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Summary: One shots and random plot bunnies that pop up

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We Wanted Willow

We Wanted Willow

"So let me get this straight," the redheaded girl said to the person walking next to her in the textile plant, a large black man who acted almost grandfatherly towards every person working there. "I am an heir to, to a group of assassins. My grandmother was a member, but my mother refused the calling. And these assassins have powers that let them have superhuman speed and strength and use whole cars as ninja weapons and allow bullets to weave around them. It's also why I can speak so much without having to breathe?"

"Exactly," said her guide as they both walked into a room with a large ancient weaving loom.

Willow continued, "And the targets are given to us by a magic loom in the form of a code, and if we let the target go then bad nasty things will happen?"

"That is accurate."

"Hmm," Willow nodded. It was still a lot to take in, but living on the Hellmouth, she had seen stranger. She leaned over the loom as cloth was coming out. Since her guide told her the loom's code, she realized she was smart enough to figure it out without the need to resort to paper and pen like most everyone else there. As she watched, the thread started to spell out a name. Her eyes widened as she read it.

"So do you have any questions before we start your training, Willow?" asked her guide as they left the loom and rejoined everyone else.

"Um, yeah. Just one." Willow swallowed nervously, "Why was the loom spelling out your name?"

Suddenly, a very, very large amount of guns were pointed at her guide, who looked around and realized that his years of using the assassins for his own ends were coming to a very abrupt end.

Before the first bullet reached him, he had time to only utter his last words, "Oh, crap."

AN: I don't own either Willow or any character from the movie 'Wanted'. I figure this was a better ending than the wall-banger that was in the movie. Plus - this story gives rise to a magical assassin Willow. (and explains the origin of Willow-babble) I imagine lots of vampire head-shots in her future.
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