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The Trouble That Follows

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Nothing is as it Seems". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to Nothing is as it Seems. Who knew that one call can cause a problem?

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Chapter One

The Trouble That Follows

Disclaimers: I do not own kindred the embraced nor do I own Buffy the
vampire slayer. Any and all original characters do belong to me unless I say

Summery: This the Sequel the Nothing Is As It Seems. I have thought hard
about how this should go. I hope that it will interest you.

As Xander walked into his house, he could here the yelling coming
from the kitchen. Xander decided to try and get past the kitchen before
he was noticed. He braced himself and prayed that he wouldn't be noticed.
His prayers were not answered. Once he got into clear view of his father,
all attention was turned to him.

"What in the hell are you staring at, bastard?" Jeremiah Harris
asked. His face turning to a gruesome red as his anger built up.

"N-Nothing." Xander stuttered as his father came near him. Jeremiah
lashed out as he got closer to his son. Before long Xander was huddled up
into a fetal position on the kitchen floor.

"So, Alexander, you decided to ignore my warnings and tell your friends
what you know about us." A different voice spoke. This one was much calmer
than his father and yet it was still full of anger.

Xander tried to look up but the pain was just too much. "What are you
talking about?" He asked even though he knew the answer.

"Young man, please so not insult my intelligence with that question. You
have been watched the all time you have been here. You have been warned and now
I must do away with you." Julian grabbed the boy by his neck. He extended his
claws till they touched the tender flesh. Xander started to scream once he felt
his flesh tear and his life pour out of him.


"Xander, wake up. Come on, Xander, wake up. Everything is going to be
alright." Frank took his son into his arm as he woke up. He held Xander, letting
him tremble and cry. "Shh. Alex, nothing happened. It was just a nightmare."

Xander looked up into his father's eyes and gave him a shy smile. "Sorry,
I got carried away." He mumbled as he shrugged out of his father's embrace. At
that moment he thought of something from the dream. "What time is it?"
"It's a little after seven in the morning. Why?"

"I got to make a phone call. That's why." Xander said as he rushed out of
his room to get the phone. As he came back to his room, he noticed that Frank was
still sitting on his bed. "Excuse ,me. Can I have my room back?"

"What? You don't want me to listen to you speak to you girlfriend?" Frank
asked with a sly smile on his face.

"Oh yeah. I got to ask her when she wants me to come over to have sex."

"Okay. Okay. I can take a hint." Frank said throwing his hands up in the
air in defeat. "Hurry up, though. I want to take you out for breakfast before I
have to go to work."

"Oh, goody! Donuts!" Xander said with enthusiasm.

"Sometimes I wonder if you were meant to be a cop with the way you love sweets." Frank stated as he left the room.

Once Frank was gone, Xander made his call.


"Hey it's Xander."

"Xander, why are you calling again? Has something happened?" A concerned
British voice asked over the phone.

"No. Well, not really." Xander paused and took in a deep breath to calm
himself down. "Listen, Giles, I don't think I should have told you about the Kindred."

"Why do you believe this? You know it is of the utter importance that we know
all we can on a new enemy."

"I had a dream. Something's going to happen because I told you these things."

"Xander, it was just a dream. That is all. There is no reason to believe that
your dream will even come true."

"Yeah, but Buffy has dreams and you are always telling us that they might come

"Yes. Well, Buffy is a slayer and she has the power to have visions of what
might be happening next." Giles said with a sign.
"Who says I can't have visions." Xander asked with sadness in his voice.

"I'm sorry, Xander, but it hardly likely that you will have such power.

"Fine. Whatever. Just don't go telling anyone about this." Xander pleaded.

"Again, I am sorry. Xander, you know that it is my duty to report any type of
problem like this to the council and to Buffy."

"FINE!" Xander yelled into the phone before he slammed it down.

He was sitting on his bed, with his head down in his hands, when Frank came in.
"Everything okay?" He asked in a fatherly tone.

