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Underworld Slayer

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Summary: BTVS/Underworld crossover. Los Angeles has been a haven for those fleeing the vampire/lycan blood feud. That was until two new refugees arrived.

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Underworld Slayer

Title: Underworld Slayer

Author: Nopporn Wongrassamee aka the Evil Author

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Archive: Anywhere and everywhere. Just tell me if you do.

Spoilers: Anything goes

Summary: BTVS/Underworld crossover. Los Angeles has been a haven for those fleeing the vampire/lycan blood feud. That was until two new refugees arrived.

Disclaimer: Characters and concepts belong to their owners who I'm too lazy to list.

Author’s Note: The world of Underworld doesn’t fit in the Buffyverse. So I made the Buffyverse fit into Underworld.

“Ooh, we have visitors, Spike,” Drusilla cooed.

“Do we, pet?” Spike asked, glancing at the monitor that showed the hallway outside their door. No one was there, which didn’t necessarily mean anything in this town. “Where are they?”

“They’re together all lovey-dovey.” Well, that wasn’t helpful. “So romantic,” Dru sighed. “One like us but all growly and his love the dealer of death who doesn’t want to anymore.”

“A dealer of… a Death Dealer?” Spike said alarmed, suddenly coming to full alert. “Where are they?”

“In the city,” Dru told him. “Wanting to get away from her nasty relatives.”

“Bollocks,” Spike growled, picking up the phone. “Looks like we gotta call the poof.”


Selene woke to someone nuzzling her cheek. She turned to stare into a pair of soulful eyes.

“Morning,” Michael said, before returning to his nuzzling.

“Morning?” Selene murmured. She rather enjoyed his touch, but a glance at the bedside clock proved him a liar. “It’s seven p.m.”

“Sorry, old habits,” Michael said, raising his face.

“Mmm, don’t stop,” Selene told him. He complied and returned to what he was doing. He also started moving downwards. “Oh, that feels good. Strange, but good.”

Michael made some inquisitive noises, but didn’t stop.

“I’ve always been a… workaholic I think it’s called these days,” Selene explained. “Get up early. Do research. Kill lycans. Train. Ooh…” Michael had reached a sensitive spot. “I never… never took any lovers. Work always came first. Then we were on the run.”

After killing the vampire elder Viktor, Selene and Michael had fled. They knew that the next elder, Marcus, would not take kindly to the killing of his compatriot. And Michael’s very existence as a vampire/werewolf hybrid was anathema to the old order. While they were on the run, the subliminal attraction they had felt for each other had blossomed into them becoming full-fledged lovers. It was something that Selene had little experience in. In a way, she felt more of a virgin in this situation than Michael.

“Oh, god, Michael,” Selene whispered. “What am I going to do now?”

“Shh, it’s alright,” Michael said, moving back up to embrace her in his arms. “We’re in Los Angeles. You said it yourself. The vampire Elders have no contacts here. We’re safe.”

“That’s just it, Michael,” Selene said mournfully. “My life has always been defined by danger. I’m not sure I know how to live without it.”

Before Michael could answer, someone knocked on the door. Michael closed his eyes and extended his preternatural senses outwards to see what was knocking at the door. They were in a cheap motel. Their visitor couldn’t possibly be room service.

“Vampire,” Michael finally said.

The two lovers exploded off the bed. Michael rolled off one side to face the door, ready for whoever to come charging in. Selene rolled off the other and came up with an automatic pistol in each hand. One was loaded with anti-lycan ammunition. The other had anti-vampire bullets. The lycan underground supplied the latter. It had amazed Selene how willing the lycans were willing to share when word had gotten around that she had slain a vampire elder.

“Get the door, Michael,” Selene said, all business now. She was in her element. She positioned herself to cover their visitor.

Michael grasped the door handle and slowly pulled the door open. He stayed behind the door, out of sight.

“Hi!” burbled a female vampire with long blonde hair. “Welcome to Los…EEP! DON’T SHOOT! DON’T SHOOT ME!” Her hands sprung up to shield herself. One hand held an envelope.

Selene quirked an eyebrow. She nodded at Michael to retrieve their visitor. Michael stepped into view and physically dragged the vampire into their room.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Selene demanded calmly, putting the gun with the anti-lycan ammo down. The other remained trained on the other vampire.

“I’m Harmony,” the other vampire said quickly. “It’s like my job to greet any new vampires that come into the city. Make sure you guys know the rules.”

Selene frowed. She didn’t think the girl was lying to her. If nothing else, Harmony didn’t look like she had the brains to lie believably. “How did you know we were here?” Selene asked.

“Oh, a local psychic told us,” Harmony said. “On the other hand, she also said the lady was a merchant.”

“Merchant?” Selene echoed.

“Yeah,” Harmony said. “She said you bought and sold corpses. Um, ‘dealer of the dead’ I think were her words.”

