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Summary: One shots and random plot bunnies that pop up

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Xander Solves a Problem

AN: My muses are keeping me from working on my other stories, but they are giving me lots of new ideas. If anyone wants to run with them, feel free.

disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or any character associated with her or any other characters anyone may recognize.

Xander Solves a Problem

Xander had a problem. Actually, before he met Buffy, his problem was trying not to look like an idiot in front of pretty girls. After Jessie, that changed.

After Angelus and Kendra, he started to get serious. Xander would sneak into the library and start to search through Giles' books - making sure to replace them precisely where they had been after he was done. He even went on line. he wasn't anywhere near Willow level, but he could do a search, especially through the books that they had entered into the database before the whole Moloch incident.

It was in one of those scanned books that Xander thought he had found the answer. It mentioned a demon whose blood may be powerful enough to dislodge the vampire's blood demon that animated the corpses. The problem was that the demons in question were powerful fighters for the other side.

Two days later, Xander had a plan. He went to the nearest salt mine quarry where the book said the demons hang out in, found a solitary spawn and had it chase him into a small cul-de-sac. When it stepped what looked like just more salt, the white tarp fell into the electrified kiddie pool Xander had set up in advance. A few twitching seconds later, the demon was on the ground and unconscious.

"I can't believe that worked!" Xander said quietly to himself, "My plans almost never work. Oops!"

The boy stopped reaching for the demon as he remembered to disconnect the electricity. "That would have been bad."

A small blood transfusion kit came out of the hiding spot where it was stashed and a fifteen minutes later, Xander had a ice-packed cooler full of demon blood. The boy retrieved a nearby shovel and brought it down right on where the book said was the demon's weak spot - the jewel in the middle of the demon's forehead. The jewel broke and the demon shortly vanished, and Xander got out of there as fast as he could while carrying a heavy cooler.

The next day outside of the Bronze, a male vampire who still wore clothes from the eighties was about to bite his unsuspecting victim when a small dart embedded itself into his neck.

"What the?" the vampire exclaimed as he changed back from his game face, plucked the dart, and looked around. That was all he could say before the demon blood worked exactly as advertised and dislodged the vampiric demonic influence. Without which the corpse became just that, and dusted due to the mystical disruption. The would be victim screamed briefly and ran off home as fast as her high heels could take her.

"Hmm, that worked. But I wonder if..." Xander trailed off, then packed up the tranq gun they used when Oz was around. Still in deep thought, he went to the dust pile that used to be a vampire and plucked the spent dart.

A month later, Xander once again sat in wait. This time it was at a graveyard at night. One which Buffy would not be patrolling at. The tranq gun in his hand was duct taped to another larger contraption. A large flashlight battery stood out along with a glass orb and what looked like an aluminum colander and together made the device look like a 1950's prop from a sci-fi show. Xander didn't care. This was the final test to see if the thing worked. It could be prettied up later.

The vampire burst its way from the coffin and was immediately hit by both a small dart and a white bolt of energy. Xander didn't need to recreate the semi-permanent soul reclamation spell that Willow used on Angelus. That took a lot of power just to weaken the blood demon enough that it wouldn't expel the confused soul from its former body. Xander just needed the soul to return for a minute at most. That used far less energy. And if the blood demon happened to dissipate while the soul was still there, then it could mean a solution for Xander's problem with vampires existing.

"What happened?" said the newly risen former vampire, "I was out jogging..."

"You were jogging at night. And a vampire drained your blood and made you drink his. And then you became a vampire. And then I figured out how to turn you back human," Xander said as he emerged from behind a nearby crypt. "You should never be out after sundown here in this town, or at least out without some holy water. Now scooch on home!"

The former vampire just nodded and ran off back to his old life.

Xander smiled down at his new creation, "The Jessie McNally vampire to human gun's first test is a success."

Then the boy frowned, "I have got to come up with a shorter name for this thing."
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