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Falling into Twilight

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Summary: "Too long had the family been separate from the world. Xander had thoroughly invaded and dragged the excitement of the mortal and transient back into their lives."

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredLightningSkiesFR181051,7712323369,7976 May 0914 Jan 11No

To Torture or Not to Torture



Spoilers: Most of the bigger events in Twilight and BtVS, with alterations

Warnings: Slash, Het, NO Bella Bashing, Sexual situations, Some violence, Swearing

Pairings: Edward/Xander, Alice/Jasper, Emmett/Rosalie, Carlisle/Esme, Jacob/Bella?

Disclaimer: Neither Twilight nor Buffy is mine. However, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks and they're on my wish list, so I remain hopeful.

=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*= Chapter 2 – To Torture or Not to Torture=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=

“So. Do you try and kill me now or is there torture first?”

Edward almost swallowed his tongue he was so surprised. This human was full of contradictions. He was obviously capable of violence, but couldn’t manage a simple lie to cover for it, he was armed for heavy medieval warfare, but acted harmless and unassuming unless he was provoked (Edward felt a little guilty about that), he was obviously aware that he faced the ultimate predators and that he was nothing more than a tasty meal, but only asked when they planned to kill him. He wasn’t even particularly afraid, simply curious about what their intentions were. Most frustratingly, he didn’t seem to be hiding anything, but he was full of secrets and surprises that constantly blindsided Edward at every turn. The mind reader was irritated beyond measure that he couldn’t extract the human’s secrets from his protected thoughts. Beneath the resentment, Edward was intrigued and felt a niggling need to dissect and explore all of Xander’s hidden facets. He wouldn’t be half as interesting if I could read his mind.

“That’s it?” He managed to ask, trying to ignore the fact that it may have come out a little squeaky. He would have to go about unraveling this particular mystery the long way, but Edward hadn’t lived to his age without picking up other means of investigation. He didn’t think the human was a danger to the family, right now he seemed to be more of a danger to himself, but it never hurt to make sure.

Xander looked at him funny, like he’d just asked about the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow. “What’s it?”

“We tell you that we’re vampires and all you want to know is if we plan on torturing you before we eat you?” Edward’s voice was getting just a bit higher and faster as his distress grew. Luckily it wasn’t enough that the human would notice. There was even an added and uncharacteristic arm wave that tried to emphasize his point. How could he be so unconcerned by this? They were having a casual conversation about murdering him.

“Well, yeah. I thought it was a rather important point.” Xander spoke slowly and patiently as he continued to goggle at Edward. Was the vampire really that dense? The questions of life and death were kinda vital to the soft, squishy and breathing. “I mean don’t get me wrong, either way I was planning on fighting back. I just wanted to know how sadistic you are, since 7-on-1 isn’t particularly good odds for me.”

As Edward continued to stand there, completely appalled by the human’s nonchalance, Alice couldn’t take it anymore. She burst into a fit of giggles, earning baffled looks from both her brother and the mortal that was currently making his brain melt. Emmett’s whooping laughter and Jasper’s more subdued chuckles soon joined her. None of them had ever seen Edward so completely ruffled and off-kilter, and the human had managed it effortlessly. Esme and Carlisle glanced at each other and smiled, glad to see their children so mirthful and enjoying Edward’s discomfort, ever so slightly. He was so self-contained; it was good to see him reacting in a more natural and unreserved way.

Rosalie grit her teeth and pursed her lips in stubborn determination to abort the smirk that was desperately trying to spread across her face. She couldn’t, however, resist poking at Edward’s tattered dignity. You look like an idiot with your mouth hanging open in shock, brother dear. The image of a frog with tousled golden hair and topaz eyes catching flies flashed across his mind as he shook off his confused stupor and glowered at his unrepentantly amused family.

Xander, meanwhile was totally mystified. To torture or not to torture, that was the question. It was a simple and very reasonable inquiry that would allow him to gauge their ruthlessness and prepare to react accordingly. Usually, it would prompt the response of a surprisingly informative monologue on favored torture techniques or, in the young and impatient, a swift lunge at the jugular. He may only be a walking happy meal on legs that had self-delivered, but it was still incredibly rude to laugh at him for wanting to know. He felt a strong urge to pout, but manfully shoved it back. They were already poking fun at him, acting like a teeny-bopper who broke a nail wasn’t going to salvage his dignity.

