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Underworld Slayer

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Summary: BTVS/Underworld crossover. Los Angeles has been a haven for those fleeing the vampire/lycan blood feud. That was until two new refugees arrived.

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Full Moon, Second Night

Title: Underworld Slayer Part 9 – Full Moon, Second Night

Author: Nopporn Wongrassamee aka the Evil Author

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Spoilers: Anything goes

Summary: BTVS/Underworld crossover. Los Angeles has been a haven for those fleeing the vampire/lycan blood feud. That was until two new refugees arrived.

Disclaimer: Characters and concepts belong to their owners who I'm too lazy to list.

Author’s Note: Sorry for the delay. Demons from the Hell dimension known as Real Life have been invading my space lately.

Dennis was trying to cheer Selene up.

Sitting on the living room side of her kitchen counter, the vampire watched as the ghost literally juggled five bottles of blood in the kitchen proper. Each bottle arcing through the air contained blood from a different animal. The bottles were also all open, spilling out their contents in measured amounts into a tall glass that raced back and forth to catch every drop. Selene might have enjoyed the spectacle had she been in a better mood.

Selene missed Michael. Her lover had been only gone for little more than twenty-four hours and she missed his touch. She hadn’t realized how much Michael had become part of her life.

The front door banged open, revealing a silhouette of a man. “Honey! I’m home!”

Dennis dropped a bottle. It hit the floor and shattered, spilling its contents all over the kitchen floor. Selene didn’t notice. She was too busy launching herself at the intruder.

“Michael!” Selene exclaimed, practically bowling him over as her arms wrapped around his neck. They embraced for a long kiss.

“I missed you too,” Michael said when they disengaged.

“You’re back early,” Selene murmured. She frowned thoughtfully. “Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing’s wrong,” Michael said quickly. “Oz got called back to LA for some big meeting. I hitched a ride with him.”

“Oh, I thought that…” Selene paused. There was an odd scent in the air. She took a good whiff. “Michael,” she began sternly, “why are you covered with female lycan pheromones?”



“I don’t like this,” Erika muttered.

“We’re in Los Angeles about to have a meeting with a dangerous vampire lord who a) comes from a bloodline infamous for its sadism and violence and b) has apparently decided to completely flout vampire law,” Kahn replied. “There isn’t anything to like. Is there something you don’t like in particular?”

Looking out the limo’s window, Erika ignored the head of her bodyguard as she tried to catch a glimpse of their destination. Too many high-rise buildings blocked her view.

“Well?” Kahn prompted when she didn’t immediately answer.

“If you must know,” Erika said, annoyed, “it has to do with the meeting place. Angelus is currently the CEO of the LA branch of Wolfram and Hart. So why aren’t we meeting him at the seat of his power where he can lord over us? Why the Hyperion Hotel?”

“From what we’ve been able to find out, Angelus owns the Hyperion, too,” Kahn pointed out. “He can lord over us there, too.”

“But the Hyperion isn’t operating as a hotel,” Erika said. “As far as we can tell, it’s empty and only opened for ‘special parties’. Given Angelus’ reputation…”

“I see,” Kahn said thoughtfully. “You think he’s going to try something?”

“I’m afraid he might,” Erika said, worry creeping into her voice. “And there’s another thing.”

Kahn said nothing, but raised an eyebrow.

“Angelus’ secretary told us over the phone that we were going to meet someone called ‘the Master of the City’,” Erika continued. “But the way she said it implied that Angelus isn’t this so-called ‘Master’.”

“You sure about that?” Kahn asked, troubled by the notion. “If all the elder vampires in the Order of Aurelius are really dead, then who could possibly have any authority that Angelus would respect?”

“I think we’re about to find out,” Erika told him. “We’re here.” As their limousine pulled up to the front of the Hyperion, she could see that the interior was lit. Out front, a single solitary figure stood waiting for them. He was lounging against the wall by the front gate, smoking a cigarette. “Who’s that?”

Kahn looked out the window and his face fell. “Oh, hell,” he muttered. “It’s Spike.”


“No need for the artillery, mates,” Spike told the visitors. He was completely at ease, blithely ignoring the dozen or so automatic weapons aimed at him. “This is supposed to be a friendly little get together. All that hardware might give people the wrong idea.”

“What are you doing here, Spike?” Kahn grated out.

“Kahn, old buddy, I’m here to show you all to the Master of the City,” Spike replied. “Orders are no violence unless you folks start something.”

“Oh, yes, because we all know how well you follow orders,” Kahn said coldly.

“What, you’re not holding that little incident in Prague against me, are you?” Spike placed a hand over his heart as if wounded. “I’m hurt. I’m really hurt.”

“No, you’re not.”

