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House of Oz

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Disney Mania". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Oz got a gig at a very unusual club just before Christmas and the gang's all here to lend their support.

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Author's Notes: Blame my love of all things Disney for this one, hope it'll tickle your funny bone seeing as how I just finished it up this morning with an ending that wasn't there originally.

Disclaimer: Joss owns all things Buffy and Angel, the character of Mickey Mouse and all related characters belong to the Walt Disney Corporation, Bugs Bunny is property of Warner Brothers Inc and it's subsidiaries there of to quote Daffy Duck, I the author of this work of fanfiction make no claims otherwise. I was told to say that for legal reasons... er I mean, ugh bad joke sorry the rest of this will be funnier I promise.

Giles pulled up to the curb for the ninth time in his Citroen, next to him in the passenger seat Buffy examined the map of L.A. from his glove compartment. Crammed into the backseat Willow, Xander and Cordelia all groaned, it was getting late and they still hadn’t found the club Oz said his band had been booked for.

“We’ve been up and down Main Street four times, are you sure he gave you the right address?” Xander complained.

“Of course I’m sure,” Willow shot back with an angry glare.

“For a Pre-Christmas party this sure is loads of fun,” Cordy remarked sarcastically.

“I’ve had it, I am asking that man for directions,” Giles stated rolling his window down, Buffy shook her head.

“He could be a vamp. And we agreed no slaying tonight,” she reminded with a pout.

“Bollox,” Giles cursed, “I shall not be cursed to hunt down this night club for the rest of the evening only to miss out on young Oz’s set. And not everybody is a vampire waiting to pounce just because you are a Slayer Buffy, I thought we’d been practicing your sensing abilities?” Giles questioned even as he beckoned towards the man standing across the street, he was surprised when he smiled and waved politely back a rare sight indeed here in the Americas.

“Goin’ to the club?” the stranger asked with a knowing look.

“Um, yes,” Giles replied without thought. Grinning from ear to ear the man spat into the palms of his hand and then he rubbed them both together and stepped back. It was a rather odd display, made all the more strange when a large handle suddenly stood jutting out of the sidewalk and the man grasped it with both hands, giving it a good solid yank he shot Giles a wink.

“Better hold on,” he cautioned, “most guests usually have a bad time their first turn,” he added sympathetically.

“Giles can demons make things like that happen?” Buffy wondered nervously as the part of the road their car was on started to make a funny noise.

“No,” he replied distractedly.

“Ok so when did we step into the live action cartoon?” Xander asked recognizing the site gag for what it was, at least it could have been a site gag. “And… YAHHHHHAAAHHHHAAAHHHHHAAAHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOIE!” The road, car and all flipped around and around and around and then stopped leaving a plain looking empty street, the Citroen and all her passengers were gone.

“I told’em ta hold on,” the stranger muttered to himself as the big handle vanished back to where it came from. “They never listen.”

Giles felt sick to his stomach and he looked even worse as the Citroen came to a stop on a busy looking street. Behind him he heard the car door open and Xander climbed out making retching sounds, Cordelia and Willow were quick to join him, the ride as it were had definitely been unexpected.

“Was that magic, something demony or did we just pull a Loony Toon?” Buffy asked sounding frazzled and shocked.

“I believe it was the latter,” he replied, “and certainly came as a surprise,” he added mystified.

“Since when do things that happen in cartoons start happening in real life?” Xander demanded now that his stomach was void of the pizza he’d had for dinner.

“Did Oz say what club he was performing at by any chance?” Giles wondered, Willow nodded trying not to throw up again she pointed at the building they were currently parked in front of.

“Holy,” Xander uttered in total shock. Giles however took note of the name and nodded as though expecting it.

“Would someone care to explain how that place could exist? Are we like in another dimension now or something?” Cordy demanded impatiently.

“If I did that it would spoil the magic of this place,” the Watcher returned matter of factly as both he and Buffy climbed out of the car.

“Park your slightly dinged up mess for you sir?” the valet asked with a friendly smile.

“It’s a classic,” Giles defended passing the keys to the young man. He then proceeded towards the entrance, the Scoobies soon joined him and together they stepped through the doors into a room filled with loud music and equally loud patrons. One in particular almost ran them over in a motorcar, narrowly missing Buffy as he crashed to their right. Awed the teenagers stared completely taken in by their surroundings, Giles simply smiled and marched up to the front desk bypassing the Maitre D in the process.