“We’re not gonna eat you, dude.” Emmett finally took pity on Xander’s growing indignation. “We’re vegetarians.”

It was Xander’s turn to be stupefied as he gaped at Emmett. “You’re WHAT? That has got to be the single weirdest thing I’ve ever heard, in a lifetime of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits moments. Vegetarian vampires? Whaddaya use your fangs to suck out the sap or something?” The vampires all found it hilarious that he’d punctuated his question by mimicking fangs with his fingers. “Maybe there is some natural gas hallucinating going on, cuz I’m definitely hearing things.”

“Vegetarian is just the term we use.” Carlisle clarified. “We drink only the blood of animals.”

“Oh.” Xander was still a little wary, “Did you all get cursed? Or was it just one of you and this is a weird clan solidarity thing?”

The Cullens exchanged looks. “Cursed?”

“Yeah, vamps don’t have souls,” They all winced, it was something they often worried about and it hurt to hear him sound so assured that it was fact. “So they tend to not care enough about human life to bother with special diets. The only vamps I’ve ever known to drink animal blood willingly were fangless and deadboy.” Seeing the looks they were giving him, he thought about what he’d said. “I mean Spike and Angel.” Emmett mouthed the names to Jasper, who just shook his head as they shared mocking smirks. “They both got themselves cursed with souls and Spike still whines about wanting a pint or two of O-pos every Christmas… and on Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day, and really whenever someone walks into the room.” He trailed off.

Emmett had to know, “-Angel- and –Spike-? Where did they come up with those horrible names? I thought vampires were only that theatrical in movies.” He snickered.

“Well, they were born Liam and William. The Watchers diaries say that the first thing Liam did after being turned was to go back and kill his family. They’d held a funeral for him and buried his body, so his little sister asked if he’d been made an angel when she saw him. He apparently thought it was delightfully ironic and took the name Angelus for himself after he tore her throat out.” Esme and Rosalie made mournful noises, Carlisle and Edward looked sick. Alice had wilted dispiritedly and Emmett was flexing his fists and looked like he wanted to avenge the unfortunate family. Xander thought he’d have to introduce Angel to him at the first possibly opportunity, it would be one hell of a show. Jasper tried to send out comfort in soothing waves, but his own emotions were a mess. How could someone, even a newborn, kill their entire family and delight in the destruction of an innocent to the degree that he’d named himself after it.

Xander wasn’t unaffected by their reactions, but there was no nice way to explain it. “When Spike was alive he was a weak willed wallflower with a habit of writing terrible poetry. His social circle shunned him and called him William the Bloody, for his bloody awful work. When he was turned he decided he rather loved the name and wanted to live up to its promise. They were two of a quartet known to history as the Scourge of Europe. They murdered their way back and forth across the continent for nearly 20 years. About a century ago, Angelus ate the wrong gypsy and got cursed with a soul, causing their clan to fall apart. He was their patriarch and he’d decided that brooding about his formerly evil ways and eating rats was more important to him than his family. Spike was still young and he’d been left to try and protect his reality challenged sire by himself.” Xander smiled in counterpoint to the horror story he was telling. “Dru is absolutely insane. She told me once that my face was like a poem and she could give me eternity. Called me her dark kitten and Spike told me she pouted for days when she wasn’t allowed to turn me.” Alice was sensitive about supposed insanity, but this woman sounded deserving of the title. She smiled reassurance at Esme’s concerned look, even as Jasper squeezed her hand comfortingly.

He realized he was getting off topic and continued, “Spike once admitted that one of his peers loved to claim that she’d rather be killed with an iron spike to the brain than be forced to read anything he’d written. After Angelus became Angel, he needed to make a name for himself quickly so that no one would mess with him or Dru. He used that woman’s comment as inspiration and started torturing his victims to death with railroad spikes. Eventually he renamed himself after his new modus operandi. He got his soul just a few years ago from a badly worded and overly vague request he made of a wish granting demon. He still complains about it. He was rather proud of being evil. I for one am glad that he’s not going to be kidnapping me or threatening my life anymore. His plans were always crap anyways. Never worked. Probably because he is always too impatient to actually follow them. He’s intelligent and cunning, but he’s got the attention span of a toddler on crack.” Xander was grinning wildly, remembering some of Spike’s less than brilliant moments.