"Yeah, dad. Just had a disagreement with a friend." Xander said with a sad smile.

"Must had been some disagreement." He muttered to himself. Out loud he asked, "How about we go get those donuts."

At the donut shop:

"Hello. I would like to order an assortment of donuts. I would like these to be
a total of a dozen." Xander told on of the workers at the shop. As he picked out the
donuts he wanted, Frank waited by the door. He felt a hand on his shoulders. Grabbing the hand, he turned around; ready to fight his adversary.

"Hey, man. It's just me."

"Sorry. Just a little bit on the wary side right now." Frank stopped as he thought
about something. "What are you doing here anyway, Sonny?"

"Can't I come and see my partner." Sonny gave Frank a cheeky smile. "Nah. I saw
you and wanted to see how your holding up."

"Ah. Well, now you know I'm doing fine."

"So why are you just standing here?" Sonny asked showing false confusion on his face.

"My son." Frank stated with pride in his voice as he pointed to Xander, who was making his way toward them.

"Hey, dad. Who's this?" Xander asked as he got to where Frank and Sonny were standing.

"Xander, I would like for you to meet my partner, Sonny. Sonny, this is my son,
Alexander." Frank introduced the two to each other.

"You can call me Xander." Xander said as he shook Sonny's hand.

"Frank, I didn't know you had a son."

"Yeah. Well, I didn't either till last week."

"Oh. So how did you two meet?" Sonny asked.

The three took a seat nearby. Frank started to talk about how he first found out about Xander while Xander started to eat on the donuts.

Same time
Luna Residence

"I want you to have one of your men watching him. I do not want him hurt, do you hear? If he does something that will endanger us bring him here for me to deal with." A calm yet stern voice order the short blonde in front of him.

"Don't worry. I will get one of my best men on the job." The blonde told his Prince.

"Oh and Cash?" Julian waited till he had Cash's attention before continuing. "If
any of the boy's friends decide to show up and cause trouble for any of us, I want you to take care of them.

Cash bowed his and then looked straight into the Prince's eyes. His eyes started to
glow with wildness. "Don't worry, Julian. No one will cause any kind of trouble and if they do I will take care of it personally."

"See to it that you do." Julian stated as he watched Cash leave his office.

Same time

Giles stared at the phone before he picked it up. He let out a sign and prayed that
Xander would forgive him.

"Hello, Summers residents." A female voice came over the phone.

"E-excuse me, Mrs. Summers. I was wondering if I may speak to Buffy?" Giles slightly stuttered at first as a bout of nervousness took over.
"Rupert? Rupert, is that you? Why on earth are you calling to talk to Buffy in the
morning?" Mrs. Summers asked. She was a little put out that a librarian would be calling
her daughter during school break.

"Well, umm... Well, I have to discuss with Buffy about her trying to earn some extra credit."

"Just one minute."

Seconds later a young female voice came over the phone. "Hello?"

"Buffy, I'm afraid that your are needed. I have just found out some disturbing news."

"Well, hello to you too." Buffy said. She felt a little upset that her good morning
had to come to an end.

"Oh, dear. Hello, Buffy. How was your morning?"

"It was just fine until you called and said there was trouble." Buffy let out a sign
before she continued. "Look, I'm sorry, Giles. I will be over there in a few minutes.
Whatever you have to tell me can wait until then. Okay?"

"Yes, must certainly."

"Oh and I'm going to call the others so that they can come and hear what you have to say."

"Oh, yes. Please do." Giles said getting a little upset that they others had to be
involved. With that he hung up the phone.

Later that day
Sunnydale High Library

Giles sat at one of the tables in the library. All around him,
on the table, were books of all different sizes and languages. Right
now he was scanning through one of the older watcher journals. Aggravated,
he slammed the book down just as Buffy and Willow walked through the doors.

"Whoa, Giles! What has crawled up your butt and died?" Buffy
asked in mild surprise.