“You’re right, I’m not.” Spike grinned at him. “But I’m supposed to be all friendly and everything. Now let’s not keep the boss waiting, shall we? I’m told that the United Covens’ emissary was supposed to be a woman. I don’t see any woman, Kahn. Is there something you neglected to tell me about yourself?”

Gritting his teeth, Kahn reluctantly gave the all clear. One of his guards opened the door of the limousine and Erika elegantly stepped out.

“Well, aren’t you a vision,” Spike said to Erika. “If my love life weren’t a bloody soap opera already, I might’ve asked you out sometime.”

“Don’t push your luck, Spike,” Kahn growled. In the back of his mind, he took comfort in the fact that he had backup waiting in the wings to extract them if there was trouble. For a member of the Kindred covens, Cash seemed fairly reliable.


Cash was never going to live this down.

His team had been ambushed while they were taking their positions on the building opposite of the Hyperion. But they hadn’t been ambushed by other vampires, or even lycans. No, Cash had been taken by surprise by a gang of human girls. Before anyone had even known it, his whole team had found gun barrels pressed against the back of their heads.

“What’s the sitch?” the apparent leader asked one of the other girls.

“No injuries to us or them, Kennedy,” the girl replied. “All of ‘em are tied up and gagged. They aren’t going anywhere.”

“Kinda disappointing though,” another girl commented. “I kinda expected more fight from the big bad Death Dealers.”

“They couldn’t put up much of a fight if their brains were blown across the roof,” Kennedy said reasonably. “That’s why we ambushed them the way we did. We didn’t actually want to kill any of them.”

“Hey, they got some cool stuff here,” the second girl said, examining one of the captured weapons. “Can we keep it?”

“No, we’re supposed to return their stuff when we send them on their way,” Kennedy told her, talking as if Cash and his people were little children.

Oh, yes. Cash was NEVER going to live this down.


The lobby of the Hyperion was never supposed to be a throne room, Erika decided. Oh, it had been hastily redecorated as such, but it was obvious to Erika’s eye that the change was recent and hasty. A deep red carpet had been thrown across the floor, still wrinkled in spots and curled up at the edges. A plush love seat opposite the doors served as a makeshift throne.

As Erika had surmised, Angelus did not occupy the ‘throne’. He stood to its right, a position that implied a great deal of power. Standing by Angelus was a young human man who would have been unremarkable had she seen him anywhere else. To the left of the ‘throne’ stood a young human woman with startlingly red hair, a lycan male who looked fairly puny, and a middle aged human male.

But it was the person lounging on the ‘throne’ that surprised Erika. A petite human blonde lounged in it, one leg propped up on one of the love seat’s arms. Lying across her lap was an ornate axe of some kind. The axe was the only visible weapon the other side openly displayed.

“Hey, everyone!” Spike called out as he led the guests inside. “It’s the high and mighty muckety mucks from the United Covens.”

“Thanks, Spike,” Angelus replied caustically. “It’s not like we wanted to make a good impression or anything.”

“Not a problem, mate,” Spike said. Erika and her people came to a halt in the center of the lobby while Spike moved on to join Angelus’ side of the ‘throne’. “This bunch wouldn’t have been impressed if you had the entire cast of Passions sitting in on this.”

“Not now, boys. Snipe at each other on your own time,” the girl on the ‘throne’ told the vampires. To Erika’s astonishment, they actually did as they were told and quieted down. The girl turned back to the guests. “Welcome to Los Angeles. So what brings you to the land of sunshine and yet more sunshine?”

“Who the hell are you?” That was not the way Erika had intended to start. However, the situation was ridiculous. Did anyone expect her to believe that this… this blonde bimbo ruled the Los Angeles underworld?

“Excuse me?” The girl had the nerve to be annoyed.

“Do you expect me to believe that you’re the so-called ‘Master of the City’?” Erika said scornfully. “Should I be looking around for a man behind a curtain? Who are you to be ruling anything, little girl?”

“The Slayer,” the girl replied simply.

Beside Erika, Kahn grunted like he had just been punched.

“The Slayer?” Erika scoffed. “That old myth?”

Beside her, Erika noticed Kahn trying to subtly get her attention. She ignored him, incensed at the idea of a human telling vampires what to do. Erika also noticed that the so-called “Slayer’s” retinue was also glaring at her. She ignored them, too, since it was Erika’s bodyguards who had all the guns.

“Your fairy tales may intimidate the superstitious vampires of this city,” Erika continued, “but we of the United Covens are much too sophisticated to be taken in by such fables. Run along, little girl. The grown-ups have business to discuss.”

There was silence as the two blondes stared each other down.

The human broke eye contact first. She burst out laughing.