Carlisle noticed the inconsistency in Xander’s story. “How was it that Liam came to be buried? I can’t imagine he would willingly submit to being placed in a coffin, and the bloodlust of a newborn wouldn’t allow him to lie still through an entire funeral.”

“Huh? He was dead at the time obviously.” When that didn’t seem to clear anything up, he continued. “Y’know? Drained, fed some sire’s blood and then after the heart stops you wake up a few days later a vamp?” They should already know all this.

Apparently they didn’t though. The Cullens looked puzzled, as if he’d confidently declared that the sun revolved around the earth, indicating he’d missed something big. Unless… Xander could almost FEEL the light bulb illuminate. Apparently all those sci-fi reruns he watched in high school had actually taught him something.

“Oh, that’s not fair. You can’t just go changing the rules of vampirism right in the middle of the game.” He considered the vampires before him with a glint of appraisal in his eyes and sighed before elaborating. “Different dimension, different rules. I was trying to play poker with chess pieces. So. Willing vegetarians. I’m taking that to mean you didn’t lose your souls when you died, which means you’re a totally different type of vamp from the one’s we grow back home. Probably not even demonic in origin.”

Carlisle was obviously relieved that they once again understood each other. “If Angelus and William are any indication, it would appear that we are indeed a different type of vampire from those you have previously encountered. I would love to discuss the various creatures you have seen at some point. It seems you have had some incredible encounters.” Xander nodded absentmindedly, the doctor couldn’t be any worse than Giles’s interrogations about any and all new demon encounters.

“Carlisle and Emmett weren’t lying when they said we don’t eat people. It sounds like we’re much more human than the vampires you’ve met before. It’s so lucky that you came to us.” Alice chirped. “We’re actually a bit of a rarity in this world too. Most of the others drink human blood.”

Xander smiled at her, he was really starting to like the little pixie. She reminded him of Willow. “Any day I spend not being the blue plate special is always of the good. Guess this means we aren’t going to be fighting?” Carlisle nodded in confirmation. “Excellent. Tiny here looks like he could snap me in half by blinking.” He gestured at Emmett, who blinked before grinning widely at the moniker. “I’m new to the neighborhood *cough*dimension*cough* and you’re the only people I know, so I’d hate for awkward violence and death seeking to come between us. I’m not sure about my taste-ability anyways. With my luck you’d bite and then spit me back out.”

“Why would you taste different from any other human?” Edward was determined to find out what was wrong with this human. He was obviously mentally unbalanced and had some weird telekinetic power. Perhaps that was why he didn’t fear vampires, he was sincerely that confident in his abilities.

“Well, as you may have noticed, I’m possessed by an Alpha level hyena primal.” Xander spoke ironically, as if there was any chance that they’d missed his rather spectacular display against Edward. “She’s pretty protective of me.” Edward thought he heard a softly growled Cub.

“I was cursed with her back in high-school and she took over totally for about a week. There was a whole gang of possessed kids, and I was the leader.” He made a face, “We terrorized the school, ate the mascot and my pack tore apart the principal. Luckily at that point I’d been knocked out and locked up by my friends. They exorcised us all and we went on with our lives. Only, it turns out that my hairy little friend is pretty much an animal god, she really can’t be forced to do anything she doesn’t want to, and she likes me too much to leave. She showed up again a few years back and staked me out as her territory.”

“She and I are currently taking a month’s vacation to wander Africa. It’s always felt like home. That’s where we were when I decided to take a trip down the rabbit hole.” Xander shivered slightly in his now soaked and mud covered safari outfit. He hadn’t planned on a climate change when he dressed that morning. “I’m obviously nowhere near the Equator anymore, you don’t really have European accents, and you’re speaking English so, I’m guessing Canada? New England, maybe?”

“Washington, actually. Welcome to Forks, Washington.” Alice mimed a curtsey.

“Charmed, I’m sure.” He sketched a bow back at her. “It’s nice to be back in the US, and so close to home. Africa may call to me, but I’ll always be a born and bred So-Cal boy.”

“No jokes about the name?” Emmett was disappointed. He loved jokes about the stupidity of naming a town after silverware.

“I grew up in a town located over a hellmouth and populated by things that’d make Lovecraft cry for his mother. It was called Sunnydale. I’m not in the position to go making fun of other people’s hometowns.”

