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The New Headmistress

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Summary: This is a first (on two accounts). The concept of this fic is original. Hogwart gets a new Headmistress in Harry's 6th year. I bet this IDEA didn't even come up in your head befor you read the title and summary. This story is Unique. If not, I eat my ha

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Hogwarts TeacherWhiteWolfFR737,11835513,27928 Sep 036 Dec 03No

First DADA class

Subtitle: First DADA class

Name: WhiteWolf

Summery: Hogwarts got a new Headmistress. You never going to believe, who it is.

Spoilers: HP to Book 5 and BtVS to Season 7

Beta-ed: Prof. Jenn my new teacher.

A/N: Thanx for everybody who had reviewed.

A/N: Marcus Rowland

I'm not making Buffy annoy Snape for the fun. Buffy wouldn't let anybody bully kids around. Even if
they are useful in the fight against evil.

Chapter 2: First DADA class

Dawn stood in the doorway, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her students. She had skipped most
of her breakfast to prepare for her first class, not that she needed the extra time. To be honest,
she had finished her preparation the night before. If it hadn't been for Buffy, who dragged her
to bed, Dawn would probably have fallen asleep in her classroom.

Dawn still couldn't believe she was at Hogwarts. The first time she and Willow had heard of
the school and the Wizarding World, they had wanted to visit Hogwarts. Dawn even got her
first wand shortly thereafter, one made especially for her with Buffy's blood. But Giles put an
end of any thought of visiting Hogwarts. He didn't think it was a good idea to attract the
attention of the Ministry of Magic, since even though Willow was a very powerful witch and
Dawn a mystical Key, they were still Muggles in the eyes of the Ministry. He also explained to
them that the Slayer traditionally doesn't interfere with the Wizarding World. If it hadn't been
for the return of Voldemort, the Watchers Council wouldn't even have put much attention on
the Wizarding World itself.

The Watchers Council had contacts in the Wizarding World, but otherwise they kept themself
separated from that entire magical society. At the beginning of the previous summer, the news
of the open DADA position at Hogwarts had reached Dawn's ears through the Council and
she had sent Dumbledore her résumé and application form without telling anybody. She didn't
want anybody to talk her out of it. She had put her sister Buffy, Slayer Matriarch, Head of the
Watchers Council and Principle of Slayer Academy, as her main personal reference.

Dumbledore had knocked on her door the next day, with a suspicious Slayer opening the door.
Buffy wasn't at all happy with Dawn after hearing what she had done. Her demeanor changed
after the two hour interview Dumbledore gave Dawn, and after he answered some of Buffy's
own questions. She saw that it would be a good, and respectable, job for Dawn. At the end of
the interview Dawn was given the DADA position and Buffy offered him a tour of Slayer
Academy the next morning.

Dawn's thoughts were interrupted by her students. She welcomed them each personally with a
"Hi' or 'Hello' when they entered the room. She received some odd looks, some confused
ones, some smiling and some disgusted. When everybody had found their seat she walked up
to her desk, turned around and hopped on it.

"Welcome to your first 6th year Defence Against the Dark Arts class." Dawn smiled at them
brightly. She clapped her hands and rubbed them together in excitement. "I have looked at
what your previous teachers have taught you and noticed that you had vampires in your second
and third year. Very good. I'll recap the subject to make sure you know how to defeat a
vampire and I'll add some extra personal stuff."

Hermione interrupted Dawn by raising her hand. Dawn noticed it. "Yes, Miss Granger?"

"You've fought a vampire?" Hermione asked.

"Yep, I even killed my first one at 15."

An astonished hush swept through the class. It was Draco who broke the silence. "And we
should believe that." He said it with his usual disdain.

"No, you don't have to believe anything I say, Mr. Malfoy." Dawn shrugged her shoulders.
"It's your funeral."

A few of his fellow students snickered at how Dawn handled Draco.

"The reason why I want to recap vampires is because vampires are one of the most common
Dark Art creature you might encounter. Which will end in you being dead or turned if you
don't know how to recognize and dispatch them. These skills will also enable you to protect
any Muggles in the vicinity, who will usually be totally defenceless against these creatures."

Draco huffed. "Why should I care about Muggles?"

"Five points from Slytherin for speaking out of turn, and I'm going to deduct five more for
being bigoted." Dawn smiled sweetly at him.

"You can't ..." Draco started to protest.

"Do you want me to deduct more points, Mr. Malfoy? I'm happy to try for fifty if you want to
keep talking." Dawn kept smiling at Draco who opened his mouth, but closed it quickly. He
repeated the action a few more times, giving a very good imitation of a fish.