Selene was surprised. This girl didn’t know what a Death Dealer was?

“Wait a minute. Did she say a psychic found us? There are real psychics too?” Michael asked.

“No, there’s no such thing as psychics,” Selene replied. “I used to believe in witches too, but I outgrew that.”

“Oh, we got witches, too.” Harmony glanced at Michael. “Okay, not that I don’t appreciate the view, but could you tell me why I’m being held at gunpoint by two crazy but naked people?”

Even in the darkness, Selene could actually see Michael blush. He reached for his clothes. They hadn’t bothered to dress when reacting to what they thought was a possible attack. Selene’s gun didn’t waver.

“Er, can I go?” Harmony asked nervously. She held up the envelope in her hand. “This is the welcome packet. It’s got all the rules you need to follow and an invitation.”

“Invitation?” Selene asked.

“Oh, we’re having a birthday party for the Master of the City.”


No Feuding in City Limits.

No Hunting or Hurting Humans Unless Protecting Lives.

No Eating Humans Ever. Alternative Food Sources are Available.

The rules were short and simple. Being new to the world of vampires and Lycans, Michael didn’t have a problem with them. Being a centuries old vampire, Selene found them peculiarly human-centric. Why was this “Master” so concerned about them?

On a rooftop across from the Hyperion Hotel, Selene and Michael observed the guests arriving. The guests were a mix of human, vampire, and lycans. And so far as Selene could tell, they were all friendly with each other.

“Shall we go in?” Michael asked quietly.

“I don’t like it,” Selene replied. “If we go in, we’ll be outnumbered and surrounded.”


“It doesn’t feel like a trap,” Selene admitted. “There’s no way the covens could set this up. If nothing else, they couldn’t possibly get vampires and lycans that friendly with each other.”

“So we go in?”

Selene nodded.

They stepped off the ledge and landed on the sidewalk several stories below unhurt. As they approached the front entrance, Michael took Selene’s arm in his own, giving them the air of being a couple. This annoyed Selene slightly; she had wanted both arms free just in case. Michael wanted to them to actually look like a couple, so as not to appear hostile to the locals.

Michael got his way. Being arm in arm wouldn’t significantly impair their ability to react to an ambush anyway. Plus, it felt… nice.

Entering the hotel, the two were greeted by some… thing. He certainly wasn’t human, vampire, or lycan. For one thing, he was green.

“Hello! Welcome to the Hyperion Hotel,” the being said. “I’m Lorne. Refreshments and snacks are over by the counter over there. If you’re packing heat, don’t let it show. Don’t start any fights and no snacking on the guests or service people. Oh, we’ll also be holding karaoke later.” He studied them. “Are you two new in town?”

“Er, yes,” Michael replied when Selene didn’t. She looked like she was gawking at some of the more… unusual guests. But Selene didn’t gawk. Gawking would be too gauche for Selene.

“Well, welcome to L.A. then,” Lorne nodded. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta mingle. Hey, Gwen, good to…” He moved off, greeting more guests.

“Selene, what’s wrong?” Michael whispered to her.

“I… I’ve never been in mixed company like this,” Selene replied. “And it’s not just the vampires and lycans mingling. I don’t even know what some of these people are.”

“You must be Michael and Selene,” someone said behind them.

They turned to see a tall, handsome vampire standing there.

“Yes, we are,” Selene replied crisply. Vampires she knew how to deal with. This one seemed strong, but not particularly old. “And you are?”

“I’m Angel, supposedly the most senior vampire in the city,” Angel replied. “Harmony, my assistant, told me about her meeting with you two.”

“Er, sorry?” Michael said.

Angel shrugged. “She came back whole, so no harm, no foul,” he said regretfully. “However, your extreme reaction did pique my curiosity. I did some discreet checking up on you two. Seems you two have a price on your heads.”

Selene tensed.

“Relax, this is Los Angeles,” Angel said. “Vampires and lycans come here to get away from Old World politics and the Feud. See that guy over there?” He pointed out a guitarist in a band that was providing the party with live music. “That’s Oz. He’s the Alpha lycan in the city. He also teaches Zen meditation to anyone who’s interested. That happens to include a few lycans. He’s become a kind of local legend.”

“Zen meditation?” Selene blurted in surprise. “In a LYCAN?”

Angel nodded. “I didn’t believe it either until I saw it for myself,” he said. “Oz is the most laid back lycan I’ve ever seen, but he can still kick the ass of any lycan who challenges him. He picked up more than meditation techniques in Tibet.”

“What about her?” Michael asked, pointing to a redhead who was busy cuddling up to another girl. “There’s something about her. Whatever it is, it’s powerful. I can feel it even through the crowd.”

“Good call,” Angel said. “That’s Willow. She’s in charge of the witch covens of Los Angeles. Willow’s technically their representative, not their leader. She honestly tries to represent their interests, but none of the covens would ever dream of disobeying a command from her.”