Erika flushed. “How dare you…”

“Oh, I’ve dared a lot more than this in my time,” the Slayer interrupted. “Y’know, when I heard that the most powerful gang of vamps on the planet had sent us an ambassador, I was a bit worried. I hadn’t realized that they’d sent a complete ditz.”

“You should respect your elders,” Erika sniffed.

“Yeah, I get told that a lot,” the Slayer replied lazily, glancing at her own companions. “Now, while I’d love to get in a pissing contest with you all night, I have way better uses for my time. So why don’t you tell me what brings you to Los Angeles?”

“My business is vampire business,” Erika said stubbornly. She noticed Kahn was being much less subtle in trying to get her attention. Erika wished he would stop; it was embarrassing. In any case, Erika was sure she had everything well in hand.

“Oh hey, then you’re in luck.” The girl gestured to Angelus and Spike. “We got two vampires right here. Angel’s the senior-most vampire in town and Spike is… Spike. So go ahead, they’re listening.”

Erika gritted her teeth and made a mental note to teach this so-called Slayer a lesson in manners in the future. But propriety could come later. Erika had a message to deliver. She turned to address Angelus.

“Angelus, I don’t know why you let this hussy think she’s in charge…”

“She ran me through with a sword and sent me to Hell once,” Angel said with a shrug.

“Er, yes,” Erika said, nonplussed. “In any case, I bring word from Marcus, ruling Elder of the United Covens. We are hunting for two fugitives. One is an abomination, a hybrid of lycan and vampire named Michael Corvin that must be hunted down and killed immediately along with any spawn he may have created. The other is a rogue Death Dealer named Selene. If it can be done, capture her alive and turn her over to us. If not, we will settle for her head. She murdered the Elder Viktor and must be punished.”

“Killed an Elder vamp, huh?” the Slayer murmured. “Good for her.”

Erika ignored the interjection. “Please us, and great rewards are yours,” she continued. “Displease us, and suffer the wrath of the United Covens.” Message delivered, Erika waited for Angelus to respond. Sadistic or not, Erika was sure the other vampire wouldn’t flout Marcus’ commands.

Infuriatingly, Angelus along with the rest of the locals turned to the insolent human girl on the throne as if looking for leadership. In fact, Kahn and several of Erika’s bodyguards did the same as if the girl was a real threat. Had everyone gone insane?

The self-named Slayer studied Erika with narrow eyes, no longer amused, and spoke a single word. “No.”

“Angelus, if you can’t control your pet…” Erika began.

“Shut up.” Surprise at the sheer command presence in the Slayer’s voice effectively shut Erika up. The girl slid off the throne to her feet, a move done with a grace and smoothness that surprised Erika. Erika’s guards raised their guns nervously. The human ignored them. “You’re new in town, so I’ll cut you some slack. Let me spell it out for you. This is Los Angeles. Your United Covens have no authority here. Your feud with the werewolves is not allowed here. Anyone who wants sanctuary from you or your feud is welcome here. If your fugitives are here, you can’t have them. If they prove to be a danger to the people of this city, we’ll take care of them ourselves. And if this Marcus doesn’t like it, he’s welcome to come here so I can kick his ass in person.”

Erika opened her mouth, but no sound came out. She was still trying to formulate a response when she felt a tug on her arm.

“Erika,” Kahn hissed in her ear. “Message delivered. Now let’s get out of here!”

“What? No,” Erika said slowly. The with increasing ire, “No! I will not be insulted like this by a mere human! If Angelus will not control his pet humans, then we’ll do it for him! Kahn,” Erika pointed imperiously at the so-called Slayer, “kill her.”


“So, Cash, you said you have a girlfriend?” asked one of Cash’s captors. The girl – she said her name was Lucy van Pelt - couldn’t have been more than thirteen.

Cash nodded his head yes. It was hard to speak when you were tied and gagged.

“Oh,” Lucy said, disappointed. Then she smiled slyly. “Want a new one?” She had been flirting with him for several minutes now, a situation Cash found strange given his captive status. Behind Lucy, Cash saw one of the other girls roll her eyes at Lucy’s antics.

Distant gunfire interrupted before Cash could decide which awkward answer was safer to give. There was an instant scramble by Lucy and the other girls and Cash was forgotten for the moment.

“Kennedy, what’s going on?” Lucy demanded of the leader. While Lucy had been busy flirting with Cash, Kennedy had been keeping an eye on events across the street with a set of binoculars.

“Nothing to worry about,” Kennedy replied. “My girl’s got everything in hand.”


“Hey, it worked!”

“Of course it worked, Spike. Have you no confidence in me?”

“I have confidence in you, Willow.”

“Oz, please don’t do this to yourself.”