“Name,” the woman behind the desk asked while she was filing her nails and not really looking at him.

“Rupert Giles.” Typing away at the keyboard she smiled broadly and her entire demeanor instantly changed.

“Guests of the band, that’s great, Pluto, Pluto,” she called. Barking happily a cartoon canine bounded up to the desk with a set of headphones on. “Pluto show Mister Giles and his friends to table nine,” the woman instructed. Snapping to attention the canine saluted with his right ear and then turned to Giles with a happy bark.

“I don’t believe it,” Cordelia stated.

“They’re, uh, they’re all real,” Willow said amazed.

“Oz get’s the coolest gigs,” Xander chimed in with a laugh. Impatient Pluto barked and the teenagers quickly followed after the dog and Giles, all except for Buffy who was having a hard time readjusting her world view. The Maitre D walked up to her and grabbed her hand to shake it only her Slayer reflexes kicked in and she threw him several feet away, he crashed into the front desk and stars began to circle his head.

“Whoops, uh, sorry,” she apologized lamely, “reflexes.”

“It’s ok Donald is used to it,” the woman behind the desk said. Blushing furiously in embarrassment Buffy quickly rushed off to find her friends, she needed a familiar face in order to ground herself in some semblance of reality. She had a funny feeling Angel wouldn’t have been welcome here.

“Am I the only one to notice something out of place here?” Xander asked while studying the patrons.

“Like what?” Cordelia retorted with a sneer. “In case you haven’t noticed everything about this place is out of the ordinary.”

“Yeah, I guess, but notice we happen to be the only humans here that aren’t, well, in Technicolor,” Xander said pointing out the obvious.

“Quite I did notice that peculiarity,” Giles remarked thoughtfully.

“Hyuck, well most guests typically are, but since you’re friends of the band Mick made an exception.” The head waiter smiled and slid a pile of menus in front of them. “Tonight’s special is Winnie the Pois, Philoctedes Zero to Giro sandwich and for desert Snow White’s Appley Ever After Crumble Hyuck.”

“That sentence was atrociously full of bad puns,” Giles stated.

“If we’re real is it safe to eat cartoon food?” Willow wondered nervously.

“Gawrsh I never thought of that,” the waiter said, “I’ll be right back,” he added snatching back the menus and rushing off. Buffy reached the table unscathed an uneasy expression on her face.

“Giles seriously I have to know how is this even possible?” she demanded plastering a resolve face on; her Watcher sighed and removed his glasses to polish them but thought better of it and stopped.

“You recall the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” he began by asking. The four teenagers all gave silent nods in response.

“Oh is Benny here?” Xander asked. “I loved that cab.”

“Ahem yes, well that was partially based on true events. Toon Town has existed since the dawn of Animation, all of the great pioneers in the field were dabblers in the arcane. A few more so than others, they created Toon Town and populated it with all of their ideas, as time progressed two camps began to form. Warner Brothers and Walt Disney, Disney didn’t want his Toons to fade away after his passing and so contacted the only people with enough clout as it were in the mystic arts to ensure that the Toons were well provided for. Hence our current ability to be present here of all places, this is the Walt Disney Toon Dimension connected to our own via a series of doorways of varying types as evidenced by our questionable entrance to this dimensional plane.” Giles finished his explanation and returned his glasses to their perch, Buffy and the others looked completely flabbergasted.

“What happened to the Looney Toons?” Xander asked.

“They live in the center of the Earth,” Giles replied matter of factly. “Or at least they did a few years ago when Michael Jordan made that appalling Space Jam film.”

“How’d Oz score a gig in Toon Town?” Cordy blurted, “and do you think they could put a good word in for me at the studio?” Xander rolled his eyes at the question while Willow shot her a glare.

“This isn’t about you Cordelia,” she said, “and I don’t think using these characters to get your foot in the door would be very ethical. We’re their guests.”

“Did somebody say Be Our Guest?” Lumiere asked from the table next to them.

“Nonsense they clearly said we’re their guests,” Cogsworth replied as if it should be obvious.

“Oh I thought my cue had come on,” Lumiere said disappointedly.

“I think that was our cue for this brief bit of humor,” Cogsworth returned with a harrumph.

“Ah oui,” Lumiere said with a nod.

