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The Immortal Twilight

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Immortal Twilight". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander is hurt and brought to Forks to live with his uncle, unknowingly thrust out of the dark and into the twilight. SLASH.

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredBigredTheBallCrusherFR183056,37824338165,47829 Apr 0921 Nov 14No

Out of the dark.

Disclaimer - I clearly don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight or any of the other fandoms that might find they're way into this story. There's absolutely no money being made here, except of course the currency that is yummy reviews. I'm not sure what is going to turn up in here, so if I mention any thing that else that I clearly don't own. I DON'T OWN IT, K? Please enjoy the story.

P.S. Any glaring errors, any where please notify me and I'll sort them out as expediently as I humanly can. Ta

Bleak, harsh white burned his cornea’s as he slowly woke, increasing the heavy squeezing throb in his head. Fire in his chest made it hard to breath, and every time he inhaled, his chest felt like it was being skewered with something large and ragged. Everything felt heavy and fuzzy, making him unsure if he could actually feel his limbs. Where was he? Why was he here?

Dr Carlisle Cullen moved quickly towards the private room his priority patient was located, checking his pager as he jogged quickly, trying to appear normal even as he heard the racing heartbeat and scented the heavy tang of fear. He veered, slipping into the room, almost freezing at the sight of the wild eyed youth holding a scalpel to the nurses neck, which in itself was impossible. The teen had a severely broken left leg, his ribs had had to be held together so they would heal, and at last check, he’d been in a coma with a severely cracked skull, and those where just the tip of the ice burg.

“Who are you? Where the hell am I?” the boy demanded, keeping his back to the wall and his eyes on Carlisle.

“My name is Carlisle Cullen, I’m your doctor” Carlisle answered quietly, hands held up in plain view. Charlie hadn’t mentioned anything about a possible violent reaction, but then again, with how the teen had come to be injured, it shouldn’t be such a surprise.
“You'r in the hospital, Fork’s memorial, in Washington.” He took a tentative step forward, trying to calm the teen and reassure Jane. He saw the shock on the teens face.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” He asked the teen keeping his tone soothing.

“Going home.” The patient answered quietly, the fight went out of him in a second, the scalpel clattering to the floor as he released the nurse, Jane immediately caught he young man as he sagged. Carlisle move over helping get the boy into his bed. “Why am I here?”” the boy asked confused, tone heavy with pain.

“Your uncle had you transferred.” Carlisle eyed the mortal as they settled him, re-hooking him to the machines. “Jane can you call the chief?” He looked at the shaken nurse, who nodded about to dash out.

“Um, sorry. About the whole…” He motioned with his lightly bandaged hand to his neck sheepishly, but honestly. Jane gave him a shaky smile before she left.

Xander swallowed as he looked up at the amber eyed pale doctor, wordlessly letting him complete his tests. He felt like a complete idiot for reacting the way he had, but what was he doing in Forks, and why would Rory transfer him here? It did however explain why he didn’t recognize the nurse, in Sunnydale Jessie’s older sister Val always tended to him anyone else got the same scared knee-jerk reaction. He froze as cold fingers felt for the pulse in his wrist Xander’s earlier fear returning making his still racing heat quicker, looking at the window in the room relief blew his fear of a possible vampire attack out of the water as he saw sunlight. Weak from what he could only guess was an over cast sky, but more than enough to toast any vampire not totally covered. He looked back at the Doctor, trying not to let the pain and confusion show.

“When can I leave?” He asked quietly hoping he could leave quickly, his dislike and fear of hospitals leaving him on edge around the seemingly nice doctor.

“Leave?” Dr Cullen frowned at him. “You’ve just woken from an eight day coma, and have just had a total of five surgeries, three on your chest, one on your head and another on your leg, you can’t leave.” Dr. Cullen shook his head and Xander winced, that was going to be very expensive. He swallowed as the extent of his injuries sank in, eyes drifting to the cast that covered his whole left leg. Not for the first time he wondered what the hell had happened to him.

“I’m O.K Really, I should get home, Sunnydale’s along way away.” Xander peered at the doctor, he was getting out of here as soon as possible.

Dr Cullen shook his head. “Even if you could be discharged, you need to wait for your uncle to arrive.” The blond Dr ordered, picking up his chart and making notes.

“I’ll wait for Rory.” Xander nodded reluctantly Dr Cullen frowned at him a moment before nodding.

“It looks like your ready for your next dose of antibiotics, I’ll be back with them.” Dr Cullen put his chart in the end of the slot and left.

Xander waited a few minutes before carefully switching off the machines, plucking the sticky pads from his arms and chest, unhooking the IV. Gingerly he shifted, having to pull his cast covered leg off the bed, biting his lip he got onto his good leg. Now the adrenalin had left he was in pure agony, he locked his jaw as he forced himself to move, his bandaged arm held gently against his bandaged torso. He made it around the bed, having to drag his useless leg he had to pause at the end of his bed to rest picking up his chart as he caught his breath. He looked at the chart forcing himself to focus on the words, anything to take his mind off the pain. His eyes widened at the long list of injuries, beginning to feel slightly sick. How the hell was he alive? he dropped the chart to the foot of his bed looking around the room he noticed a blue robe hung on the door, trying to prepare himself, he forced himself to move, shuffling towards it at a slow agonizing pace. Every step made him want to scream, every breath made his vision dim, but he had to get out of the hospital.