Harry and Ron grinned at Professor Dawn, having decided that they liked her even more than
they'd first thought. They loved it when Draco got punished and put in his place, and they
definitely liked her style.

"They were also the first demons that populated this realm of existence after the high demons
were kicked out. Which gave the mammal, us, a chance to prosper."

Hermione put up her hand. "Yes, Miss Granger?"

"What do you mean by high demons?"

"Oh, I forget. You guys go by Fey lore. I'm sorry."

Draco sighed loudly before Dawn could explain herself. "Oh, great. She is going to teach us
Muggle lore." And under his breath he added. "Stupid Mudblood."

Dawn obviously missed the last comment, since she did not deduct points for Draco's
rudeness. "No, Mr. Malfoy, I go by the Slayer lore. Since she was created to fight vampires
and stop the swell of their numbers, it's better to concentrate on Slayer lore than Fey or,"
Dawn turned to Draco, "even Muggle lore. Contrary to popular belief, Wizard and Muggle,
the world didn't start as a paradise. Demons ruled this world first until they were driven off.
Why? That is still being speculated about, it's not relevant at the moment. Their departure
made room for the mammals, us. But before the last demon left he drank from a human and
left some of his own essence in that human. With that, the first vampire was born. This demon
drank from humans and turned them into vampires as well. This vampirism spread like a plague
across the world."

Harry raised his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Potter?" Dawn pointed at Harry.

"What's a Slayer?" Harry asked.

Dawn looked around the class and saw a few more confused faces. "I thought the Slayer was
common knowledge, used to scare little children into eating their vegetables." A smile crept on
Dawn's face at the idea of Buffy scaring kids. A few of the students giggled.

"Who else doesn't know about slayers?" Four more students put up their hands.

"Okay. I want an essay about the Slayer between ten and twenty inches long with footnotes
about your research material for next week. For those who don't know about the Slayer, it is
sufficient to know for now that she is a champion of the Muggles to keep the dark forces at

Dawn returned to her lecture. "Now, then. Not every vampire bite will turn a victim into a
vampire like with werewolves. There's a procedure required, which is called 'turning'
somebody. Vampires calling it siring. Who knows how a vampire is created?"

Almost everbody's hand went up. Of course one of them was Hermione, another one was a
Slytherian girl named Blaise Zabini.

"Miss Zabini?"

"When a vampire has drained his victim of her blood to the point of death, the vampire makes
the victim drink some of his own blood." A little sadness was showing in Blaise's eyes and her
voice sounded a little nervous, too. "How much blood the victim drinks determines how
powerful she will be as a fledgeling."

Dawn had the feeling that Blaise spoke from experience. "Very good, Miss Zabini. Five points
for answering the question, five for the extra information and five more for the right use of the
word 'fledgeling'."

Blaise gave Dawn a wary smile.

"I'm sure you all know how to kill a vampire; a wooden stake through the heart, but any other
'living' object through the heart will do the trick, something made of bone or horn." Dawn
looked at her long nails. "Never tried it or heard about it being done, but I expect that if you
could pierce through with a nail, that might kill a vampire too. I wouldn't try it, of course."

Dawn got a few laughs from her students before she grinned back at her audience and

"The other way to kill a vampire is by decapitation." She illustrated her words with her hands,
drawing a finger across her throat in demonstration. "Fire is also good, but throwing a fire hex
at a vampire won't work, or any other magical fire either. That doesn't mean a fire hex won't
work to defeat a vampire. If you fire hex something else and throw or levitate it at the vampire,
the fire will kill it."

"It also helps if you can put its clothes on fire instead of the vampire itself. But that requires
very skillful wand control. The best thing you can do is to levitate something wooden into the
vampire's heart."

"What if there isn't anything wooden around?" Ron asked.

"If you are good at transfiguration you could try to turn an object into a wooden stake, but I
warn you that, if not correctly transfigured, it won't work. I had to learn that the hard way."
Dawn pushed her long hair back and showed the class a bite mark on her neck. "I was lucky
that I could get my wand between us, and his own body weight did the rest of the work to dust

The students were impressed. Even Hermione had to admit that Dawn was qualified to have
the position as DADA Professor.

"Your wand could be used as your last resort even if it is broken." Dawn gave the audience a
serious look to make sure they understood her.

"The fourth way to kill a vampire is by direct sunlight. This means that vampires can move
through daytime as long as they stay in the shadows." Dawn took a small breath. "There is a
sunlight spell, 'Solarus', but again it won't work against vampires, although it might distract
them long enough for you to stake them."