“You can blame it on the name of his band,” a new voice explained with a chuckle causing the others to stop staring at the pair across the way and return their gazes to in front of their table, “we sort of get lists of every band on Earth, we, uh thought they were a band of real dingoes.” As one all eyes shone with utter surprise at the sight of the person talking to them, Buffy couldn’t stop staring at his perfectly round ears, Willow positively glowed as she burst into a fond smile of past remembrances, Xander grinned from ear to ear, Cordelia eyed him with a giant hunger in her eyes at the prospect of some name dropping potential and Giles smiled with an expression that was hard to decipher. “Ha, ha, hi there and welcome to the tooniest place on Earth we call the House of Mouse,” Mickey Mouse greeted extending his hand to the nearest Scooby. Willow took it and the two of them shook, to Willow it almost felt surreal enough to be a dream.

“You’re him,” she said, “you’re really, really him.”

“Yep that’s me, Mickey Mouse.” Mickey chuckled, he’d missed that kind of reaction from people being in a separate dimension from his audience meant he couldn’t see the children’s reactions when they met him in person anymore. The costumed employees at the park weren’t the same as the real thing had been back in the thirties and forties, but without Walt around it kind of felt a little melancholic to be in the park these days.

“Mickey you’re on,” Minnie reminded through his headset.

“Oh my Gosh, I’ve gotta get on stage,” he exclaimed dashing off leaving his glove in Willow’s hand.

“Wow,” she said examining the glove curiously. She tried to slip it on, but of course it was too small for her hand and only had four fingers so kind of tight.

“Hey wait, that means that guy knows about this place,” Buffy blurted with narrowed eyes of suspicion, “was he like a Toon Town version of a Watcher?” she demanded.

“Actually no, I believe that may have been a resident of this place.” Giles turned to face his charge with a serious expression. “As you know Disney makes live action productions as well, the spell used in creating this realm could not specify only cartoon characters to be created, many of the characters and places from the live action productions most assuredly exist here and are free to travel between dimensions at any time.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Xander asked. “What if they met their actor counterparts it could like make one of those paradoxes like in Back to the Future.”

“Xander most of them are years older by now and some of them are dead too,” Willow reminded.

"The look-a-likes at Disneyland,” Cordy said snapping her fingers, “when I was ten I knew I met Davey Crocket at Disneyland and he looked so much like Fess Parker it was uncanny. Hey that means, oh I had such a crush on Tommy Kirk back then I wonder if any of his roles are around, they could put a word in for me at the studios.” Sighing Xander rolled his eyes.

“Yeah right Cordy, assuming they even still know about this place.”

“Roy knows,” Minnie said startling the group when she suddenly appeared next to their table. “Where’s Goofy anyway he was supposed to wait on you, did you need anything? Some water perhaps?” she asked trying to be helpful.

“We’re fine,” Giles assured.

“Oh, well ok, I’ve got to see to the band’s needs. But if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask, oh and try not to make eye contact with the Queen of Hearts, she’s in one of her moods again.” Minnie dashed off taking Mickey’s glove with her and leaving the Scoobies behind still overwhelmed by their location.

“I’ve got to ask, what do Toons do at a night club?” Buffy blurted as she took a seat next to Giles and subconsciously began checking the room over for possible vampires as well as all the exits.

“Apparently they watch cartoons,” Xander replied pointing at the massive television screen on stage. The credits for A Goofy Cartoon were just starting.

“Not my usual pastime these days, but if it means getting an edge on those prissy starlet wannabes I’ll play nice.” Cordy smiled wolfishly and stared intently at the screen like the rest of the cheering crowd was doing.

“I don’t know I think we outgrew cartoons by now,” Buffy remarked flippantly a part of her secretly longing for those days spent watching Saturday Morning Cartoons with her cousin.

“Buffy for shame, you’re never too old to enjoy a good cartoon,” Xander argued seriously. Giles blinked and Willow’s eyes bugged out of their sockets.

“Uh, Buffy maybe you should, um, not watch this one,” she said with a nervous blush.

“Why not Wills?” Buffy demanded at last paying attention to the screen, her expression was absolutely priceless.

Mickey Mouseworks Presents
A Goofy Cartoon
How To Kill A Vampire

How to kill a Vampire. Ahem, the Vampire is a powerful and dangerous creature of the undead, easily recognizable by its pale complexion, impeccable fashion sense, lack of reflection and typical ability to change into a bat. During the day the Vampire must remain asleep in its coffin and is vulnerable to… wait a minute, alright where is the Vampire?

