy spoke up, "The identical costume idea was mine. Um, Snyder never said we had to go, as something different-Xander wanted a Star Wars costume. 'Cause, he wanted to go as the most powerful character there! Um, Willow really liked the classics-A ghost sheet. So, we, um, compromised and got Revan costumes."

"Good lord!" Giles swore. "You went as the most powerful Sith Lord ever!"

Buffy squirmed and said defensively, "Well, he wasn't always evil!"

"Yeah!" Willow exclaimed. "He was evil, but he did a lot of good tonight-Took out a lot of Baddies!"

Xander coughed. "And he blew up or burned down most of the town-."

Buffy agreed with a nod and a far away look in her eye. "Yeah . . .those thermal grenades have a real punch to them."

"And-and the mayor was evil!" Said Willow defiantly. "He was up to no good! And he's dead, now. So that's good!"

"Him and his evil demonic cronies," Buffy spat out. "Giles, that guy was a real Big Bad! Revan took him out for a reason!"

"The sewers, Buffy? Were they evil too?" Giles pointed out. "A good portion of the town is sitting down in that hole where the sewers used to be!"

Wide eyed, Buffy said, "It's a good thing Revan evacuated all those people then-See, Giles! Revan's not that bad!"

Giles snorted. "Revan used them as a living battering ram! Driving them through that police barricade!"

Buffy blinked. "Yeah, but they escaped the Hole-Plus, it should be noted that Revan did it to minimize casualties to the police force. A full-blown battle with them would have resulted in death and injury! As it was, a bunch of people got saved and Revan was able to get through to the mayor and kill him. Oh, and that underground highway, the vamps and others were using, is now history! There's another good!"

Xander smirked. "Another thing, unrelated to Revan, is we're getting a new principle! That is, once the school goes back to being a school and not an emergency shelter."

"W-What do you mean?"

Willow giggled and Buffy snickered. "I don't know who went as the giant snake, but Snyder shouldn't have gone as a rat!" Buffy explained to an incredulous Giles. Giles gaped for a moment, then Ripper danced out of his one remaining good eye and he grinned, "You mean-?"

"Yep! The snake ate Snyder!"

"Oh, good lord! It could not have happened to a more deserving man!" Said Giles.

Buffy's gleeful face suddenly fell and Giles braced himself. "Is there more? He asked, cautiously.

Buffy sighed and raised her arm, palm upwards. "Yeah, Giles, there more-Revan gave us a little going away present." Giles' gasp, as he shot upwards, failed to cover the snap-hiss sound of two identical red lightsabers activating in the dimming light. The sole working light fixture failed, as the strained wires holding it up, finally gave way. The light fixture crashed loudly in dark. But it still failed to drown out a single-

"Good lord!"




Away from the burning mayhem and destruction in Sunnydale, deep in the woods, a single, desperate squirrel raced for his life!

In the trees, young Op'Mai ran and leaped in frantic, careless speeds on the tree limbs. Behind him, and getting closer, a black figure holding a burning kumquat in one clawed paw, impossibly devouring the distance between them, in spite of only three working limbs!

It's Tal'kac! It's Tal'kac! Screamed Op'Mai's fear frozen mind. The Headless Squirrel of the Howlings! He had to get to the stream and leap to the other side of the tree line! Everyone knew the creature would not be able to cross running water!

Op'Mai smelled the water-the splashing, gurgling sound the stream made lost to him, as his frantically beating heart pounded in his ears. Finally Op'Mai saw the opening in the canopy and smelled the strong scent of water-"I'm going to make it! I'm going to make it!"

Op'Mai leaped. He leaped the greatest leap in squirrel history! He-!


The next day, the smashed kumquat was dismissed as trash, but the body of the young squirrel was tsked over by his elders.

Op'Mai was found down on the roots of the tree he had collided headfirst with. His elders shook their sad heads and asked themselves what the young squirrel was thinking, taking a leap in the dark like that?





Yeah, about the last part . . .Well, I do have an excuse. Can you imagine a little squirrel-even a ghostly one-hauling around a pumpkin? At least the kumquat is orange.

Say, thanks for reading this silly thing. And goodbye!

P. S. Did a little editing. Thanks for pointing it out!
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