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The Legacy of Zorro

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Summary: After California joined the United States, Zorro disappeared, but he was not gone. Zorro instead moved to La Boca del Infierno to guard California from the supernatural. X-over with The Mask of Zorro.

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Literature > Action > ZorroBarefootXOFR1822,4690183,18628 Apr 0910 Apr 11No

Welcome to Sunnyhell High

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Mask of Zorro. They are owned by Joss Whedon and Martin Campbell respectively. I think... :p


Sunnydale High School
September 3rd 1996

Cordelia Chase stared fixedly at the new student that was walking calmly into the school. He was a fine specimen, if she was any judge, with his tanned skin contrasting well with his shoulder-length black hair. His clothes were well made and stylish, but distinctive enough to set him apart. More interestingly, though, Cordelia recognised his face and, since this was his first day at Sunnydale High School, that meant the young man that strode through the halls with such confidence was someone she had met, or at least seen, at one of the parties that she and her parents had attended recently.

Cordelia swept regally through her kingdom of Sunnydale High. “I’m Cordelia Chase. And you are?”

The young man offered a polite smile and grasped her offered hand in greeting, bowing over it slightly in a dignified manner. “Alejandro Murrieta, Miss Chase. I believe that we met briefly at the Mayor’s Spring Ball.”

Cordelia nodded faintly. “I’d thought I recognised you from some place. Are you new to Sunnydale, then?”

Again a polite smile was offered. “I’m afraid not, Miss Chase. My grandfather has been homeschooling me for that past fourteen years or so. He has decided that now is the time for me to attend a regular school, in order that I might meet people my own age.”

Cordelia’s smile tightened slightly. Blech. A home school type? That’s all I need. It was then that Cordelia noted a beautiful blonde that was obviously as new as the suddenly much less interesting Alejandro. That won’t do. I need to make sure this girl knows her place and fast. “You’ll pardon me, Alejandro. I see someone I need to speak to right away. Perhaps we can speak again another time?”

“It would be my pleasure, Miss Chase.” Cordelia noted that the boy’s words were somewhat less than sincere. Apparently she’d insulted him somehow. Cordelia shrugged it off as something of no consequence. She had a potential rival to head off before she had time to settle in.


Alejandro watched Miss Chase leave with a faint expression of distaste. She had started using his first name without permission, which was a frightful breach of etiquette that Grandpa Diego had drilled into Alejandro firmly. Granted, Alejandro hadn’t expected most of the students to be schooled in such proprieties, but Miss Chase was a girl of a family of wealth and supposed class. The lad sniffed in disgust.

A faint rustle of footsteps to Alejandro’s right drew his attention to a pale young girl of about his age. She was dark haired and wore a deep frown that suggested she was almost perpetually unhappy. She was the sort of girl who seemed to practically fade into the background. If not for his extensive training, Alejandro might well have missed her. “Hello there, Miss. I am Alejandro Murrieta. And you are?”

The girl’s frown blossomed into shock, at what Alejandro couldn’t guess, before she responded softly, “I’m Marcie, Marcie Ross.”

Alejandro allowed a gentle smile to cross his face as he swept her hand up and kissed it. “A pleasure to meet you, Miss Ross. Would you happen to know where I can find Principal Flutie’s office?”

The girl flushed bright red for a moment before apparently regaining control and returning to her natural colouring. “Of course, Mr. Murrieta. Right this way.”

Alejandro nodded approvingly. There was much more to this girl than met the eye. She had picked up on his use of last names and had imitated it, either by luck, prior knowledge or some skilled guesswork. “You may call me Alejandro, if you like.”

The girl positively beamed.

She must not get much attention. A tragedy.

“You can call me, Marcie.”

After over fifteen minutes of walking through the school, the girl gestured to her right as the two came up to what was quite obviously the principal’s office. “This is the place. I guess I’ll leave you to it.”

“I thank you for your assistance, Marcie. I hope to see you again in class.”

He almost missed her muttered, “I hope you do too.” The girl definitely was starving for attention. The sheer amount of time it had taken them to get here suggested to him that she had deliberately taken a roundabout route. He shrugged it off in the end. It wasn't like he had been in a huge hurry.

Alejandro slipped into the office, passing by a rather agitated blonde as she made her was out. The young lady moved with an unconsciously predatory grace that intrigued him, but Alejandro knew that he’d have to save that investigation for later. It wouldn’t do to leave a possible demon uninvestigated. Alejandro knew full well that there were many demon species that were peaceful, but until he knew what her classification was, Alejandro knew he’d have to be on the alert.

“Mr. Murrieta, I’m Bob Flutie. Welcome to Sunnydale High.”

Alejandro turned to meet the gaze of his new principal. He was both pleased and disappointed with what he saw. On the one hand, Flutie appeared to be a rather shaky individual. On the other, he also appeared to be a genuinely uncorrupted individual if Alejandro was any judge. The man’s body language was too transparent to survive long if he wasn’t honest. “I’m pleased to meet you, Mr. Flutie. I believe Mayor Wilkins said that there would be some special testing before I could begin my classes?”

The principal paled at the mention of the mayor. “Yes, Mr. Murrieta. You must understand that while your grandfather is reputedly a well educated individual, we do have to test you to make sure you are capable of joining your year-mates.”

Alejandro nodded faintly. “I do understand, Mr. Flutie. I am at your disposal, for whatever tests you deem necessary.”

The principal seemed to brighten considerably at Alejandro’s words. Alejandro strongly suspected the poor man didn’t get much in the way of respect.

“Do you know is the Chief Munroe was ever able to solve the appalling vandalism of the Mayor’s stables during the Spring Ball?”

The principal grimaced at the reminder. “I’m afraid I haven’t heard anything about the vandal being caught. What I have heard is that the vandal was also a thief.” The man’s voice took on a conspiratorial tone.

“Oh?” Alejandro’s eyebrow quirked in feigned curiosity.

“Oh yes. Whoever it was stole one of Mayor Wilkins’ prized Andalusian stallions. Richard, that is to say the Mayor, was apparently beside himself at hearing of it.”

Alejandro shook his head. “It’s a tragedy when such people can operate in even so lovely a town as Sunnydale. I do hope the Chief catches that villain. It just doesn’t do to have an important man like Mayor Wilkins bear such humiliations.”

Flutie nodded sagely. “Agreed. Well, Mr. Murrieta, why don’t I take you to meet Dr. Gregory. He’ll be administering your science placement tests since he has this period free.”

“As I said, Mr. Flutie, I am at your disposal.”


I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. And so is Alejandro.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Legacy of Zorro" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Apr 11.

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