“Hyuck, sorry my cape got stuck in muh coffin,” Goofy apologized.

Right then, if you would care to demonstrate.

“Gawrsh.” Goofy whirled his cape around his body and became a bat flapping his wings he began to perform aerial tricks.

You will note the Vampires uncanny sense of direction, much like a real bat Vampires can use echolocation to find their way around. The Vampire as you can see is quite at home in the dark. The lights turned off and Goofy yelled as he crashed into several unseen obstacles.

“Ouch, owww, hey who put that there?”

Ahem. Chapter One, A Vampires Abilities. The typical Vampire has more than one ability, besides being able to turn into a bat he can also turn himself into a mist. Goofy demonstrated this ability only for Donald to appear with a vacuum and suck him up into the nozzle.
He can also mesmerize his victims with his gaze. Goofy tried to mesmerize Clarabelle Cow only for his gaze to reflect off of her compact mirror and hit him turning himself into a vapid minion.

“I will obey my dark master, hyuck.”

“Ooooo,” Clarabelle said dragging Goofy off to the mall. “Charge It!”

He is also strong enough to lift a fully grown person single handedly. Goofy tried to lift Pete, Pete fell down crushing him into a pancake.

“You’re a terrible vampire Goof,” he said marching off in a huff.

“Gawrsh, I think I broke muh fangs,” Goofy said touching his teeth with his fingers and rubbing at them. “Ouch.”

The Vampire also has the ability to create others of its kind by drinking its victim’s blood and having them drink theirs before death. Donald stared at the audience with a petrified look of fear on his face.

“Oh no that’s too violent fer me, no way,” Goofy said crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Ahem, I said it creates others of its kind by making them drink their blood before death.

“Nothin’ doin’ I’m no Ghoul,” Goofy shot back turning his back on the Narrator, “besides Donald’s muh friend.”

“That’s right, I’m his friend,” Donald said with a nod.

Very well then on to… Chapter Two, A Vampire’s Weaknesses.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” Goofy said before the scene changed.

Chapter Two, A Vampire’s Weaknesses. The Vampire is a creature of the undead, stronger than a normal human and possessing abilities far beyond any mortal creature, however these abilities come with a price. The Vampire is cursed to walk only during the dark of the night, never again to see the shining ball of light called the sun.
Goofy sat on a lawn chair at the beach in broad daylight wearing a pair of swim trunks and his cape as well as a pair of shades. He smiled at the camera and waved before holding up a bottle of Sun Block 5,000,000 (For Creatures of the Night).

“Hyuck, shiny,” he said indicating the sun.

When a Vampire is struck by sunlight he will immediately turn to dust.

“Uh-oh,” Goofy said before he poofed out of existence. A pile of ash with sunglasses on was all that were left. It blew away in the wind.

This is why the Vampire must sleep in his coffin during the harsh daylight hours in order to prevent himself from becoming dust on the wind, however when they are sleeping they are vulnerable to another form of attack. Goofy stuck his head out of the coffin shooting a look at the narrator.

“What sort of attack?” he asked cautiously.

Ahem, to kill a Vampire while they are sleeping simply drive a wooden stake through their heart. Donald walked up holding a wooden steak in one hand and a large rubber mallet in the other. Goofy blinked before Donald started pounding the steak into his chest spreading barbecue sauce all over his clothes.

“This is exasperating,” Donald complained.

“Uh Donald, why’d you put barbecue sauce on the wooden steak?” Goofy asked.

“To simulate blood,” Donald replied.

“Gawrsh, can we get away with that?” Goofy wondered turning to eye the Censor Monkeys who were sitting at one of the tables in the club.

“We find nothing objectionable about this cartoon,” the one with his eyes covered said.

“Ok then,” Goofy said.

Right then, now the Vampire is also weak to other forms of attack, though they can not be killed by them. The Vampire can not stand the touch of a holy cross. Goofy held up a little cross in one hand and started hopping around as if he were on fire. They also do not like being doused in holy water. Goofy stood next to a priest who splashed him with a tiny vial of holy water, he let out a comical yell and collapsed to the ground. However, sufficient quantities of the blessed water is enough to cause serious harm and possible death.

“Aw I shoulda seen that comin’,” Goofy complained pulling out an umbrella. A huge flood of water blasted from the left side of the screen swirling around and swallowing him up. He floated in the water on the screen his cape billowing out behind him wearing a diving suit and helmet. “Hyuck, protection.”