Moving like a man eighty years his senior he pulled the robe on. He didn’t have a clue what to do, or a plan to get back to the hellmouth, all he knew was the burning need to leave the hospital. Idly he wondered how he’d ended up so badly hurt, it was second to the question of why Rory would have him transferred to a hospital in Washington.

Xander shuffled down the corridor, ducking into an open door as he saw two men in scrubs move towards the double doors down the hall. Looking around he eyed the locker room nervously, moving deeper into it as he herd the two men near the room. He hobbled around a row of cold steel lockers opening the nearest one, momentarily marveling at the lack of locks. He grabbed the scrubs he saw, checking their size, scrubs where better than a hospital gown any day. Carefully he sat on the bench, jaw clamped as he tried to get the scrubs on over his cast. His ribs and chest made the task near impossible, the pain growing so bad he very nearly found himself passed out several times forcing him to pause while he tried to catch his breath.
Eventually he got the pants on after half a dozen attempts, able to stomp his bare foot into a sneaker about two sizes too big. The plain dark blue top proved easier to get on. Quietly he made his way back to the hallway almost two decades of sneaking came in handy as he made his way out of the hospital without being spotted, ducking out into the freezing wet afternoon.

He walked slowly, arms around his ribs as he forced himself to hobble down the road, shivering hard as he tried to remember how he’d gotten hurt, and no way was he sticking around for Rory to show up and rub his face in it. Deciding he wasn’t moving fast enough to dodge anyone who might be looking for him, he headed off the road and into the thick wooded area the road cut through, moving far enough in to avoid being seen by passing cars, but not to far that he’d get lost.

All to soon, exhaustion forced him to stop as the pain became so far from intolerable he was ready to keel over, instinctively he found a large raised tree root that had enough room for him to curl under, affording him at least a small measure of protection from the slow drizzle. He curled up as tightly as he could, trying to keep warm as he shivered. It was too cold for him out here after growing up in California. His eyes slowly slid shut as he looked around the alien landscape, he’d never felt so alone in his life.

Xander jerked awake, unable to stop the scream of agony as his injuries where jarred. His breathing was uncontrollably harsh as he half sobbed, half heaved, his whole body freezing. Tears splashed down his cheeks as he climbed out of his refuge. He felt sick as he finally got to his feet and not just from pain, he’d known they hadn’t liked him, he was used to being hit in fact, but what they had done…

Blindly, he began to walk, eyes burning with tears that scalded his face. Every lance of pain from his injuries brought with it a flash of memory. A fist that smashed into his jaw, knocking him down. A boot to the chest as he stared at his fathers infuriated face, Uncle Rory at his side cheering him on, adding his own hits when his dad had paused to catch his breath. Fists and feet raining down on him, getting faster and faster as his mom, as his mom watched from the couch, her eyes dull and dispassionate. He didn’t’ know what he’d done to deserve such a beating.

Xander scrubbed at his eyes unable to stop the tears that ran like rivers down his face, feet stumbling as he shuffled, every time he put weight on his injured leg a sob would be wrenched from him. With every tear that fell, the more angry he got. Anger at his family, who’d done this to him. Anger at himself for feeling like he did, at feeling betrayed that they’d tried to kill him, grief his parents hated him enough to kill him. Yet even angry, he couldn’t stop the tears.

It seemed like an age before the tears stopped, his chest on fire from his harsh sobbing and panting breathing, but he couldn’t stop moving, wouldn‘t. There was no way he was going back to the hospital, no way letting them find him. He would not go back to Sunnydale either, he…couldn’t. A dark laugh bubbled up, they’d probably sent him here for some sick twisted reason. It just made him all the more determined that he was definitely not going back to the hospital.

Eventually he was forced closer to the road as the light began to fade, nothing in him wanted to be caught in an alien environment in the dark when he was this injured. He didn’t need to listen to the harping from his own personal peanut gallery to know he was easy prey for any hungry hunter that he could come across out here.

After so long of uneven rough earth, the firm, flat earth at the side of the road was almost a relief, he had no idea how long he’d been out of the hospital but the darkening sky made him worry. He was alone, injured, and exhausted with only the clothes on his back, the stolen hospital cloths on his back. His only comfort was the cold, the frigid freeze that surrounded him, numbing the agony that raced through his body like an inferno. His eyes tracked the floor as he shuffled along, he wanted so much to curl up some where and sleep, to let the numbness take his pain but he couldn’t, it was against everything in him to just give in. So he Pushed on, hardly noticing when dirt gave way to pavement, the trees pulling away from him, the wood getting thinner and thinner until it finally gave way to buildings.