"Holy objects, like crosses, and holy water can scare vampire or keep them at bay, but crosses
won't scare the more powerful vampires. There is a way to kill vampire with holy water. That
is by tricking him or her into drinking it."

Hermione put up her hand.

"Yes, Miss Granger?"

"I thought vampires only drink blood?" Hermione half stated and half asked it.

"Vampires 'need' to drink blood, but they are capable of drinking and eating like a normal
human. Vampires normally only eat to pose as human to sneak up on their victims. But some
vampires like to eat something solid. Buffalo wings and fried onions seems to be favourites."
Dawn smiled.

A Ravenclaw boy put up his hand. "What are Buffalo wings? I didn't know Buffalos had

"Chicken wings. Don't ask me why they are called Buffalo wings, probably to do with the city
of Buffalo in the States." Dawn explained briefly before she continued with her lecture.

"What I want to tell you with this piece of information is that if you see somebody eat, that
doesn't automatically mean he isn't a vampire."

"Now, how to recognize a vampire? The best way is with a mirror. No reflection. Another one
is a pale complexion. But be warned it doesn't always mean he is a vampire. Otherwise
somebody would have staked Professor Snape by now."

The students laughed and Dawn's smile grew in a grin.

"You can also recognize a vampire by his outdated clothes, that is how your Headmistress
always spotted them, or black and other dark colours. Again, you shouldn't mistake Professor
Snape for one." Dawn winked.

The students laughed again. Most of them loved hearing the dreaded Potion Master being put

"Because vampires are dead or undead, they don't breathe or have a heartbeat, or a body
temperature above room temperature, that means they normally have cold skin." Dawn tapped
a finger on her lips. "Let me see. I saw Professor Snape huff and puff, so he breathes. I saw his
face go red from anger and a vein on his forehead pulsed. So he has a heartbeat. But I shook
his hands and they were ice-cold." Dawn dramatically sighed. "Two out of three, that proves
that Professor Snape isn't a vampire. This means you are not allowed to stake him, doesn't
matter how much you would like to do it."

Dawn winked at the three friends, who smiled back at her.

"Where do vampires live? In dark places where the sun doesn't shine. Abandoned warehouses,
crypts, sewers, cellars, caves and ..."

"Dungeons?" Ron added helpfully.

"Yes and dungeons. Again a negative for Professor Snape. He really should stay away from
Slayers." Dawn was really taking pot shots at Professor Snape, and the students loved it, with
the exception of the Slytherins.

"The hunting grounds of vampires. You would think that cemeteries would be their hunting
grounds, but that is a misconception. This doesn't mean you can't find them in cemeteries, but
they wouldn't hunt there because there aren't many people who would go to a cemetery at
night. Vampires do like to hang around cemeteries or bring their victims there. Or they might
simply live there or just be rising out of their graves. So you should avoid cemeteries at night."

"Their hunting grounds are dark alleys and crowded places where nobody would miss your
absence. Dark alleys, so that nobody can see or bother them when they are draining their
victims. Crowded places are where they find their victims and lure them away. Normally
crowded places are also hot, which helps conceal their body temperature."

Dawn stopped at that point to let the students digest what she had just told them. "When do
you know for sure that you're dealing with a vampire? It's when they show their 'game face'
to feed."

" 'Game face?' " A Hufflepuff boy asked.

"The 'game face' is when their foreheads become ridged, their eyes get yellow and their teeth
turn into sharp fangs. When they don't look human anymore."

"What you have to know about vampires is that they are all evil. Even if the degree of their
evilness is different. Don't make the mistake about how human they can behave or act, in the
end the only thing they are interested in is your blood."

Again she waited to let her point sink in. "In all of known history, there were only two
exceptions. What made them different? They had their souls returned to them."

"That's impossible. Vampires lose their souls when they are turned." Hermione bursted out,

"Five points from Gryffindor for calling me a liar." Hermione blushed, ashamed. "And five
point to Gryffindor for the soul comment."

Dawn turned to address the whole class. "While Hermione is right about vampires losing their
souls, she's wrong about it being impossible for them to have souls. The first known vampire
with a soul was cursed with one, the other one was stupid enough to prove he was a man and
not a monster."

The students were on the edges of their seats to hear more. Dawn looked at her watch and saw
that it was almost the end of the period.

Grinning evilly, she made her announcement. "I'll tell about these vampires in the next class.
Now, it's time to go to your next class, I think."

Dawn could hear the protests, but nevertheless the students packed their belongings and left
the classroom. A few stayed behind to ask questions, but soon even they were gone, leaving
Dawn to await her next class.

End Chapter 2.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The New Headmistress" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Dec 03.

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