"Nothing has crawled up my butt and died, as you so called put
it. I just can't seem to find any references of Kindred anywhere." Giles said with a little irritation.

"Kindred. What's the big deal about Kindred?" Willow piped in. Though shy, she never liked being left out of a conversation.

"Willow, I'm sure that's not the same kind of Kindred that Giles, here,
is talking about." Buffy said putting her arms around Willow's shoulders.
"Isn't that right, Giles?"

"Oh, yes. That is right. Willow, dear, the Kindred that I am talking about is a certain type of vampire." Giles started to clean his glasses as he waited for a reaction from either of the girls. Buffy, of course, didn't make him wait too long.

"What do you mean by it being a certain type of vampire. I thought that all vamps were the same. You know all mean and grr like.” Buffy ranted throwing her hands in the air as she spoke.

"Now, Buffy you need to calm down. Getting all upset will get you
nowhere. If we can sit down and discuss this in a reasonable manner, I will continue." Giles pleaded with his slayer. His British accent was became more pronounced.

"Fine." Buffy said as she flopped down in one of the chairs by Giles's table.

Giles gave a cough before he continued. "Well, yes. Were, may I ask is Oz. I don't want to be repeating this all over again."

`"Oh, oh. He said he couldn't make it. He had an early morning band practice." Willow said. Her eyes glowed with love as she thought of her quiet and reserved boyfriend.

"Then we will just have to inform him of what is going on at a later date." Giles said. He started to rub his temples as a headache began to form.

"Oh, oh. I will do it." Willow almost shouted with excitement.

"Yes, yes. That will be fine. I assume that you will be telling Angel what was said. Is that right, Buffy?" Giles waited till he saw Buffy nod before he started talking again. "As I was telling you, a Kindred is another type of vampire." Giles paused and glared at Buffy as she muttered 'Yeah, yeah.' He straightened his tweed jacket before he began again. "As I was saying, these vampires are able to walk outside during the day without turning to dust and they do not die when you stake them."

"WHAT? Where did you hear this?" Buffy yelled getting upset by
the second.

"Xander called and told me about them. It seems that he was confronted by the master. This master threaten his life. He was barely able to escape and call for help."

"What?" Buffy and Willow asked in unison.

"Oh Xander." Tears started to form in Willow's eyes as she thought of the danger her old friend was in.

Buffy pounded her fist onto the table. Her eyes blazed with the anger that was building up inside of her. "We can't just let this happen. I mean Xander can't very well defend himself. We got to go down there and kill them bastards before Xander gets hurt."

"That is exactly what we must do. I want you and Angel to go down there and do what you have to do to protect Xander." Giles said. A smile almost graced his face as he thought of how now the world might be a few kindred less.

"I'm going, too." Willow sternly said. Her fiery red hair matched her fiery temper that was building up in her. "Don't you even dare think of leaving me behind. I may not be all that powerful but Xander is my best friend and I am going down there to help him. Whether you like it or not."

"Fine. I am sure that Oz will not be letting you go without him.

“It will be up to you three to come up with excuses for your parents."

"Oh that's going to be easy. I will just tell my Mom that we're going to visit Xander." Buffy said. Her anger finally simmered down.

"I can say the same thing." Willow agreed excited over the fact
that she was going to be able to go.

"Then we have everything agreed upon. I think we should meet here early tomorrow morning."

"I'm sure we will be able to use Oz's van." Willow said with

"Yes, yes. That will be fine. Now unless you, two, want to help with the research then I suggest that you go home and pack." Giles stopped talking as both of the girls got up and ran out of the library.

The Haven
9:30 p.m.
"So, dad, what are we doing here." Xander asked as he gazed around the active club. "You do know that I'm underage to be in here. Not that I'm complaining, though." He hurried up and added.

Frank smiled at his son's rambling. It was good to see Xander in a good mood, again. "Don't worry I know how old you are. Julian invited us here tonight to come and see him."