A hand on his shoulder startled him, causing him to react, instincts developed over the years and instincts forced into him had him spinning, reaching up and to grab the hand, yanking as hard as he could as he spun sending whoever it was into a flip to land flat on their back. His casted foot pressed against a neck as he held the wrist in a lock, bent back pain fully. He almost hit the floor as the perfectly performed army variation caused pain to blossom in his leg and torso, his vision dimming as his eyes prickled. The person under his foot let out an agonized yelp for the both of them.

Panting hard Xander eyed the person under his foot, seeing a teen his own age staring up at him, his face screwed up in pain. Looking up he froze, he was stood out side of a diner near him to his left was a black van with the side door open, teens stood around the open door and sat in the back, all staring at him in shock. Inside the Diner patrons where turning to look. His eyes scanned the street for some where run, someway avoid the staring people, he let go of the teen at his feet and hurried across the street. His heart was hammering as he stepped onto the road, eyes on the other side as he searched for possible escape routes. The soldier in his head rattling off possibilities and discarding them faster than he could move. He didn’t see the car that came hurtling around the corner, but he heard the screech of tyres on asphalt and the protest of brakes. He turned in time to see the silver car skid towards him as it tried to stop, his heart beginning to speed as it got closer. He didn’t’ dare close his eyes as it got closer, and then it stopped. Xander looked down at the bumper, swallowing at the sight of his now shaking knees pressing against it. The whole street had gone eerily silent. The sound of the car door being thrown open was deafeningly loud in contrast pulling his attention up to the guy who got out.

“What the hell are you PLAYING AT!” The driver got out stalking forward before stopping a few feet away. Xander looked up in shock, eyes taking in the pale teen that stood there, almost black eyes wide, his jaw clamped shut hard enough Xander could make out the muscles twitching beneath the marble like skin, his hands where clenched at his sides. Xander blinked, what was he playing at? He couldn’t help it, the words practically spewed from his lips.

“WHAT am I PLAYING at?” He demanded in shock. “I’M not the fucking lunatic racing around town doing fuck knows how fast!” He couldn’t help it, his voice rising until he was shouting at the guy, who blinked, taking a step back in shock, like he wasn’t used to someone getting back in his face.

“Well if you’d watch where you'r walking!” The guy snarled. Xander blinked at him, hands clenching into fists as he hobbled around the front of the car.

“I DID watch where I was going numb nuts so WHY don’t YOU watch where your going!” He snapped as he turned and continued to head for the other side of the road. He cursed as he saw a squad car turn on the street, swallowing and trying to hurry up. He ducked his head his arm going to his ribs when he herd the car slow to a stop and the door open.

“Alexander?” Some one, a male called from behind. Xander ignored it, no one called him Alexander. He turned at a side street, heading down. “XANDER!” The man called. Xander froze, half turning to look at the officer, he didn’t know him, so how did the guy know him. “C’mon Kid.” The guy nodded to the squad car Xander eyed him wearily, deciding the man wasn’t going to arrest him.

“Am I under arrest?” He demanded flatly, the officer blinked in shock frowning at him.

“No.” The officer stated slowly.

“Then thanks, but no thanks.” Xander turned resuming his slow shuffling walk.

“Kid, you need to go back to the hospital!” He called.

“No thanks, I’m good” Xander waved his good arm behind him at the officer, trying to slow his heart. Today was going from bad to worse, he heard the officer quietly talk to some one, he didn’t have a clue who so he kept walking, sending up a prayer to any one who was listening.

Could this day get any worse? He thought tiredly. Really, like he was going to stick around for Rory to show up, he wasn’t suicidal thank you. As far as Xander was concerned they could all take a flying leap and he wasn’t the only one. The Hyena was so angry that his Pack had done this to them she wanted to hunt them all down and spend a long time teaching them just who the Alpha of their pack was. The fact that she’d learned while she’d been stuck in the back of his head made her rage all the more worse, she understood that human parents didn’t do what his had done and his very own Tackelberry wanted to get very inventive with some land mines, the Harris house, their vices of choice, some chloroform, and deadbolts. In fact, he mused as he continued on his way, they where a lot more THERE than they had been in a long while.

Keeping his head down, he forced his self to keep going, he had no idea where he was going and there was no doubt in his mind that he wouldn’t be able to walk there. The simple fact was, Rory was somewhere in town, and if Rory was in town then Xander sure as hell wasn’t going to be any longer than necessary.

His racing heart had finally slowed, but with it went the adrenalin the pain flared up again. He moved to a high fence surrounding a property, leaning back against it as he rested. Another squad car turned on the road, making him duck his head, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Any hope he had was dashed when the car slowed to a stop before him. Xander watched from under dark eyelashes as a man in his thirties climbed from the car, face drawn in relief as the man looked at him.

“Thank god!” The man moved over his tone relieved, Xander watched the man come closer with frown .”Xander right?” The man asked softly Xander nodded wearily, eying the man as he offered his hand. “I’m Charlie Swan, I’m your uncle.”
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