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The Immortal Twilight

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Immortal Twilight". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander is hurt and brought to Forks to live with his uncle, unknowingly thrust out of the dark and into the twilight. SLASH.

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredBigredTheBallCrusherFR183056,37824338165,55929 Apr 0921 Nov 14No

Chapter 27

Xander shivered as Edward growled again, shooting him a small glare and heading to the bathroom. Edward was not a happy bunny that was for sure, the stupid Vampire guy had been growling on and off since Xander had escaped from Spike. Apparently, at least according to Emmet, Xander was covered in Spike's scent and Edward didn't find that amusing in the least. It didn't matter that Xander had explained what had happened, Edward still kept on growling all the way back to the motel.

It was kind of nice, but at the same time it was more than a little annoying, so Xander headed for the shower for the second time that night, shaking his head in annoyance. Really, it wasn't his fault Spike had been very...Grabby. Grabby and taking no notice of any personal boundaries, and very much with the naughty touching. Lots of naughty touching that didn't feel very naughty, but very good. Shaking his head, Xander climbed into the shower stall. If Edward growled at him again, he was going to hit the near invulnerable idiot in the head. It wasn't like Edward actually had justification to growl at him, they weren't together. There was no call for it. If he wanted growling rights when Xander was covered in someone Else's scent, he should ask Xander out. Xander nodded to himself solidly.

Xander paused as he soaped himself up, blinking the water from his eyes. He had to admit, he wasn't adverse to the idea, in fact he really didn't mind that idea at all. He really really didn't mind that idea. Closing his eyes tightly, he tried hard to banish that thought before he ended up doing something he didn't really want people with super hearing to hear.

Quickly and methodically, he began scrubbing down, mentally reviewing the weapon statistics Tackelberry wanted him to know off by heart. It helped steer his mind clear of a potentially mortifying situation at least. Rinsing off, Xander climbed out of the shower, toweled off and headed back into the bedroom with the towel wrapped securely around his waist.

Edward was alone in the room they would be sharing with Emmet and Jacob. Rosalie and Bella would be sharing one, while Charlie had another. At least that was Charlie's plan, but Charlie had long since crashed out. Edward was going over one of the books Giles had given them when they'd dropped in for a very quick report.

"Where are...?" He began.

"They went to get something to eat." Edward offered, looking up. Xander shifted as Edward's look became a stare.

"I just hope they don't try to take on some mutated animal thing the Hellmouth spat out." Xander shrugged, moving to his bag.

"I'm sure they can handle it." Edward offered distractedly.

"What about you, your not hungry?" Xander looked at Edward over his shoulder, blushing at the dark eyes raking over his back. Maybe he should have taken a change of clothes into the bathroom.

"No...not really..." Edward murmured, slowly dragging his eyes up.

Xander shivered and turned to look at Edward fully, he decided it was time they had a little chat. If Edward's look was anything to go by, Edward might be returning the maybe liking Xander had going on.

"O.K. I need to ask you something and you probably aren't gonna like it, but its tough I'm gonna ask you any way." Xander crossed his arms over his chest. Edward blinked a moment before focusing on Xander's face. "Do you like me or do you just want to eat me? Because if you just want to eat me, your giving off way to many mixed signals." Xander waved his finger between the two of them.

"What?" Edward blinked in shock, standing up. "I don't want to eat you!" He denied. Xander blinked in shock, shifting on his feet.

"So you like me?" Xander asked softly, frowning. Maybe he shouldn't have started this.

"I do" Edward looked away, biting his lip. "I know it's not right, I'm a monster and your not." Edward sighed softly.

Xander blinked again, then once more for good measure. Edward really was people stupid Xander decided, and just plain stupid in general.

"Oh Kay." Xander began slowly. "First off, your not a monster. Yeah your kinda like a statue, and yeah you drink animal blood to live. Emphasis on the Animal blood here. This does not a monster make." Xander stepped forward and poked Edward in the chest when he snorted dismissively.

"Hey I'm talking here, your listening!" He poked again for good measure, nodding when Edward looked suitably cowed.

