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Minor Disruptions

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Summary: This is what happens when you only change events a little bit. No pairings yet.

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Literature > ClassicsSalricFR1311,096035745 May 095 May 09No

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: The Series, One Thousand and One Nights, and all characters, concepts, and locations in them are the property of whoever currently owns their copyrights. Those persons do not include me. Neither I, nor any other party makes any profit or gain outside of personally enjoyment from this work of fanfiction.

Prologue: A Meeting Concerning Future Events

Two beings that looked like men stood in an alleyway, staring at each other. To a casual observer, they would appear to be ordinary humans. One was tall and wiry with black hair, wearing a black t-shirt and khaki pants. The other was slightly shorter than an average man, wearing a black jacket and a beat-up old fedora.

There were no casual observers to this meeting. There were no observers, period. In the corner, a rat sat frozen. The wind did not blow, the clouds did not move. There was utter silence save for the whispers of sound as the men shifted and their clothing moved.

The tall one broke the silence. “What do you want?” Seeing his opposite open his mouth to reply, he corrected himself quickly. “More precisely, what do your bosses want?”

The shorter one sighed. “They…we…have carefully laid plans. We know you intend to disrupt some future events. Certain events are ones we wish not to have disrupted.”

“You are willing to allow me some leeway so long as I do not disrupt these key events?”


“A question. How extensive is your collective ability to perceive the future?”

“As I’m certain you know, the future is always mutable, outside of prophecy. Even prophecy is mutable within its loopholes. The range of our perception depends on the importance of the event.”

The first man nodded. “Yes, yes, I understand that. I meant, what is the range of future events that you lot can see more or less precisely?”

His companion closed his eyes for a few moments. “Depending on the number of chaotic factors occurring in the near future, they see two to six months ahead.”

“That’s it?” The first one seemed absolutely flummoxed. “Two to six months? That’s all the vaunted Powers That Be can see of the future? That’s barely better than my own Sight!”

“You weren’t listening to your own question.” The man in the fedora smirked. “That’s the limit of their…our…precise Sight. For all events. More significant events have a greater range, but less detail.”

“Hmm.” A rueful grin. “Good point. But I can’t ask about that range unless I understand what you consider ‘significant.’ So. How significant does an event have to be for you to be able to perceive it one year in advance? Three years? Five years?”

“Lemme think.” He closed his eyes again, breathing slowly and steadily. He scratched his head before opening his eyes again. “One year, anything that one of our Champions might consider significant. Three years, any major apocalypses…apocalypsi?”

“Apocalyptoi. It comes from Greek.”

“Thanks. Three years, any major apocalyptoi that are likely to happen. Five years, that kind of thing, but only vague hints of possibility. Now. Tit for tat. What’s your range?”

“For the Sight, or my knowledge of what the future will look like before I start interfering?”


“Future knowledge, seven to eight years from her arrival here. Which is what, in a month?”


“Right. The Sight, I can use for about one to three months precisely, and up to a year anything major. I’m at two and a half months at the moment. Her arrival is a chaotic factor.”

“We know.”

“All right. Name the events in the next twelve months that you require me to keep unchanged.”

“The Harvest must not succeed. Darla must be destroyed by Angel by next February. The Codex prophecy about the Master and the Slayer ought to be fulfilled next May. The Slayer must be resuscitated after another is Called. Angel must survive the next twelve months. Harris, Rosenberg, and the Watcher must become involved in the fight.”

“Is that the order of priority?”


“The only one I will need to be careful about is not killing Darla myself. The other events were ones I had intended to keep as unchanged as possible.”

“Good to hear. What do you intend to change, then?”

“In the next twelve months? I intend to ensure that McNally and Chase survive the Harvest, and survive long enough for McNally, at least, to join in the fight. I intend to try to subtly discourage the Slayer from viewing Angel in a romantic light. And I intend to recruit Madison and Ross to my side before someone else does. Then, next summer, I intend to look in on three or five potentially key future players and save the ones that need saving.”

“Those are mostly acceptable. On McNally, just be careful that Harris and Rosenberg do become involved despite his survival. On Madison, wait until after her mother is dealt with. Do you know which three or five?”

“I know two of them for certain, but you won’t yet, based on what you just told me. Why don’t we have another one of these talks after the Codex prophecy is resolved?”

“Works for me.”

“Until then, Whistler…or whatever your real name is.”

“You couldn’t pronounce it without the vocal cords of a dolphin, kid.”

“Doable, but not really worth the effort. See you around.”

“See you, kid.”

The shorter man disappeared as if he were never there. The taller one turned and began to walk out of the alley. He paused, frowning, then closed his eyes and waved his hand in a quick but complicated gesture. Behind him in the pile of garbage, the rat started rummaging around again. The clouds began moving again, and a light breeze started to blow as the young man walked off into the California night.

Author’s Note: This work of fanfiction contains one central original character. This original character is a Gary Stu in the sense that he is an overpowered self-insertion, but I hope to avoid the quality problems that normally ensue from the inclusion of such a character. This work also includes several minor crossovers, but they are not the focus of the story. In chapters in which new crossovers are introduced, I will note their presence and origin in an Author’s Note. I will otherwise avoid writing Author’s Notes for the remainder of the story. The prologue does not overtly contain any crossovers, but there are some elements in it that exist within the story due to the crossover with Sir Richard Burton’s translation of the Arabic work of literature One Thousand and One Nights, specifically with the story of Aladdin from that version. All reviews, no matter how negative, are welcomed so long as they do not violate the rules of a site this is posted on.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Minor Disruptions" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 May 09.

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