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Summary: Everyone claimed he was nothing, until they realised that nothing was a power in itself. Captured and modified by the government, the former Zeppo must discover who and what he was and will be. It really hurts to start out as a Zilch.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredBarefootXOFR1822,40034010,4193 May 0929 Oct 10No

The Great Escape

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the X-men. They belong to Joss Whedon and Marvel Comics respectively.

As of this fic's beginning, the events of X-men and X2 are considered canon. Anything introduced in X3 of X-men Origins is up for grabs to be changed, though elements can and will be used.


Weapon X Initiative ~ Area 51
August 19th 2002

Zilch crept quickly and quietly through the facility that had apparently been his prison for some time if the relative shakiness of his limbs was anything to go by.

Zilch fell back on the military training had picked up at… some place or other… and crept up on the nervous guard that was watching for anyone approaching the door. Luckily the guard was currently more concerned with the break in then a potential break out. A sleeper hold put the guard down easy and still kept him alive. Zilch wasn’t sure what was going on and was hesitant to kill anyone until he had more details.

He glanced at a computer terminal and hesitated briefly before leaving it alone. After all, the electronics that had presumably been keeping him out had also probably nailed the computer systems. Besides, he didn’t have any significant computer skills that he could recall and he had an escape to affect.

Zilch stared at the emergency exit. He knew those things were usually alarmed, but hopefully whatever had knocked out the building’s electronics had also dealt with that little detail for him.


Weapon X Initiative ~ Area 51
August 19th 2002

Erik Lehnsherr strode purposefully to the cell of his number one confidante, Mystique. “Hello, Mystique. I believe it is time for you to leave this place.”

The blue-skinned mutant grinned malevolently. “You’re late.” She paused dramatically before continuing. “You were right about Trask. He’s definitely planning on going forward with the so-called Sentinel program. There are at least six more mutants in this building. I can’t give you more then that without access to a computer.”

Erik frowned faintly and regretted the necessity of hitting the building with EMP. The electronic security was just too prevalent and sophisticated to take on, especially with his prime intrusion and infiltration expert having been the one they were trying to retrieve. He sighed regretfully. “I suppose we shall have to find out the hard way. Pyro, perhaps you’d care to light the way…” Erik trailed off suggestively.

John smirked slightly. He loved th opportunity to show off his talents in a flashy way. He lit the flamethrower that was built into his armour and took control of the fire, sending a massive fireball at a door which was blown off its hinges by John’s enthusiasm.

Erik smiled faintly. Young men were so easily amused. “Well done, my brother. Let’s see who our first candidate is…”

The three mutants strode calmly into the next room of the Weapon X facility and glanced at the man in the cell.

Pyro snatched up a clipboard and glanced at it. “Mutant 631. Codename Havok. Says here that he has the ability to release projected energy blasts. Sounds a bit like Cyclops that way.”

Erik nodded sagely. “I represent the Brotherhood of Mutants, Havok. I offer you freedom from this prison and the opportunity to avenge yourself on the humans who have done this to you.”

Havok appeared to consider Erik’s statement long and hard before nodding. “I’m with you. I’ve had my fill of putting up with this crap. It’s long since time I had the chance to dish out a bit in return.”

Erik used his abilities to unseal the metal-based restraints that kept Havok’s powers at bay. Havok grinned and fired a blast out of one of his hands, slagging the door to his little prison. Erik withheld a smirk. Mutants did so love being able to free themselves, after a fashion. “I believe we have more mutants to visit before we leave. We must move swiftly.”

A few moments more had them in front of cell number three. Pyro’s voice echoed out again. “Mutant 637. Codename Avalanche. Apparently he’s got the ability to generate seismic events.” John whistled softly. “No wonder the guy is being kept sedated.”

Erik nodded his agreement and they quickly woke up their perspective new recruit. A rather violent man by nature, Avalanche was more then willing to turn his disastrous power against humanity.

That brought them to cell number four. “Mutant 645. Codename Lady Mastermind.” You could practically hear the satisfaction is John’s voice. “A powerful telepath, currently being considered as Weapon X’s answer to Charles Xavier.”

Lady Mastermind was quickly recruited, as were the next two choices. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver had been another part of Mystique’s infiltration mission. Magneto had been hoping that by allowing herself to be captured, Mystique would be sent to the same place as his two missing children. It looked as if fate was smiling on him.

Mystique directed the lot downstairs to find the mutant who Weapon X had been currently working on. The other six (including Raven) had simply been held pending the completion of Mutant 666.

John glanced around the room and shrugged. “He’s not here, boss.”

Magneto let loose a metal sigh. John was a young man and could not help that he occasionally pointed out the blindingly obvious. Or, at least, that’s what Erik told himself. “It appears Weapon X has once again misplaced their primary project. How very embarrassing for them. Ah well. We’d best get a move on. We cannot afford the time to track him down at this time.”


Las Vegas, Nevada
August 20th 2002

Zilch smirked slightly as he slipped into a local store, picking up a new change of clothes to replace the fatigues that currently adorned his frame. It was amazing what you could accomplish when you looked and acted like you knew where you going. A little stolen paperwork and a decent story had gotten him on a troop truck that was headed out to Las Vegas to drop some troops of for some well deserved R and R. A quick trip to the bathroom and Zilch was in an entirely new outfit, only keeping his dog tags so as to remind him of what little identity he had.

Zilch glanced at the rest of the stolen money he had left. It wouldn’t last long, meaning that he’d almost certainly have to liberate some more. Goodness knew he didn’t dare try his luck at the casinos. The combination of the massive security features that would likely capture his image and send it back to whoever he had just escaped from and the uncertainty of luck was more than enough to quell any urge he had to try. Zilch narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t figure out where he had learned half of the things he apparently knew, but one of them was the dangers of gambling. He shrugged it off.

Zilch slipped into a seat in a low class fast food joint and ordered a burger. While he waited for his order, he considered his options. Official channels were out. The place he was in had definitely been a military facility. His training, however he had acquired it, had told him that much. That struck anything official since he didn’t know who he could trust there. Friends were out too. If he had any of those he certainly didn’t remember them.

Zilch’s eye caught the television which was discussing the controversy about mutants and about a place called Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, which was reputedly a haven for these very controversial beings. Zilch snatched up his dog tags and looked at them again. Mutant 666. Zilch smirked. He was a mutant. That made Westchester, New York his next big stop…


This was the only way I could consider Xander going other than the Brotherhood. The problems with the Brotherhood are multiple, some of them including the fact that both Xander and the soldier would disapprove of their tactics...


The End?

You have reached the end of "Zilch" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Oct 10.

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