Xander frowned. He hoped that the Ventrue did not know about him spilling the beans about them to Giles. 'That would be bad.' He thought.

"Hey! There's no need to frown. He probably just wants to get to know you better." Frank said trying to cheer his son up. In his heart, though, he feared it was something much worse.

"Aw, come on! You don't believe that, do you?" Xander asked in a doubtful tone.

Frank looked into his son's eyes. What he saw struck him to the core. The fear, the pain, and the insecurity of it all being hidden behind an annoying attitude and bad jokes. 'He's more like me than I would have ever thought.'

Xander lowered his eyes at Frank's scrutiny. He still wasn't use to the man in front of him. At times he found himself fearing that his dad would turn out to be like the one who raised him. Xander's fingers fiddled with the new leather jacket that he had gotten the other day. He still couldn't believe that Frank would spend that kind of money on him. "I'm sorry," he muttered. He hated himself for doubting his father's word.

Frank just shook his head and wrapped his arm around Xander, pulling him into a hug. "To tell the truth, I really don't know what the hell is going on." He whispered sadly. "But I trust Julian to do the right thing. If you tell him that, I will fully deny it."

Xander let a small laugh. His dad could be so crazy sometimes. It wasn't like Julian would take care of Frank, if Julian knew how he really felt. "All right, then, lets get this over with." Xander said with a little too much enthusiasm and a fake smile.

Julian waited patiently for Frank and his son. His predatory eyes scanned the room looking for any sign of the annoying cop. Julian withheld a smile as he thought of how the reluctant cop was starting to become a good friend. The human seemed to have been coming around to the Kindred way. Now with his son around it may get a little bit harder
to embrace him. Of course, he didn't think he would be the one to embrace him. No, Frank had to much of a wild spirit to be embraced by a Ventrue. Especially with that Ventrue being a prince. 'Maybe,' he thought, 'I should see how Cash feels about Frank. I believe he would make a perfect Gangrel.' Julian let the thought mull in his head for a little while longer before agreeing with himself.

A frown settled on his pale face as he caught sight of both, Frank and his son, Xander. He had almost forgotten why he was here. The news he was about to share with them would not put the Kindred on Frank's number one list. That is, if he had a list.

He watched as Cash led them to where he was sitting. The Gangrel gave his prince a nod before leaving the three alone. Julian stood and greeted the two humans. "Frank. Alexander. I am glad that you have decided to take my offer and come here, Frank. What I am about to say, though, will be disturbing to you as it is for us."

Meanwhile, in another part of the Haven, the Brujah were
brewing up some trouble as usual.

"Look at that." A young Brujah spoke up. A disgusted look crossed his face. "Can you believe that the Prince is socializing with that nosey human cop?"

A much older Brujah looked over to where the younger one was looking. He sneered at the sight of the cop. "That human has caused us too much problems. He needs to be taken care of." He growled out.

"But, Eddy, the Prince has him watched all the time. How would you be able to get rid of him without getting caught?" The younger Brujah asked with a gleam of fear and excitement in his eyes.

"Don't go around asking me question like that, Childe. It might get you into trouble." Eddy said. He glanced over at his Childe to see if his point was understood.

"Yes, sire. What about the cop's kid?"

Just as Eddy's childe was asking the question, Cash just happened to pass by and overhear it. He turned around and glared at the two Brujah sitting at the table. He eased over to their table. He put both of his hands flat on the table and leaned toward them. His eyes had a slight glow to them. "I better not hear of you or any of your clan messing with Frank or his kid. If I do, you will have to deal with me and my clan." He said in a low menacing voice.

"Do you think you can take me on, Kindred trash?" Eddy asked
with amusement. "I would like to see you try."

Cash was about to get lost in a frenzy when a feminine but strong hand grabbed a hold of his arm. He turned around to stare in to Lillian's eyes.