"Yes I Know you probably have some deep dark shit in your past, but I'm guessing that's way over. Everyone has it, and if they aren't the human kinda normal, its fucked up. Hell Spot nearly made me rape Buffy because Buffy was a threat and Spot wanted to prove her dominance. I killed my Best friend Jessie when Darla turned him. That's pretty bad shit which ever way you look at it." Xander scowled at Edward. Edward blinked owlishly at him a moment.

"But your human, I'm not." Edward murmured.

"Ed, I don't know what the fuck I am anymore, but I doubt its as human as we think." Xander looked away from Edward a moment. The sooner they both accepted that, the better Xander conceded. "So either you like me and you stop this crap and we do something about mutual likage, or you keep doing that crap and mutual likeage goes out the window. You have to pick, because these mixed signals are annoying the hell out of me." Xander stepped back, grabbed his clothes and stalked into the bathroom to get changed.

Leaning back against the door, Xander let out a shaky breath, feeling his hands tremble. What the fuck had he just done? This was so not of the good. Rubbing his face, Xander sucked in a deep lung full of air. He had no idea where that had come from. He'd gone from shying away from Spike's naughty touching to wanting lots of naughty touching with Edward, to nearly demanding it. He dropped his head against the door, shivering. Counting to ten, he forced himself to relax focusing on his boxers first. Oh yeah, he was heading for a major freak out at some point.

Pulling the boxers up over his hips, Xander nearly jumped from his skin at the soft knock on the bathroom door. Setting his shirt on the counter, he opened the door a crack, peering out. Edward looked at him through the gap, looking confused and more than a little worried.

"Um..." Xander shifted, peering at Edward, unsure what to say.

"I'm not human." Edward peered at him, his amber eyes had a deep sadness in them.

"I kinda knew that already." Xander nodded, frowning as he tried to see where Edward might be going with it.

"I've never been involved with anybody." Edward looked away, and if he could, Xander would bet he'd be blushing.

"The only person I've ever dated was Willow, she broke up with me when I stole her Barbie." Xander replied softly, rubbing the back of his head.

They where talking, that was something at least. Xander wasn't sure if it was good or bad yet. He felt like hitting himself, instead he opened the door wider, resting against the doorframe.

"I don't know...How anything would work." Edward sighed, looking at Xander with a mix of hope and worry.

It shocked Xander that he actually knew how to tell the emotions on Edwards face. They must have spent more time together than Xander had realized. Xander bit his lip, looking at the floor.

"Neither do I." Xander admitted. "I went from being all on the yay! Titties train to, being all maybe liking guys." Xander told Edward softly. Edward snorted softly, a small grin twitching at his lips. Xander shifted, fighting the urge to crack a stupid one liner.

"So you maybe like me?" Edward asked knowingly, Xander flushed.

"Maybe." Xander nodded. He took a deep breath, looking at Edward's face for a long moment. "Do you maybe wanna find out?" He asked quickly, screwing his eyes up as he waited for the inevitable let down.

Xander froze as a cool hand touched his cheek, opening his eyes to frown at Edward. This wasn't a let down, at least not yet.

"I'd like that." Edward murmured. Xander let out the breath he didn't know he'd been holding, eyes wide.

"You do?" Xander blinked in stunned shock.

"I do." Edward agreed, smiling softly.

Xander blinked again, shivering as the cool thumb brushed his cheek, stroking ever so gently. He suddenly felt very naked stood there in just his boxers under a towel. Edward inhaled sharply, a strange sort of humming sound building in the center of his chest. Xander shivered again.

Xander could hear his heart beat, strong but steady as he just breathed. The two of them frozen there in a long moment that seemed almost time less. Tilting forward just a little, the moment changed, cool lips brushing over his, cool all around him as Edward stepped closer. Almost hesitantly, Xander let his hands wander, starting at a wrist before slowly sliding up hard, if a little slim arms, feeling muscles like granite bunch and tremble under his fingertips.

Reluctantly, Xander pulled away to suck in some air, opening his eyes to look up at Edward. The dark, almost black eyes made him shiver again as he caught his breath, the hands on his back and face like a soothing balm against his hot skin. Licking his lips, Xander couldn't help the lopsided grin. Edward tilted his head questioningly.

"I am so Gay." Xander admitted. Edward laughed, but didn't let go, his hold tightening just a little. Oh yeah, he was so Gay, and he was so into Edward.
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