“Why not?” Selene asked. She realized quickly that Angel was discreetly giving them a quick run down on local politics. That was another oddity. A stranger in a traditional vampire coven would never have things explained to them upfront like this.

“Well, aside from being best friends with the Master of the City,” Angel answered, “she could flay and incinerate the offending party alive. Which she’s actually done once.”

“Wait, you’re not the Master of the City, Angel?” Selene asked, frowning. “And where did such a silly title come from anyway?”

“The title was supplied by the Master of the City’s little sister who got it out of a vampire novel,” Angel replied amused. “And no, I’m not the Master of the City. That would be…”

There was a crash. Two figures came tumbling down onto the main floor. One appeared to be a petite human girl with blonde hair. The other was a grotesque humanoid that had red scaly skin, horns, and bat-like wings sprouting from it’s back. The girl recovered first, delivering a beating to her opponent at a speed Selene had only ever seen in elder vampires and Michael. It ended with her snapping the thing’s neck.

There was a scattering of applause from the crowd.

“…her,” Angel concluded. “The Slayer.”

“The Slayer?” Selene said, surprised.

“What’s a Slayer?” Michael asked.

“They’re… well, no one knows really,” Selene said absently. “There’s lots of theories. Most of them revolve around Slayers being some kind of mutant strain of the virus that creates vampires, but they’re rare. They don’t propagate like we do.” She shrugged. “Slayers are so rare and dangerous, that we’ve never been able to study them properly. What little we know is what we’ve observed. They have all the strengths of a vampire, and none of the weaknesses. Except that you don’t need special bullets for them. But you have to hit them in the heart or brain, not an easy thing to do. Anything less than instantly lethal and they heal up and keep going.”

“You sound like you have direct experience,” Angel commented.

“Half a century ago,” Selene whispered. The Slayer was headed their way. “One slaughtered my squad in Hamburg. I only survived because an air raid interrupted her.”

“Hi, Angel,” the Slayer greeted, planting a light kiss on the vampire’s cheek.

“You okay?” Angel asked.

“I’m fine,” the Slayer replied. “But just once, I’d like to have a birthday where something doesn’t try to kill me.” She noticed Selene and Michael. “Gonna introduce me to your friends?”

“Buffy, this is Selene and Michael,” Angel said. “They’re new in town. Selene, Michael, this Buffy the Slayer.”

“A Slayer, Angel,” Buffy corrected. She extended a hand to them. “Hi, nice to meet you.”

Gingerly, Selene took her hand. There seemed to be a story behind, Buffy’s words. Selene mentally filed that away for later inquiry.

“Oh, calm down, I’m not going to hurt you,” Buffy told her, apparently struggling not to laugh. “Not unless you plan on going on a killing spree.” Her eyes narrowed. “You’re not, are you?”

“No, no killing sprees,” Selene said quickly.

“Good, welcome to L.A. then,” Buffy said cheerfully. She turned to shake Michael’s hand. “So what are you?”

“Er, I’m a vampire/lycan hybrid,” he said quietly, uncomfortable with revealing his nature among so many regular vampires and lycans.

“One of a kind?” Buffy asked. Michael reluctantly nodded. “Cool. You’ll be right at home then.”

Selene and Michael exchanged a glance. Maybe Los Angeles was going to be the refuge they were looking for after all. But there was just one more question that Selene had to ask.

“Uh, what’s that?” Selene asked, pointing at the thing Buffy had killed.

“That? It’s a demon. I’m not exactly sure what kind, mind you…” Buffy answered. The thing twitched. Apparently, it wasn’t quite as dead as Selene had assumed. Buffy raised her voice. “Hey, Spike. I want to talk to tall, scaly, and winged later! Take care of him, would you?”

“Yeah, yeah, just call me the janitor, why don’t you?” a vampire with bleached hair replied. He strolled up to the demon and broke its neck again. Then he hauled it onto his shoulder and lugged the demon toward the back of the room.

“A demon?” Selene said, disbelief evident in her voice.

“Yeah, we get a lot of them around here,” Buffy said sympathetically. “Some of them are okay, like Lorne there.” She waved at the green guy. “Some like to do the rampage thing. The latter we try to keep a lid on.”

Selene looked around at some of the more unusual guests. “I’ve been around for centuries,” she said. “I’ve never seen any actual demons before, not in the technicolor flesh anyway. Why are there so many here?”

“What? No one’s told you?” Buffy asked. She threw a glare at Angel. “You didn’t tell them?”

“I hadn’t gotten to that part yet,” Angel said innocently.

“Um, demons?” Michael prompted.

“Oh, right.” Buffy inhaled. “Los Angeles – more specifically the L.A. suburb known as Sunnydale – happens to sit on a weak spot in the fabric of space and time. The demons come through there. Welcome to the Mouth of Hell.”
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