“So, the reason I can’t get in your head is because it would be like entering the hyena’s den uninvited and she’ll attack?” Edward had never heard of primals, but if the blast earlier was any indication, they weren’t to be trifled with. Knowing why he couldn’t hear the human was the first step in figuring him out.

“Yup.” Xander confirmed brightly, “We’re pretty much on a time share now, I let her stay in my head and do her little over-protective thing and she keeps to the rules the landlord sets. It works out for everyone. She likes fiddling around with my body though, so I really don’t qualify as 100 percent human anymore. Apparently, I’m not strong or fast enough for her tastes and it bothers her to be stuck with a human’s blunt sense of smell. I think she views me as a sort-of fixer upper, in need of remodeling. She’s been at it a few years and I’m about borderline Olympic at this point.” Xander shrugged, mystical upgrades were hard to come by without some heavy duty prices to pay, so he wasn’t complaining. Carlisle was fascinated that a spirit could cause human mutation and transformation.

“… and then there’s the fish thing.” The wind shifted as Xander spoke, setting him upwind. The damp and drizzle had previously been keeping his scent muted, but the wind drifted it over to the vampires. The reaction was immediate.

Edward’s eyes drifted shut as took a deep, savoring breath and shifted forward, leaning towards the source of the unbelievable scent filling his lungs. They snapped open a second later, coal black with inner fury as his whole body went painfully rigid. In an instant he was reduced from a thinking, feeling being to a base creature of instinct and carnage. He was the fastest one here. He could circumvent them all easily and have his teeth deep in Xander’s neck before any of them could react. Once he bit, there would be nothing the others could do and that warm blood would be all his. He would savor it of course. Nothing that smelled that good should be wasted; it had to be appreciated and enjoyed slowly. It would cause the human more pain that way, but if the taste matched the scent then it would be well worth it. Edward was lost in a sea of different possible versions of Xander’s death. Alice gasped as some of the more feasible ones became possible futures. Seeing them mirrored in her thoughts made them in turn more appealing to him and more probable. She saw them solidifying and soundly shut him out by refusing to look into the near future. Edward no!

Stop! Carlisle quickly stepped into his peripheral vision and Edward’s wrathful eyes snapped to his father figure’s concerned pair for a moment. Some unheard message was passed between the two, and whatever the result, it caused Edward to recoil back from Xander violently and abruptly cease breathing. The entire clan shifted so that he was placed at the back, with all six members between himself and the human. His eyes continued to track every minute movement Xander made, burning with sudden hatred.

Xander was startled by the fury evident on Edwards face. "Are you ok?" The glazed and darkened eyes didn't even flicker as they glared holes into him, making him shiver. Extending a concerned hand he approached Edward, but the copper haired boy snarled and backed away quickly. Completely baffled by the abrupt change in the previously amicable atmosphere, and a little hurt by Edward’s reaction, he turned to Carlisle and the others. "Is he alright? Did I say something insensitive? The girls are always telling me 'Xander, you've got to start thinking things through before you blurt them at the innocent and unsuspecting general populace...'"

The Cullens all glanced at Jasper who had a lesser snarl on his lips as he rubbed at his chest. He had taken a step back from Xander and Edward, looking warily from one to the other. "It's not you. Not really. He's reacting to your scent." Jasper himself was feeling a lesser attraction to the brunette’s blood as well as being highly aware of the intense pull on Edward. Both were calling him to take the human. Hearing Jasper’s thoughts, Edward growled at him, asserting dominance and a claim on the mortal.

Xander not-so-discretely sniffed at himself and made a face. "It’s not my fault I stink! I mean you try trekking all over the African continent and staying daisy fresh… Well, actually you could probably do it, being sweat-less vamps and all. But not me. Measly stinky mortal here, the basic combo package of human-ness didn't include air fresheners. There's not much I can do about it, y'know other than shower and deodorize. No reason to go all cave-vamp on me." He was a little indignant. -I mean seriously who gets that pissed about hygiene?-

Alice rubbed soothing circles on Jasper's back with Esme hovering nearby as Emmett and Carlisle moved to flank Edward, ready to grab him if he went for Xander's throat.

Rosalie just snorted disdainfully, her nose in the air. Both figuratively and physically. "You really do stink. But that's not what he meant. Normal humans give off a smell of food, tempting, but bearable. Sometimes, it's more... intense. Some humans smell so good that they may as well be destined to be eaten. Your blood is practically calling to him, offering the best meal he could ever have. He wants to devour you, human. He's holding himself back from tearing you apart limb by limb and draining all your blood." Her vivid description did nothing for Edward’s fraying self control. She watched the mortal smugly waiting for the predictable reaction to her proclamation.