Lillian put a stern look on her face. When she spoke, her voice came out as lovely as the red dress she was wearing. "No one wants to endanger the masquerade and have Julian's wrath on you, now do you?" She waited until she got a head shake from all three of the kindred before continuing. "Then, I suggest that you, three, either calm down or take this somewhere private." With that, she left the three Kindreds alone.

Cash turned back to the other two. "I'm warning you. Stay away from Frank and the kid or deal with the consequences." He said with a growl before leaving to join up with some others in his clan.

The Brujah's growled in anger. ‘How dare that Gangrel threaten him’ Eddy thought with anger. His hand's tightened over his glass. A second later the glass shattered under the pressure.

The younger Brujah looked over at his sire. "Sire, you need to be careful. Those Gangrels will think they have gotten the best of you."

"Do you think that I care what those mongrels think?" Eddy growled out in anger. "They can go fuck themselves, like the dogs the are, for all I care." He got up suddenly from his seat. "Lets go. It is getting a little too crowded for my liking." He sneered before heading out of the Haven.

"Yes, Sire." The young Brujah replied. He followed his sire out of the building but not before catching a glimpse of the Gangrel Primogen.

Cash settled down next one of his clan members. He smirked as the two Brujahs left. ‘What a bunch of clowns. Too bad this ain't the time for fun and games.‘ He signed before turning to face Lillian. "Why did you follow me over here?"

"Now Darling, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. I don't want my place messed up because of you going crazy."

"Hey! It wasn't my fault and you know it."

"Yes, but you were the one who was about to loose you cool." Lillian rubbed her hand against his face before cupping his chin. "Now listen carefully. You try a stunt like that again, in the Haven and I will kick you out personally."

"Yea, whatever." He slowly backed away from Lillian. His eyes sparkled and a smile graced his lips. "You know you love me." He whispered it so softly that only a Kindred could hear the words.

"How sweet. I didn't know you had a crush on me." She slightly purred back to him. She laughed softly as a strange look over came Cash.

"Ha ha. Laugh it up." He gave her a smile before getting serious. "I have to go. Julian wants me to talk to Frank about some stuff."

Lillian nodded. "Looks like he is already getting started."


Julian stared deep into Frank's eyes. With a sign, he broke eye contact and looked down at his hands. Finally, after what seemed like a few minutes he collected all his thoughts and looked back up at the father and son. "My sources tell me that there are
Kindred and the demonic vampires are gathering together, under a unknown ruler, to form a united clan. From what I have been told, this group wants to destroy the masquerade and rule the world."

"Shit." Xander stated quietly. "I thought I was done with all that 'end of the world' crap." Xander paused to collect his breathe. "Is it just me or does trouble seem to follow me around. Man, can't I ever get a break?" He asked while throwing his hands up in the

Frank put a comforting hand on Xander's shoulders. "Calm down. We don't need to cause a scene." As soon as the tension left his son’s shoulders, he removed his hand and turned to face Julian. "Let me guess, that’s not all that you want to tell us."

Julian signed. "No. I have also recently been informed that some of Xander's friends from Sunnydale are headed this way."

"Aw, hell." Xander muttered while banging his head on the table. Before he could think of knocking himself unconscious, he felt another presence at their table. Looking up, he saw a blonde biker standing next to him.

The Biker smirked at Xander. "I see that I'm too late for the announcement."

"Cash, we all need to be serious about this."

"Yes, sir."

"How are we going to stop them?" Frank brought up.

"I know of a group of demon hunters that might be willing
to help us." Julian said with a small smile.

"What makes you think that they won't turn on us?" Cash

"I will inform you at the clan meeting that is later tonight." Julian said quietly to Cash. To the rest, he asked if they knew of anyone that could possibly help.

"I might know of someone but I will have to check and see." Frank said.

"Hey, what about my friends? Buffy knows how to fight. Hell, she has been saving the world since she first arrived in Sunnydale." Xander pointed out.

"Xander, you and your friends are too young. I don't want you getting hurt or killed." Frank stated.