Erika ignored the byplay from the other side. She was too busy staring in shock at the bullets hanging suspended in mid-air. When Khan’s men had opened up, their automatic fire had hit an invisible wall and just… stopped. As she watched, brilliant light began burning through the carpet Erika’s party was standing on. Looking around, she realized that the light formed a circle that her people were all inside of. The bullets had been stopped at the edge of the circle.

Absently, Erika noticed that Khan was muttering to himself, half cursing and half praying.

“So,” the Slayer said loudly, drawing everyone’s attention. She stood outside the circle of light. As she spoke, the light began to fade and bullets began harmlessly dropping one by one to the floor. “Any other stupid gestures of ego you’d like to make?”

Erika couldn’t think of anything to say. Fortunately, Kahn was a bit quicker on the uptake.

“Cash!” he called into a walkie-talkie. “We need an extraction, proto!”

“Bzzt! I’m sorry, the person you have reached is currently unavailable,” a feminine voice replied. “Please leave your name and number at the tone and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can. Ding!” Faint laughter could be heard coming in the background noise.

The Slayer quirked an eyebrow at Erika.

Gathering what little dignity was left to her, Erika tried to regain control of the situation. “Let us go,” she demanded weakly.

“Let you go?” the Slayer echoed. “You want me to let you go after insulting me and my people, throwing your weight around, bringing automatic weapons to what was supposed to be a diplomatic meeting, and using said weapons to try and kill me?”

“When you put it like that…”


Erika blinked. “What?”

“Go. Leave.” The Slayer pointed at the doors behind them with her strange axe. “Exit’s right over there. I’ll even be generous and let you stay in L.A. as long as you want.” The Slayer took a half step forward, not quite entering the circle. Two of Erika’s nervous guards who were standing closest raised their weapons again but held their fire. “But if you attack anybody here – human, vampire, or werewolf…” In a single move so fast that it was a blur even to Erika’s vampire senses, the Slayer swung her axe in a flat arc that shattered the two nearest guards’ weapons. The guards themselves were completely untouched.

Erika suddenly believed that the Slayer was exactly who and what she claimed to be.

“I trust I’ve made my point,” the Slayer said, a predatory looking grin on her face.

With that, the Slayer turned her back on them and exited the room. The rest of her retinue threw Erika’s party a mix of looks ranging from impassive to openly threatening before following their leader.

The meeting was clearly over.


“Selene! Are you okay?” asked an alarmed Michael when he saw his lover limped into Scooby Central’s infirmary, supported by Dawn and Ash. One of her legs was heavily bandaged.

“I’m fine,” Selene growled in reply as her teammates set her down on the nearest bed. “It’s nothing.”

“Nothing?” Ash replied incredulously. “I saw one of those things’ blood eat through steel and concrete. You’re lucky you only got a couple drops on you.”

“What happened?” Michael asked as he removed the bandaging and began examining the wound.

“We ran into a nest of demons of a type I’ve never even heard of before,” Dawn replied. “They looked like something out of the Aliens movies, complete with acid blood and chest-bursting reproductive cycle. I think the Ancient Powers are getting ideas from us and making new demons based on…”

“I meant how did Selene get this injury?” Michael interrupted.

“Oh, we were shooting them all,” Selene replied. She grimaced in pain. “One of them got a little too close.”


“Hey, party’s over. Looks like we got to let you go,” Lucy told Cash as she untied him. She sounded a bit glum.

“You’re just letting us go?” Cash asked, dumbfounded.

“Yeah, we are,” Lucy replied. “Oh, by the way…” She held up Cash’s gun, ejected the ammo magazine and the round in the chamber, and handed the now empty weapon to its owner. “Here you go. Sorry I can’t give you back your ammunition.”

They’d have to be complete idiots to give Cash and his people loaded weapons. “Not a problem,” he said neutrally as he holstered his weapon.

“Okay,” Lucy beamed. With that she crushed the steel magazine in her hand with a single squeeze of her fingers. Ultraviolet radiant gel oozed out from between her fingers.

Cash felt his eyes go wide with shocked surprise.

Lucy either didn’t notice or ignored Cash’s reaction. “Hey, if you’re not doing anything tomorrow night, why don’t you come to the Bronze? There’s the last night of the full moon party going on…”


“Selene, you know I love you, right?” Michael asked when things had calmed down.

“Hmm.” The vampire looked like she was reserving judgment for later.

“Okay, the field trip was a disaster,” Michael continued. “So let me make it up to you.”

Selene said nothing.

“You’re not hurt too bad, but you still have tomorrow night off,” Michael said. “So let me take you out somewhere.”

Okay, now he could see that had Selene’s curiosity piqued.

Michael smiled as charming a smile he could muster. “There’s this party tomorrow night at the Bronze…”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Underworld Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Nov 03.

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