Apparently she hadn’t been paying attention, because Xander was nothing if not unpredictable. To Rosalie’s dismay, her scathing rebuttal didn't exactly have the desired effect on the human. Rather than fearing for his life or breaking down into tears, as most victims of her verbal abuse did, he just got a dawning look of comprehension.

"OOOOHHH! He wants to eat me. Why didn't you just say that?" Even Edward and Jasper, distracted as they were, looked a little startled at his calm acceptance. "Demon magnetism at it's finest. I can work with that. Just hold on a second... I think I had..." He totally ignored the still suffering vampires not half a dozen feet away from him and started patting down his numerous pockets while muttering to himself. "Where the hell did I put…?" The entire group just watched him with expressions ranging from curious bemusement to shock and trepidation. Edward growled low in his throat, the monster in him wanted the human focused solely on him. Xander should have been either fleeing in terror or screaming in pain by now. He definitely shouldn’t be ignoring him totally. He growled louder, hoping to attract the mortal’s attention.

Instead he gave a barely audible "Aha!" as he finally found whatever it was he was looking for. When he held it up triumphantly the Cullens stared incredulously.

"What exactly are you going to do with a marker?" After all the dramatic buildup, Esme couldn't help but ask. She kept her voice much more polite and friendly than any of the others could have managed. Even Alice wanted to try and shake some self preservation into the clueless mortal. Edward had very finely tuned control, but no one was perfect. She didn’t see him hurting Xander, but that decision could change in a moment. You’ll be okay, Edward…

"It's a -Magic Marker-" He declared, voice full of mysticism and wonder. "Well, not really. It's a Sharpie, but whatever." He popped the cap off and started scribbling on his bare forearm.

Rosalie just couldn't help herself, "And...?"

"Huh? Oh. AND... with it I can do this." With a flourish he finished doodling what looked like a series of Chinese or possibly cuneiform characters written by someone with cerebral palsy. Seven sets of preternaturally sharp vision pierced his arm, as if expecting it to try and sneak away. Although, admittedly, Edward was probably watching the pulse of the delicate veins just under the skin instead. Nothing happened. Meanwhile, Xander just looked confused. "Um.. what was it again Even.. Evno... Evanesco olere!"

Everyone winced as Xander held his arm out, face averted when the black writing flared with bright light for a moment and faded back to black, while keeping an unnaturally bright shine. Edward sighed in relief as the scent faded near immediately. He still had visions of how he could best enjoy Xander’s death, but they weren’t as vivid now that the scent wasn’t actively tempting him. In fact… he inhaled deeply; the human was much less appetizing now that he was standing there without the scent wreathing him. The fantasies of dead bodies and flowing blood stopped. It wouldn’t be satisfying at all to kill him now, without that wonderful aroma. It was that thought more than anything else that made the human safe again, for now. Edward felt the monster inside him loose interest. He wouldn’t risk wasting the chance to enjoy that scent by killing its bearer while it was masked.

"My own personal stink-be-gone. Helpful in situations involving anyone and anything you don't want sniffing you out, angry kitten poker players who think you’ve cheated and for that third week without a river when you start to seriously consider Eau de elephant dung as the lesser evil to your own bodily perfume.” Xander seemed proud of his trick. “Willow created it for me. The big mojo goes wonky around me, but little charms and things are fine.”

He looked at Jasper and Edward, both of which seemed far more relaxed now. “Better?”

Jasper looked at him gratefully, “Much, thank you.”

Edward on the other hand wasn’t so happy about it. He stepped forward and used his marginally better height to lean over Xander in an intimidating manner. “I was about to EAT YOU! And what did you do, you stood there like an MORON and WAITED FOR IT! Are you really so STUPID that you can’t recognize when your life is in danger? Do you have ANY idea what I wanted to do to you?” He was panting for breath he didn’t really need. Jasper recoiled from him again; he’d never felt Edward get so angry about anything before. He turned to Carlisle questioningly, but the older man was watching the confrontation with an unreadable look on his face. What was it about this human that could rouse such strong emotion in Edward?

Esme had a small amused smile on her face. She really liked this boy; no one else had ever pulled Edward so far out of his shell before. He cared deeply for the whole family, but even with them he was cool and distant. His anger was usually disdainful, not this passionate tempest.

