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Home for Rabid Plot Bunnies

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Summary: One shots and random plot bunnies that pop up

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All In A Star's Name

My Muse has been busy reading too much and has been too busy.. until now. For some reason this little ficlet made it's way out of my plot bunny hutch. Enjoy.

All in a Star's Name.

Harry Potter was held fast to the large angel-of-death shaped tombstone in the Little Hangleton Cemetery. He was stuck watching as Pettigrew tried to bring the Dark Lord back to a more socially acceptable body. The boy-who-lived was not afraid. After Cedric's death, he was furious. And in his anger, he thought about how this monstrosity before him ruined his life and killed off the only family that cared about him. Thinking of family, Harry suddenly recalled the Black family tapestry he studied while helping clean Sirius' old house.

One day, he had noticed there were other names blasted off the tapestry. Looking closer, he found that there was actually one spot that looked like a name was blasted off, and then the charred makings - in fact all evidence of that name, were erased completely. Harry only noticed because a part of the tapestry in the shape of a name seemed newer and more pristine than everything surrounding it.

So, not having much else to do at 12 Grimmauld Place, Harry started to research. It took quite some time. Not only did the Blacks had a lot of books on family history, but the missing name seemed to have been removed from everywhere the unhappy Black family could find reference to it. It took a week and a half before Harry got lucky and found a small journal. There it listed the history of the missing Black.

In the early fourteenth century, there was an immensely powerful wizard in the Black family. Worse yet, he was a necromancer with a natural affinity for all things dead and death related. So naturally, the Black family were elated, at least at first. Harry read on to find out the problem which cause his name to be hated so much. When he finally found it, he let loose a chuckle. Sure, this necromancer the Black family produced had the power of any three dark lords put together. Unfortunately for the dark family, he also had a personality to make the Weasley twins look like Professor McGonagall.

Reading further in the journal, Harry was both amused and horrified. Excessive pranks plus complete command of the dead equals a very very very upset Black family, and surrounding neighbors, and pretty much everyone who ever knew, met, or just accidentally bumped into the scion of the Black family.

It took an untold number of wizards, an army of magical creatures, and the magical version of the black plague to finally put down this menace. After that, it was understandable that what was left of his family wanted to forget he had ever existed.

Unfortunately for them, killing a necromancer as powerful as this one was like trying to drown a fish. Harry was not sure if it was a ritual, a forbidden spell, or just natural ability and willpower; but there was a short chant anyone could say to bring back the necromancer to the land of the living; although, thankfully, only for a relatively short time.

And as Harry watched the baby-thing not drown in the cauldron and Voldemort return, he had to smile. Even as the Death Eaters were called, Harry had the look of the cat who swallowed the canary. Eventually, Voldemort noticed.

"Ahh, Harry Potter. And what are you so happy about?"

"Oh, I was just thinking, Riddle. I was thinking how you really shouldn't have done this in a cemetery," Harry's smile changed into a grin.

"What do you mean, boy?"

The wind picked up as Harry started the chant, "Even though I should be wary, still I venture someplace scary. Ghostly hauntings I turn loose,"

Harry Potter looked right at Voldemort, remembering how even though all Black family members were named after stars and celestial objects, there was one name that was expressly forbidden. It was that very name he shouted out, "Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse! BETELGEUSE!!"

The wind tore at Harry and everybody else in the cemetery. Harry felt his bindings come loose and he quickly ducked behind a large tombstone.

Partially decomposed hands exploded out of the ground to latch onto the dark wizards. The angel of death statue Harry had previously been bound to, slowly rose into the air before exploding and launching the stone scythe upwards.

From the resulting dust cloud, Harry saw the strange floating undead wizard appear. Even though his face was a pallid white, his hair was a wild worm-like mess, and he was wearing an odd black and white striped suit; everyone could feel an almost palpable aura of power surrounding him.

Betelgeuse, formerly Betelgeuse Black, almost sighed as he took in the sight below him. Another petty dark lord that took himself too seriously and his squishy, expendable minions. Maybe his summoner would let him stick around and see what fun things the living world had developed since last he was here. Still, an audience is an audience. And what do you do for an audience? You put on a show, of course!

With one hand, the floating undead sorcerer far too casually caught the rapidly descending massive stone scythe right before it would have pierced his head, grinned, and shouted exuberantly, "It's SHOWTIME!!"

AN: I figured Sirius had to have gotten his prankster nature from someone...

Also: I don't own either the Harry Potter franchise nor Beetlejuice. They all belong to people who probably have better cars than I do.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Home for Rabid Plot Bunnies" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jun 10.

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