A Vampire can not get into your home unless invited, therefore never invite anyone in after dark. Goofy knocked on Daisy’s door, she opened it and he smiled offering a suave and sophisticated bow.

“Greetings my dear, may I come in to use your phone my car has broken down,” he said quoting off of a card in his hand.

“Ok,” Daisy said with a shrug moving to one side to let Goofy in. Goofy smiled took a step towards the door, slammed into a barrier and bounced down the sidewalk into the street.

“Ouch that smarts,” he muttered rubbing his nose. The sound of a truck’s horn could be heard and suddenly a large truck drove over the spot Goofy was sitting in. “Ha, yah missed me,” he said reforming from the mist he’d become. The truck screeched to a halt and sped backwards, Goofy let out a yell and started running off down the street.
The truck kept going faster and faster until it finally caught up to him off screen causing him to let out his famous yell.

And that is How to Kill a Vampire.

The audience cheered and clapped while the Scoobies sat at their table trying hard not to laugh, Buffy was pouting her arms crossed over her chest she was glaring at the screen.

“That is so inaccurate,” she complained, “they didn’t even mention the Slayer once.”

“But Buffy it’s a kid’s cartoon,” Xander protested.

“I know that, but still they could have at least mentioned me, I mean her,” she said stubbornly.

“I don’t think they know about the Slayer,” Willow said trying to offer some kind of support.

“What are you kidding?” Iago demanded landing on their table suddenly. “Course we know about the Slayer, we’re cartoons we’re not stupid. We just aren’t supposed to make any cartoons about the Slayer, they tried it once, it wasn’t very friendly let me tell you and the critics, don’t get me started about them.”

“Iago, why aren’t you fetching my lamp?” Jafar demanded approaching the table with a glare.

“Oh sorry, just had to do this bit part,” the parrot said before fluttering over to Jafar and perching on his staff.

“I see, well in the future kindly let me see the script before you go running off,” he warned before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

“What script?” Cordelia wondered turning to Giles.

“I would suspect it is merely all they’re used to these days even when the camera is not rolling,” Giles informed, “I’m afraid being in a separate dimension for so long may have affected their mental state just a tad.”

“Hoo, hoo I’ll say,” Pete commented marching up to the group.

“Why is it every one of these characters tries to butt in on our private conversations?” Buffy demanded frustratedly.

“Oh calm down girly it ain’t personal like, since the company forced everybody to sign these stupid contracts with some high falootin’ law firm we’re contractually obligated to play our parts twenty-four seven. Not like the good ol’ days when Walt was in charge, I’m tellin’ ya that Eisner character royally messed things up fer all of us. Why do ya think Baby Herman and the rest o’ them thar Roger Rabbit characters ain’t seen anymore?” Pete shook his head with a sigh and marched off hollering for the Mouse.

“Law firm?” Willow repeated frowning slightly. “I wonder which one would be dealing with them?”

“I can think of only one which specializes in multi-dimensional planes of existence,” Giles replied polishing his glasses again, “I pity these Toons if they’re in charge of this place now.”

“Is it something the Slayer can fix for them?” Buffy wondered suddenly feeling protective of her innocent childhood friends.

“I highly doubt it Buffy,” Giles replied shaking his head. “Not unless you want to tangle with something best left well enough alone, even the Council doesn’t mess with said law firm these days.”

“Oh look Oz is on stage,” Willow proclaimed breaking into a wide proud smile.

“Well everybody here they are, tonight’s musical guests, Dingoes Ate my Baby!” Mickey announced from center stage with a big smile, Oz nodded and turned to his band mates and they started to play. Xander would have been in the perfect mood to pull off a spit take when he heard what song they were playing. Willow suddenly turned beet red and hunkered down in her seat feeling unsure of her boyfriend’s sanity, Cordelia was the only one who couldn’t really care one way or the other and bluntly pointed out the obvious.

“Well what else did you think they were going to play?” she asked the others. “Remember, this is a Disney facility.”

“At least they aren’t singing,” Xander chimed in with a shudder, “I still have nightmares from that ride. I don’t care what the words to the song are, it is not a small world after all.”

“You have serious issues Xander,” Cordy said shaking her head.

“All those little dolls creeped me out ok, a lot more now that I’ve met Drusilla,” he defended verbally shuddering. The others had to concede the point to him after that, Cordy got out of her seat and started walking off into the club.