Xander glared up at him, totally unafraid of his height or his supernatural powers. “Don’t YOU yell at ME!” He shouted in the vampire’s face. “I FIXED it, didn’t I? I HAD a solution, ‘Eddie’ and I USED it. I’m only HUMAN you absolute IDIOT. Running would have gotten me NOWHERE, and the thrill of the chase may have made things even WORSE for you. I have survived things FAR more terrifying than *YOUR* *RUMBLY*-*TUMBLY*.” He poked Edward roughly in said tummy to punctuate each of his words. He couldn’t hurt the vampire at all, but Edward still flinched at the feeling of the near boiling skin against his ice cold flesh. He could feel the warmth burning him, even through his shirt. Alice hid a smile behind her hand and turned into Jasper’s shoulder quivering with barely contained laughter.

Rosalie loved to see Edward finally knocked down a peg, even if it was by a human. She watched the fun avidly, enjoying every moment. She might never see him loose his temper this badly again, so she had to make the memory last. Emmett grinned. He hadn’t thought there was a human in existence capable of looking one of them full in the face without running, and here one was; tiny as a girl, no depth perception and the self preservation instinct of a lemming, and he was –winning- an argument with Edward. He was winning an argument with Edward, -while- quoting Winnie the Pooh. This was priceless.

Xander opened his mouth to continue his tirade when his peripheral vision went grey. He wavered a little on his feet and Edward’s angry look turned into one of concern. “I think..” He managed a little uncertainly. “I think I’ve got a bit of dimensional jet-lag.” He was visibly unsteady now, swaying alarmingly as the edges of his vision blurred and went dark. “I’m fairly sure you’re not supposed to be triplets.” He pointed a wobbly finger slightly to the left of where Edward stood, declared “I need to sit down.” and toppled over backwards.

Edward caught him carefully before he could land awkwardly on the battle axe strapped to his back as Carlisle and Esme rushed forward to determine what was wrong. Edward shifted his grip on the human to allow Carlisle to check him over, but there was something more than mud on his hands when he pulled them away from Xander’s back. “Carlisle, he’s bleeding.” None of them could smell it with the spell in place, but the back of his shirt was starting to darken with blood.

=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*= TBC =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=


“What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” – Question the bridgekeeper asked King Arthur at the Bridge of Death in Monty Python and the Holy Grail

To torture or not to torture, that was the question. – Spoof of Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be, that is the question” from Hamlet Act 3, Scene 1

H.P. Lovecraft – Horror/sci-fi author. He’s most famous for his works on the Necronomicon and Cthulhu.

Evanesco - Stolen from Harry Potter, the vanishing spell. Latin evanesco meaning "to vanish"

Olere – I wanted to stick with the Potter theme so I pulled out my old Latin books. Latin olere meaning "to smell"

Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne – A story about a bear that is constantly hungry for honey. He often wanders around with his empty ‘hunny’ pot saying things like “I’ve got a rumbly in my tumbly.”

Don’t expect all of my updates to be this quick. I actually wrote the scent scene first and then worked backwards to the opening of the story. Edward’s scenting Xander was my inspiration to write the fic. Whereas Bella was scared of Edward’s reaction, Xander just takes it in stride as the demon magnet he is and moves on. This is the basis for what I’m going to be doing with their relationship. With Bella, Edward was curious but thought she was a boring human until he got to know her; she was pretty much a typical and fragile human. He was constantly gentle and protective of her. With Xander it’s the exact opposite. Edward is intrigued because Xan totally infuriates and frustrates him at every turn, he’ll feel those same protective instincts (which is what made him yell at Xan in this chapter) but Xander is in no way a damsel in distress and he won’t take Edward’s chivalry well.

I ended up reading the leaked Midnight Sun preview to help understand Edward better and I think it helped immensely. Thanks to Firefly-chan over on FFN for the suggestion on that. Cyber cookie for you!

-Lightning_skies looks at the unconscious Xander and then at Edward-

LS: “Didn’t we do this gag already?”

E: “It wasn’t me!”

LS: “… You CAN talk!”

-Lightning_Skies bursts into happy tears and hugs Edward-

X: -Bleeds-

Distribution: FFN (Lightning_Skies), Twisting the Hellmouth (LightningSkies)

Author has given no other permissions.

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