"Fuck that! I’m sick and tired of people telling what I can and can't do with my life. I chose to fight and there is nothing that you or anyone else can do about it." Xander slammed his fist down on the table.

"Calm down, Alexander. Nobody is cutting you out of the fight. In fact, we need all the help we can get without endangering the masquerade." Julian stated calmly. He glanced over at Frank to make sure that he wasn't angry at him. To his surprise, though, Frank's eyes gleamed with pride and a small smile played on his lips. The smile disappeared altogether and Frank's face became serious once again.

"Do you know if any of the Kindred in your city are a part of
this world domination." He asked

"I suspect few of the Ventrue and some of the Brujahs." Julian stated. He clasped his together. "I think that it is time that we should all be leaving." He stood up and gestured for them to follow.

As they headed out of the Haven, Frank brought up another question. "How well do you know this group of hunter that mentioned earlier?"

"I fund their organization." Julian said with a secretive smile.

The night was chilly and quite as the Sunnydale crew drove on the interstate. Every now and then the van they were riding in would start to act up. When this would happen, Oz would start to say soothing words to it. After a few hiccups, the van would continue on to its destination.

"You know I think you say more loving words to your van than you do to me." Willow crossed her arms together. Her lower lip was stuck out into a pout as she looked over at Oz.

"You know that is not true, Baby." Oz reached out with one hand to pull her into a hug while keeping the other on the steering wheel. He let his senses take in the herbal smell of her hair.

"How long do you think it will take us to get there?" Buffy asked. She didn't like the fact that Angel and Giles decided to go in a different vehicle than them. ‘It's not fair
that I have to ride with these two lovey doveys. Why don't they just pull over and have a make out session?!’ She leaned back in her seat with a huff and crossed her arms to pout.

"It should only take us less than an hour to get there." Willow stated while still wrapped up in Oz's arm. "I hope that Xander's going to be okay."

"He can handle himself till we get there." Buffy stated firmly. She pounded her fist into her hand. "When we get there we are going to have some good ole butt kicking."

Oz looked into the rearview mirror. His eyes held the look of uncertainty. "Are you sure that these Kindred are a danger to Xander?"

"Giles said that they are and if you doubt Giles then maybe you shouldn't be a part of this group."

"Buffy!" Willow was in shock. She didn't understand what could have came over her friend. The Buffy she knew would never say something like that.

"It's true." Buffy said firmly. "I can't have someone doubting my word or Giles's at this time. We are about to get ourselves into a huge fight to save a friend."

"That's why we all need to stick together," interrupted Willow. "We just can't be arguing over every little thing. Right Oz?"

Oz nodded. He couldn't understand what had gotten into Buffy. First the private meeting between Giles, Buffy, and Angel. Now this. He couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen next.

Someplace in Europe

The dark wove its blanket over the land. It filled ever little corner and opening it could find. It let the stars shine a path for the shadows to come out and play. And play they did. At least, one took the opportunity of the night. She danced under the
stars. Her black hair flowed freely from behind her. She wore black leather to match the night. Her pale face showed brightly under the stars. She let out a startling laugh.

"Love, what do you see?" Asked her male companion.
She grabbed a hold of his leather jacket that he was wearing. She reached up and gave him a furious kiss on his lips. "The stars say that it is time."

"What else do they say, my love." He asked tenderly.

She looked back up at the stars and then at her companion in confusion. "Oh, Spike! They tell of group that will come together as a true family to try and stop us. Tell of friends that become enemies and enemies that become friends." The lady in black looked truly frighten as she gazed up at Spike.

"Dru, love, there is no need to worry. After all this is over, I will rule with you by my side."

Dru giggled. She let go of Spike and started to twirl around. "Oh, that sounds so splindid."

The dark surrounded Xander. It clung to him like tight clothes upon a body. He tried to fight his way out of it but nothing worked. He opened his mouth to scream for help but only ended up letting the darkness in him. When he felt the darkness start to eat away his very essence, he started to cry. He lifted a now barely visibly hand to his cheek to whip away the tears. As his brought his hand back he noticed the blood on his hand. 'What the?' He never got to finish the thought. His body was wrenched up by an invisible hand.

'YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME!' Xander screamed before waking up drenching wet in bed. "Damn" He muttered while breathing heavily. It took a few minutes before he could force his tensed up muscles to relax. "Why does this always happen to me?" He slowly made his way out of bed and into the bathroom.

After getting all refreshed he made his way to the kitchen to find something to eat. On the kitchen counter he found a note from Frank.
I've gone to work early to see if I can find any leads that will
help us. I have a cousin that lives in Cascade, Washington. He might
be able to help us. If you run into any trouble call my cell other than
that enjoy your day. There is not going to be many that you will be able
to enjoy.

"Great everybody seems to be able to contribute something to help with with fight
except for me." Xander sat down heavily on the stool next to him. His eyes suddenly glazed over.

"You are not alone, Xander. We will always be with you." A voice suddenly said out of nowhere.

Xander looked around trying to find out where the voice came from. As he gazed at the couch, he started to notice something was happening there. He got up from the stool and walked slowly over to the couch. His whole body was all tensed up waiting something bad to happen.

"Ease up, boy. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. We’re just here to help."

This time Xander was able to make out the voice was surely an older male. Just as he could make out the voice, the forms on the couch became more clearer. He saw an older man in miltary clothes petting some kind of animal. The animal looked up a Xander. Its eyes turned yellow and it let out a strange yelp that sounded like a laugh.

Xander felt light headed. He took his eyes off the two in front of him and stared
at the ceiling. The man, dressed as soldier in the army, and the animal both could hear
the boy counting. When he got to ten, he took a deep breath and brought his eyes back on them.

"Who are you and what is going on?" Xander asked calmly. On the inside he was feeling scared shitless. He couldn’t figure how this man and animal had gotten into his home without him knowing. His stomach did flips as he thought of Frank's place his home. 'Man, I must be crazy. Here I am with a stranger and his pet. I have no idea how they got in here and yet all I'm thinking of is how good it feels to think of this as home.' He shook his head to try and gather his thoughts.

"Kid, let me set you straight on one thing. This here," the soldier pointed at the
animal, "she is not my pet. Hell, I don't think anybody can call her a pet. She is one
mean bitch." The soldier grinned at the animal beside him as it started to growl. Suddenly
it let a hideous laugh.

Xander watched the two interact with each other. Carefully, he stepped closer to
get a good look at the animal. It didn't dawn on him then that the soldier had read his
thought or that the animal seemed to understand what the soldier was saying. As he looked at the animal he began to notice how familer she looked and then like a bullet it hit him. It was a hyena. Not just any hyena but HER. She was the one that took over his body.

"H-how did you get here. I thought you was banished along with the others." Stuttering for just a second, Xander managed to gain control over his voice.

"Actually, neither one of us were truly gone. We just weren't inside your soul
anymore. You see.."

"Wait. You were in me too. Good grief! Who else was in me? Did you just draw
straws to see who get to go in me first. Yes, lets all hop into Xander. He's giving out free rides." By now Xander was talking hysterically. All of a sudden, he just started laughing.

Seeing this, the hyena let out laugh. Xander stopped laughing and started at
the hyena. "What's her problem?" He asked angrily.

The soldier signed. It wasn't going as well as he expected it to be.

Xander snorted. "And how did you expect it go?" He asked. Slowly it dawn on him the soldier hadn't said anything. "What just happened? How in the hell can read you thoughts?"

The soldier let a out frustrated sign. "If you would sit down and be quiet, maybe
I will be able to explain."

Xander gulped and quickly sat down on the floor. The soldier and hyena both glared at him until they were sure that he wouldn't say another word. The hyena nodded to the soldier as if she was giving him the all clear sign. "Good" The soldier grunted out. "This may take awhile."

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