“Well I’m going to mingle,” she called back, “see if I can’t entice one of them to do some serious name dropping after graduation.”

“I’m hungry,” Willow admitted, “do you think Goofy will ever get back with something to eat that’s edible for non-cartoon people?”

“Maybe,” Xander said.

“Just so long as it’s not,” Buffy said trailing off when Goofy suddenly appeared once more at their table.

“Here yah go, a House of Mouse first,” he said placing the large box of pizza on their table and popping open the lid, “bon apetie.” Buffy let out a groan and covered her mouth with a napkin as the scent of the pizza wafted up from the box, Xander rubbed his stomach with a great big smile on his lips and dug in, Willow and Giles shot him incredulous stares.

“What?” he asked with his mouth full.

“How can you?” Willow began to ask before her face turned green and she quickly dashed off to the ladies room.

“Xander if you eat that entire pizza by yourself you will not be getting back in my car,” Giles declared.

“I thought you were all hungry?” he said not getting where their hostility towards the pizza was coming from.

“Yes, for anything but that,” Giles said indicating the box, “I would have preferred a Technicolor pun filled dish before I ate another pizza tonight,” he declared.

“Oh well, more for me,” Xander said with a shrug and happily dug into his second slice oblivious to the fact that Buffy had actually fainted in her seat.

“Gawrsh, is she goin’ ta be ok?” Goofy wondered eyeing the fallen form of the Slayer worriedly.

“I’m sure she will be,” Giles replied with a sigh as he rubbed at his eyes beginning to feel a headache coming on, “I think tonight’s excitement has been just a bit much for her.”

“Oh gee, I’m really sorry about that,” Goofy said.

“Well thank you for the pizza, I will escort my charges home now I believe, except for him,” Giles said indicating Xander. “Kindly have him sent back home through alternative means of transport.”

“What? Come on G-Man I promise I won’t get sick again, honest,” Xander said crossing his heart.

“Be that as it may, you will not be going home with us,” Giles said, “and do not use that insufferable nickname.” With that Giles left, Goofy helping him carry Buffy out the door, Willow and Cordelia soon followed after Cordy had a rather nasty run in with Maleficent who singed her dress.

“I’m calling daddy’s lawyer, he’ll sue you for damaging this one of a kind original!” she shouted over her shoulder. Xander sat forlornly at the table until Goofy got back.

“So, uh, how do I get out of here?” he asked nervously.

“We have a special ride just fer you,” he said with a big smile. Leading the last Scooby out back through the stage doors and into the parking lot Xander blinked when he saw the ‘ride’ that was waiting for him.

“Um, I can’t drive until next week when I get my license,” he said aside to Goofy.

“Aw shucks you don’t have ta drive, he’ll drive himself,” Goofy declared and Herbie honked pleasantly as he popped his door open waiting for Xander to climb in. Xander sighed and hopped into the car.

“Sorry,” he apologized before Herbie took off. The car beeped questioningly and Xander shrugged. “In case I get sick on the way home.” Herbie took off leaving Goofy behind coughing in the dust, he could still hear Xander’s imitation ‘Goofy’ yell from here.

“Gawrsh, maybe he’ll be doin’ muh voice one of these days,” he said thoughtfully.

“This ending is terrible,” the Censor Monkey stated sticking his head out of the stage door and glaring at the audience.

“What endin’ we aren’t making a cartoon,” Goofy reminded.

“Still, if we were making one this is a terrible ending,” the Censor Monkey reiterated with a nod.

“Well ah suppose we can try somethin’ new,” Goofy said turning to the camera if there would have been a camera he laughed, “hyuck. Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!” The sky suddenly darkened and a bolt of lightning flashed, a cartoon devil appeared in the street holding a large piece of rolled up paper.

“My client Porky Pig has issued a lawsuit to one Goofy aka Dippy Dawg for infringement of copyrighted material,” the devil stated.

“Oh no not again,” Mickey muttered as he stepped out the stage door, “Goofy I told you not to do that anymore.”

“Sorry Mickey, but he said we needed an ending,” Goofy explained pointing to the Censor Monkey who promptly pulled his head off revealing familiar long ears and whiskers.

“Ain’t I a stinker?” Bugs asked holding up a carrot and taking a bit out of it.

Th-Th-That’s Really All Folks!

The End

You have reached the end of "House of Oz". This story is complete.

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