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Xander and his Werewolf Lovers

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Summary: Xander finds himself a werewolf in St. Louis. What happens when the Ulfric and his two bodyguards set their sights on him? X/R/S/J SLASH D/s

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Anita Blake > Xander-CenteredcrystalFR211716,26135837,4702 May 0925 Mar 10No

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Chapter One

DISCLAIMER: I do not own nor make money off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Anita Blake.

AN: I’m not entirely sure if this will be a full on story or just a few smexy chapters. I’m really just writing this to get over my writers block so I can update my other stories. I hope you like it.

Xander and his Werewolf Lovers

Xander couldn’t believe what was happening. He had only been in St. Louis for 2 years and now he was a werewolf!

‘I hate my life,’ He thought as he banged his head against his table as he hard as he dared. He didn’t want to break it now that his head was twice as hard.

He had been walking home from the book shop he owned when he had been attacked. At first he hadn’t known what was happening, than he looked up to see the full moon staring back at him. He gulped when he heard the growling coming from behind him.

Xander shook himself from the memories that were consuming him. He didn’t want to remember, after all it’s not like he got a good look at the wolf that had bitten him. He had blacked out before he could.

‘Now what do I do?’

Xander sighed as he stood and made his way to his pullout couch. ‘I think I’ll take a nap.’ The thought was the last one to cross the weary man’s head as he lay down and closed his eyes. Only to snap his eyes open a few hours later at the sound of someone banging on his door.

‘What the hell!’ He thought angrily as he made his way to were the person was about to knock down his door.

“What!” He growled when he opened the door, only to stop and hold his breath. The man before him gave off an air of power and authority that Xander had never felt before. Xander gulped and looked up at the man; His voice soft as he met the other mans eyes, only to blink when he saw the man’s soft smile directed down at him.

“I’m sorry to disturb you,” The man said in a voice that made something in Xander both whimper and purr at the same time, “May we come in?”

It was only then that Xander noticed the other two men that were standing in his doorway. The look of them made his ‘Inner Wolf’ want to roll over. ‘Great, I’m a submissive,’ He thought as he motioned the three powerful feeling men into his home.

He closed the door with a sigh and turned to look at the men, only to feel a shiver when he saw them looking at him with a strange look in their eyes. ‘This is going to be a long day.’

Xander shook himself out of his thoughts when the first man started talking again.

“Hello,” his voice once again caused that same strange feeling to spread through the new werewolf. “My name is Richard and this is Jamil and Shang-Da,” the man said, point to each of his companions in turn.

“Hello,” Xander said softly as he led his new quests into his kitchen, “would any of you like a drink?” He asked, wincing internally as his meek sounding voice.

The man, Richard, smiled kindly at him, “no thank you, we came here to speak to you about what happened two nights ago.” Richard said, his voice slowly getting more forceful until all Xander could do was whimper softly and sit on the nearest chair, shaking his head as he tried to quiet the voices telling him to expose his neck to the dominate males. He was so lost in his thoughts he never noticed one of the others, Jamil, sneaking around until he was standing directly behind the young wolf.

Xander stiffened at the feeling of being surrounded, no matter how submissive his new wolf was, but old habits don’t die easily.

Richard smiled calmly at their new, skittish wolf. He wondered slightly what Jean-Claude would say when he met the beautiful creature.

Richard was knocked from his thoughts when he heard the boy gasp; he looked up and smiled fondly. Jamil was behind the boy, petting his messy silky hair while Shang-Da ran his hands over the shivering body. It seemed even his stoic bodyguards wanted the delicious boy in their pack.

Xander had no idea what was going on though whatever it was left his wolf growling in contentment. He whimpered when he felt another pair of hands, separate form those petting his hair and neck; start to touch his body through the barrier of his clothing. He thought briefly about how it would feel to be bare skinned as he was petted, only to be broken from his thoughts by the sound of an amused chuckle.

Xander looked and wined when his brown eyes met burning amber. He gasped when he heard the rough voice whisper in his ear.

“You’ll join us at the Lupinar later tonight.” The dominate man said as he took the ear into his mouth, smirking at the sound that came from the boy. “I’m sure Jamil wouldn’t mind picking you up.” He chuckled when said wolf tightened his hold on the black locks and pulled the head back.

“It would be my pleasure.” With that said he smirked and smashed his lip against the younger mans gasping ones, drawing a moan from both Xander and Jamil. Shang-Da just smirked and pinched the skin below the restricting cloth.

Xander squeaked at the sudden feeling. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as the pinch got harder. The young wolf gasped for breath when the fingers finally left. He looked around when he noticed that the three wolfs were no longer there. Xander shook his head to clear it and ran to the window, just in time to see a car pull away from his home.

‘Something tells me I’m going to have an interesting night.’
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